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  1. Although I had not spoken to him as well as to many other people here in some time, it still saddened me when I heard the news. When I first met Oderus; I kind of felt as if he was somewhat of an oddball. After getting to know him over time I found out that below the oddness there was a heart of gold and a personality one could only wish of to encounter in a friend-to-be. I have many great memories of Oderus which include: watching videos like worldstarhiphop or car crash compilations, playing Golf with your Friends and listing to music together - when I would (accidentally) skip the guitar solo Oderus would always get so mad. I will be forever grateful for the time he has shared with me and also the games which he has gifted me during his adventures - what razgriz phrased perfectly. My condolences go to his family and friends and to everyone who as ever had the pleasure of getting to know him, his loss is truly great.
  2. I feel kinda weird replying here, but seeing I cannot send PMs - not sure if deliberate - and I occasionally still browse the forums to see what's going on; hope you guys don't mind. @Stanhope after having read all the posts in this topic and deducting that a big portion of the entire argument is directed towards you and your 'wrongdoings'. I just want to note down a few things for everyone and and give you a piece of advice, which has already been pointed out more globally by a couple of people in this thread, but never directly at the scenario I'll describe down below. Keep in mind that we've never really met and I am doing my best to make this appropriate as possible but.. What I'm seeing is that there's people arguing that there's not enough communication, be it between CS and Admins or any other levels of the chain. With Core Staff communication has been an issue as long as I can remember, but in-fact you should be happy; as things seem to have improved now that there was a change in leadership after the whole BACONMOP fiasco some time ago now. Keep in mind that the person - I'll not mention his name as this is nothing personal and I've done plenty of wrong during that period myself, i.e. throwing the towel in the bucket instead of pointing out the issues more explicit. that was in charge at that time was almost never around during workweeks as he would be removed from his home due to his job and due to how things were going back then; a lot of approval was needed from his side. Now from what I've seen over the past couple of months is that @Ryko has been very dedicated to keeping the community alive; even when the donation counter did not even reach half of the required amount I did not see him complain. The other core staff members were not very active or just busy with their real life in general, which is nothing to be ashamed of as as Ryko has said, real life should have the right of way. Although I'm not sure on what the activity levels of the CS at the moment is, I know from experience that both Mark T and S0zi0 were always very active, be it on Teamspeak and/or the servers, I do see the point in promoting 'Mark T', now even though at the time I was opposed. Instead of bringing a newbie admin into the fold back then, a person who would have the chance to develop and be a lot more active was brought in, perhaps is was not ment this way; but it turned out very well. @ EU#3 (giggle) The Group A // Group B stuff is just unpreventable, especially with so many different people controlling the playing environment there is a lot of wiggle room between the rules and what specific people actually punish or report you for. Some people utilize this this room, others remain in accordance to the standard. If you don't like playing with specific people, you don't fucking have to,* if they are in a squad, you don't have to join that same squad and be in their environment; join a different one and create some distance between the two of you. Same thing goes for radio channels, don't force yourself to communicate with them during game play, it will only make the irritation worse. If there - due to the rules - is no other option, you could always try and discuss how and what with the person, but don't postpone or deny the need to have this discussion in that case. < This should count for more situations than just in EU#3 *Take this as an example: In the past I did - depending on my mood - did not like playing with specific people; I'll take Johnson & co. as an example. (Nothing personal, good people) On occasions I liked playing with them because it was mostly fun, other occasions I wanted to play a tad more serious so I did not like playing with them. Luckily for me, it was very easy to pick slots distancing myself as they mainly played HAT or HAMMER. At spawn it was not really a problem, there's room for fun, if you can't accept that I don't think you should be playing EU#3 at all. @Stanhope, filing multiple reports leading to severe punishment is also pointless, try to have a conversation with them and guide them in the right direction, nurture works a lot better than teaching by punishment and should not affect their opinion of you in a negative way. Keep in mind that they all put in some effort to set up the mods etc. and they are not some plug and play idiots that don't care about the rules as there are plenty of other servers out there. >>-<< Also on the matter of Teddy, he said that you did not take conversation up with him and you quoted his post, yet in your 'counterargument' you fail to give a reason of not having a conversation with him. In my opinion you shouldn't see your liaison role as a pre'91 East-German agency one, but rather being a medium to express the concerns your subordinates have to those higher up the hierarchy. Now he should not have called you petty, but taking that to a personal level and explicitly monitoring his performance** is not something a trustworthy superior should do, give him a slap on the wrist for it and monitor everyone or no-one. As you said often you were the only person connected to the server RCON, that means that more people should have fallen to this method of Gestapo-like research. * lmao -- Quote = started monitoring you just a tad better Now this does not mean that it's unjust to remove him, I agree with you, if this had been the entire story. To be honest, from what I'm seeing the failure to communicate is mostly to blame on you: you are the liaison, it's your responsibility to know what's going, a responsibility, which you signed up for when they asked you to do it, even before the two other candidates. As you said yourself, you heard from another source that he was getting burned out; why did you not know yourself - you are the liaison - you should have known. Especially if you're able to do the monitoring of his hours. Why did you not talk with him before asking core staff to remove him? Lay out the facts you had collected through monitoring the time he was on the PC in comparison to the time had actually had EPM open. How is he to blame? You went through Core-Staff to get him removed, it's only fair he goes back that way to get the removal undone? Piece of advise for everyone, from the one and only Zissou; expect everyone to be dumber than you.
  3. And it was rather easy as it was anyone with a tag with AW written on it. ** I guess I won't be looking much at them anymore, but from what I've seen; they look really off - especially the font including the border which the letters are written in makes me not like them more than the previous ones.
  4. New captain on the ship. Fair seas to you Ryko and let's hope for some strong winds to get your ship sailing from all the damage that was done by the unfair seas. P.S. can you re-brand AWE to EU#3? -- Sounds way more logical in comparison to the other two servers.
  5. Seeing its turning off-topic and into a meme war I'll be looking the topic. I hope you see it more clearly now Mr. Punisher. Might any future dodgy situations arise, feel free to message me first, before starting up another thread throwing badly based accusations around.
  6. What mods? Please don't say AWE repo... Please don't say AWE repo... Please don't say AWE repo... Please don't say AWE repo...
  7. Seems like a good errand for pledge/probie admins before initiation
  8. What: EU#3 Gamenight - Invade Utes Data & Time: Saturday 28th of January @ 18:45 UTC Where: EU#3 Requirements: EU#3 Mods Optional mods: None -------------------- Date and Time -------------------- Hello everyone, Saturday the 28th Benjamin will be hosting a mission; Briefing: Russian expeditionary forces have seized the Island of Utes for its water access along with ports much like Crimea. Unlike last time the international community is not standing for Russia's conquest and a worldwide coalition has formed, led by the US. The USS Khe Sanh is dispatching you, its first Marine platoon, on the first wave to retake Utes. Good luck Marines! Additional Info: Join-in-progress = Yes; Respawn = Yes; Min playercount = 24; Max playercount= 44; Sign Up: https://goo.gl/forms/0OmNknRgzdL8V4YK2 Hope you can all make it there, any questions let us know through the thread or message us privately. Thanks. -MessedUpSmiley
  9. What: EU#3 Gamenight - Dusk Defense Data & Time: Saturday 21st of January @ 20:00 UTC Where: EU#3 Requirements: EU#3 Mods Optional mods: None -------------------- Date and Time -------------------- Hello everyone, Samcarne12 will be hosting a Zeus defense mission on EU#3 coming Saturday evening, mission will take approximately take an hour and will consist of 30 OPFOR defending a bridge from Zeus; BLUFOR Infantry and Vehicles. There will be no sign-up, but it's always nice to just post a comment and let us know you can attend. With regards, MessedUpSmiley
  10. MessedUpSmiley

    Super FOB

    I wonder how all the sand for those trenches got on that roof.
  11. Locked due to it probably getting hosted again in the future -- to avoid confusion.
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