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  1. Ahhh so many good memories! @J0hnson if you want a few EU3/AWE memes then lemme know. Also remember folks! If you're posted a bunch of pics, please try and use 'spoiler' or Imgur Album like Johnson said, it just helps make the page load faster and be less cluttered! Thanks.
  2. A Flight to Remember

    That helicopter was actually carrying some extra FPS to base before we put an end to it and crashed the mission. RIP Guantlet.
  3. When you're about to rearm the Super Hind

    Funny though. - Johnson whenever something bad happens to me. How does it feel now l00ser.
  4. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    Thank you Shadow for being easily one of the best staff members I've seen in Ahoyworld to date since my arrival in 2013. You've been a big help and influence in the enjoyment on the server. Atleast when Zues doesnt go full on SUCC mode Good luck with your Bootcamp, I always thought the Navy just practised polishing the deck of the ship before polishing their fellow seamen's smooth chests all day. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be a great experience. Hope to see you return once you have the chance as I'm sure many like myself will miss your presence. (Provided AW doesn't fall into an abyss without you in the next 3 years.) Try not to get hit in the gut during a live fire training, that's my job, everyone knows the authentic OUURGHHH. Kind Regards, - Mini
  5. I went through so many magazines, 40mm's and grenades in that defense... They... They just kept coming...
  6. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    The FFG-2 is a Russian developed grip so that is probably why it is blacklisted or otherwise not showing up. I believe the Russian FFG-2 (which is identical in design to Western designs) is blacklisted because I don't get the action to use it on all weapons despite the fact it should be able to be used on most western weapons to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I believe we went over this a long time ago. The main issues is that the way Patrol Ops/Gauntlet/Stiletto works doesn't quite work for an old environment like that. I mean, I personally could see it working in some ways, but for the average player it may become a strong learning curve that they may not even want to go through. Regardless, if you wanted to make some form of gamenight for something like this, I'm sure it could be hosted somewhere, Christiansen may be able to host it for you.
  8. Not really sure why Don't Care needs to be an option. If someone is just going to click on a Poll purely to post "Don't Care" then wander off just baffles me, why even vote in the first place?
  9. It'd certainly provide a sense of playstyle and overall freedom of choice that not a single other faction has available all at once. Of course there are some issues that people will want to address: Confusion - People will be hearing both 5.56 calibre shots from M4's and 7.62 calibre shots from Kalashnikov weaponry to mention a couple, weapons that have very distinct sounds and are an easy way to identify friend or foe with any other faction. Teamkilling - This is of course an issue, but I wouldn't label it as a huge issue because I feel that people that play AWE for a little while will know better. Sure, accidents do happen, however I feel that the average player knows to PID their targets before firing blindly. In the end, I doubt that teamkilling incidents will be as bad as people list it out to be when Serbian Armed Forces is mentioned. Further Confusion - Apart from the weapons, the vehicles used by the SAF are a mixture of Western designs and Soviet Era and Russian machinery. Because of this, people may face confusion when seeing these vehicles used together and may experience issues understanding friend from foe. I mention these points because I want to keep my post unbiased, I do clearly understand the issues behind implementing this faction. However, I strongly feel that the average AWE player is smart enough to overlook these issues and carry out their tasks effectively. After all, "confusion" warrants more communication, and with more communication comes better gameplay and camaraderie with players on AWE. Overall, I find that adding the Serbian Armed Forces will give us an incredibly large amount of freedom of choice as well as a sense of gameplay we don't even really experience when playing as an "Opfor" faction. Again, I can understand its faults and issues, but again I know that the average player should not make a huge fuss about this and will know better than to allow confusion disallow them from experiencing a completely new experience on AhoyWorld Enhanced. Looking forward to hearing other peoples pointers, again, criticisms can be good but please try to keep them factual and unbiased rather than heavily opinionated and selfish.
  10. Possibly look into locking the spare barrel to Autoriflemen only? I see no reason why someone would even want to take a spare barrel if they are using anything other than a machine gun.
  11. Feature Request Reintroduce the "Spare Barrel" into the Arsenal. I'm requesting this because I'm often finding myself in situations where I'm ordered to lay down large amounts of surpressive fire or otherwise eliminate high amounts of hostile AI, but after so long of shooting at a hostile platoon, my weapon begins to overheat causing huge weapon dispersion and jamming. Overall, that meant I was less effective in my duties, which are to lay down a absolute ass ton of fire. Unsure as to why the spare barrel was removed in the first place, but word of mouth seems to have told me that it was because it slowed down the gameplay, which makes little to no sense considering that it takes longer for me to wait for my barrel to cool down before firing again than it does to quickly swap it out in the field. Again, would appreciate its return as I understand its use and can clearly see the appeal of using it, I certainly have been needing it lately.
  12. Excellent Spacing

    It's important to stay close in Rural Afghanistan, it get's very very cold.
  13. Still waiting on Serbian Armed Forces being a playable faction. The idea of being able to use both Soviet Kalashnikov weaponry as well as Western AR-15 platforms gives a nice playable faction with more freedom of choice than any other current force. Vehicle wise it'd be pretty interesting as well, with old Humvee's and BTR's.
  14. I'm glad to hear that such long standing community members such as @Amentes and @Noah_Hero share similar interests for the betterment of AhoyWorld Enhanced. I could not agree more that less is more, of course all of this is not about shrinking the mod pack as technically, getting rid of mods and getting new ones is making it larger. All of this was just to see what people's thoughts are as well as discuss how getting rid of some mods to either replace or keep standard in RHS can keep things simple yet detailed. If CUP is going to be discussed then I'd like to listen to the pointers, as people are aware I am an RHS man, but I am aware of the pro's that CUP delivers. After all, sometimes quantity can be a quality all its own. Thank you @J0hnson for keeping the topic unbiased and factually sound, professional behaviour regarded AWE is what she deserves.