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    A revised modset with more emphasis on using ALL of it would be excellent. I.E if maintaining RHS, then use ALL of RHS rather than just Blufor. Playing as Opfor and Greenfor is very fun and some of the gamenights we did where we played as forces such as CSAT and Serbian Armed Forces were some of the most popular gamenights in a long time. Looking forward to seeing what gets cooked up this time around.
  2. Play with me

    You might be able to find a select few people to play if you organize something, but to be perfectly honest, the server is very unpopular at the moment and I myself don't see it getting back on its feet anytime soon. You're more than welcome to come onto the MSO though if you fancy some modded ArmA but the gameplay isn't going to be as similar as that of AWE.
  3. A Strong Patrol

    Great night! Awesome to see a return of a familiar old face. Pretty fun, Tanoa will soon be ours.
  4. MSO in a nutshell.jpg

  5. Hello, If anyone is interested in returning to modded ArmA 3 cooperative teamwork without changing community, then myself @kennychr @Johnson and others are making another return of MSO (Multi-Session Operations) after a short break from ArmA 3. The aim of the mission on our MSO server is to slowly overtime capture the territories of Tanoa. We are playing as Russian Special Forces against an overhauled Syndikat whom are using RHS weaponry. The gameplay is a bit like what you will have been used to on AhoyWorld Enhanced but with a much stronger emphasis on teamwork and limited supplies, creating a truly edge of the seat experience that you may not have experienced before. One significant mod we use is ALiVE, which is responsible for not only creating a lot of our mission but also making it persistent. This means that whatever gear you log out with, you will have when you return, truly enforcing you to look after your kit and preserve ammunition at all costs when out in the field for several days at a time. Of course, taking Tanoa as Russian Special Forces is not the only thing on the agenda. Along with my upcoming AAF Campaign based around the early days of the ArmA 3 Lore for any of those interested in a lightly modded mission, we also plan to explore more opportunities in the future that will hopefully satisfy all tastes. So again, if anyone is interested in playing some modded ArmA 3 then please don't hesitate to talk to us either through the MSO-chat on Discord, contacting us on the forums or on the Teamspeak. We'd be happy to hear from any players and happily accept all backgrounds of play, we only ask that those who wish to play bring a suitable level of seriousness so that things don't escalate to madness within the first 5 minutes. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL:DR - If you want to play Modded ArmA 3 again but can't help but notice that AhoyWorld Enhanced is empty 24/7, feel free to get in contact, we'd be happy to have you come along.

    I think Johnson's video sums up the experiences on the late AWE/EU3 Server from end to dawn. - I just felt like posting them. Don't bother counting me in the giveaway otherwise I'd just give it to someone else.
  7. Time to move on

    Well as my Grandfather used to say: Join the Navy, "get to see the world", but what did I see? I saw the sea. Then again there was a war on back then so I'm sure at least now you'll at least get to go some places nice. All the best to you!
  8. a total waste of time

    EU1 has always been a shit show. If you want gameplay more orientated around teamwork, communication and general cohesion then I'd strongly recommend to go elsewhere unless you have some dedicated friends within this community. EU1 is up there as one of the more popular servers on the game, so it's clear that people like the shit show. But, you'll definitely find Invade and Annex played with more organisation elsewhere and many communities have edited it in their own little ways to make it much better. Thanks for the concern.
  9. AWE Status

    Approach myself, Johnson or Christiansen on Teamspeak or visit the MSO section on Discord to learn more. We're always happy to have more people come along for some modded ArmA, though it should be noted that if you want the same sort of constant action with no story style of gameplay that Stiletto featured then you won't find it there I'm afraid.
  10. Introduction Neuralbow

    These are rookie numbers my son, you ain't no ArmA regular until you get at least 4000 hours.
  11. AWE Status

    Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but I think AWE is ready to be put in the ground. If you want some good modded ArmA III, consider the MSO.
  12. The backside of an empty crisp packet for me personally, was pleasantly surprised.
  13. Voice Activation

    EU3- AWE.