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  1. I think that's why he posted in this thread, he's submitting a request.
  2. It's been a bit quiet in certain areas, depends what you want to come back here for. If you're interested in EU1 then that is obviously still around, some old faces may still be around too. Depends if you're playing for community or just playing there. EU2 is now doing organised gamenights every weekend and I believe sometimes in the week, if you're interested in some lightly modded (pretty much just TFAR) gameplay with a similar mindset to EU3 (organised, communication teamwork) then you might wanna check that out. EU3/AWE is down, no idea when it will be ready. Perhaps, next year if we're lucky but again, it's very grey on grey. EU6/MSO is around, we do heavily communication orrientated, challenging gameplay. It's had a break currently just due to the fact I'm in a new job and a bit spent on more heavy strain gaming. Discord exists, so if you'd like to use that then it's there. Teamspeak still has its regulars come in, as always me and the lads are down in the Navigation Deck and you'll find some others groups in and around the ship. I think all AW servers have moved to ArmA 3 Workshop now, Repo is pretty outdated and I rarely see it being used anymore on ArmA period. I believe you were more of an AWE regular so it's easy to understand why you thought the server was on its last legs, but there's still a home for everyone here and AWE is just having a much needed renovation. Pop in whenever you want obviously, but it does depend on what you're looking for.
  3. AWE is still down, clueless on its status really. EU6 MSO is up if you ever want to drop in and give it a try.
  4. Yes, most days. I never said it was awful, still pretty good, just not as good as it was.
  5. It's still fairly active, I'll give you a basic rundown from what I understand. Teamspeak: Not as active as it once was in some ways, but still recieves a fair amount of players for the various servers. EU1 channel still gets quite a bit of people and myself and my group like to hang out in one of the social channels. Discord: There's a discord now, so perhaps you'd like to join that if you're interested. Information should be on the forums and teamspeak. EU1: Still played a fair bit, I think some of the core players that used to play back when you played are gone now but the playerbase is still somewhat healthy. EU2: EU2 is a lot more active with specialised events that revolve around teamwork and communication. AWE/EU3: This is down and has been down for a long time, I don't know the status about what is going on with it, but chances are it won't be up this year. If you don't know what this is, it was a public modded server running a mission similar to Invade and Annex but with some more features. MSO/EU6: Myself and a bunch of others play on a modded Multiple Session Operation (MSO) mission that heavily revolves around teamwork, communication and organisation so if you are interested in some "Serious Fun" modded gameplay, please feel free to contact either myself, @kennychr or @Johnson here or on the teamspeak. We will get you set up and introduce you to it. TL;DR - We're still here, some things are different but most the community remains.
  6. This is a great screenshot to illustrate our little Saturday Hike.
  7. Minipily


    Feels good man
  8. You used to be able to reserve vehicles and/or ask a moderator, who were generally on all the time with at least one of them, to reserve a vehicle for you. The same also went for reserving roles, I myself used to ask moderators to reserve a vortex role when one opened up as it was one of my most played roles back when I played EU1 nearly 24/7 on the old server. That worked fine, may still be possible but it's been an awful long time since I used to do that, so long that people have actually forgot you could do it, it seems. It seems nowadays we've turned to a "first come, first serve" so it seems there is actually no rule against camping the spawn and stealing vehicles from others, as no one can truly claim over a vehicle. Hell, I've had people take my tank the moment I get out of it for a moment at base, I've told staff and they've said "first come, first serve" on the vehicles which was funny, and I could never seem to prove I had it in the first place. And I know what you're on about with dumping vehicles, I was going to take an IFV reward but it got taken, I thought fair enough and waited for the other reward and before I could take that, the same person had dumped their IFV in the field and respawned to take it. Magically enough also, he was single manning the vehicle, which I still don't understand why that is allowed. I agree with you, some rules to stop it would be nice. As for staff problems, I believe fixing them and employing players with good standing and good activity on the servers would help with fixing it. Sure you can't fix every problem, but trying never hurts. I know some servers utilize a commander, who maintains the mission and make sure things go smooth. They sort out squads and handle the issuing of vehicles and other assets. Naturally, these servers have an incredibly good standing and playerbase, something like that here could be good. Though, perhaps I&A4 has something like a Platoon Commander that will act as that, I'm not sure, I don't really pay that much attention to it given the time. Mind you, the all-mighty I&A4 mission may fix the problem, as we have dedicated crew slots. Also, thank you @PiranhA, it annoys me also. Honestly, if EU2 takes off and becomes a regular mission, perhaps light modded with a sense of cameraderie, communication and general cohesion on what is going on, then I'll feel like my prefered EU1 style will have returned. And, if you like to utilize vehicles on a regular basis, it may be worth trying that out as you will actually get one reserved. But, do as you want, I'm not here to tell anyone what to do.
  9. Knowing how long it'll take, Contact will probably go cheaper by the time AWE is up haha. But yeah, good point.
  10. He may not be much, but he's OUR pisschild.
  11. The following handbook contains all the nessersary information you need to know about Advanced Medical Protocol and Practice on the MSO server. Please note: This is a Work in Progress MSO Medical Handbook.pdf
  12. Minipily

    Armour slots

    No worries. Again, if your lucky and are an armour fan, then you may be able to reserve one in EU1 but since about 2016-2017, it's become more of a "first come, first serve" in the servers so you'll need to be a bit more rude in order to get one. Plus many of them tend to be taken by single man crews.
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