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  1. Serbian Gamenight

    Fuck you call me?
  2. 20181007180529_1.jpg

    20 year old College Conscript lies dead after fierce fighting in the town of Kore during the Altian Civil War, 2028 (GRAPHIC 18+)
  3. Heya

    Saw you on the server the other day Ace, hope you had a pleasant first impressions. Server has been quiet a lately and not quite booming like the old days but myself and a few others are determined to change that, apologies if there are any technical issues along the way! I also once played in European Tactical Realism, I think you'll find our server to be similar, however will have a lot more flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to your loadout and such. By contrast, we still aim to capture the level of teamwork, communication and general realism you find on ETR though! Enjoy your stay with us and let us know how we can improve!
  4. Kornet ATGM

    >inb4 T-72 125mm shell hits the tower and blows the Kornet off followed by Moonfire screaming "AARRGHH! KORNET'S DEAD!"
  5. Serbian Gamenight

    Thanks, tried to keep it interesting and different from the norm. Great job again to all of Alpha for staying alive and doing an excellent job in Kavala, it's not every day that we send a full squad into Kavala and not have a single causality in the face of crushing enemy forces. Serious Gameplay + Communicative Cohesion = Stay alive.
  6. Serbian Gamenight

    I can't take all the credit. I believe @Johnson originally came up with the idea but me and him really wanted to do something different on AWE. Am glad it was a success, will have to get around to it again soon. It seems enforcing the same loadouts was a success too!
  7. 20180930210818_1.jpg

    Was super fun! Thanks to all those came along, I know there's a lot of folk that sadly missed out on this picture!
  8. 20180930201153_1.jpg

    MG-42 > M249 SAW
  9. full_of_win.jpg

    Nice, looks like you're saving loads of people a job with that loadout.
  10. AWE Status

    Not if we beat you to it . Then again, doesn't really help gameplay to mute others on a communication based server, but I guess we'll stick to being the usual suspects. Everyone needs someone to blame.
  11. AWE Status

    Understandable. I have seen other communities do it well by just keeping on top of updating the mission regularly when required for larger updates, smaller ones wouldn't really make much of a difference. Could possibly just try keeping the server up to date and utilize a simpler organisation of mods so that a random one isn't updated every day. Either way, just a suggestion but certainly not a huge one. I can understand the reasons of using ArmA 3 Sync with our current situation as I stated.
  12. AWE Status

    True, ArmA 3 Sync works. Steam Workshop just works better and with that, there's not really a reason to keep ArmA 3 Sync. What I'm saying Stanhope is simple. It's not MY problem and hell, others would probably be fine with your suggestion. However factually speaking, it makes more sense to use a tool that performs better in organisation, speed and functionality.
  13. AWE Status

    All the more reason for a fresh restart. I can't FUCKING EXPRESS IT HARD ENOUGH how, "let's remove this mod and add this one instead, it's 50mb smaller" actually increases the mod pack size for most players in the long run. As one must download even more tripe. Restarting and heavily streamlining the pack while utilizes something from the 21st century called "Steam Workshop" will heavily improve both organisation and download speeds for the vast majority of players. It also makes the mod pack much more accessible to the public. I can see why ArmA 3 Sync has and is still used, however I fail to see the reason to keep it after a hard restart. Been saying it since 2015, players don't come for the mods, they come for the gameplay. AhoyWorld Enhanced utilizes a mission not easily found in the ArmA 3 Community, no reason why it cannot be popular.
  14. AWE Status

    Perhaps slightly aggressive, but I'd see it more as an open opinion expressing a clear point. Zues is not a priority for AWE at the moment. And we sure as shit don't need to focus hard on getting certain old players back, one must focus on getting new players in. To be brutally honest, there are certain people from the past that I wouldn't want back, because it may impede progress. That however is just my opinion and you can probably gloss over that.
  15. AWE Status

    +1 Need to get our heads out our asses and actually move this community forward in a clear direction rather than be scared to trying in the first place. This thread will soon become just another forgotten page in this communities history, an actual meeting will hold it's time better however and possible move it forward.