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  1. It isn't about fitting in. It's about looking cool. "I own 5 sets of Oakleys."
  2. You might be able to ask staff or spartan's who are online on the server to reserve a vehicle if you have already assembled a crew to man it. But otherwise, you won't find any cohesion or teamplay like that on EU1. If people want to one man an armoured vehicle and fill it with AT rockets, then that's life. I'd recommend another server if you want any form of realism or tactics. I'd recommend the gamenights or MSO within AW if you wish to stick around for it.
  3. Indeed, I think it's easy to forget how active Africa are in the war area. It's like the Middle East in some regards. I'd love some gritty brutal combat in some muddy forest and/or desert. Give some AK's and Surplus AR-15's a run for their money. Could also use the FAL. Africa is a goldmine for worldwide weaponry. This video does a pretty amazing job at explaining the rundown of an intense attack by ISIL against US Special Forces and Nigerian Army, it's worth a watch to see just how vulnerable you are against insurgents. There is also the actual helmet camera footage from a soldier during this mission but, it's extremely graphic as he was executed at close range. This vid is worth a watch though:
  4. Contemporary are always nice, especially given there's a plethora of settings that I have very rarely or never seen. Afghanistan or some Middle Eastern one is always easy and seems to still fall in favour of a lot of folk, but there's some other neat areas to explore: African Conflict: - Boko Haram vs Nigerian Army x United States Special Forces. Somalian Insurgency - Somali Pirates/Insurgents x ISIL x Al-Qaeda vs Somalian Army x US Army SOCOM x British Royal Marines + Pretty neat, you could also employ some anti-shipping raids with helicopter rapelling or ship boarding of sorts, I've seen it a few times and it's awesome. Syrian War: - ISIS vs YPG x Kurdish x SAA War in Donbass: - Pro-Russian Militants vs Ukranian Military Vanilla Campaign Style War Scenario: - NATO x AAF x CSAT + Very flexible Just a few ideas, anything can be fun!
  5. Looking forward to it again, these are turning out to be some amazing missions!
  6. ACE is a game changer and I can't imagine ArmA without it. Even with a basic medical, the enhanced balistics and A C T U A L S H R A P N E L are amazing amongst other things. I would be very careful adopting it with its current compatibility issues however, be sure to give it a thorough test. (I understand you have some preset settings, just make sure it works with the Unsung mod)
  7. Time to fight the one enemy who can defeat Captain America. Captain Vietnam.
  8. Not too much. AW has a discord, for discordery things. AWE is gone. EU2 now does some fairly regular zues missions. EU1 is pretty much the same old bonkers land it is - though some day™ I&A4 is coming out that should make things a little more exciting, think Ryko does some mission tests every now and again. MSO is running well, with a new campaign and some new faces here and there, feel free to drop in if you want some Serious Fun Modded Gameplay™. In terms of AW leadership, the past couple years since a few things got shut down has been a bit crazy. Not quite sure who's steering the ship, think the whole "owner" thing got scrapped and staff are sharing the helm so that should help transparency a little. I'd just delve in and get an idea for yourself. Hopefully 2020 will shine a light over the opportunity gateway, perhaps you can be one to help open it.
  9. This is the first gamenight I've seen in a very very long time with quite an interesting and well thoughtout story. Bravo @JANXOL! The modset associated with this mission also looks like a spicy recipe for some intense combat. Preset loadouts and a mix of NATO and RusFOR weaponry is going to be amazing also, exactly the sort of thing you'd see on an island such as this, especially with its past. As someone who is deeply involved with the lore behind ArmA III, your fictional story is not completely out of the ordinary actually, that only hightens my interest. I'm looking forward to it actually, I think I'd love the opportunity to lead but I'll wait to sign up. Good idea with starting with a prologue with the opportunity of a campaign also, I think people will probably like it but good idea not to hold a false promise if things go sour. Will client side mods such as DynaSound, Enhanced Soundscape and Blastcore be available?
  10. 17th of April 2020 (21/12/2019) 06:00 EET (18:00 UTC) On the morning of the 17th of April 2020, a small group of NATO forces commanded by Lt. Christiansen were sent out to perform recon and harassment of enemy forces in the town of Oetzendorf codenamed 'Objective Oscar'. These troops were under leadership by LCpl. Shaw whom assumed operational command in the absence of Cpl. Johnson who was still recovering from wounds sustained the day before. Lt. Christiansen was leading a small team on a recon mission in [REDACTED] and was unable to accompany troops on this mission. These troops under the callsign 'Alpha' utilised a recovered UTV and moved out towards the town of Klein Hesebeck where they dismounted and searched the town. An abandoned Russian Army GAZ matching the description of the one encountered on the 15th of April 2020, was found on the Southern edge of the town. Alpha reorganised on the Eastern perimeter of town and brought their UTV to a forest in grid (093.797) where they left the vehicle and moved South East on foot to establish an OP looking into Objective Oscar. A scout element consisting of 2 men was sent ahead at 07:00 to a compound in grid (104,782) to establish a more reliable observation post and told to dig their heels. Additional troops soon regrouped with LCpl. Shaw in grid (100,791) and established a blocking force in case of a Russian counterattack. By 07:30, the lead scout element was engaged by hostile forces on the Northern outskirts of Oetzendorf and immediately returned fire. Approximately 1x hostile squad was neutralised before one member of the Scout Element was injured, forcing the team to fall back to the blocking force. At 07:50, Alpha was attacked by a significant force approaching from the North and North West forcing troops to dig in and return fire. The position quickly became untenable and Alpha was forced to fall back a further 400m through intense gunfire to establish a new phase line and return fire. During the retreat, Sgt. Adrus Kross of the Estonian Armed Forces was shot and Killed In Action, friendly forces were unable to secure his person. By 08:20, Alpha was in a significant engagement with hostile forces encroaching from their North East and North West by foot and 1x Mi-8 Hip, attempting to surround their position. During this engagement, Pvt. Malcolm Finch of the British Army was hit and Killed In Action. Alpha, on dwindling supplies and serious injuries, was forced to fall back further into the forest to where they had hidden their UTV. At 08:40, friendly forces were ambushed by a small Russian element in the forest to the North. LCpl. Shaw was hit and wounded and Cpl. Kristiansen was hit and severely wounded. The heroic action of Pvt. Shield, who despite having no ammunition and being point blank with the enemy, managed to save the life of LCpl. Shaw and assist in dispatching the enemy forces. By 08:50, hostile forces retreated and Alpha was able to organise themselves. Due to the significant hail of bullets, their UTV was immobilised and was forced to be abandoned in the woods close to where it was originally parked. Cpl. Kristiansen was stabilised and put onto a stretcher to be taken back to the friendly encampment. Alpha continued to fall back West towards Klein Hesebeck, where they regrouped with a scouting element sent out by Lt. Christiansen and continued back to their encampment. Due to the brave actions of these men, a significant number of enemy forces was destroyed and valuable intel was gathered on the presence and response of the enemy in that sector.
  11. Minipily

    Community Update #7

    I think this whole year has been a tough one for us all. Myself and the rest of the gang all seem to have something going on now or through the year which has been a bit of a pain. Regardless of all that, thank you for sticking by us all and continuing the work where the stars align, we're all grateful. Thanks for your work Mark, I haven't had the chance to speak to you much but I never doubted how important you have been in the community. Heres to 2020! I hope that after a much needed Christmas break for us all, the community can rise back up and look forward to what will hopefully be a brilliant year for AhoyWorld. P.S: @mastif0 should get a freaking award for how much he's donated in the past month or so.
  12. Minipily

    Ambulance :3

    Modern problems require modern solutions. By removing the Siren, the staff team have just given the players a reason to drive around going "WEE WOO WEE WOO" down VOIP.
  13. I think that's why he posted in this thread, he's submitting a request.
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