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  1. In light of the tragic fire that broke out in Notre Dame, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free for a limited time only! (From April 17th to April 25th at 8:00am *Your local time*) Go ahead and pick it up, it's free! And, despite its mainly negative reviews, it is actually a rather fun game with some stunning views. Go see Notre Dame during the darkest time in French History, Vive la révolution! https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-GB
  2. I believe a simplified modset and perhaps a simpler style of ACE and what not may be a good start, keeps AWE somewhat familiar to the oldies while also catering for some of the newbies whom may not be interested in straying too far from their familiar lands. The bar shouldn't be lowered significantly, but I can understand perhaps a slight drop in the difficulty to account for newer folk that are perhaps not comfortable with straying too far from what they understand. Still, there should come a point when we have a significant enough community of players within the AWE division that we may consider raising the bar once more, by that point I'm sure they will feel more comfortable but it can always be discussed then on what the wider population wants and what is best perceived to keep bringing folk in. I don't think keeping things super simple will help personally, just because I've seen what fast paced easy gameplay does and what it did do to the server, but of course going into the deep end before we can swim isn't going to bring anyone over. Perhaps it may be worth gathering returning seniors of the community and AWE as well as bringing any newbies interested in the concept of the server for a little meeting, maybe even a gaming meet if just talking sounds far too boring, and discuss what we all think as a community? I think it's always important to just hear everyone's points and try to keep everyone together, and we might even hear from said newbies about what they'd like to see. May also be useful to hear from any current staff and maybe want-to-be staff on what they think will work, of course some of the people that have been here long enough to see AW's and AWE's ups and downs should have some decent enough advice. Just a thought but I'm sure things can still be worked out anyhow, the thread is good so far but a live chat can always make things clearer and we've had good enough meetings in the past.
  3. True, true. It just feels so... empty, so to speak, when comparing the two I find. Then again, I suppose it depends how much you are looking to get out of the game and everyone's mileage varies.
  4. Basic Medical as a starting point could be a good way of doing that. I think the main thing about Advanced Medical however is, it's made more complicated than it actually is. Hopefully, that could be something that can be addressed later down the line, it is certainly a simplistic medical system, perhaps too much so to even be considered advanced in my opinion.
  5. ^ Yes. Honestly Vanilla ArmA compared to ACE ArmA is an actual let down. There's so much that Bohemia got lazy on.
  6. I think ACE ballistics are pretty important, plus the fact that vanilla damage models are absolutely trash, certainly for 5.56. It just doesn't capture the yawing of a bullet in Vanilla as well as ACE does. The ACE cargo, sling loading, ear plugs, map tools, in depth support assets (fueling, repair etc) and explosives are also incredibly good mission enhancers. I couldn't really imagine modded ArmA 3 without these, hence why essentially every single modded ArmA 3 community use it. It just brings so much to the table that modded gameplay without it feels weak and lost. I think keeping ACE in its entirety keeps the server with a level of diversity and difficulty that it needs but that's just my 2cents. Of course, you could scrap ACE and basically just have TFAR and RHS or just TFAR and vanilla but that would basically just leave a slightly more fleshed out EU1, and with the popularity of EU1 compared to other I&A servers at the moment, I'm not entirely certain it would be a big success. ACE just helps deliver something different I believe and it doesn't need to stray too far from what people are already used to, it's a very flexible mod. Still, I'm willing to try whatever people think will work best. Something is better than nothing.
  7. I think making the server much easier to play could draw some more people in, but I just feel that removing levels of difficulty thus reduces the amount of communication and teamwork across the board, especially with new players. I for one quite enjoy the chaos of a new player not understanding something in combat, because it kinda brings everyone together to teach and learn, slowing down the combat and creating a more drawn out experience rather than one of just "run in, shoot and leave" which I'd personally rather play EU1 if I wanted that fast paced shooty experience. ACE Basic Medical could be a good way to start off, if we don't want an advanced medical. I just like having an advanced medical because it enforces some of the rules 101 of combat; don't get shot. Of course, if you plan out an operation, play effectively as a team and keep talking to one another then the chances of taking a bullet go down ten fold. Of course, luck plays a part but our medics have to have something to do. I think making the medical easier may not make people afraid to get shot, thus making them more liable to play the game not so safe and charge in a lot more, thus making the battle not as long. If there's one thing we absolutely don't want on AWE, it's fast paced AO's that are simply "walk in or find an overwatch, shoot the enemy, go in and finish up then leave" all in the course of about 10-15 minutes per AO. It gets rather stale, rather quickly and is one of the core reasons the server failed in the first place. Again, the server doesn't need to be rocket science, but a level of difficulty makes the gameplay more interested and certainly longer, and longer missions means more things to happen which could potentially create a second mission out of one; for example a pilot getting shot down and needing rescuing. I'd say keep ACE, it adds in a lot of neat things but if we absolutely cannot deal with the knowledge, then start us off with ACE Basic which you can't really get wrong. The ADV advanced medical mods may be good choices later down the line when the community has matured. So again, I wouldn't recommend speeding things up again, it's happened about 3 times already and has the same result. We need something different for AWE and there's plenty of ways that could be done, I suppose we just have to humour the community a little bit along the way so we don't run before we can walk. Still, I suppose I'm still looking forward to what happens, we could certainly use it.
  8. It's a good mod, certainly useful. I just personally feel it got abused too much, people climbing buildings whenever the SL ordered a breather was a little silly. I think if that mod was somehow limited, so that you could only climb chest height things and how heavy your loadout is, will vary on how much you could climb. However, I'm not sure that is possible to do.
  9. I think sticking with vanilla maps is a good thing, I've been playing ArmA 3 since essentially day one of it's release, certainly day 1 for Altis and still to this day I'm finding new secrets on that beauty of a map. New maps are nice and all, I understand people can get bored easily, but I think that is down to gameplay and a slight lack of creativity over the map. I've always been an advocate of Zues gameplay and certainly one of a more realistic play style. Some of the last Zues gamenights we had were some of the best we've had I believe, certainly had good turnouts and a lot of smiles by the end and I believe a lot of that was down to a more limited asset usage enforcing more teamwork to preserve fighting capabilities. I think a common mindset one AWE was to abandon a vehicle if it was left out in the vehicle, what if that was our only vehicle of that type however, or certainly one of very few? Preserving the vehicles certainly creates a mission all its own, should they be captured or immobilized. I think keeping the modpack light would be best, I've always agreed on one thing: Core Mods: -ACE -ACRE or TFAR -CBA -RHS -Pretty much all you need to have a great experience, especially if RHS actually gets used fully, which it wasn't before. Gameplay enhancers: -Blastcore -Dynasound -Enhanced Soundscape -ACE Animations -These mods are tiny and certainly help make the game feel a bit more diverse and immersive. Additional mods: -A few extras that we don't get anywhere else to help add a little bit more diversity, certainly so that in a more realistically focused gamenight, we have the correct assets that could even potentially keep us as underdogs which of course emphasizes teamwork. These mods I wouldn't have too large though, maybe 2-3gb more at the most. Mods I suggest: -ADV CPR - Allows CPR and Defibrillators to the ACE Advanced Medical, essentially makes medics more valuable, especially if medical supplies are actually limited on the average player. (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104460924) -ADV Splint - Allows fractures on arms and legs which will either impair ability to aim or ability to move, useful reason see above. (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291442929) -Diwako's ACE Ragdolling - After playing with these for a bit, I can't imagine playing without it. This mod is simple yet brilliant. It effectively removes (to the best extent it can) the ACE Medical meta of when someone gets shot, someone is able to determine if they're alive or not just by looking if they are laying on their stomach holding their gun. This mod eliminates that animation, and makes it so when a player gets shot, it will make them ragdoll to the floor and should it be a fatal shot, they will stay on the floor in a somewhat ragdolled animation making it harder to tell if they're dead or not. This will enforce people needing to verify someone by checking their vitals rather than just leaving them. (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1435263885) -All of the ACE combat files for all of RHS, I suppose that goes without saying though. Just my 2cents and if people are finding RHS a little bit lacking on diversity, I'd suggest using all of it. So, allowing us freedom of Serbian Armed Forces (which use western and eastern equipment dependent on how it is set up and what timeframe we use), Chedaki Insurgents (insurgency gameplay is certainly much different to standard military) and of course Russian Armed Forces which we have played before, but perhaps changing things up slightly in how we play it can always be good and same could be said for US Armed Forces. I think @Johnson might have some ideas as he did have quite a few when he was eventually made staff, however it was rather bad timing to be made a moderator I'm sure others could agree. I'm all for AWE making a return, I just hope it makes a successful one that is a little more diverse while at the same time, restrictive as not to go out of control again. Looking forward to what gets done and remember these wise words from your brothers at MSO:
  10. A revised modset with more emphasis on using ALL of it would be excellent. I.E if maintaining RHS, then use ALL of RHS rather than just Blufor. Playing as Opfor and Greenfor is very fun and some of the gamenights we did where we played as forces such as CSAT and Serbian Armed Forces were some of the most popular gamenights in a long time. Looking forward to seeing what gets cooked up this time around.
  11. You might be able to find a select few people to play if you organize something, but to be perfectly honest, the server is very unpopular at the moment and I myself don't see it getting back on its feet anytime soon. You're more than welcome to come onto the MSO though if you fancy some modded ArmA but the gameplay isn't going to be as similar as that of AWE.
  12. Minipily

    A Strong Patrol

    Great night! Awesome to see a return of a familiar old face. Pretty fun, Tanoa will soon be ours.
  13. Hello, If anyone is interested in returning to modded ArmA 3 cooperative teamwork without changing community, then myself @kennychr @Johnson and others are making another return of MSO (Multi-Session Operations) after a short break from ArmA 3. The aim of the mission on our MSO server is to slowly overtime capture the territories of Tanoa. We are playing as Russian Special Forces against an overhauled Syndikat whom are using RHS weaponry. The gameplay is a bit like what you will have been used to on AhoyWorld Enhanced but with a much stronger emphasis on teamwork and limited supplies, creating a truly edge of the seat experience that you may not have experienced before. One significant mod we use is ALiVE, which is responsible for not only creating a lot of our mission but also making it persistent. This means that whatever gear you log out with, you will have when you return, truly enforcing you to look after your kit and preserve ammunition at all costs when out in the field for several days at a time. Of course, taking Tanoa as Russian Special Forces is not the only thing on the agenda. Along with my upcoming AAF Campaign based around the early days of the ArmA 3 Lore for any of those interested in a lightly modded mission, we also plan to explore more opportunities in the future that will hopefully satisfy all tastes. So again, if anyone is interested in playing some modded ArmA 3 then please don't hesitate to talk to us either through the MSO-chat on Discord, contacting us on the forums or on the Teamspeak. We'd be happy to hear from any players and happily accept all backgrounds of play, we only ask that those who wish to play bring a suitable level of seriousness so that things don't escalate to madness within the first 5 minutes. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL:DR - If you want to play Modded ArmA 3 again but can't help but notice that AhoyWorld Enhanced is empty 24/7, feel free to get in contact, we'd be happy to have you come along.
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