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  1. Wishlist 2018

    1. Last of Us Part II (I could honestly die happy once I've played this) 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (the obvious choice) 3. Mount and Blade Bannerlords (because who doesn't like the appeal of being a barbarian with huge amounts of chest hair) 4. Hell Let Loose (I much prefer the hardened realism of Post Scriptum but I do not believe this will be coming out before Hell Let Loose) 5. A Way Out (me and Johnson would do a great RP for this which would probably just turn to memes) (also EA could learn a lot from Naughty Dog so hopefully a game such as this doesn't suffer the usual downgrades)
  2. I think this will most likely be done, but even if this is done, the outcome will still be the same as the limitations will be added.
  3. A slight change is closer to a full change than no change at all, so I would believe that people would be on board for that but their opinions may vary.
  4. If people want to try out different scopes in base, playing "dress up" in the arsenal isn't going to go through the animation. Only if you put multiple in your loadout clothing (which will take longer to do initially anyway) will mean you have to switch and get the animation, which I don't imagine many people will do and the vast majority of players as I'm sure others will agree will already have a pretty good idea for a scope to use. Large scale testing can be conducted in single player, this goes without saying usually. Marksmen shouldn't really be doing nor really need to multi-scope. A large array of longer range scopes are also equipped with red dots or iron sights. Plus for example with the RHS scopes you can just look over the top of them anyway and get a more accurate hip fire. All in all, this mod adds immersion with no cost to gameplay if players use common sense. tl;dr - animation yes/no while in arsenal = No
  5. Technically yes as they are both still limitations, so the vote to limit CTAB is indeed 20/11 at the time of this post.
  6. Though I'm not one to multi scope, I do know others do. I see no negative with this mod and only positives, and for those that need to take a suppressor off in the heat of battle because their weapon jams every 7 shots, it might teach them a thing or two.
  7. 1. Customized Flight Helmets from RHS, NOT INCLUDING the full pink and full USA flag Helmet but including all others. 2. These Helmets allow more personalization to one's loadout in Vortex, a role that allows very little customization for no clear points that are made irrelevant when explained why they are wrong. 3. N/A 4. These helmets, though a very minor detail, will allow Air Crews on the server to add a little more customization to their loadout and allow them to stand out a little more. IT may sound like such a mediocre thing to allow a Vortex Crew to customize their loadouts when they spend 90% of the time flying a helicopter, and though you may be right in saying that, this point is made irrelevant because why block it in the first place if such a thing provides no issues? People may complain that a pilot shouldn't spend time making a loadout, but including a few extra helmets to choose from will not have someone sat at the arsenal box for 2 hours, it doesn't take someone with a brain to figure that out. It is not uncommon in real life, for a Air Crew to customize their helmets, as throughout this request I will be linking real world helmets in real world military used by real world pilots from throughout the world. Such as this: (HGU-55/P of USN squadron VF-41 "Black Aces" and oxygen mask MBU-14/P. This helmet's design was used by VF-41 "Black Aces" during the early 90s) Note that many pilot helmets from Korea on wards to modern day, are painted in the Squadron Colours. (VFA-27 "Royal Maces" pilot with the new JHMCS helmet. (US Navy) Do note that these are Air Wing Pilots, but this is not uncommon to be followed up in Helicopter Crews also. For reference: (A Young Crew Chief/Door Gunner, 1971. Vietnam War) Note that in this time frame, morale was a heavy focus so it was not uncommon for Helicopter Crews to decorate their helicopter, helmets and clothing with various badges, stickers and drawings that both represent their unit and themselves. This is followed on today: (A badge of Osama bin Laden is pinned on the helmet of a US Army pilot's headgear sitting in a OH-58 Kiowa helicopter at the ISAF's Camp Bostick in Naray, in the eastern Kunar province on April 13, 2009.) Note that this is a little morale boost to soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, a war that like Vietnam, would subsequently not be won by the United States and her allies. Additionally, note that on these pilot helmets there are velcro spots specifically there to attach badges. Whether these badges be unit badges, blood type or personalization items, the Air Corps are generally incredibly lenient and allow much customization to be done to a helmet should it not hinder it's capabilities. Note here that this crewman has a medical badge attached to his helmet to show others that he is certified in that MOS, however he also has a "Fueled By Rock Star" badge for personalization. Here also, a badge of Canada to represent his origin and/or military force but also a humorous badge to uplift the mood in the helicopter. Note that all of these pilot helmets are well within military requirements and neither hinder the capabilities of the helmet nor "make them not look serious" which brings me on to my next point, a point I've heard from few people but somehow must have brought these helmets out of the arsenal. "These helmets are not realistic." "These helmets are not serious." "These helmets do not represent the serious nature of our gameplay." Explain to me, how are they not serious if serious trained crewman use them in real life? Are we expected to suddenly become immature players that giggle at each others helmets for hours on end and do not do our job? I don't see this happening, all I see is the ability for someone to change between the 2 possible helmets we seem to have. I cannot stress enough, and I'm sure others will also be the same, that these helmets do not portray immaturity! I find more immaturity in Alpha than I have EVER seen from a Vortex crewman. Fact. Any and all points of the helmets not being serious are irrelevant, they are not "not serious" but rather the same as what we get on the ground in Alpha. They are customization and freedom to make ones loadout how they want. Even if one spends most the time in their helicopter, there is no point in blacklisting these from the arsenal. I mean, according to Ryko, apparently blacklisting items makes the arsenal longer to load. So why blacklist something that will not cause issues if blacklisting it will only have negative effects? If one must extend the post with pictures of some of the, well, "serious" gear I've seen people run around with on the ground then I shall but of course that will just lead to arguments no doubt. I don't see a single problem with being able to use this helmet. It will not force Vortex to crash, it will not force them to stay in the arsenal for hours on end but rather allow Vortex to just have the option to stand out, especially when multiple crews are on the server. Some people may also argue that these helmets are not "realistic." Wrong. As I have already shown, the air corps are rather lenient and masks in particular on a helmet are free to be drawn on. And if someone is going to complain that, "Mini, stop talking about realism, we are not a milsim server". Sure, I understand this, but with realism comes seriousness. With seriousness comes, well, what do you want on AWE? The answer is closer than you think. I understand that this will most likely be turned down like the other 2-3 requests but in, but I just thought I'd try again, this time with a little more details and effort thrown in to try and secure something that has no logical reason to be locked. At the end of the day, this is not my decision though and it certainly will not stop me playing on AWE but I would just like to see what we should have be in the arsenal rather than blacklisted or otherwise just not shown. Sorry if this sounded "rant-y", but I am just passionate about little details like this and see no reason why they shouldn't be in the server other than just personal spite from players towards others not allowing them what they want.
  8. I am guessing this is consecutive shooting rather than shooting over a prolonged time, of course consecutive will kill. If it's not the amount of rounds hitting the plate it's the spread going to a non armored region. But if the armor has some sort of "health" and can be defeated, that will clear up some of the over-powered(ness). Though I don't believe people are going to be getting shot all THAT MUCH by heavy caliber weaponry to have the armor defeated so I think some people are gunna end up being Ironmen. In the end I personally am just having a hard time to see the pro's of this super effective armor when the armor we have already isn't the issue, but that's just me and your opinion may vary™ Overall I'm glad this is being debated a little and talked about, it's nice to see the community talk together about this sort of stuff and express their views.
  9. It's no surprise that you'll be in pain from 7.62, ideally you'll be on the floor winded. You could take a shot to body armor from 9mm and still be in some rather significant pain. Am I to understand that the armor plating shatters in this also? Because if so that would provide somewhat of a fix to this mod sounding unrealistically overpowered. According to the official references from the AR500 developers, they say it will stop a single 30-06 (7.62x63mm) Black Tip Armor Piercing round (which is rather impressive) before the armor shatters and will lose effect. I imagine by it losing effect it will mean that fragments of the shattered plate could backlash at the wearer or the bullet may fragment and pass through, and even if shattered armor can stop a bullet or two, eventually those bullets will go through the cracks, sometimes with even worse consequences than a clean entry. Overall, the mod does sound somewhat interesting, though in mine and I'm sure other peoples beliefs, it seems unnecessary and a trifle overpowered from the sounds of it. Similar to as I said earlier, a bad workman blames his tools, and I find that people are blaming armor for not doing anything when they themselves are at blame for being in the position to take such a clean kill shot. Also, though these plates leave you in pain, I'm fairly damn sure and can take an educated "guess" that you will also have a contusion or some form of other crushed wound, possibly even a fracture if a rib took the brunt of the force (considering this is a large round of course). ^^ (This is also proven in ACE how if the bullet doesnt enter through your body armor, it will leave a bruise. I've gotten bruises to my torso and head plenty of times after surviving a round, sometimes I will also receive a crushed tissue, though this is a rarity)
  10. Am I to understand that this new AR500 body armor will not allow any bullets through? You say it stops a bullet dead in it's tracks which, yes it will, for about 2-3 7.62 Black Tip Armor Piercing rounds before the plate will shatter or other wise lose effect (and that's being generous). Plus 7.62 will do a number on your chest. If perhaps the armor shatters then I could understand that, but if it means that no bullet will ever get through your plate carrier then that seems a trifle over powered. Back in 2014 we had TFAX on the server and that armor was capable of stopping 50 cals, it was incredibly over powered and the fact that it made everything stupidly easy meant that there was no room for being cautious if one was a walking tank. Do note this was in a time on Patrol Ops when we also had players wander off frequently and lone wolf, possibly due to the fact that they could because nothing could really kill them. I mean if people are having such a big issue with getting one shot, I personally wouldn't blame the armor but more so the fact that one is allowing themselves to be shot. I've been shot plenty of times anyway and I've either survived or died, it really does just boil down to that because there's different factors with caliber, angle and distance and these factors usually determine my life when using RHS armor. But I find that playing cautious, taking time and working with teammates will often save my life rather than rolling with Classified Chobham Armor under my vest. At the end of the day, instant death usually comes down to the fact the round has gone through your face and blown your brain up, so unless you want AR-500 strapped to your face with duct-tape then yeah. It also happens when a round enters an area where the plate armor isn't there. So take for example the special force rigs people usually use, like the MMAC. Note that the MMAC is a small rig, so rounds are liable to hit you in the gut and groin area as there is no plate there. Additionally, with most vests there is absolutely no plating in the side area below the arm pits, this is to save weight and make the vest easier to put on. With some vests also, the upper chest area close to the collar bone and neck with have no plating in for comfort and weight saving. The most common area for the chest plate is the back over the shoulder blades down to mid spine and on the front from stomach (often upper stomach when using smaller plate carriers) to just below the collar bone. Note AI will tend to aim for center mass on a moving target so the round will most likely hit the plate on a large carrier or usually hit the groin area on a smaller carrier which will have no effect and go through obviously, note also that if you are running side on to a firing enemy, he will hit you in the side where there is no plate and that's goodnight. On a stationary target though, I find AI aim for the head or neck area more often, particularly if you are using a specialist weapon like a LMG or an AT weapon (the AI will know) so in this case it comes down to proper head gear. Obviously soft head gear in a combat situation is against most military protocol with some exceptions to Special Forces. Soft head gear is also allowed when not in direct combat such as on OW but not when in an urban theater. Anyway, most helmets do their jobs just fine IF THE ROUND HITS THE HELMET. When facing the enemy head on and an enemy is aiming for the head, it doesn't take Captain Smarty Pants to know that the round will go center face and through the nose, where there is no armor plating. The armor plating on a helmet is most common on the rear, top, sides and upper frontal region. This is due to the fact that the soldier needs to see clearly in front and also because the helmet is primarily there to stop foreign objects such as dirt, rocks and various shrapnel from landing on you, this is after all what the helmet was really designed for when gunpowder warfare was introduced. Helmets I would recommend to prevent instant headshot death: Any helmet with armor really, you're not gunna find many helmets that will protect your open exposed face unless you can find a Knight's helmet and additionally, many of these helmets are not gunna stop a 7.62x54 unless it's using the more modern Kevlar systems to which it will usually stop a single round. But this is ArmA 3 and I've seen some miracles out there. Recently I myself have been running with the OPSCORE helmets and they've done the job, saved me a few times from headshots which is remarkable considering how open the OPSCORE is but of course there are a few hit box errors here and there. Just my 2 cents I thought I'd throw in, do with it as you want. PS: Apologies if one is not supposed to comment in these, but I saw the chance to possibly debate a little on it and thought my voice could be of some use to somebody
  11. RHS 0.4.3 into AWE

    I believe he meant that if FHQ goes, people can still resort to BAF for use of an ACOG scope. In the end, a nice thing about the RHS scopes is that they can be altered in the options for use of 2D, PIP and 3D. 2D is much like you're BAF ACOG's, useful for magnification but prevents NVG use in night time operations. PIP is, well, to be honest not brilliant but if you want a mix between 2D and 3D (I believe NVG works with PIP) then go for it. 3D is great because the magnification still works yet the ACOG works much like the Vanilla RCO, so without using ArmA 3's super human squinting while looking through the scope, you can use it as an impromptu reflex sight. The NVG capability also works with this version and the inbuilt zeroing lines of the scope will work just fine as you see with the 2D, though they are more difficult to see.
  12. RHS 0.4.3 into AWE

    RHS ACOG's work fine with NVGs, turn on 3D in the RHS options. 1. It makes the scope more realistic to look through. 2. Unlike most 2D scopes, this will allow NVG operation. 3. The ACOG in RHS imo is the best looking ACOG there is. I believe the FHQ and BAF ones to be too flat and dull in texture and look like they were rushed or ported directly from ArmA 2 like a CUP knockoff. 4. RHS ACOG shouldn't use ace zeroing, I've never had that issue before and it doesn't take a mastermind to know that an ACOG doesn't need zeroing. We had ACOG zeroing in the Gamenight yesterday however I just left the zeroing at 0 and was capable of hitting targets upwards of 700-800m with the M4 which can be proved in my footage from that Gamenight should I be able to actually compress and upload it any time soon. To each their own though, people have different opinions and preferences on weapon attachments and I do know that FHQ has some stuff we do not have anywhere else, but I believe there's always better alternatives in Vanilla or RHS but that is just my opinion.
  13. RHS 0.4.3 into AWE

    Well with the addition of the MAAWs from the second coming of Christ group that is RHS, I could say that we have no use for TF47 anymore. She had a good run but we must lay the old girl to rest. *sad music* fhq_accessories could probably go as well, I don't really use them anyway but I know others do so it might take a little persuading but with RHS and Vanilla alone I'd say we're plentiful on weapon accessories such as scopes, PEQ boxes and grips.
  14. RHS 0.4.3 into AWE

    Seconding this, the arsenal could use a good clean up and I'm all for variety if it is correct variety. (AKA: More Pilot Helmet variants rather than more random civilian hat variants etc etc)
  15. Prometheus: OP Atlas - Heroes of Altis

    Little do people know that the soldier with the head bandage pointing at the bottom was trying to call out an T-72 tank rolling up on them.