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  1. Campaign Eight is finished. The Los-Zetas Campaign will return soon with a final Chapter 3.
  2. Personally I believe that capturing and hoarding enemy equipment makes little logical sense as a conventional military. As a unconventional militia or insurgency however, sure and I believe that should be the primary method of actually acquiring vehicles in the first place. As for destroying civi shiz, yeah it's stupid that there is no real deterent or accountability. I suppose really it should just be common sense to not deliberately go blowing up shiz. I do like enforcing Laws of Armed Conflict when I lead sometimes, but of course there's no room for rules there, just roleplay.
  3. Minipily

    Nightdrive Vibe

    D A R K
  4. Minipily

    Stagecoach 16

    Quick edit of @Johnson screenshot from the last Africa PMC Op.
  5. I can't wait for this to be some kind of Contact inspired mission where NORAD got intel on Santa Claus tax dodging and sent in a rogue unit of CHADs to bring him down.
  6. Thanks for the award. My moustache feels humbled. Plus I really am the best driver, look here at my skills:
  7. Welcome, feel free to take a look around. I think you'll find things a little more tame on EU1, there's a good group of people to play with there. More of a controlled chaos than just pure anachy. If you like modded ArmA with an emphasis on teamwork and communication, feel free to look into AWE or MSO. Both offer those kind of services.
  8. Wouldn't mind to give the Falcon Pilot role a little go tonight, I'm happy enough dropping off some paratroopers. No worries if they're already claimed, I'll just take some big guns.
  9. Minipily

    It's time for africa

    The sharpness makes my eyes bleed but great shot.
  10. "Server Query Timeout" is becoming more and more common amongst not only myself but others. Not sure what's causing it but it's a real morale crusher.
  11. Perhaps a zombies campaign in which we play as various different factions batttling it could be cool. Maybe have one mission where we play as civilians, some of us have concealed carry, some of us may be hunters with weapons at home, some are just run of the mill civilians. We have to gather whatever we can and seek shelter, maybe the military or police have suggested to go to certain areas. Maybe another mission could tie directly into that, this time we play as the police. Our job is to secure places such as hospitals or other important areas and hold out until someth
  12. Suppose I'll drop a pic, seeing as I've been here since like 2013 and most people probably think that my Thomas the Tank Engine pic is probably me, or discount Hitler on AWE. Here's some pretty shitty pics of me from 2 years ago working as an Accountant for a small Solicitors Firm. The text on the screen says it all. Ain't really got any recent pics, might get some airsoft ones at some point, but being a doomer and Covid go hand in hand making me a professional loser.
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