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  1. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Complaining that you're bored won't change it, you'll just be barred from attending. If it's not for you, it's not for you. But you were doing something, you were waiting like ordered to. How many times must one repeat this for it to be come clear, waiting IS doing something. Saying hurr durr ima join the real army instead and that ArmA is not real word is irrelevant. We already understand this and we never said we we're being real world, we just do things different from AWE, god-fucking-forbid that we do something different Harry. Yeah, so why didn't you. If you're bored while waiting, find something to occupy yourself with like training. Nobody is stopping you from doing that and in fairness we'd promote it.
  2. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    God forbid you join a gamenight that specifically is designed to involve waiting and patience. The mission revolves around MULTIPLE SESSION OPERATIONS (MSO) and we cannot take Afghanistan in 1 day. There will be sessions that involve a lot of movement and little to no combat, logistics is a complicated business and is not Hollywood. Please refrain from complaining that you're bored in these missions, it does not make anything go faster. Better yet, don't turn up if you don't have the patience. Think of it like this; when you turn up to an MSO, don't expect to be shooting your weapon in combat. That way when it comes around, it's extra special. Additionally, when told to wait, do so. Waiting is an order, it's not "nothing."
  3. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    I think I shall on the weekend.
  4. Wait... It Can Float?

    I actually remember when EU3 first opened, we used a Chinook mod that involved you having to physically walk inside in order to get in and out of the positions. I had a crash once with it in the water and upon getting out, it placed me in the crew bay. The chopper slowly started roll upside down while I waddled through the water until it was fully upside down. It started to sink which forced me to swim but I couldn't squeeze out of the closed ramp area or rappelling hole, I subsequently drown 3 minutes after the initial crash. I miss that mod, way ahead of it's time in 2014.
  5. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    AW MVP 2017: @Ryko Dealt with a lot of sh*t and still managed to keep the ship afloat. AW most friendly admin/staff member 2017: @PiranhA AW most helpful admin/staff member 2017: @Ryko AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2017: @Amentes or @Noah_Hero AW friendliest user 2017: @Noah_Hero or @Jochem (Did put Piranha here but I already had him for friendliest staff) AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2017: @Minipily AW best ARMA pilot 2017: The one who kept turning off the spinny fan when rappelling troops. AW best TeamSpeak singer 2017: @J0hnson AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2017: @J0hnson or @HybridRage AW best moment 2017 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): After Action Report should be made for this. @J0hnson, @kennychr and myself were tasked multiple assignments on our own on Stratis EU3 and fought like hell to complete them. Ourselves taking on upwards of 2 Platoons (approx 60+ INF) on our own and retreating through the various valleys of Stratis, eventually running out of ammo for our riles and fending off with stolen weaponry and pistols in order to get our humvee and escape. It was a brilliantly amazing experience and a core example of how AMAZING Eu3 is with as little as 3 people. AW best forum post 2017 (please put url in): RIOT RIOT LETS START A RIOT AW best drunk member 2017: @J0hnson, I'm yet to get him hammered on EU3 or War Thunder, lets all peer pressure him and/or send booze. AW best driver 2017: @J0hnson, his actions were so good in fact that it got him banned. AW worst driver 2017: That one guy on EU3 that was told to stay left but instead stayed right and had a head on collision over a blind hill at a closing speed of 200+ km/h. AW best baby 2017: I dunno, probably one of the people that complained that AW was dead but couldn't think of a reason why? AW most absent staff member 2016: @Elcour BABY COME BACK AW best fail 2017: Oh boy I feel like all of these are from AWE unless David deleted the servers again HA GOTEEM. I dunno, having trouble thinking of a specific so one but if I ever do it will be from AWE no doubt. AW best banned member 2017: @Copey??? AW best TeamSpeak channel of 2017: Probably the "Create own channel" or "Other Games" one because its the one I usually sat in with muh harem before I got my tags and proceeded to store all the tastiest memes and laughs in there. AW best game of 2017: Probably ArmA III because what else but I've had a lot of fun on Squad and a few other games this year. For AW itself though, probably ArmA because lol originality. AW best official server of 2017: Probably EU1 because without it, where would Ahoy be? Can't really imagine the community without its vanilla servers.
  6. It is set to 4, same as a humvee. At least 20 spaces would be appreciated and realistic given the space and weight limitations I'd say.
  7. That's rather clever. Add that to a flatbed RHS truck and possibly the upcoming? Blackfish and I'd be a happy bunny.
  8. Wait... It Can Float?

    I dunno what update, possibly Apex but it seems all choppers can do it. It helps with emergency landings on waters too.
  9. I dont, Ryko probably does. To do Logi on EU3, you either air lift or load the boxes inside a vehicle large enough. I believe a 600RP crate takes up 10 cargo spaces in Ace, could make the Blackfish's cargo space higher so it doesn't use the same amount of space as a Humvee. Using the attach to script is a bit crap. Anyway I'd be up for these vehicle's addition, but I wouldn't be hurt if they weren't. They add a bit of variety and of course they're not a mod so not many reasons to argue about it.
  10. Aware of this but that's not the way of doing it on EU3
  11. If the Blackfish could actually hold Logi Crates then I'd love to see it used.
  12. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    Remember there's only 1 Corpsman/Medic per Platoon of 24+ people, so it doesn't make much sense to add a medic into one of the Squads. I think the way it's currently laid out is fine for the MSO, in the way that everyone is a Rifleman. This leaves room for the Squad leader under instruction from Platoon to give his men specialist weaponry proportionate to what a mission requires. Do note that we are in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban using mostly old soviet weaponry with possibly the occasional western weapon or equipment from the CIA funding of the Mujaheddin, so I wouldn't expect us to need to go overboard on laying out a squad structure. Of course the MSO differs a lot from AWE, there's a bit more thought behind actions and more of a focus on proportionate fielding of equipment. Of course it's better to overcompensate to be safe, but too much and you risk a lot. Personally, this is how I would set out my 8 man Squad if I was expected to do a 2 day Patrol. Squad Leader Rifleman Machine Gunner Rifleman or Marksman Teamleader 2IC Rifleman Machine Gunner Rifleman I'd essentially just keep it as simple as that, as the Rifleman is the most flexible role on the battlefield particularly when they have support. I wouldn't bother with any specialist AT roles or Scout Snipers, as I believe these to be better suited to a Weapons Platoon. I'd also probably leave Engineer style roles to Logistics as, sure in AWE you could repair a transmission box and wheel axle with a bar of soap, but I believe in the way of the MSO it should be a little slowed down. Leaving for more thought, patience and a little more atmosphere when it comes to repairing a vehicle. It'll also give command a little more strain when they need to make the heated decision of either destroying a multi million dollar vehicle or try to defend it for Logistics but risk it falling into enemy hands, which of course would not be good. If I was dealing with my preferred, 3 fireteam squad layout then my lay out could be made extra flexible given a little more to work with. Just my thoughts, a little more realistically orientated than AWE but with reason as this is MSO.
  13. First and foremost, welcome to the AW MSO. I'm going to keep this one brief and simple because frankly, all of this is simple once you understand the basics. The MSO differs from AWE in the aspect that it provides the player with more reasoning behind their actions whilst giving them a more serious and realistic atmosphere, all of this while still retaining a fairly lenient and relaxed gameplay environment that is not too harsh on the average player. Firstly, you are going to spawn in at a Temporary Housing area at the Northern most Airfield, you will not be able to use Shift+Click Waypoints so you will need to use your compass. Open your compass and orient yourself to the North East, proceed in that direction up the hill until you see a white industrial building with blue doors, that is the Armory. At the Armory, unless instructed otherwise by your leader, grab a standard Rifleman loadout. Below, I will list a basic Rifleman loadout: Rifleman: M16A4 or M4 Marpat-D Uniform SPC Rifleman LWH-D Helmet Booster + ESAPI MIL-IV plate (please store both of these in your vest) Ear Plugs 6+ magazines, preferably 10+1 to match the vest. 2x M67 Grenades 1x M18 White Smoke 1x Individual First Aid Kit (Please consult the IFAK SOP for information) 1x RF-7800S-TR SR radio and a MicroDAGR Radio Programmer (This should already be in your inventory upon spawning in, but make sure said radio works, you can always grab a fresh one from the radio box) - Additional equipment will be available, but please carry what is proportionate to what your mission requires. Note that the MSO uses ALIVE and what you carry out in the field will save over multiple saves, so carrying extra ammunition for a long patrol in a backpack isn't always a bad idea. - Once you have geared up with this equipment, consult your compass and proceed South West down the hill where you came from towards the Logistics Area #1 and standby. You will most likely be instructed to either await a helicopter lift or be ordered to take a vehicle. This guide was to instruct new players to the MSO on what to do when they are on their own and/or have Joined In Progress (JIP). If you have joined with everyone at the beginning, your leader will instruct you on everything to do. Note that you will have at least 20-30 minutes at the beginning before everyone leaves to head to the AO, that is unless everyone hasn't already been deployed over a lengthy time with ALIVE which is possible. But please, try to show up as early as possible to ease command's job as well as your own. I hope to see you join us and have fun!
  14. General news and info

    They need to chin up. We can't gain players if they choose not to come on, it can only look like a lot of people if they make the effort to come play in the first place.
  15. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

    Congratulations! May we call her "Little Ass Kicker"?