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  1. I think the mission went pretty well, I thoroughly enjoyed the more serious organised structure. My advice for improvement would be: Obviously fix the communication issue so that we have clear communications between just the leaders, then information can be passed down each squad by their respective leader. Add a Platoon Commander, he will be in charge of the overall plan for the infantry squads and armoured assets, as well as placing LZ's and issuing orders for Vortex. He could still give the squads a bit of leniency where required, but overall he will keep things organised over a common plan. MAYBE add a FTL (Fire Team Leader) role to the squads, personally I just opted that one of my men take the role, but perhaps a chosen role for this would promote the usage of them more. However, given the squads current size of 8, if you add a FTL, I would suggest adding another man to bring the squad to a healthy 10 rather than a odd 9. But, 10 is about the max I'd say, going upwards of about 12 men in a squad is starting to get too large. But again, that is IF you add a FTL, it isn't needed if we just recommend the SL's to pick a man. Perhaps also the Platoon Commander, there could be a FAC (Forward Air Controller), however I think given the fact we are not using a radio mod, this won't really be an issue. Especially given the fact that Vortex needs not communicate too often. For briefings, as Johnson stated in the debrief, perhaps an overall briefing at the beginning of the mission in a main hall could be good to give everyone a brief idea of the mission, then once that is discussed, have a more in depth brief with the main leaders. I suppose a good element for Platoon would be: Platoon Command Platoon Medic (he could also be in charge of setting aid stations on larger missions) Platoon FAC (If needed, but again, without a radio mod I don't think it's absolutely needed unless our mission will mainly revolve around a Vortex usage) Overall the mission was really fun, I for one also enjoyed taking an impromptu Platoon Commander role over the mission, It's something I enjoy doing knowing I can give the knowledge and advice to the newbies. One thing I would like to see however, is perhaps more of a logistical usage. I can understand the want to keep the mission going a bit quicker and having an arsenal to replenish everyone's ammo. But perhaps having Vortex or maybe a logistical team who can set up encampments where ever (maybe with the help of a zues) would bring a fresh bit of gameplay to the game. This would also mean that Platoon Command can choose where he wants the camp and having the Logistical team work alongside perhaps Vortex and Zues to get it done. This Logistical Team could also perhaps be a Weapons Team when not being used for Logistical support, and perhaps use Artillery or Mortars. Astounding job from Bravo, they may have lacked some of the organisation, formation work and perhaps communication of my team initially. But, given their overwhelming task, their teamwork and perseverance prevailed and I was amazed how well it went for them. It was a pleasure to work with their leader, whom I found to be one of the best squad leaders I've worked with and that's coming from an AWE/EU3 Veteran since day 2 of its launch back in 2014. I mean this with full sincerity, you did great. My only advice to give, make sure your men are safe in buddy teams and try not to have them clustered up so much as one big group. This is especially useful when you are in CQC, which you did go into numerous times and unfortunately you missed a few enemies on the buildings which could've been fatal. Just make sure you dedicate some men to go door-kicking and get the buildings fully clear. Other than that, great job and a good job to your FTL who kept me informed when you couldn't. Alpha also did a great job, we just got unlucky during the last assault on the main airfield. Part of this was down to some poor luck but also the fact I misjudged my attack and it unfortunately led to the death of much of my men. Apologies for that, I did suffer a bit of combat stress from all the leading so it made my decisions start to falter in minor details. Another good reason however, to add an overall leader like a Platoon Commander. Good work to the vehicle crew, there could have been a bit more I would have liked from them, however that is not their fault. It's mainly just down to the fact that I was too disconnected from Bravo's fight and I was unable to correctly deduce the best plan of action for them, but the vehicle's fire support was incredibly useful and a big confidence boost to the men on the field. Just having that Marshall with us on the AAC was a big enough confidence boost to Alpha to make a large push down the airfield. Also thanks to the Vortex teams for running the reinserts, you kept Alpha with a stable number of men even during our most critical moments and I can understand that it wasn't easy getting close with that Tigris and Armata's cannon having a grid lock over most the airfield. Overall, really fun mission and I'm so pleased to see a large community come together to play as a team. I've been starved of good, organised, serious fun ArmA for quite a while now and I'm pleased to say that EU2 actually satisfied me quite a bit, despite perhaps some of my previous thoughts of how the mission could have gone. Unfortunately, I won't make it to the next one as I'm having a Mini Holiday (pun intended again) and won't be back until Tuesday. I would've really loved to perhaps do a Platoon Lead on that mission but there's always another time. I suppose it gives someone else a chance to lead and perhaps do things the way they'd quick like to do it.
  2. Soon™ It wont be coming until at least after the Contact Update from what i understand, plus there's still some testing to do after that I believe.
  3. It's always a fun thing that is rarely done. A thing to understand about ArmA that sets it apart from say, Battlefield, is the fact it is a large-scale Military Sandbox. There's a lot of assets to ArmA that help bring together a large scale war, of course you have your infantry which are the backbone of war, but a lot of assets on the field to support them. Probably the most important support asset they have is Logistical Supports, so it would be good to see those used more often, setting up camps and what not. These could be used for rearm and respawn positions. I'd still be happy enough with the clear I&A Meta of using Vortex and Infantry to go back and forth from the action if it was in an organised structure, but I do feel that utilizing more infantry long range movements, ground transport vehicles, APC/IFV support and logistical assets would certainly help bring together some fresh gameplay and perhaps promote better gameplay.
  4. I'm glad to finally see some organised play coming along, hopefully EU2 can become active again. One suggestion I'd personally opt for in some ops is when there are multiple objectives in the field, keep the troops out in the field and have logistical assets come out to rearm them so they can go straight to the next mission, or have a debrief/brief out in the field. This just changes things up so it's not always going to be back and forth between base in a helicopter, certainly on EU1 and AWE I found that about 15-20% of my play was just sat in a helo. Either way, looks quite fun. I might come along.
  5. Minipily


    What is going on?
  6. You literally sumarised EU1 perfectly.
  7. I remember last time it was literally everyone voted yes and 1 person voted no. That one person that voted no was Colsta, who owned AWE and therefore wasn't allowed. What a great community decision. Hopefully this time we have an unbiased, proper poll for this. So far, it seems good.
  8. Thank you to everyone who took part in this vote, it's humbling to see the community come back together to express their views with so much passion for what they believe is right. Thanks GhostDragon for hosting the vote, it's good to see a big step taken forward in the evolution of AWE. Very much looking forward to being able to play again! Apart from the occasional MSO, I am extremely starved of some good ArmA III Modded Gameplay. P.S: From the looks of it, Strict Limitations has won the poll. Do not feel disheartened if you voted for Casual Limitations, as myself and Johnson could not state enough, Strict Limitations IS STILL Casual Limitations but with the additional bonus of having the flexibility to play under Strict Guidelines when the time arises. If this change is implemented properly, you will still have Blufor, Opfor and Greenfor factions with all equipment in that sector free, these factions can be chosen at times when a majority of players wish for that additional freedom and may also be a good starting point if players are skeptical about joining. Either way, Strict Limitations in my humblest opinion is by far the best way to go, it's better to make everyone with that mindset happy rather than 50% of the community happy, and even then, those without the mindset have the open factions until they start coming around. Again, looking forward to the revival of AWE and cannot wait until the next update, I sincerely hope all the staff come together to get it all planned out and get development underway as soon as possible.
  9. Indeed, I am pleasantly surprised at how many people have come together to discuss. Keep this up and we'll have our community back. I think really, before we go throwing the server back up, its best that a direction is set out. Success comes through planning, and it is exactly that which is needed to prevent what happened in the first place, the server becoming stale and dying. Here's hoping everything works out well!
  10. I believe there is a post about it called "The Future of AWE" In a nutshell, the server was shut down because the community had all but wittled away and with no activity, there was no reason to keep the server up. If there was any economical reason behind it then I'm not sure about that, as I was under the belief that EU3/AWE was also running off the flagship server that EU1 and 2 is running off. Hope that gives some insight.
  11. Literally does sum up when the AO spawns on top of you for some reason.
  12. This. Please all remember, you will still have ALL of the gear that you will get with casual limitations, just not all at once. This is good, because rather than be spoilt for choice you will get a chance to try everything in a longer timeframe. Meaning, you are less likely to get bored of the server feeling that you have "tried everything" in 10 minutes opposed to spending a longer time on the server to have a chance to try everything. This keeps the community together, and excited each restart for something NEW. On the talk of gear, lest we forget. AWE is not about gear. AWE is about community and gameplay. AWE should not revolve around "dress-up warfare." It should revolve around the specific gameplay, teamwork, communication and orchestration of how things are done. I know I may contridict my point about "AWE does not exist, it does not have a preset method" but, dare I say, this method is the most original and the pillar of all things great that the server thrived on and was built upon. So please, remember. Gear is secondary, gameplay is primary! Please don't see the server as just a quick "5 minute dress up warfare AO" and instead see it as a "long term, large scale fight based upon tactics and communication." See it this way because it is different and challenging, not simple and boring. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we'd like to see the server last.
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