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  1. The Laws of War for Dummies.

    I find it's easier to just pin a gun on the dead civilian and claim he was an insurgent, gives more leeway in case you need to bomb the village.
  2. I'd agree with this 100% I've had situations where I can't load the vehicle because "vehicle it too far away" but if I stand further away from the whiteboard so my physical character is closer to the aircraft, it then loads just fine.
  3. This is true, hopefully they may get somewhat balanced for each other in the future.
  4. Perhaps, moreover I'm sure a Zues online would give you such toys provided whoever is in charge is okay with it. It's been like that before with the IDAP testing which was pretty darn fun.
  5. Because in some cases it's not been about what the players wanted. You'd have to talk to the boss, I'm just saying that some of these things will probably not be added considering they haven't been added in the past or at least lasted long. I guess that's what you get when people think 2035 technology is the same as HALO Reach despite 2035 technology in ArmA 3 being pretty darn realistic to what advances we have at this present minute. DLC has thrown us back in some cases, there was a poll to add Tanoa as a map for Stilletto and it won the poll some 25-30+ > 1, yet we never got it. A shame considering how fun the map is, I've done some milsim events on it in my time and it works a dream.
  6. Well they probably won't but it would be nice if some were. The Weazel tank fits a really niche role that would be cool to see more on EU3 cough cough recon. It comes in an olive colour too so you don't need the shitty AAF camo. The Tank Destroyer would be cool too but I don't expect that getting added, obviously same goes for the Armata. The Merkava would be nice, it's certainly a blufor vehicle but once again, I just doubt it. The Bobcat would be nice provided it could give ammo to vehicles in Ace, I think it might, It'd certainly be a good vehicle for Logi to assist forces with ammo resupply as well as provide EOD. Once again, will we see it? I think the MAAWs would be nice though, at least the Mod 0, it's pretty nicely detailed. The Mod 1 would probably just get aboosed as it has a built in rangefinder. Prowler AT variant will probably be added but given the community I could see it get abused, obvious aboose aside though it would be a nice tool for smaller teams. That's about all from what I can see, vanilla has some nice stuff to use on AWE but I highly doubt we'd ever see it.
  7. Did the actual mission spawn out there or did the marker just go out there? Often we get missions where the marker buggers off to a corner of the map and you have a real hard time of finding the mission location.
  8. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    This post was apparently approved, and it was agreed that the USA and Pink helmet should not be added but more rather the others, which I explained in detail and rather realistic, incredibly so in fact.
  9. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    The RHS pilot helmets with the drawings on them. They add a bit of variety and are generally quite nice to have, I made a request for them which was accepted but i'm yet to see them. Apologies, I don't have the classnames!
  10. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - #7 on 16/03/2018 @ 1900 UTC

  11. Today's hack.

    Huh, never seen an ArmA server hacked since the Beta days. I thought most the losers left ArmA or got themselves banned.
  12. Ahoy there *_^

    Welcome, nice to see a friendly face willing to help get involved!
  13. It should be noted that you can also download DynaSound off Steam Workshop. This will keep the mod up to date without the need to use Armaholic, something I'm sure other people can agree is not very good. Once subscribed on your Steam Workshop, simply open Arma 3 Sync, click on the Steam Workshop folder on the left and drag the DynaSound mod into your AhoyWorld Enhanced folder. Done! If we don't happen to stay with DynaSound, or you don't want it anymore, you can always delete it from your AhoyWorld Enhanced folder and not have to worry about it there. To completely get rid of it, unsubscribe on Workshop.
  14. As per request, thought I might throw together a quick guide to explain some of the fundamental responsibilities behind each role on AWE. Note this will be in a basic explanation, so some more advanced details may be glossed over. Firstly, if you are new to AWE, please consider reading this! Should you be looking for a certain guide, or more detail about a certain role, please consult the Guide Section on the forums! Platoon Element: Alpha - Bravo - Charlie Elements Squad Lead Element: Fire Team Element: Air Assets: Armor Element: Logistics Element: