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  1. Minipily

    War on Drugs Begins

    If we do any more of these pictures over the course of the campaign, I may actually edit them to include some blurred/blacked out faces and what not to make them look a bit more uniform.
  2. Minipily

    War on Drugs Begins

    Joint DEA, FEADS and CIA pose for a group photo in an undisclosed location on the Island of Tembelan during Operation Chingados.
  3. "Treat every armed person as if he wants to kill you." Oh boy, can't wait to dress up as a giant dove and go into the woods to shoot bird shooters. It'll be like Hitman. But no seriously, this looks pretty fun. May come along!
  4. This mission looks fucking dope! If I could just kindly get a motorcycle then I can do the Great Escape and you know I'm going to roleplay it HARD but in the worst way possible.
  5. I think what needs to be made clear is that a support teams operational capability and use is only as great as what the leader makes it. If the overall leader of the mission has no use for logistics in the field, then they should not complain that logistics are sat at base doing nothing. I can think of plenty of uses for logi in the field and I'd probably go ahead and get them done when I'm next Platoon Leading. I'm honestly quite impressed that Angel was removed and swapped with Hammer, when really I think it'd make much more sense the other way around. Or at least, implement a medic or two into Logi because I think the implementation and use of field hospitals would be a fantastic idea. Though, that idea would be more useful if the AI were put in a more suitable spot regarding tactics and difficulty - kinda hard to heal someone who has had a perfectly clean shot through the center of the forehead from 400 yards away.
  6. Mod Request: Not sure if this was brought up, but I think GRAD Trenches would be a neat mod. It has a small filesize and it just overall improves entrenchments that are built. It will allow Hammer to build vehicle entrenchments when utilizing hold points. It will allow weapons teams to build mortar holes and better firing platforms. Additionally, it makes the trenches just look a lot nicer overall, reducing the amount of eye-sores that are left around the map when people forget to dig down. Again, not sure if this was already discussed but I'll leave this here for debate - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224892496
  7. I'm well behind upping the difficulty and maintaining a high scaling on respective objectives. Still, even if a few people were to capture a large objective on their own against the odds. Good for them, but where's the justice for the rest of the community? Sure I'd be impressed, but I wouldn't be happy that a few people took a major objective that would've been better saved for the rest of the community to enjoy with a high pop count on the server. As for enforcing these rules, that's up to staff utilizing what they have to do so. Either by presence on the server or some kind of server log. But yes, I agree with you on scaling. That would be amazing if it could be tweaked per objective.
  8. >Consider implementing higher difficulty even with low amounts of players, preventing low amounts of players from doing major objectives on their own because the AO scales back. >Consider implementing a ruleset which prohibits players from doing certain major objectives such as main bases and capital cities when under a minimum amount of players and/or structure. ^^^ I bring this up because it seems that a couple people captured the main airbase on their own and I feel that this ruins the fun for a lot of people, as a vast majority of the playerbase were ripped of an objective - quite a major one that I know quite a lot of people were looking forward to doing. To expand on the rule idea, I would layer it like this: Rule X: Capital Cities (marked with a large square and chevron) and certain military installations may not be attacked when under X amount of players.
  9. I don't see much of a reason to add more mods, we have enough. What we should consider is adding more from the mods we currently have, we're only using fractions. Additionally, if we want other factions, why not consider including a liberation mode where we play as Russian Armed Forces / Serbian Armed Forces? As it has always been, it is not a lack of content as much as it is a lack of creativity. I hope that if we do consider adding more mods in the future, we focus on ones that add as much bang for buck as possible. Make sure we get something that really cooks.
  10. So long as it's okay with the Grunt's dad and that you don't let him hurt himself on the heavy machinery. Make sure the Grunt has a hi-vis vest, looks both ways on the road and has some crayon snacks for the road.
  11. Fun mission, makes sense to run it on AWE. Just one thing, nothing major: Was any thought given to utilizing Stilleto/I&A4's custom squad system? I think it'd be a good system to use on this server, with the preset squads (Command, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie, Vortex - with the locked *unless unlocked by Command* Additional squads). It'd be useful so that we can develop custom squads as and when we achieve gathering resources to utilise new systems like Armoured Vehicles, Fire Support Elements etc etc. Just my 2cents, again no idea if you can customise to mission to utilise that but it would be amazing if that was possible. Scratch that, it's technically already a thing in the server if slightly different.
  12. I think stitching in the field could be fine so long as it is limited to one use stiching kits so that to not make any medical teams that are added useless and speed up medical gameplay too much. It could even be worth having specialised Field Surgeon roles with more specialised abilities like stiching in the field as well as having access to more medical supplies, like a Platoon Medic for example. If that was done, you could make each Squad Medic act more akin to a Combat Medic or Combat Life Saver. These would essentially be the roles to stabilise units and have limited full heal options where the Field Surgeons would be the ones to travel between units and ensure full heals where available. These Surgeons could even fold into a specialised medical team that act on the ground and/or perhaps have MEDEVAC Choppers. Twisting the gameplay to that scene effectively keeps a sense of difficulty and slower paced, thinking gameplay where leaders will also need to take into account using WP's, OP's and Operational Phaselines as points of reference to gather not only a supply check from their men but also a medical check. On the vast majority of Gamenight's I've attended, a lot of the leaders tend to have a sense of urgency even when they've got Flat Stan and his 1000ml blood brothers walking faint like "s-sir please could we take a knee for just 1 minute and get a medical check." Perhaps that'd slow down leaders in areas where needed and give the medical roles that extra time to get things squared away. Combat Medics could use that time to gather a quick triage of their men and consider whether they can keep them stable or if they need a Field Surgeon to quickly drive/fly over and get their patient fully squared away - IF the Combat Medic has already used up all of his LIMITED Field Surgical Care supplies. TL;DR - Consider implementing Field Surgeons in perhaps a Medical Team that will be the brunt of Field Surgical Care, leaving Combat Medics with limited Field Surgical Care supplies so that gameplay can still advance at a quicker rate as players desire, but also restrain and withhold dangerous manuevers from taking place too many times as Field Surgeons would be needed to fold between squads either on ground or in the air to full heal players between Operational Waypoints such as WP's, OP's and Phaselines. Additionally: I agree with Kman that a review of the Medical Situation is greatly needed. ACE's Update has made things much more difficult, I personally believe that a dedicated Medical Team is needed now more than ever. I think they could fill a great gap and would be a welcome addition: carrying extra medical equipment, having access to dedicated medical vehicles that can get them across the battlefield quickly and SHOULD be relatively protected through the Geneva Convention (I'm looking at you Zues). Personally I'd fill it as such: Paramedic Team Leader / Pararescue Pilot Paramedic / Pararescuemen Paramedic / Pararescuemen *In case you wanted a purely air based role on occasion. That's my personal 2 cents. Personally think it would be a fun and engaging way of doing things whilst also filling that speeded up gameplay that people desire, done correctly there is no reason why this would be slower than the current state of things. Just takes clear communication - that is key.
  13. From the USMC school huh? Awww, is my little German friend missing Afghanistan? Maybe one day we will return... Someone has to go and get those boys out...
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