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  1. AWE Billboard Competition Photo - By Michal

    Thanks for suggesting me to do something I cannot do, big help Stan.
  2. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    I wouldn't bother with polls for EU1 and other Vanilla servers, the vast majority of its players are not in this community or on the forums. The polls only really work for servers such as Enhanced and generally only when certain individuals are actually feeling non-biased that day.
  3. AWE Billboard Competition Photo - By Michal

    I should also point out that the layout is pretty well done. The teamspeak address is really all they need, everything else can be found on the teamspeak so it keeps the poster simplistic.
  4. AWE Billboard Competition Photo - By Michal

    Good job Michal! As much as it pains me to say it, I think the Sniper Rifle is the most redeeming factor in that, you know what people are like and will come crawling when they see that. Please can folk do more stuff like this if they have spare time and skill and try and distribute in more places. I cannot stress enough just how RARE a server such as AhoyWorld Enhanced is in the entire ArmA 3 community and there are people out there looking for it.
  5. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    The first time I met Adshield and Pancake among some others in this community was actually during a paradrop on EU1 where we made a team of about 8 soldiers and did multiple AO's, was incredibly good fun and can thank that to me knowing the folk I know now. I'd recommend it, just ensure that you can find a pilot who is willing to do the runs for you otherwise you might find yourself dropping out at some rather low altitudes.
  6. Taking the Reins

    I'd like to take a moment to give my sincere thank's to @PiranhA He was a great advocate to step in and take charge and was one of the least biased and chilled staff members I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in this community. Thank you @Mark T for taking the helm, I'm sure you can keep the ship afloat. That being said, there are many, many things that must be patched up within the community. I'm sure that they can be done, but heavy dedication is required to make them possible.
  7. CUP's AH-1

    Nah it's perfectly correct, you're just looking at it wrong.
  8. JANET airlines blasting out of Area 51

    Graphics on that looks gorgeous! X-Plane11 by any chance or perhaps P3D?
  9. As @Stanhope says, it does very much fall into the category of "nobody else is playing so I won't" A good way to get people to join you on the server is to start playing, also, tell your friends about it. AhoyWorld Enhanced's biggest problem for a while has been lack of advertisement, for the matter, it has never been advertised properly really. Anyone and everyone has the okay to start throwing out advertisement for it, when everyone that would normally play chips in and goes online, it does have a fairly healthy community number but even then it could be higher.
  10. Ahhh so many good memories! @J0hnson if you want a few EU3/AWE memes then lemme know. Also remember folks! If you're posted a bunch of pics, please try and use 'spoiler' or Imgur Album like Johnson said, it just helps make the page load faster and be less cluttered! Thanks.
  11. A Flight to Remember

    That helicopter was actually carrying some extra FPS to base before we put an end to it and crashed the mission. RIP Guantlet.
  12. When you're about to rearm the Super Hind

    Funny though. - Johnson whenever something bad happens to me. How does it feel now l00ser.
  13. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    Thank you Shadow for being easily one of the best staff members I've seen in Ahoyworld to date since my arrival in 2013. You've been a big help and influence in the enjoyment on the server. Atleast when Zues doesnt go full on SUCC mode Good luck with your Bootcamp, I always thought the Navy just practised polishing the deck of the ship before polishing their fellow seamen's smooth chests all day. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be a great experience. Hope to see you return once you have the chance as I'm sure many like myself will miss your presence. (Provided AW doesn't fall into an abyss without you in the next 3 years.) Try not to get hit in the gut during a live fire training, that's my job, everyone knows the authentic OUURGHHH. Kind Regards, - Mini
  14. I went through so many magazines, 40mm's and grenades in that defense... They... They just kept coming...
  15. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    The FFG-2 is a Russian developed grip so that is probably why it is blacklisted or otherwise not showing up. I believe the Russian FFG-2 (which is identical in design to Western designs) is blacklisted because I don't get the action to use it on all weapons despite the fact it should be able to be used on most western weapons to the best of my knowledge.