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  1. I believe really it's Kenny's decision on whether or not to host one on the MSO. However, given having spoke with Johnson, I believe he wants to use AlivE instead. But I for one would certainly like to see a server up for it. I also imagine the vast majority of the community would love to jump on it. If Kenny doesn't want to host one then I don't see why we can't get it up on another server. I may be mistaken but I believe EU2 should be free to host?
  2. Playercap on the Mobile Respawn not working. I'm still seeing it being used when we have a full squad or more of players, essentially relegating pilots to 24/7 CAS.
  3. Alright, I took an hour to fill out the classnames of USMC assets in RHS. This should fill in any blanks. There is items already in the arsenal within this list. I took the time to include EVERYTHING rather than what was missing. Here is a list of every United States Marine Corps item that should logically be in Frontlines Arsenal. I have included woodland equipment also, in case this faction wants to be used on woodland orientated maps. I have tried to list all equipment that is used by the USMC, creating a somewhat limited approach whilst also allowing some customisation between
  4. Yeah I think I was mistaken in thinking Johnson did the US one. He worked on some other factions. To confirm, I still meant to add more to the USMC that is respective of the corps. There's just some things missing that would help flesh out the faction, perhaps I'll throw up a list of classnames when I can be bothered.
  5. Secondary Missions tab not showing up. We did test out the listening post mission today and it stopped working after that. So maybe it is related to that. Listening Post: Great mission, perhaps a little overpowered. Would recommend making the counter attack on it a bit firmer. Raid Depot: Would recommend giving the enemy defence a little bit more guys or some vehicles. Alternatively, make the depot more defensive by changing the depot itself, so it's harder to breach. When we did it, there was only like 2-3 squads of guys and we crushed them. The USMC factio
  6. Am I really the only person that used this sheet this week haha
  7. Minipily

    Critical Injury

    Haha I get it. It's Charlie. You even got Jochem's headmodel on the SL. It's like a 18th Century Oil Painting.
  8. Some of the DLCs now are very cheap, with the larger expansions being the only real ones that carry some weight to their price tags. As I've said before, as a good will gesture (and to get some DLC stuff actually incorporated.), I'd be happy to purchase any packs for those less fortunate to get it themselves. Judging on how the poll goes and what staff wanna try and work with (say for example incorporating Tanoa on a regular basis with Apex) then I may buy a few copies of the expansion for a giveaway. Really depends though on if we'd want to move forward with including the DLC only content mor
  9. +1 this. Always been a fan of physical inventories.
  10. Campaign Eight is finished. The Los-Zetas Campaign will return soon with a final Chapter 3.
  11. Minipily

    Nightdrive Vibe

    D A R K
  12. Minipily

    Stagecoach 16

    Quick edit of @Johnson screenshot from the last Africa PMC Op.
  13. I can't wait for this to be some kind of Contact inspired mission where NORAD got intel on Santa Claus tax dodging and sent in a rogue unit of CHADs to bring him down.
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