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  1. This thread would make a great introductory guide to the community. /s Can we quit it with the constant arguments, whichhunts, community grouping, favouritism and shadyness. Has been a problem since the main community collapse and continued since. Honestly, I'm getting a little bit bored of reading the same book, not sure about anyone else. Safe to say, the thread seems to have just gone off the rails without the need to. Keep it constructive, concise and civil. 3 C's that are easy to follow, don't be that guy that acts like another type of C. If this hate c
  2. Looking forward to this. It has certainly been long awaited! Thanks for your continued work and support, we all appreciate it.
  3. Welcome, in this guide I will explain my thoughts and advice on what are the fundamentals of being a Squad Leader in SQUAD. Firstly, SQUAD is a team game. Teamwork and communication is key, and a team that does not adhere to these two basic principles, is not a good one. All teams need one thing to uphold this and maintain the balance; this is where the Squad Leader comes in. I will split this guide up into seperate chunks for easy reference and reading. These will be: i. Introduction ii. Earning the Stripes 1. Squad Leader Basics 2. The Squad Leader 3.
  4. Sometimes if you go into a low crouch stance and look down into the rock, you can poke your gun through the rock and kill the badguys inside. Other than that, as Stan said.
  5. Mission was insanely fun, unironically the best AW mission I've played in the past few months. Again I'd recommend the options for some roles to be able to switch weapons. As a leader, I'd much prefer a M1 Garand over an M1 Thompson, just for the simple reason of wanting to be able to shoot an enemy more than 20 yards away! Other than that, fun mission and looking forward to the next one.
  6. Minipily

    Baker Static Line

    Was a pleasure leading that squad. World War II combat and tactics are so refreshing to see on AhoyWorld and it's something I constantly love to study. Looking forward to the next mission immensely. >Inb4 we implement WW2 into AWEL
  7. Honestly, I wouldn't start your message by saying *Your callsign - to ....* In the heat of battle, if someone just hears command first on the radio, they might assume its someone calling for command. First call the elements that you are trying to call, then say who you are. That way it will immediately get their attention. I feel that's a better way to do it generally. So rather than "Command to all elements" just say "All elements, this is command" or start off with a respective unit name. Shit happens on comms and its something we're all constantly learning and get
  8. Welcome to AhoyWorld. Be sure to have a look around whilst you're here, there's something to suit everyone.
  9. I can certainly attest that ACRE should leave no room for controversy or concern. It is extremely user friendly, easy to understand and with little to go wrong. Infact, it is as simple as grabbing a radio, changing the channel to the appropriate channel, and voila. Unlike with TFAR, should something go wrong with your radio, you'll have to change frequency, and that can take more time then simply changing channel. Also I should note, that if you do what I did, you can change the keybindings of ACRE to the exact same keybindings as TFAR. This virtually makes the two mods
  10. Suppose I'll add to this with my PC RIG that I've had since like 2010/11 and has run like an absolute dream ever since. She's an ol' girl but has a heart of goddamn titanium gold. Case: Dell XPS case, not sure on the actual name. CPU: Intel Core I7-3770 @ 3.40ghz RAM: 12GB Ram, nothing fancy, factory standard GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060ti SSD 1 (OS): Kingston SSD A400 Solid State Drive (2.5 Inch SATA 3), 240 GB SSD 2 (V for Vidya): Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD Not sure on the other internals, it's literally all factory standa
  11. Make sure they are not bleeding when they are stiched. If a wound reopens when they are stiched, that wound will not be stiched.
  12. Welcome to AhoyWorld. Be sure to look around and find something you fancy, there's a bit of everything to suit everyone here.
  13. Minipily

    AWE Sniper Team

    Oh god damn, we definitely need to do a Sniper Team at some point.
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