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  1. Adding to Mikael's comment: A while ago I had the idea of a supports menu where you can request support from guerrilla forces in exchange for supplies. Some ideas I had: - Mortar support (smoke, illumination), - Intel on enemy positions / compositions at a certain objective (like liberation showing in which grids the enemies are, but maybe more detailed), - Transporting supplies from objective to an FOB (like you would do between factories and FOB's), - Defending / attacking an objective (like Mikael said), - Defending an FOB in case of an attack, - Supply drop (ammo, logistics, or medical), To keep it balanced and give players another reason to keep the civrep up, the price and availability of these supports could change depending on the relations with the civilian population. When the civrep is too low, these supports are disabled, when civrep has reached a certain threshold, they become available again, but at a high price. When the civrep is at 100%, the supports are at their cheapest. Each guerrilla faction could have their own supports, like some have access to supply drops or mortar and some don't.
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