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  1. Ok i get some things..

    Ok thanks.
  2. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    How he died and how many years he had? Rest In Peace.
  3. Ok i get some things..

    Did you removed the bipods from AK and SPMG? P.S I didn't play on EU1 server because my GPU died.
  4. Make Arma 3 Great Again!

    Ok.Thank you for the response.If you can try to play with enemy lights in the night time and please make (outdoors) OPFOR one notch harder.
  5. Custom images and group names

    Can admins on the EU1 server pay attention how player calls their squads and what custom images they have on shoulders and vehicles. Some players calls their squads and have a custom images of some of the terrorist groups in the world.
  6. Make Arma 3 Great Again!

    I have a list of the question regarding next I&A update: 1.Can you add some underwater side missions?I mean we have a diver suits for underwater missions and SDV's and submarine like static object. 2.Can you involve into the server M4 Scorcher and M5 Sandstorm like artilery support for the BLUFOR controlled by the player or the FSG Gunner? 3.Can you turn off the lights of the OPFOR vehicles at night because i think is too ridiculous for the OPFOR vehicles to roam at AO or side missions with their lights turned on because in the real life army vehicles have their lights turned off at night to not be exposed by the enemy. 4.Can you make OPROF more aggressive e.g when they see BLUFOR troops near the houses (or warehouses) to open fire on them not to stand like clay pigeons waiting for someone to enter in the house to kill them. P.S Sorry for the bad english.English is not my native language.
  7. One question!

    I wanted to ask moderators about this "soldiers"!This is on EU1 server.This "soldiers" are statred showing up after you moved the base near Selekano . Arma3_x64 2017-10-03 19-18-04-99.bmp
  8. Arma Aircraft Carrier (Jets DLC) CVN-87

    So you have a plan to add new jet's and carrier to all Ahoy servers? (off topic sorry admin)
  9. Add pilot slots

    Thank you for the answers.For those guys who don't play their roles like pilot's we players can report them to online admins or on teamspeak.
  10. Vehicle Theft Prevention

    Look at 0:20 of the video Can you guys add simillar concept for locking and unlocking on EU1 and EU2 servers?
  11. Add pilot slots

    Can you add in game lobby pilot slots for a gunship heli,Buzzard and Blackfish?Last night only two pilots are transported a troops to AO and side mission other two was in gunship heli.Only a few players was in the AO and others was in the main base and FOB-s.
  12. Luetin09-The Scar

    Someone was mentioned TheScar in the one of Lutein09 videos.I only wanted to see the clip nothing else.
  13. Luetin09-The Scar

    Can someone post a Luetin09 youtube clip featuring The Scar?I can't find the clip myself on the YouTube.Thank you.
  14. Preferred vehicle/mode of transport

    Hunter HMG FTW!!!