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  1. Can you somehow add to EOD role a ED-1E for mine disposal around enemy HQ ( and if there a others sites with mines on I&A)?
  2. Please don't limit armor only to AMV-7 Marshall. Allow all armor on I&A4 but make armor more expensive, (i don't know how many is currently armor squads on I&A4) reduce the nubmer of armor squad's and make rule that is crew required to operate a armor.
  3. What about testing Antistasi on some Ahoy servers to see how is gonna work. If everything goes fine let it be a Antistasi mod on e.g Ahoy EU2 server. What you think Ahoy stuff? I like the idea.
  4. What about implementing a rule that is crew required for operating a armor just like a rule for blackfoot? I think a one person armor who acts like driver, gunner and comander is not possibile in real life and don't corresponds to Arma 3 because Arma 3 is realism-based, military tactical game.
  5. I wanted to ask two questons: 1. Why did you removed a DMS scope and Cyrus from I&4? 2. Do you have plans to return a DMS scope and Cyris in I&4?
  6. My firm from this monday don't work due corona virus and I also had a injury at work. Some metal thing fell over on my left foot and broke one finger bone (nothing scary). Past 4 week's I was wore a medical cast and yesterday doctor removed the cast from my left leg. I was literaly gone insane because the cast because I don't love to be "locked" in house and this sitaution with corona drives me nuts. In my contry martial law is in effect, schools, kindergardens, restoraunts, malls, universities don't work. For older people ( 65 and beyond 65 years ) is forbiden to be ou
  7. Okay, thanks for replies I bought Arma 3 Contact instead of the Creator DLC. See you soon on the battlefield.
  8. I want to know are I&A3 and future I&A4 version's have weapon's and armor from Global Mobilization because I want to buy this DLC. P.S Also I wanted to give props to I&A4 modder's.
  9. I tried on 4.5Ghz but my system crashes.Between 4.2 and 4.5 is small FPS difference.Every cpu isn't the same.
  10. Recently my GPU has died but i have in plan to buy https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/DUAL-GTX1060-O3G/ so my question is will this card bottleneck I5 3570K OC 4.2Ghz?
  11. How he died and how many years he had? Rest In Peace.
  12. Did you removed the bipods from AK and SPMG? P.S I didn't play on EU1 server because my GPU died.
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