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  1. Wishlist 2018

    1- State of Decay 2 2- Football Manager 2018 3- Jurassic World Evolution 4- Hell let Loose 5- A Way Out
  2. Squad XML Membership

    Use this thread to apply for your official AhoyWorld Squad membership! Sample: After we deal with your request we will hide the post to keep the thread clean. so if you cannot see your post anymore, it will either be added to the squad.xml or declined. READ FIRST: What is it ? The squad.xml server will be hosting all our squad.xml's for arma in-game use. Membership of one of these squads will provide you with a logo and member identity in-game with a welcome pop up notification. What squads are there, and can I apply for any of the squads? There are several squads available: Generic AW squads: Ahoy Staff - Obviously for staff only Ahoy Spartans - Open for Spartan members Ahoy Ambassadors - A invite-only squad AWE Veterans - A invite-only squad Ahoy Members - Open for public sign-up Donators - Applied to via "register donation" on the donate tab - https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8590-ts-group-and-squad-xml/ What are the sign-up requirements (guideline) ? Ahoy Members: - At least 3 months forum membership - At least 5 constructive posts (yes we will check) - No warnings or kicks within the last 3 months - No bans in the last 6 months -Trustworthy in representing the AhoyWorld name and logo also on other servers I am a known player on the servers, but only registered on the forums recently: Above requirements are a rough guideline to insure we only get longstanding active members to use this service. We know that we have some real solid players that are not active on the forums, but still want those players to be able to participate in this. Go ahead and sign up now, and apply for squad membership anyway. If the staff knows you from in-game we will have no problem adding you to the squad even though you only recently signed up. Using multiple squad's: It is possible to have membership of several squads and change them in your profile before logging into the server. This might or might not cause some conflicts locally. We technically made all efforts to prevent such conflicts, but we still recommend to stick to the same squad over longer periods of time instead of switching every other day. How to apply the squad tags in-game: - Copy the squad.xml url for the squad you are member of AW Staff - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/CcGyf8kPzGTIYuhFbYnudcr1z2ZDWJoE/squad.xml AW Spartan - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/JCEilpdzl8SFhnUspe9KdiIhFas7eMll/squad.xml AW Ambassadors - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/vSnE4Wmuz432DTGNPS0quLAbi0zdKRU8/squad.xml AWE Veterans - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/T4GnHBryDjBvaK1QPwxbB0fNMIiZIWfe/squad.xml Ahoy Members - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/cDqyCGVgZHKmrILe7Ceunh7LzsYJPVZt/squad.xml Donators - http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/Azegb8itmcOFXjACzHSVy0zWbauxSjHw/squad.xml Paste the link in the squad XML box then click apply: - Log-on to our server and the logo should be visible on your uniform and the side of the vehicle you are driving. RULES !! Carrying our logo, name & tag makes you a representative of our community as a whole. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly and trustworthy community and would like to keep it that way. We do take great pride in keeping up the longstanding Arma community friendliness and netiquette as has been the case since 2001. If you cannot live up to this, we will have to remove you from the xml, this might happen without further warning, and in some cases even result of being banned for all our services including the forum. Offences that will result in retracting your squad.xml membership: - Any other community or group reports you as misbehaving on their server or forum while carrying our tags (regardless if it's proven or not) - Misbehaving on our own server resulting in a ban by one of the admins, will get you removed from the server - Any other offence against our rules that will force us to assume you are not fit to represent us publicly The staff-team reserves the right to reject any membership application for the squad.xml for any or no reason as we deem fit. In the end we want to have full control who can or cannot represent our community.
  3. The War Thunder Evening

    Topics merged
  4. Screenies and Videos Thread

    The Hunter
  5. Member

    Need you all to stick around, will get you added eventually, unless another member of staff can vouch for you.
  6. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Argo Mission 2
  7. Screenies and Videos Thread

    DCS Huey ARGO Campaign Mission one with HTC vive. 00:00 Cold start and take off 08:30 Aircraft Carrier flyby 22:00 Approach and landing at Batumi Airport 25:20 Take off from Batumi Airport 27:20 Tour around Batumi Port 44:00 Aircraft Carrier flyby 47:30 Frigate landing and VIP drop off 50:40 Take off 58:30 Conducting ASW 01:01:00 RTB 01:09:00 Frigate Landing, Mission accomplished (just about)
  8. Hello World

    Nice intro and welcome! Look forward to seeing you on our virtual fields.
  9. Screenies and Videos Thread

    For those that have never experienced VR here is a very short peek recorded from my phone, hence the poor quality: And this is for you @PiranhA First go at Kingspray: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/832454803401374585/DF09F0A83079F65D16C1E54956DEA5B90578E26D/
  10. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Rotary wing sure, Fixed wing then pfff, there are far better players around to help you with that. All I fly is the Huey and Gazelle.
  11. Member

    Same goes for you YAMEROo, stick around for a bit, get yourself known, pop in TS, then I might add you up
  12. Screenies and Videos Thread

  13. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Still got lots to learn but really enjoying it.
  14. Member

    Stick around a little while longer then I will look at adding you up, unless of course you can get a staff member to vouch for you.
  15. Ahoy AhoyWorld

    Don't forget EU5 Malden Any how, Welcome, Lots of friendly/helpful faces round here so don't be afraid to ask.