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  1. Community Update#3

    We are looking into other payment options like paysafe card etc but I am waiting to see what Mike from Invision brings out first: Finally a sneak peak of our Merch store : Hopefully everything will be finalised and ready for the next community update. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated these last few weeks, with your contribution we now have enough in the pot to last us until mid 2019, hopefully we can now rely on our monthly goals and use this as a last resort. Again, Thank you all. AW Team.
  2. Ahoy Everyone

    All about Dizzy and Chuckie egg back then And welcome!
  3. Dreas is in.

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay and most importantly have fun. See you in the fields.
  4. Community Update#3

    Choose from the drop down menu and click the subscribe box not the donate one.
  5. Community Update#3

    We've now added the option with 4 different price plans to choose from, payments can be made using PayPal or Bank Cards. There is still a lot of work to be done as to figuring out what benefits each plan has and to integrate a subscribers box. But for now it's very basic and it works
  6. Community Update#3

    Ahoy all, Not much to report this month, we have some good news and unfortunately not so good news. AWE As you are aware changes have already been made in AWE; Colsta has stepped down handing his Team Lead role over to Mouldy. Repo size has been massively reduced to 16g in total. There are more to follow which I can't go in to details just yet. I would like to thank all the AWE staff team for their hard work in making this happen and continuing to improve the experience for all. IA4 We are very close to completion of Invade and Annex 4 although no date is yet to be revealed. Our first beta test will begin tomorrow Friday 26th October at 1900UTC on EU2. Lastly, the not so good news; Our server fees and Teamspeak licence are due this month, once those are paid our funds will be critical. Piranha has kindly donated privately to last us until Jan, If this trend continues then we may have to look at the possibility of closing down in January/February time. We have already decided to drop down to a smaller Teamspeak server to save cost and are discussing other options to ensure our survival. See you in the 'fields, MT
  7. Heya

    Hey and welcome! Enhanced has been a bit quiet but it's starting to pick up again, join our Discord so you can keep up with the latest on AWE https://discordapp.com/invite/z5k8R3H Have fun.
  8. Hello World!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  9. intro

    Hey and welcome! Anyone is welcomed here, if you need help just ask, we have a lovely bunch
  10. Community Update #2

    Ahoy All, It's that time again for a brief update on what's been happening inside and outside of AhoyWorld. Not much has been going on behind the scenes with regards to administration, some have been busy with real lives while the rest (@Ryko) have been focusing on the development and testing of I&A4. In this update I have decided to try something new, a letter from Core, rather than just hear me waffling away, you will also be hearing from the rest of the team. I would like to start off by welcoming @BorderLive and @J0hnson to the AWE moderation team, both have vast knowledge and experience within the community and have ideas that will hopefully help revive AWE. Discussions are well under way on what to do with Enhanced and what plans we may have for its future, all will be informed along with your valuable input before anything goes ahead. We are looking for more active Enhanced moderators so if you feel you meet the requirements, apply here --- Squad XML memberships have now been added to the Player Tools tab on top of the forums, this makes easier to navigate and submit your application. If you are interested in joining, apply here; https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/17-squad-xml-application/ --- Last month we ran a competition for our Donors to give them the opportunity to display their very own image on our I&A4 billboards. (gutted mine didn't make the grade) so I would like to thank @Stanhope and @Michal who posted numerous pictures which are already live around the base. Keep your eyes peeled, we will soon be hosting another competition for a chance to win the Official SCUM game. --- Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has participated and contributed to the development and testing of I&A4 and look forward to seeing what the final version will offer. --Mark T Letter from Core: See you in the 'field.
  11. That is correct, a base will randomly spawn after a server or mission restart.
  12. Steam.exe not found?

    I get that with Scum but I just leave it
  13. Steam.exe not found?

    I mean can you explain how you fixed it so others can when they have the same issue.
  14. Steam.exe not found?

    Could you elaborate for future reference?
  15. Need to be more specific, which base? If its the Selakano base I think it would be best to remove the concrete pads. Put down as much info as possible to make life easier for us.