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  1. Member

    Need you all to stick around, will get you added eventually, unless another member of staff can vouch for you.
  2. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Argo Mission 2
  3. Screenies and Videos Thread

    DCS Huey ARGO Campaign Mission one with HTC vive. 00:00 Cold start and take off 08:30 Aircraft Carrier flyby 22:00 Approach and landing at Batumi Airport 25:20 Take off from Batumi Airport 27:20 Tour around Batumi Port 44:00 Aircraft Carrier flyby 47:30 Frigate landing and VIP drop off 50:40 Take off 58:30 Conducting ASW 01:01:00 RTB 01:09:00 Frigate Landing, Mission accomplished (just about)
  4. Hello World

    Nice intro and welcome! Look forward to seeing you on our virtual fields.
  5. Screenies and Videos Thread

    For those that have never experienced VR here is a very short peek recorded from my phone, hence the poor quality: And this is for you @PiranhA First go at Kingspray: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/832454803401374585/DF09F0A83079F65D16C1E54956DEA5B90578E26D/
  6. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Rotary wing sure, Fixed wing then pfff, there are far better players around to help you with that. All I fly is the Huey and Gazelle.
  7. Member

    Same goes for you YAMEROo, stick around for a bit, get yourself known, pop in TS, then I might add you up
  8. Screenies and Videos Thread

  9. Screenies and Videos Thread

    Still got lots to learn but really enjoying it.
  10. Member

    Stick around a little while longer then I will look at adding you up, unless of course you can get a staff member to vouch for you.
  11. Ahoy AhoyWorld

    Don't forget EU5 Malden Any how, Welcome, Lots of friendly/helpful faces round here so don't be afraid to ask.
  12. New Squad XML Links

    Both Spartan and FA are Ambassadors XML but this will likely change soon. Also Thanks to @Chuck Norris XML pop ups should now be working on our servers (next mission restart).
  13. New Chap

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you out in our various virtual fields.
  14. As Stan has mentioned: 4.1.4. Pilots: Pilots are a vital element in flow of missions and so are most closely scrutinised for poor behaviour or poor ability. which you will find here and again Examples of Poor Piloting: Misuse of aircraft: CAS with the AA jet, practising, showboating and wasting resources. found here