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  1. Mark T


    Hey and welcome! Have seen you around in TS, hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Mark T

    Community Update #7

    What a difference a year makes, this time last year we were looking at closing shops and now I would say we are pretty stable for at least another year As mentioned numerous times before, thank you all for your support and long may it continue. I would like to apologies on the delay of IA4 and its new AWE counterpart, it has taken a lot longer than we had anticipated due to a number of reasons. (real life) Hopefully it wont be too long now. Lastly, This will be my last update, I have decided that I will call it time come the end of this month and step down from the staff team completely. I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your support especially those in the staff team and to those that brought me in, helped me along the way and trusted me at the top, thank you, you know who you are Over and out x
  3. Hey and welcome! patched me up a few times today
  4. Hey and welcome! Good to have you here.
  5. Should see some changes coming soon, hopefully this will solve some issues.
  6. I'm sure we discussed having rewards spawn at the completed side mission (land veh) but not sure where that discussion ended, I'll have a browse around to see if it was doable.
  7. Glad you enjoy playing here, every little helps and thanks.
  8. Just sign up here, there are some general requirements but if you are known then there shouldn't be any issues.
  9. 3.3.24 (Live) - Added capture progress marker - Added map action to show how long it'll take for vehicles to respawn - Fixed vehicles spawning on top of sheds they're supposed to spawn under - Fixed fail message of secure asset mission incorrectly having the 'sub-objective update' title - Tweaked reward tarus don't spawn with hex camo but black camo instead. 3.3.23 - Added 15 second delay between prio AA objective spawning and the AA turrets coming online - Fixed bug in prio AA mission - Fixed loadouts not reapplying after respawn - Fixed vehicles sometimes being slightly damaged when respawning - Tweaked base protection - Tweaked reward xi'an is now gray and the pylons are removed, not just the ammo - Tweaked vehicle inventories will now be consistent in what it contains (no CSAT gear etc) 3.3.22 - Added sensor support for vehicles that support this - Fixed loading saved loadouts from the arsenal not working (hopefully) - Fixed protect friendly forces being able to fail and succeed at the same time - Fixed side mission research data showing an empty notification on completion - Tweaked base AA a bit - Tweaked the goalkeeper subobj - Tweaked base layout a little bit - Tweaked HQ subobj for performance - Tweaked how vehicles respawn to avoid abuse - Tweaked T-100 section subobj to a tank subobj - Tweaked backend code from main AOs and subobj - Tweaked some code to increase performance - Tweaked some stuff to rename the respawn point at main base - Tweaked init scripts to get a slight increase in performance - Tweaked code for prio factory mission (for performance and readability) - Tweaked base and carrier AA, they will now turn their radar off when they go into cooldown - Removed friendly arty 3.3.21 - Tweaked: more code clean up - Tweaked: more code optimization - Tweaked: everyone but pilots now have access to the underwater gun - Tweaked: the mission now has a proper ending when the required amount of AOs are captured - Tweaked: ever so slightly increased the chance of molos airfield being the next AO when the AOs are up there - Tweaked: the hint for side missions with friendly forces to differentiate between enemies killing the friendlies and players killing them - Fixed bug in AI waypoint script - Fixed bug in secure asset mission - Fixed bug in ground service script - Fixed potential bug in arsenal restriction code - Fixed some spelling mistakes (and probably made some more) - Fixed (side mission reward) GMG off-road also getting a mortar - Fixed no goofing in base hint displaying while not shooting in base - Removed some obsolete code 3.3.20 - Fixed more errors in TK messages - Fixed bug in static weapon seat restriction - Fixed some message related to admin seat restrictions - Added persistence for vehicle hud preference - General code clean up
  10. CS have decided not to use this, again thank you for your request.
  11. Mark T


    Hey and welcome!
  12. Update for 2. Worked when I respawned but when I switch back to a normal slot from Zeus I still have god mode on 5. Tasks disappeared from map and scroll 6. Rifleman flying huron. 7. can confirm reward purchases does not work.
  13. 1. Joined the server and side mission could not complete, unable to release hostages. Completed successfully after killing 2 of the hostages. 2. Could not join the Zeus slot 3. Removed from pilot slot for being idle while not idle. Took off from base, crashed (1st attempt) then immediately got removed for being idle 4. Counter attack mission did not complete once cleared. still on map 45 mins later. On a positive note got 1 hour and 20 mins without crashing.
  14. Mark T

    Community Update #5

    Happy new year to you all, I hope you had a fantastic festive period and look forward to the challenges that 2019 will bring. I must admit I have not been very active with the community the past few weeks as understandably it's a busy period, so I would like to thank the rest of the Team for their hard work during my absent. (sshh Xwatt) I see you've all been made aware of Chucks situation and I for one will be sad to see him go but also happy for him to get a life so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chuck for his dedication to the community and wish him all the best for his future endeavours. As you've guessed correctly Xwatt will be taking over Chucks role of Public server manager (Core Staff) he will be responsible for the likes of EU#1#2#7 and TeamSpeak, so any issues or updates that needs doing you'll have to consult with him. Lindi has now been promoted to Admin T2 for taking the responsibilities of the Spartan Lead Project, he will supervise the team, handle recruitments and organise game nights. JANXOL we now be responsible for the XMLs, any questions or issues goes directly to him. I hope you all join me in welcoming them to their new role and be patient with them as you were with me. Donators! A few months back we were in a very dire situation in fact if nothing had changed we would probably not be here right now but thanks to you guys, we are and not only that, we are in a very healthy position for 2019. So I would like to thank you all for your support. Again thank you all and happy new year! MT
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