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  1. Some random question

    PALIT Thermals are not brilliant on them
  2. Some random question

    Should be fine that's quite an old CPU now so any new GPU will run fine
  3. Server offline?

    Sorry about that! Should be back up shortly, I just gave the box a bit of a kick. If it carries on being an issue keep me updated and I will attempt to solve!
  4. Farewell Team <3

    Sorry to see you go buddy, hope to see you around once you got everything squared away
  5. This should be fixed now
  6. Roger that, I'm currently on my way home from work but I think I know the issue and will have a fix when I get home! Sorry about the issues too.
  7. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

  8. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Yes, this is correct, the XML title has not been changed as of yet, not sure if it is due to a limitation of the software we use or why but everywhere else it is referanced as Enhanced moderator, As i said as well there will only be one XML so this would not matter either way.
  9. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Ahh ok yes, this is legacy due to the renaming of modded to enhanced a while back. If you look at tags.ahoyworld.net it is referenced as AhoyWorld Enhanced Moderator.
  10. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Where did you get this from? All users in the FA program will be in the same FA XML so these will not distinguish where they are a FA, just that they are one
  11. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Moderators for the enhanced server are actually called Arma Enhanced Server Moderator. So this is inline with the current naming scheme.
  12. I&A accepted addons & repository info

    --- Revision: 22 --- Build date: 25-May-2018 18:55:08 New: 0 - Updated: 1 @Enhanced Soundscape; Deleted: 0 -
  13. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

    I have just pushed a fix now for this issue, small change was needed to the mod, let me know if this has fixed the issue and the mod is still working Thanks, ghost
  14. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

    I know the issue and i should have a fix pushed by the end of the day
  15. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    --- Revision: 17 --- Build date: 22-May-2018 23:01:45 New: 0 - Updated: 1 @AW_Tembelan; Deleted: 0 -