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  1. Run a few forum updates today, Hope you all enjoy the new look/design. Let me know if there are any issues and i will look at fixing them ASAP
  2. Hey guys, kamaradski has created this Points of Interest spreadsheet that people can add places to go fly over and have a look at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/102R6t91C3Z6IeQlfGHMlCJ89AsMIgDT81qJtkPcbVro/ Feel free to add your own and create some routes with it!
  3. The next gen chips will support b450 with a bios update VRMS are usually better on the x570 series boards but the board you have (same as the board in my server) Is pretty good on that front too, I have enjoyed using it and it will cope with the entire stack perfectly well.
  4. B450 is perfectly fine for most things, only time I ever recommend 570 is either for the pci gen 4 support when pairing with a gpu or SSD that is capable of it or for higher memory capacity/speed uses. Otherwise there is little to gain from having the x570 boards
  5. Update 05/08/2020 13:41: well that was eventful! Files downloaded onto the new drive no issue, but the copying issue was replicated with the new drive. after working with our server provider and providing the information about what was happening we have changed all hardware in the server and kept the old drives. This seems to have fixed what we assume is a motherboard level issue. We apologise for any downtime and inconvenience that has been caused by this and look forward to seeing you all enjoying AWE tonight for liberation wednesday!
  6. Update 04/08/2020 21:30: It seems the server is having issues with file transfers that are resulting in it randomly restarting as such it is unable to host the arma server at the moment. We are working with the server provider to diagnose the issue and hope to be back up and running soon. Update 05/08/2020 00:30: Server has had a NVMe SSD replaced due to read write failures when moving large files. Currently working on copying the files to the new drive and expect this to take through the night. Will keep everyone updated tomorrow as to the status of th
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances AWE is currently down. I will be working over the next few hours to identify the issue. Sorry for any disruption this has caused
  8. 29/07/2020 [Fixed] Ace balistics server setting incorrect value
  9. by definition surgical kitted wounds do not reopen once stitched. The ACE medical settings have not changed since the release of the new modded content on ahoyworld, this means that if you use the correct combination of bandages for the wound type then only a few bandages should be required. i suggest that you revisit this guide as to how the medical system is intended to work https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8319-guide-ace-advanced-medical-2020-rework/
  10. In addition to the wind hotfix in mission from stan i have disabled the ACE weather module on server for tomorrow. This hopefully will solve some of the issues
  11. With the calender events they are on an approval only basis bacause only events hosted by AW should be placed on there. Since events hosted by us can be run by anyone that sends in a mission this means that if we allowed anyone to create an event we would end up with a lot of clutter on the calander that is definitely not needed. As it stands all members of the admin team can approve posts on the forums and calender. We like this approach as it keeps these locations clean from spam and only approved events end up in these locations. Personally my advice would be to not
  12. Ahoy all, Unfortunately due to unforceen circumstances with the gamenight lead, @JANXOL, We are going to have to delay this event until next week the 21/06/2020. We are sorry for the late notice but as always IRL takes presidence for all our staff and we look forward to things returning to normal next week! Thanks Ghost
  13. Settings change: Modified ai damage threshold to 0.5 to try mitigate issues with nato ammo.
  14. Hello, Thank you for the Appeal, Please give our admins time to review it. If you read the notice on the appeal form you filled out you will find the following: Do not pester staff to look at your appeal, this will only decrease your chance of success. Since you have already messaged at least two people on CoreStaff within 25mins of this post going live could you please refrain from messaging us further as we will get to the appeal in due time. Our staff are busy people and have lives outside of Ahoy. # Thank you
  15. Yesterday we had a very successful beta test of our new AWE mode Liberation, I would like to thanks everyone that turned up for making the test so successful and to @Stanhope for carrying out many of the tweaks needed to get the mission running for us! With the encouraging performance of the server and continuing the work that i have been doing to get the new server upto date and running i am happy to announce that the server will be going live tonight with the new liberation mode. This will result in a short period of downtime tonight for me to copy a few files over and a small am
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