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  1. POTENTIAL DOWNTIME to Both servers: Start: March 3, 2021 5:00:00 AM CET End: March 3, 2021 5:30:00 AM CET (expected)
  2. It is, but in the situation of this, surely a "I dont care" option just indicates you do care but are not going to either side, that impacts us none, since we will go with the majority vote on the side that does care, while taking into account viability for our servers. Plus anyways looking at number of responses and the general understanding of the community base and size, Im 99% sure we can use logic to determine if we have a representative sample of the community.
  3. Surely the dont care option is to not vote? if you dont care and there is an option we would go with the other option from the two that show who does care. This would mean that having a 3rd option is redundant
  4. The leave group button has been there for the entire time and you could have left any time you wished. Also there are many lines of communication available to everyone in the community, via the forums, Discord and teamspeak, that could have been used by yourself to get any issues resolved within good time. However it was not brought to my attention that it was something causing an issue to you or anyone in the community my other commitments to the community have been taking a precedent. As you can see as soon as the issue was raised action was taken to ensure that all parties are
  5. If you mean this one: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AhoyWorldofficial Thats not an issue as you are not the owner
  6. I have changed some values backend for network traffic, though i am not sure what impact this may have. It is hard to test as the only real way to test is having many people on.
  7. All i can think of with this is that it is taking too long to connect due to mod loading times But i can check the settings on server to check no values are wacky
  8. [Tweaked] ACE Medical self stitching enabled for medics
  9. oh i am aware its not enabled im just stating i thought it was enabled
  10. I have a ultrawide monitor and yes the horizontal fov is a lot wider, If you look at some of the youtube streams on the ahoyworld channel from me they are all ultra-wide content and should provide a idea of the differences between 21:9 and 16:9
  11. Personally i remember this being enabled but i think that could be tiredness, ill let the team have a chat and see what they come up with
  12. Tweaked a setting on the back-end hopefully this is a fix
  13. Liberation version 2_05_00 changelog for 08/11/20: [Added] Playable faction: Bundeswehr [Added] Guerilla faction: PMCs [Added] New secondary objective: capture UAV [Added] Clear grass ace action for those in the possession of an entrenching tool [Fixed] Free civ victory/fail condition being buggy [Fixed] Inventory management actions not showing up [Fixed] Typo made by Stryker [Fixed] Typo made by stan [Fixed] Yellow BFT makers (hopefully) [Fixed] ACRE radios with the same ID being spawned [Tweaked] Whitelisted some requested arsenal items
  14. [Tweaked] acre_sys_core_automaticAntennaDirection = true / previously was false
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