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  1. Still in here also, I can't exactly take computers home and test them at home haha
  2. Ahoy All. I am pleased that the server migration has gone well and initial testing is looking positive! We will begin the migration this weekend and IPs will be changing to the following for the respective servers: EU1: EU2: TS: ts.ahoyworld.net
  3. Over the coming weekend we will be migrating our EU1, EU2 and TS to a new server so intermittent downtime should be expected in all these services
  4. yes i would set up a F@H might sort it out tomorrow
  5. haha its funny, i was just thinking about this exact topic. Is there much of a demand for something like this, it can be setup!
  6. https://www.ahoyworld.net/enhanced/how-to-join-awe/ Need to look at this one other should be hidden now
  7. Where is that? Can you send me the link please as I'm pretty sure I hid that post
  8. we have already worked on the settings that produce the best experiance since this update and have run 2 operations publically with these settings
  9. Hello, Thank you for this information. We do not use the FTP for hosting mods and have entirely moved over to the steam workshop for the mods as this is easier to maintain and has less vulnerabilities. I will have a word with the host of the FTP server to have it closed permanantly
  10. Ok so The server will be using AWE ENHANCED TFAR channel on TS And the server will be AWE Modded zeus operations.
  11. Honestly your info could be correct but I'm not entirely sure.... I'll update about an hour before the event
  12. The plan is to livestream on Youtube and twitch!
  13. DISCORD BOTS AND XMLS DOWN - should be up soon, having to rebuild the server
  14. As always the accepted clientside mods from public servers will be available for this gamenight
  15. Hi all, I am doing some reconfiguiring of some servers and the discord bots and squad XML will be down for some time this weekend, sorry for any inconvinience! thanks, Ghost
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