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  1. Hola, as you might have noticed on server. The zeus ops will return (lead by me) in the near future. I need to work out my time scales with work though as I am about to start 6 day weeks for atleast the next month or so. Hope to see you around soon
  2. The process has followed that of most gamemodes and addons, we present a beta and ask for feedback/input on the direction. We then actively look at the feedback given and look at ways to take it into account. as you can see we have done through the entire process. The benefit about this mission is the flexibility that it offers the host to run the parameters they want to offer the experiance that is desired. hence we do value the feedback and its brilliant that all the opinions are being voiced here to allow us to make a good mission for the community.
  3. ah yes. constructive critisism from those that play the mission is useful. those that havent, not so much
  4. my issue with OBS is that you have to really ramp up the bitrate when using x264 encoding to get any of the quality out of it
  5. as someone that played both systems, i find that SL being a tl works well in situations where a platoon command is present. Yes a separate TL can reduce load on a SL but as someone that played SL in the zeus ops i dont really think that load needs lightening. it also encourages the SL to separate from the squad more, making it hard to keep squads close together and organised
  6. Well its about time i update my rig on here: Ryzen 9 3900x 16GB 3200mhz corsair lpx asus crosshair viii hero Asus strix 1080 fractal design r6 usbc corsair h115i corsair rm1000 PSU monitor is a LG 34UC88 34' 1440p ultrawide monitor with a 24 inch asus 1080p next to it
  7. to make optional mods allowed you need to add the .bikey for the mod to the servers keys folder. TFAR as said above will introduce communication issues if people dont have it installed.
  8. GhostDragon

    EU2 TFAR Trial!

    Ahoy all, We have heard the requests made for TFAR to be permanently run on I&A3 on our EU2 server, as such, its here! We are trialing running TFAR on EU2 all the time now. The test will run for a few weeks and if the feedback is good then it will stay for the long term! Hope you all enjoy this new variation of I&A 3 on our servers!
  9. hello! hope to see you around more!
  10. Livestreaming will be going on for this event: TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/ahoyworld Youtube:
  11. Ascii characters are not allowed in chat because our player base is mostly European and we want to ensure the legibility of chat for our users. As long as you do not use these characters in chat you will be fine. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  12. The issue is, as Stan said, what can we really do? What do you propose? It's impossible for admins to monitor all the time and nearly impossible to stop via code, we would love to help and look at ways we can prevent it and are actively doing so all suggestions are appreciated
  13. We hope to have more Soon! We are glad that you are enjoying the servers and hope that we can continue to evolve with the Arma playerbase to provide enjoyable gameplay for the entirety of the games life!
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