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  1. Personally, I didn't like ACRE when we last tried it and since both TFAR and ACRE have both updated I feel they are closer than ever before within the features they offer and it will come down to personal preference. (maybe something to look into)
  2. Personally I didn't like it, was not reliable enough when we had it and it's also important to know that tfar has a big update out that fixes a lot of the gripes people have regrading it. These include things like intercom, antennas, improvements to the local comms. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  3. EU#1 & 2 Accepted Addons & Repository info

    Server and repo have been updated to accept the latest CBA version. After the holidays I will ensure to check all other mods to ensure they are up to date with the latest available.
  4. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    --- Revision: 68 --- Build date: 10-Dec-2017 00:52:23 New: 0 - Updated: 1 @AW_CBA_A3; Deleted: 1 @AW_Bornholm;
  5. .26 Bozcaada is bugged in AWE not spawning in arsenal or base zone Arsenal does not spawn on the carrier and the blue base zone box is not shown on map
  6. approved Logi Teleport Pole

    Added into stiletto 0.25 Approved
  7. AW Community meetings

    The meeting minutes of the meeting on Friday are available now:
  8. AW Community meetings

    This meeting is on our teamspeak server. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  9. AW Community meetings

    I will be recording and it will be live on the website the day after hopefully.
  10. AWE and its future

    The enhanced rules have not been updated since January, the changes to the forum page only affected the I&A servers. This is why there would seem to be a discrepancy. But both rulesets are up to date.
  11. this seems to be affecting a small number of people, we have yet to find the issue/reason why.
  12. AWE and its future

    if it is decided no further action will be taken we do not reference it in the future. Meaning it will never look into it further if another issue comes up so it is up to the admin's discretion.
  13. AWE and its future

    me and the rest of the admin team do always attempt to notify the reported player and discuss the issue with them on Teamspeak to ensure they are aware of the issues that have been raised and will make a note saying the issue has been logged in the UHT. We also then contact the player that filed the report and then let them know what action has been taken.
  14. From this post, I am getting 2* points that are relevant. (brackets are to show my comments on the issues) 1. Staff need to communicate more with the players. (The staff team are moving to make community meetings regularly to improve this and make the experience better for all members) 2) Corestaff needs to communicate more with the staff team (This does not echo the thoughts of the majority of the staff team as a lot has changed in recent months.) If I am missing anything feel free to communicate them to me so that i can continue to make my list and recommend changes to this remains an enjoyable community for people to play at. I have only taken from OP and request individual issues are presented with clear titles for clarity.
  15. AWE and its future

    I have not been here for the meetings but I can assure you all that we are talking as staff and looking at the issues raised by the community and deciding as best what routes to take to improve the experience on all our servers. Now you say these meetings on ts have been productive in you getting your points across and I would say that yesterday we did make some good progress in the routes that outreach can move in terms of increasing the player base on AWE. (i have taken notes and will be pushing them through the relevant channels soon.) Now for these threads. I have just read 2 pages and out of all of it there was not one post other than McKillen's that points out the issues that he has had with the server. This makes it hard for me to go back and really put down any notes/suggestions about the way we can move forward in addressing these issues that you have. Also resorting to insults and attacks on other members of the community or staff team is not the way to go about introducing change, only makes the real issues harder for us to see.