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  1. Squad menu bug

    I think this was meaning the U squad join on eu1
  2. Dreas is in.

  3. Server Maintenance & Downtime Notices

    Teamspeak maintenance complete, should be up and running again now
  4. Server Maintenance & Downtime Notices

    Teamspeak is undergoing maintenance and will be up shortly
  5. Community Update#3

    The issue with this is our server would have to be monitisezed else we will be breaking TOS with Bohemia
  6. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    key is on the box now, will be on server tomorrow
  7. Enhanced Server Update

    Here is the modset we are going to start with:
  8. Later today I will add a spoiler that shows what mods are going to be in the new, lighter, modset. We are awaiting on a mission update for compatibility but once that's complete the modset should go live soon after
  9. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    There are discussions ongoing regarding the direction of EU2 when I&A 4 comes out and we have a few ideas as to how we can mix up the game-play experience. We hope to have more information in the coming weeks, Keep an eye out on our news section to keep up to date!
  10. Heya

    Ohh I watch the first guy! With subtitles of course [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Unable To Chat In-Game: ARMA 3

    try changing your default mic in windows to the actual mic not the Voice meeter setup one and see if this works
  12. TS freezing is a known issue with version of teamspeak 3.2 can't be fixed by the modmaker as it's a fault with the program itself they know about it and it should be fixed in a future version also happens with acre
  13. Hit that for me and try again please
  14. Question does it say enable or disable in your add-ons on teamspeak?
  15. AWE Status

    Even then, those mods often change class names in updates that can break things, or CBA updates and they all have to patch it's just safer doing it this way