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  1. pending review Challenger 2 Mod Request

    After looking into this mod we have decided to Deny this version of the challenger as it is full of bugs and the developer has passed further development onto the 3CB mod team. Ghost.
  2. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Seems battleye is being annoying again, just keep trying until it stops, if needed launch vanilla then try again Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  3. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    3.2.4 is live on public servers, changelog; General Changes: - [added] New priority objective, factory - [tweaked] TK messages - [tweaked] Under the hood things for zeus - [tweaked] Under the hood things for the CQC side mission - [tweaked] Verious other under the hood tweaks Altis Changes: - [Fixed] AOs near FOB guardian bugging out
  4. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Filing for @Copey: Can't log into the forums atm, but can someone log that Bravo 1 still has a marksman, and that Bravo does not have the same slot layout as alpha
  5. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Hello folks, I have pushed Gauntlet 54_110 to the server in Altis and Lythium. Changelog: 1) Fixes to squad management to resolve not being able to switch to slots 2) Fixes to certain slots: 2a) Support squad leaders are now Captains so they properly become squad leaders 2b) Support pilots are now Lieutenants 2c) Support / Command medics & engineers are currently on same level as infantry equivalents - trying to set them as "Doctors" and "Specialists" results in them not having any ability 3) Enemy Mortars tweaked as they could target air vehicles. 4) Squad Management functions implemented, Platoon Commander or moderators can now edit squad role composition and create custom squads: 4a) Editing a squad, it must be empty of players at the time. 4b) Creating a custom squad requires at least two slots. By default it will start deactivated. 5) Revised mission spawning parameters for better initial randomization (eg., town missions on Altis won't always start in Athrakia) 6) updates to vehicle service pads: 6a) Changed vehicle servicing format to use hints instead of tiles, a little less spammy on the messaging. 6b) Added signs to inform players that servicing begins when player exits the vehicle and turns off the engine (there are no hints to this effect) 6c) service vehicle action is accessed from these signs. 6d) Service distance is 6m for ground vehicles (the size of the box), 9m for helicopters and 12m for planes (roughly twice the size of the box). 6e) ACE repair, rearm and refuel modules are still in play and generally work much faster than this script. Use it when ACE bugs out on your vehicle. 7) Added additional checks to prevent players from being blown up by over-ambitious base protection when playing as non-West factions. 8) Swapped out Autorifleman Assistant with Rifleman in infantry teams. Gauntlet 54_111 is on the server. Altis and Lythium. Changes: 1) added new enemy factions: Middle Eastern Insurgents, Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC), People's Liberation Army of China (PLA). 1a) Default OPFOR faction for Altis: PLA China 1b) Default OPFOR faction for Lythium: Middle Eastern Insurgents 2) Legacy Throttle notifier is now a toggle button available through squad management (players) interface. Default is off; if you're piloting a vehicle which doesn't show you your throttle status, toggle it to on. 3) Fixed a broken turret on the Freedom. 4) Ambient Spawn camps "should" avoid roads for placement. 5) Updated player vehicle spawning to add new FIR aircraft. 6) Tweaked squad management system for making/editing/deleting squads. 7) Tweaked OPFOR spawning methods to use faction crew rather than vehicle specific crew.
  6. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Squad player counts listing disconnected players, seems to connect with the slots that can not be taken upon disconnecting Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  7. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Also angel medics are not set as medics. Alpha medics can use surgical kits too Some roles still bug out when players disconnect.
  8. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Version 54_109 Angel and some ftls are not getting the squad leader role, seems angel doesn't get it due to being lower rank than pilot. Also angel pilot is not an engineer so can not fix medical vehicle Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  9. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Gauntlet Altis & Lythium 54_109 is now on the server. 1) Fixes to squad management system (Error: no vehicle bug) 2) Fixes to service pads (they actually work now) 3) Fixes to vehicle spawners (they actually work now) 2a/3a) Helicopter spawn/service area is now its own thing, hived off from the general Plane servicing area. 4) Change to the squad management system: instead of being player simulation disabled on player start, they are force walk enabled, so a player can move around and interact without being in a squad. This is mostly to allow a player to discuss with other players what role they should take. Players should NOT be trying to go into the AO without being in a squad.
  10. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Gauntlet Altis 54_108 is now available on the server: 1) Complete overhaul of the mission control script, accessible to SERGEANT rank or greater players in the command HQ. It now spawns a dialogue instead of a fleet of add Actions, but gives control over the same and more mission parameters. 2) Tweaking of the squad management system to fix various bugs. 3) M4A1 was added to the general weapons list as opposed to assault weapons list, meaning pilots and crew now have access to it 4) Tweaked a few missions 5) Mission abort behaviour is changed a bit, until now it would randomly choose a new mission to replace the aborted mission, now it advances the mission along the list and pops a new random one at the end. 6) ACE team management has been removed as using ace interaction to join/leave groups would completely mess up the new squad management system. 7) New syndicat independent faction is available as a mission parameter.
  11. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Map: Malden Ver: 105 Issue: Script errors when in the squads selection menu, only on the command element, not effecting other units. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  12. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Gauntlet Malden 54_106 has been loaded onto the server, with the following fixes: 1) Squad Management system tweaked, players joining a group will be put into leader slot if they are highest ranking in that group. 2) Ambient Spawn camps can now be destroyed as intended. No, there is no notification that the camp has been destroyed other than a big cloud of smoke and all the structures disappear. 3) FSG role structure is now defaulted to yes. 4) Vehicle repair pads now repair vehicles automagically, as ACE weapon rearming appears to be broken. They operate as follows: 4a) There are ground, helicopter and plane/uav service pads. One won't repair the other. 4b) You have to put the vehicle pretty much right in the middle of the repair pad (the square helipad marker). 4c) You need to turn off the engine and exit the vehicle: you'll get prompts to this effect. 4d) Vehicle will be repaired, refuled , and rearmed at about 1% percent per second, so it will take a little while but not overly long. If you get in / power on the vehicle / the vehicle is moved away, R/R/R action will be interrupted. 4e) if your plane doesn't repair on the service pad, it's either not close enough to the centre of the pad, or it's actually on the helicopter pad (and vice versa if your heli doesn't repair on the plane pad). Unfortunately, I can't easily associate a negative hint ("you're on the wrong pad") with the way I'm doing it. 54_107 Has also been pushed now containing a crucial fix for squad management
  13. Ah but, this is a game and if using correct procedure you should only be firing in short bursts anyway.
  14. Just throwing it out there, if you are overheating your LMG then you are using it wrong.
  15. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Malden 54_105 Is live on the server With Gorgona Coming soon. Malden incorporates the new rules logic as enumerated in this post: 1) Artillery fire now works. 2) Ambient AI overhauled, AI units now spawn in randomly placed spawn points instead of randomly. 2.1) These spawn points can be destroyed with an explosive charge. 2.2) Spawn points are placed randomly through the map at game start, and 2-3 are randomly placed near mission area of operations. 2.3) Ambient units "shouldn't" spawn in spawn points with players close to them. 3) Malden: Most vehicles now spawn with spare assault rifles where it makes sense. 4) Malden: Radio channels overhauled in prep for new squad layout. 5) Gorgona: Default faction is CHDSK rebels: Freedom is available for other faction choices. Centurion and Praetorian emplacements have been removed because they could target players on the island (eek!) 6) Gorgona: You'll note the lean nature of the spawn. It's intended for a smaller number of players and you're meant to do more with less. 7) Malden: Steal Truck and Extract Asset missions have been fixed so you actually have to drive more than 50m to succeed