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  1. Go to the @task_force_radio folder you have downloaded and then into the teamspeak folder. Update your plugin by running the file inside this folder and try to reconnect to the server
  2. What version of the plugin are you running out of interest?
  3. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    --- Revision: 20 --- Build date: 14-Sep-2018 22:49:34 New: 1 @AW_ACEX; Updated: 6 @AW_RHS_AFRF;@AW_FIR;@AW_RHS_GREF;@AW_RHS_SAF;@AW_ACE;@AW_RHS_USAF; Deleted: -
  4. Will investigate tomorrow, not going to be home till late tonight. Could you send over through pm what version you are trying to use please!
  5. Just another day at EU1

    Inclusive or
  6. TFAR Hot-mic

    Try ensuring that teamspeak is running as admin. That seems to be a reliable fix
  7. key is back on server should be working from the next server restart
  8. Should be soon, I am running a different setup on my home pc and it still has a few issues to iron out, should be up and running soon though
  9. Hello

  10. Server Maintenance & Downtime Notices

    Teamspeak is down for maintainence tonight due to the teamspeak update that just rolled out
  11. I believe you can change the weather using the whiteboard at base (dont quote me i might be wrong)
  12. CBA keys error

    Try running cba from steam. What Lindi means is, the server does not require any mods to play so if you start the game without any you can still play on the server. The issue is because your using the version of CBA that is on the Repo but I have not had time to update it
  13. Dynasound should work, enhanced soundscapes however might not at the minute
  14. Recruiting serious players/milsim/tactical

    Although it is not made explisitly clear within the content of the post I see this post as wanting to recruit players to play together on our servers in a more serious way. As such we are going to leave the post here for players that want to team up and we encourage people to play together within this community. However our stance on advertising and recruiting for other communities still stands and will be enforced strongly