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  1. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    --- Revision: 17 --- Build date: 22-May-2018 23:01:45 New: 0 - Updated: 1 @AW_Tembelan; Deleted: 0 -
  2. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

    Disable enhanced soundscapes for now I know of the issue but don't have time to fix until exams are over at the end of the week
  3. all mods are tested before being put on server and this is how we are aware that RHS is underpowered vs vanilla weapons/equipment. (this is why the vanilla maaws is actually too good on server against rhs tanks) mod conflicts should not be that much of an issue. no matter if we remove mods or not.
  4. indeed i would rather use the biggest gun in my fireteam to assist the fireteam
  5. You are required to update the teamspeak plugin from the repository update that went live 2 days ago
  6. My big question would be how much do you spray to need a spare barrel honestly I've never needed to change since I started playing modded arma in 2016
  7. Official Squad server

    Hi guys! We are happy to announce that we are now the proud owners of an official squad server. This means that we will show in the official servers section of the server browser. Hope you all enjoy playing on our server and we hope to have more gamenights in the coming weeks! Thanks, - The Ahoyworld staff team!
  8. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    08/5/18 pushed plugin update for TFAR to fix api incompatibility.
  9. I am aware of this and I'm looking into the issue asap
  10. Whats your setup like?

    if you are replacing motherboard it makes sense to go for a cpu upgrade too, you will notice more of a difference in arma especially.
  11. I have a build ready that needs to go live that should fix the issue short term till we update the mod fully
  12. I'm pretty sure you have to fully repair using the truck, servicing should only rearm and refuel (Iirc)
  13. You did remember to repair the fuel tank (ace interact and repair?) Otherwise it will not repair the fuel tank and any damages will remain
  14. This is only because of a compat we use (for mag Sharing) otherwise they have their own ammo types
  15. kill houses use plywood, thats not the same as the sheds they have different hit values and it depends on the armour. They lose a lot of power on the entry vs other arma ammo types thus actually killing someone is very unlikely. (this has been a fact for a long time and i dont see it changing anytime soon)