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  1. I have changed some values backend for network traffic, though i am not sure what impact this may have. It is hard to test as the only real way to test is having many people on.
  2. All i can think of with this is that it is taking too long to connect due to mod loading times But i can check the settings on server to check no values are wacky
  3. [Tweaked] ACE Medical self stitching enabled for medics
  4. AWE will be down at 23:30 for about 15 mins to allow for some server updates!
  5. oh i am aware its not enabled im just stating i thought it was enabled
  6. I have a ultrawide monitor and yes the horizontal fov is a lot wider, If you look at some of the youtube streams on the ahoyworld channel from me they are all ultra-wide content and should provide a idea of the differences between 21:9 and 16:9
  7. Personally i remember this being enabled but i think that could be tiredness, ill let the team have a chat and see what they come up with
  8. Tweaked a setting on the back-end hopefully this is a fix
  9. Liberation version 2_05_00 changelog for 08/11/20: [Added] Playable faction: Bundeswehr [Added] Guerilla faction: PMCs [Added] New secondary objective: capture UAV [Added] Clear grass ace action for those in the possession of an entrenching tool [Fixed] Free civ victory/fail condition being buggy [Fixed] Inventory management actions not showing up [Fixed] Typo made by Stryker [Fixed] Typo made by stan [Fixed] Yellow BFT makers (hopefully) [Fixed] ACRE radios with the same ID being spawned [Tweaked] Whitelisted some requested arsenal items
  10. [Tweaked] acre_sys_core_automaticAntennaDirection = true / previously was false
  11. We moved away from feature releases and rewrites of I&A 3 A while ago, This was a combination of 2 factors. At the time I&A and arma were in a happy place, Development on I&A4 was going well and features that needed improvement from 3 made more sense to be bundled into a the complete rewrite rather than trying to tidy up all the old code. As well this we also noticed that the more we were tweaking and editing I&A 3 we would often find that this caused performance issues on the server side. Granted hard to notice now, since the servers have been updated but the impact was notice
  12. [Tweaked] Terrain interference changed from 1 to 0.5.
  13. Fixed this for you, Seems to have been an error in the server config. If this needs revisiting thats fine, i have asked the team to look into this
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