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  1. With the calender events they are on an approval only basis bacause only events hosted by AW should be placed on there. Since events hosted by us can be run by anyone that sends in a mission this means that if we allowed anyone to create an event we would end up with a lot of clutter on the calander that is definitely not needed. As it stands all members of the admin team can approve posts on the forums and calender. We like this approach as it keeps these locations clean from spam and only approved events end up in these locations. Personally my advice would be to notify a member of staff when these events have been posted so that they can be approved within a timely manner.
  2. Ahoy all, Unfortunately due to unforceen circumstances with the gamenight lead, @JANXOL, We are going to have to delay this event until next week the 21/06/2020. We are sorry for the late notice but as always IRL takes presidence for all our staff and we look forward to things returning to normal next week! Thanks Ghost
  3. Settings change: Modified ai damage threshold to 0.5 to try mitigate issues with nato ammo.
  4. Hello, Thank you for the Appeal, Please give our admins time to review it. If you read the notice on the appeal form you filled out you will find the following: Do not pester staff to look at your appeal, this will only decrease your chance of success. Since you have already messaged at least two people on CoreStaff within 25mins of this post going live could you please refrain from messaging us further as we will get to the appeal in due time. Our staff are busy people and have lives outside of Ahoy. # Thank you
  5. Yesterday we had a very successful beta test of our new AWE mode Liberation, I would like to thanks everyone that turned up for making the test so successful and to @Stanhope for carrying out many of the tweaks needed to get the mission running for us! With the encouraging performance of the server and continuing the work that i have been doing to get the new server upto date and running i am happy to announce that the server will be going live tonight with the new liberation mode. This will result in a short period of downtime tonight for me to copy a few files over and a small ammount of progress may be lost but the majority should still be intact! Server IP: AWE, MSO and modded gamenights will now be run from the new server ip and that will conclude the server upgrades for now! Thank you for your patience while I have been working to get the new servers setup!
  6. Heya everyone, I would like to let you know where we are currently at with the server upgrades and progressing through with the upgrade plan. Flagship has been running on the new box for just over a month now and it is running well. The server is more stable than before and we have noticed an uptick in performance in the day to day server running. Valiant, our second server that we host Modded operations on is now with us and i am progressing through the server setting it up to ensure it is suitably setup for the players to enjoy the full potential of our modded server. With this has been some back end code changes that will allow for us to host modded gamenights more efficiently with less man hours required to ensure they are setup correctly. As such this server should be ready for the gamenights next week. All of us at the AhoyWorld Staff team look forward to having these new, more powerful boxes to fuel us into the release of our current projects, I&A4 and Liberation.
  7. As stated above, The staff team agrees that the intention we had with the vehicles can have unintended limitations and we feel that having the current setting changed so that medics can stitch in field, but the kit is consumed is a good move for the mission. We will not be adding roles to slow the gameplay down as the gamenights we currently run are between 2-3 hours long and we feel this is long enough for them to run with a good balance of action and planning. The PAK can be used in medical facilities and they are usually only available in the main base. We value all input and will continue to monitor the situation with the ace settings
  8. A field medic can and will use a stich kit to stabilise a patient and in our gamenights and AWE play we aim to have as many boots on the ground at a time as possible. As such we will never remove the option to stich from the medics. We have limited the PAK to medical facilities that provides enough reason to send someon back to base in the situation that they are badly wounded enough that the medic cant deal with them in field. After discussion with the staff we are going to test out stitching in field but leave them single use to ensure that they are still balanced and the logistics still have implications if a medic is using them a lot
  9. This is something we have discussed at length in the staff team, I think for the purposes of the gamenights we thought that having them only in vehicles would allow us to see how it worked in the environment and this was when the vehicles were always allowed and we didnt want the threat of being shot being deminished by the fact that they can easily be bandaged. However i think this point is valid and will be brought up within staff and see what the opinions are here. as to reusing them. We can not easily change the weight and as you say a lot of things in the kit will either be single use or need sanitizing before reuse so i believe that they should be single use and have to worry about the logisitics behind them.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1210050323 this is the one i was referancing It seems pretty detailed and i believe its detailed and the rewite they are doing is supposidly able to offer custom formats
  11. also it is generally frowned upon to "copy paste" a thread changing the odd word out to fit your agenda.
  12. Ahoy all, Hope you are all well! I would just like to update you on the status of the server upgrades. As you all know we have recently upgraded our primary server, Flagship. This upgrade has gone very well and we are happy with the performance increase that we have experianced. We have Just ordered the new server that will replace Valient, the box that is currently running MSO and AWE events. This box will have the same specification as Flagship with the difference being that the server will have an extra 500GB M.2 drive. This is to allow us to accommodate the mods and modsets that the modded gamenights require and support the headless clients that we run to ease the load on the main server. We will keep you updated on the progress of these developments to the Ahoyworld infastructure! The Corestaff team
  13. Still in here also, I can't exactly take computers home and test them at home haha
  14. Ahoy All. I am pleased that the server migration has gone well and initial testing is looking positive! We will begin the migration this weekend and IPs will be changing to the following for the respective servers: EU1: EU2: TS: ts.ahoyworld.net
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