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  1. This seems excessive, but I can agree with the direction. That night multiplier would compress darkness to an hour or two which happen every three to five hours. A bit jarring and the night is barely enough for anything. Instead I'd suggest a 1.5x day multiplier and a 3x night multiplier, for a near-enough halved day of 10 light and 2 or 3 dark hours. Plenty of space for plenty of the popular day missions, but good room for immersive and un-rushed night ops.
  2. Feature request - Add common ammo and supply crates with a cost (e.g., mixed ammo, LAT, throwables, explosives, medical) - Add a supply depot to the build menu that allows spawning of those crates outside of Logi slots - Add static CSWs to spawn in that depot (restrict spawning to TL slots and up?) - Remove Javelin and MAT + ammo from arsenal, add respective boxes as above - Add an addAction to the Chinook to "deploy" at a cost of supplies before arsenal / respawn become available (perhaps with the caveat that those supplies must be loaded on the bird beforehand, too, although this feels like unnecessary busywork) Just part of my train of thought about how to make our abundance of supplies meaningful. Logi pilot seems to pass their time ferrying supplies to and fro. Resupplying the troops gives them a job and allows for longer operations without RTB. Turning the Chinook into a temporary FOB instead of a full compound allows us to save on server resources.
  3. If we expect the teams to coordinate semi-autonomously, this is basically required. As Alpha TL I found myself wanting to talk to you a lot more, because we could absolutely have streamlined our tasks. But I either couldn't for a lack of transmission time on 30, or didn't want to because I know how it is to have irrelevant chatter on your ear and really felt for Siege and B/D.
  4. On wounds reopening, I understand it's annoying. There is not much we can do about that particular setting; it's either on or off. The trick is in using the right bandage. Each bandage has a range of time that it lasts and it will never be under it. An elastic bandage can absolutely fail after 10 metres. A packing bandage and quikclots will absolutely never do that, they last you on the order of 10 to 50 minutes depending on the wound. Fractures are also already very forgiving here in that they are fixed instantly with splints. There is a setting for fracture incidence, so we'll have a talk about that in the team. The Full ACE Experience™ wants you to never get hit and if you do, call for MEDEVAC because soldier, you're a casualty of war. Go home. It's a bit of fiddling with settings to find the exact line we want to tread for an enjoyable war. We ask for your patience and absolutely thank you for every piece of input you can get us!
  5. ACE Medical feedback: - Use sum of trauma to determine ace_medical_fatalDamageSource instead of only large hits to vital organs to address the bullet sponge behaviour With ACE, level 3 and 4 carrier plates entirely prevent large chest wounds from guns, which are required to cause a fatal heart shot. Our current setting does not care at all about the amount of incoming damage unless it causes large wounds to the head or torso, resulting in death by a thousand cuts. Our slightly reduced bleed rate works against us here, too. Every enemy soldier that dies has either been shot in the head or bled out in agony. Sum of trauma allows death from enough wounds to any body part. Keeping the threshold at 1.0 kills a man with three to four point-blank shots to the kneecap. Turning it up to 1.5 to 2.0 for players keeps us about as resilient as we are now.
  6. Hi! I've come to update the guide. It's nothing like before. Some might argue it's better. I'll argue it consumed about a week of my life scouring the ACE medical PBOs for juicy facts. Please do enjoy. It still needs some good graphics to outline a typical emergency treatment procedure, but for now, please refer to Stan's flowcharts here:
  7. SkullCollector

    Morphine jab

    The CLS has had work experience as a midwife and, as we all know, old habits die hard. This was just the angle of approach he was most comfortable - and familiar - with. The urological implications of this treatment are unknown to the photographer.
  8. SkullCollector


  9. In Stiletto 61, the radio jammer mission is still bugged. On separate occasions, we used satchels, GBUs and MAAWS to destroy the dome, but neither the mission nor the jamming effect ended. I kept forgetting to disable script errors, but beyond a spammy one about the dynamic groups and team leadership nothing related to the mission came up. Executing a line of code that mysteriously vanished from my logs fixes the issue, but the mission has to be aborted.
  10. Are you looking for beauty shots as well? I got plenty of those, too. Album of decidedly hideous things: https://imgur.com/a/Th4hvzi Editor's picks:
  11. Mostly because Arma. The game engine doesn't work with weights in terms of grams or pounds, but units of volume imitating mass. The space occupied determines the weight of the item, but they are inextricably linked, and all that mod devs can do is adjust the formula to follow for a given mass-volume unit of an item. This means a really high-mass, low-volume item like a rocket or mine would have to tend to one end, but neglect realism for the other. It's - again - a balance issue. Edit: RHS even wrote a blog post about it: http://www.rhsmods.org/b/8
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