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  1. Mostly because Arma. The game engine doesn't work with weights in terms of grams or pounds, but units of volume imitating mass. The space occupied determines the weight of the item, but they are inextricably linked, and all that mod devs can do is adjust the formula to follow for a given mass-volume unit of an item. This means a really high-mass, low-volume item like a rocket or mine would have to tend to one end, but neglect realism for the other. It's - again - a balance issue. Edit: RHS even wrote a blog post about it: http://www.rhsmods.org/b/8
  2. AWE still up and running?

    I wondered where you'd gone, Jasman! Last I remember we talked in the back of a car with Gandalf on Takistan, feeling the tingly feels as we crested the hill overlooking our beloved mess of an AO. Lots has changed since, and you'd do best to see for yourself because frankly I have not a clue what was the latest chic when you last played. It's a feisty little thing, this AWE. It won't go under so easily. It kicks and squirms and possibly projectile-vomits all sorts of stringy goo over your back when you hug it, but it's here and we love it for all its faults. Come and stay, make it that little bit better that way.
  3. [AWE] Stiletto Wednesday - #8 on 21/03/18 @ 1900 UTC

    Nothing planned by the moderators as of yet. Remember, if anyone wants to take the reins, the sign-up link is in the OP and always open. It's the same link every week. Filling in helps us organise and gauge what the turn-out might be.
  4. Someone's gone trainspottin'.
  5. Protect your ears: audio on AWE just got that tad bit better. For those who want it. After a successful trial run of both DS & ES, we've decided to keep the keys on the server as entirely client-side mods. This is optional and not a requirement, so if you prefer the default sounds or your machine can't handle the modded ones, nothing will change for you. For now, the installation of Dynasound 2 and Enhanced Soundscape lies entirely in your hands. You can find them on the Steam Workshop here and here. We explicitly do not support these mods. If your FPS tanks, especially when using ES, that's an issue you will have to deal with yourself. Still, feel free to report and troubleshoot for the community's benefit. Enjoy the immersion. Cheers AWE Steering
  6. denied POOK sam pack

    Thanks for your request and we apologise for the delay. Ever since the first request for POOK, we've been split on whether or not it adds something of value, especially when taking its size into account. To cut a long story short, we think it won't pull its weight and possibly introduce issues that impact mission enjoyment. Request denied.
  7. approved [MOD REQUEST] Client side mods... PLEASE!

    Thanks for your highly emphatic request. We've looked at the previous discussion we've had about this and decided to give Dynasound a trial period starting with next Stiletto Wednesday, 28 Feb. Word from the dev is that DS is entirely client-side and does not send traffic to the server. However, we still haven't reviewed if it works flawlessly with our specific modset. We're leaving this topic open for discussion and feedback, so if you experience any issues and have a verdict after the test, put that here. We'll see where we go from there. Please be patient. Cheers, Steering
  8. Please welcome with me our latest addition to the Steering Committee: Hobnob! As of yesterday and after some deliberation, Hobs has joined Steering as a player and our third member. We felt that a regular player's perspective could positively help us steer this ship and directly link to the goings-on of the server. That is all. Steering
  9. Subnautica

    So I watched a couple of your videos and just had to look up the game on Steam. Heard of it before, but never really knew what it's about. Turns out I had it set to 'Not interested'. Now it's on my wishlist.
  10. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    Sounds like as good a time as any to break in the combat boots. Just give me a rifle and a shovel and I promise not to be a kid on the playgrounds.
  11. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    I share that sentiment. I'm so glad that freelook is bound to LAlt by default, too, as that's probably one of my most used buttons next to movement keys and pressing it has become intuitive. Feels odd, still, to play such a similar game with yet such a vastly different feel to Arma. So far I've missed out on the good stuff that's been going on, but I'm dying to jump in some time.
  12. Arguing for Credit

    Two Army privates debating to whose merit they discovered the insurgent hideout.
  13. Into the Dust

    An Army rifleman spending quality time with an Afghanistan local regretting his life choices. No civilians were harmed in the capturing of this compound.
  14. Setting Up

    A US Army fireteam stages to reap the fruits of their intel-gathering labour.