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  1. I always am, but having my trusty MLAW with me makes me feel a little better!
  2. The biggest change, be it a draw back or benefit, is the slower pace of handling casualties and thus the whole mission. I'm sure the balancing is a little different in Unsung mod compared to the Altis campaign since were basically using olive green shirts as body armour and the helmets are made out of cardboard!
  3. Aren't you supposed to smell it, in the morning?
  4. Lindi

    "Ares" Richard

    Hi @richa I've reviewed the ban report and subsequent ban appeal. The recruitment attempt was quite blatant and there is no denying what happened, as far as I am concerned recruitment is right up there in the top 10 worst no nos you can do on a server. In our case it not only shows a blatant disregard for the rules you are supposed to follow on our servers as well it might rob us of players. You have also not shown any remorse for your actions in either ban appeal. I am going to let the ban stand, Hopefully you will appreciate the tremendous amount of effort and time all the people of Ahoy have put into making this place what it is. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL
  5. Lindi


    @Burns this is not the place to complain about your matter. I will say you were afk for a fair bit on a full server. You did say brb in the chat, BUT admins are allowed to do their job on the server IF the situation calls for it. Seeing as a 3 part AFK check was also done we can safely say you were at least given a chance as per the usual procedure. The situation on EU1 today has nothing to do with your previous run ins with other admins in A2 or else where. Calling admins childish will also not advance your "case" at all. In fact it might it might be a sign you have a problem with authority.
  6. Lindi


    I was on the server for part of that @Jack2 I can confirm you wasting assets even if you did manage to not kill the passengers in the process, further more you were highly disrespectful toward staff. You had plenty of verbal warnings and you were also kicked before the ban. Taking the time to wait for kick timer to reset and joining back for more shows you were not having any of it. That only leaves one more option open for the admin and so you were banned. In conclusion BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL .
  7. Hi @lazyboy__gaming Recruiting is strictly forbidden by the rules of AhoyWorld. After reviewing the ban report you tried to recruit pretty much everyone on the server at the time, including admins. I'm willing to take a look at this again in about 4 months time, you may submit a new ban appeal in April. Until then; BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL.
  8. Hello @PaperMexican you have been banned on July the 3rd of 2018 for using racist language in chat. Racism is not tolerated on any of the AhoyWorld servers or services provided, which is also stated in the rules of AhoyWorld. Quite some time has past since your ban and I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you do not use any more racist language on our servers. Here's a refresher of the general AhoyWorld rules. Ban appeal Successful.
  9. Very positively surprised by getting friendlies and most helpful! Thank you for your vote!
  10. Lindi


    Hello @RainbowDash I have reviewed the ban report and interviewed the Spartan online at the time. This together with you telling me you have been ramming vehicles in base raises a few questions. In the future I advise you to call on a Spartan or use the !admin command in chat to call for help. Ramming vehicles lead to a lot of chaos in arma3 be it intentional or not. I will let the 7 day ban stand.
  11. Lindi


    Hello Chubbs, I have reviewed the ban report and come to the conclusion that you have served your time. I strongly recommend you read the AhoyWorld rules for future reference. BAN APPEAL SUCCESSFUL!
  12. Welcome to the forums Mr.Smith!
  13. Last night was very entertaining. Stepping out of my autorifle comfort zone was also nice!
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