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  1. Nice one, now to start building it! I'd play, altho seems that those missions could be split to one or two a session almost! All in all nice ideas and well described. 10/10 would play.
  2. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    How about the workshop version, worked for me last night afaik
  3. Howdy

    Hi and welcome to the community. EU1 infact is pretty relaxed regarding rules and comms, that being said it is very positive you observe them from the very start. Don't hesitate to jump on, squad up and even ask the simple questions! There are a lot of skilled and helpfull guys around, they can surely give you the low down on how to play the game!
  4. command chat

    I'm assuming we are talking I&A3? Since there is no Command or infact any command roles in I&A3, this rules has been put into place to prevent voice spam, music and so on. I&A4 is currently in beta and with the changed squad and unit layouts I'm sure the rules are going to be rewriten in some degree. I suspect the comms rule is one that is going to change, due to the more demanding AI and need for better co-ordination on the players part.
  5. I think he is mutating into one! (pun intended)
  6. Funny guys

    You know where you can find us! EU1 ->
  7. Hey there.

    Hey MrJake! Welcome to the community!
  8. ahoy

    Welcome to the community!
  9. Related to my earlier observation about the missing "vehicle arsenal". The current ammo box spawns AT and AP Titans, but the AA-guy was out of luck.
  10. Played around with the ALPHA squad untill I was in 3 slots. Waited for a bit but still nothing, the squad slots do reset when I exited to the lobby. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611560658
  11. Observations on 047 Feature: Most of Achiles modules broken or dissabled? (Grayed out option windows) Feature: Inventory not staying open for more than a second or two in base. Observation: Extra arsenal needed at vehicle pad, ammo box is inadequate Suggestion: Guardian base. Block off chopper pads completely to prevent ramming of choppers with vehicles. Suggestion: Separate spawn for pilots closer to the choppers? Feature: Stanhope was both pilot and Co-pilot for Viper squad Feature: 53 players online my frames ~20 to 25 (normal for I&A3), suspect scaling enemy precence to players and lots of dead bodies and vehicles laying about, maybe make clean up faster? Feature: Black foot inner pylons not assigned to pilot or gunner (Dagrs) Feature: Midnight Reported trying to mute a player (map/players/mute) but it muted the player 5 rows above the intended one. Feature: Players are able to teleport to the carrier, but the carrier is not there!
  12. Tool Kits

    Well yes, but then there'd not be any incentive to play the repair specialist or engineer? We also like promoting team play so calling for a rep spec and marking your location is the way to go.
  13. I vote @TheScar gets an award for the way he accepts his awards!
  14. Thank you for your votes guys, much appreciated!
  15. Ho Ho Ho!

    Merry Christmas GamerbugUK! Is that you in the second pic @TheScar??