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  1. fullcrew.jpg

    I'm totaly blown away by the fact that you are in a chopper that you are not the pilot of!
  2. Hello World!

    The scenarios are always a good start! Going online is always a slightly different experience!
  3. I like 1 very very much! We could start of with the 45 minute - 1 hour from I&A3. Maybe tweak it later if it seems too long? Andy made the point yesterday that UAV for example is near useless if a (competent) pilot is flying the wipeout and I can certainly see the point he is making.
  4. Hello World!

    Hi and welcome to the community! Arma can be a complex game so don't hesitate to ask questions we've got a great bunch of regulars who will happily answer questions about the game!
  5. I could not access Zeus. Might just be a glitch tho. Also this happened: Fast forward to 1:30 for the fun bit.
  6. PizzaMan.jpg

    That's what happens when you put too much garlic on the pizza and the rest of the squad can't handle the smell!
  7. Acceptable casualities?

    I like options A and C equally!
  8. Purchased 6.5 silencer and 6.5 stealth silencer with reward points. Could not find items in arsenal. Playing as LAT using MX 6.5 assault rifle (black). Purchased AI buddy. Buddy nowhere to be found, maybe AWOL?
  9. Balancing act!

    Don't just flip it, do it with style!
  10. Acceptable casualities?

    Made me hesitate.
  11. rough ride.png

    The pilot on the hesco looks a little depresed!
  12. IL-2: Great Battles

    I IL-2 back in the day. Darn good simulation that. Might be fun to test with the current setup I have, but I'd need to buy the game first.
  13. List of side mission rewards?

    It's time we check @TheScar medication!
  14. Very close air support

    Can it be called air support tho? Technically he is landed!?
  15. DCS hotas under 100 usd

    Quite impressive that they can make a HOTAS this good from about half an Iphone tho!