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  1. Tanks DLC DevBranch report.

    The perfect derp-mobiles!! I'm sure it's not gona be abused at all!
  2. Norris

    Yay! Nice to have you back!
  3. Please Be Gentle!

    What these guys said, see you on TS and let's have some fun on the servers!
  4. A random brit joins the battle

    Very good, it's a bit chaotic at first but like you said a good place to learn game mechanics since the rules aren't that strict. Also check out the AWE server out, quite a different experience with all the mods and game play.
  5. A random brit joins the battle

    Welcome to the community!
  6. FOB supplies

    ..and even then gentle and easy on the controls!
  7. FOB supplies

    I suppose it's a question of balance, where armour and vehicles need to periodically return to base for resupply lets the infantry do some of the work? There is an ammo hemtt at main base usually as well as the occasional bobcat reward vehicle. One option that is almost always over looked is the huron pilot can airlift containers from main base to almost anywhere on the map within minutes. If he is requested to.

    Looks like we have something in common, welcome to AhoyWorld!
  9. Ahoy there *_^

    Good games tonight Neo! Always a pleasure to see players on TS!
  10. Preventing friendly fire

    ...and if there are clearly intentional TKs and/or other misbehavior that the script misses you can always: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/2-player-report/
  11. Preventing friendly fire

    I guess the biggest issue is making players do what you want in an environment like EU1. Even though you would make it easier to carry blue smokes there is no guarantee that players will use them, then I figure some goof ball will start using it as cover and or throw them over enemy positions... @Stanhope has implemented a TK script on the server. I'm sure he will be more than happy to give you the details. The script basically warns the offender and later disables hes input if too many TKs are done by an individual in a certain amount of time.
  12. Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums and the community, see you on the battlefield!
  13. Hi All

    Welcome to the forums, servers and the community Suribatchi Sama!
  14. Pink Ghosthawk landing at Pink smoke alongside a Pink Hunter

    Wasn't that sort of the point?