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  1. Lindi

    Flat tire!

    Some one had a flat tire!
  2. This makes me realize I miss TFAR and ACE quite a lot!
  3. Lindi


    Hi and welcome to AhoyWorld, please make yourself at home! Currently were running I&A3 and I&A4 beta on the public servers, if your more into the modded team play sort of thing the you should check out the MSO! There's lots of info on the forums and also check out our Discord and TS!
  4. Badger badger badger... I mean welcome to the community!
  5. I know people like to play with the cool toys, so I like that fact that they are available to the players. An application system might turn out to limit it to a few players only, despite the relaxed and casual spirit of I&A. It might or might not be pretty labor intensive for the admins (?) and would surely open up a debate about favoritism and what not. A reward point system would be easier to maintain (automatic) and would allow for anyone to access CAS vehicles once they have enough points, it would also potentially depending on the implementation, prevent a situation where someone wastes the CAS assets and forces the next player in line to wait for x-minutes for the respawn. Voting systems I fear might be susceptible to a bit of trolling and or not giving a new guy a chance. I feel increasing the spawn time will not solve the under lying problem, it might maybe alleviate it a little but will most likely also deny the team CAS when they need it.
  6. You have a point, also 3 Vortex at the moment seem to be more than enough. So maybe give Vipter the pawnee with the camera for co-pilot then, to give Viper something to do while the blackfoot spawns?
  7. Hey and welcome (back) to the community!
  8. Question/Suggestion: What are opinions on letting Viper fly transport while the attack choppers are offline?
  9. Nice looking forward to the test!
  10. Nice one, now to start building it! I'd play, altho seems that those missions could be split to one or two a session almost! All in all nice ideas and well described. 10/10 would play.
  11. How about the workshop version, worked for me last night afaik
  12. Lindi


    Hi and welcome to the community. EU1 infact is pretty relaxed regarding rules and comms, that being said it is very positive you observe them from the very start. Don't hesitate to jump on, squad up and even ask the simple questions! There are a lot of skilled and helpfull guys around, they can surely give you the low down on how to play the game!
  13. Lindi

    command chat

    I'm assuming we are talking I&A3? Since there is no Command or infact any command roles in I&A3, this rules has been put into place to prevent voice spam, music and so on. I&A4 is currently in beta and with the changed squad and unit layouts I'm sure the rules are going to be rewriten in some degree. I suspect the comms rule is one that is going to change, due to the more demanding AI and need for better co-ordination on the players part.
  14. I think he is mutating into one! (pun intended)
  15. You know where you can find us! EU1 ->
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