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  1. I'm assuming EU1. The very best tip I can give you is, ask questions in chat. You can also use , and . to cycle through channels in the ingame chat. Select the Side channel and fire away any questions you have. ...there are no stupid questions and all that...
  2. Lindi


    Hello again @Dimplymarrow129 I have decided to reduce your ban to 60 days, thus your ban will end in two months from today, after which you are welcome back to the EU1 server. BAN REDUCED 60 DAYS.
  3. Lindi


    Hello @Dimplymarrow129 I have read the ban report and read the appeal. I hope you understand how much hard work all members of staff put in to providing the best service we can for our player base. We provide forums, discord, team speak both vanilla and modded arma content, streams among others. All of this is provided for using donations from our players. Naturally this also means the we do not appreciate anyone recruiting on any of our platforms. Recruiting is also against our rules. In your case you were quite obviously recruiting for an arma unit outside of AhoyWorld and you were banned indefinitely for it. Your appeal displays very little in the way of remorse so: I am going to let the ban stand for a period of time, but I will be willing to reconsider if you submit a new appeal in a couple of months time. I suggest you take time some and read through our rules. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL!
  4. Lindi


    Thank you for appeal @MoonFire, I have some personal experience from AWE and I have rummaged through the filing cabinets of the admin archives. I find quite a few instances of misconduct and even prior bans that are quite indicative of behavior patterns that are inappropriate. That combined with disobeying a direct from a Staff member proves that all the old behaviors are unchanged. I understand that you are happy about the return of modded content to Ahoy, I am as well, which might lead you to get carried away a little. I how ever do not understand how disobeying an order to discharge your weapon at base seemed as a good idea. Not doing it should be a given, even when staff members have not separately told you not to. This with reports of ignoring player role, ignoring to communicate with command thus ignoring chain of command is the reason I am going to let the ban stand for the time being. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL
  5. ^^ this, but I'd like to expand to "Thank you everyone who has got Liberation this far!"
  6. You are correct, the new less experienced players are in a bit of a pinch there. One thing I found helpful and I try to use while instructing new guys is the "copy load out from" feature. See someone playing the role you'd like to try? -Copy their current loadout and save it for later use in the arsenal! Default loadouts are deffo still something that should be considered!
  7. I've saved class specific loadout for myself in the Arsenal. Just click the "Loadouts" button to save, load, delete them. Remember to use the Save Spawn Loadout button in the Arsenal interface to make sure you respawn with the same loadout after death. ...or is this not what you mean?
  8. Had a blast, got to fly transport again. Thinking back to infantry now, more direct interaction with the enemy that way!
  9. Had a nice time flying transport last sunday, I voluntare is nobody else wants to!
  10. Playing alone on the server requires special tactics. There are a few things that work for that, but usually they take some preparation and careful execution. I'd advice to take a role that can be mostly self sufficient i,e, needs to be able to handle armour and infantry targets alike, as well as selecting a vehicle that you load up with equipment needed. However I&A3 is designed to be a co-op mission and thus works best when played as suchs. The more the merrier as they say.
  11. Gona have to give that suppression mod out. Maybe I'd get some "commond sence" and actually duck when under fire with the help of that mod.
  12. Lindi


    Welcome to AhoyWorld @Pukamafin Torilla tavataan, eiku korona... eimtn.
  13. Hello and welcome to Ahoy World!
  14. Lindi


    You can re-appeal the ban in approximately 6 months in the case of permanent bans.
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