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  1. Hello @EyePopper I have reviewed the previous ban and appeals and there were a few. You've been given more than one second chance it seems. Still I believe people can and do change over time, so I am going to unban you, but at the same time I want to make absolutely sure that you do play by the rules or the ban will be reinstated just as quick as it was lifted. Finally read the rules, reread them and enjoy the server within those rules: BAN APPEAL SUCCESSFULL
  2. I'll just run around the map shouting "Nakkikattila"!
  3. Lindi


    Hello @ChubboSlav I have reviewed you most recent ban and it seems to be inline with the previous ban, you have conducted yourself in a manner that has been seen as a violation of rule 1.1.1: I have personally unbanned you once, against recommendations against doing so. I've given you a second chance but here we are repeating the process that has been going on for too long. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCSESSFULL.
  4. Welcome to the forums and the modded content as well!
  5. Hello @ShepherdLaw You were banned for 3 days on the 26th of November. Ignorance of the rules isn't really a defence here. They are available at the forums and they are also available in game. You are even shown a popup when joining the server informing you about this. Also stated above things are dealt with on a case by case basis by the administrator(s) present at the time. That also means the administrator in question chooses weather to address you via chat or TS. In adition to this your TS nick and in game nick were not the same so connecting the two nick
  6. Welcome to the community @80Bravo, see you on the servers!
  7. AW MVP 2020: @Xwatt Thank you for everything, I feel you set AhoyWorld on a new course and I feel we have benefitted a lot as a community. AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @MidnightRunner picking just one person here is _very_ hard. AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Whigital ever vigilant for the new guys on EU1. Followed closely for Chicken_no6. AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @Stanhope codes, plays, hangs around. AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: We are all strict when needed? AW Best Team Player 2020: Cannot specify anyone specific. We
  8. I use keyboard and mouse as well! I do how ever also use track IR and a set of rudder pedals. I consider the rudder pedals optional but I could not imagine living with out Track IR anymore. I also fly using the standard flight model. One of the most important things to learn is to reduce speed early enough to not gain altitude when slowing down or alternatively smashing into the ground too hard. This combined with the skill to transition into a stable hover is where it's at, like Midnight says small gentle movement to avoid over correcting and pilot induced oscillation is very impo
  9. Lindi


    Welcome to the forums as well in that case!
  10. Thank you for everything you've done for us @Xwatt , I know you've put in a lot of effort and countless hours. It has been a pleasure to play and work with you. Xwatt leaves some big shoes to fill but who better to do it than @MidnightRunner and @Norris? Congrats guys!
  11. I want in on that action, driver reporting in!
  12. Hello @souldeath1 I've read the ban report and not only have you used racist slurs on server, you have also trolled by team killing and ignoring player role. Further more the incidents have taken place using different player names, which I suspect was an attempt to confuse admins, this however does not work. You have broken several of the server rules quite blatantly and you have been given a permanent ban. I do not find any true remorse nor an apology for your transgression. Thus I am not going to unban you at this time. I suggest you read the rules for AhoyWorld and E
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