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  1. Oh say no more, we've only had "recomendations" which is always something that people interpret in different ways. Sometimes I just wish they'd make it clear cut either which way and have it done with.
  2. Lindi


    Oof I now realize the mod I linked to haven't been updated for quite a while. Take a look around the workshop though, I'm sure there's more up to date stuff around.
  3. Lindi


    Hello @UrNa125 I've read the ban report and the chat logs from yesterday. What I see is that an Admin determined that your flying was not up to standard. The pilots need to be able to fly their air frames reliably and safely, if they are unable to do so their inability will hamper the effort of the entire team. This is also clearly stated in the rules. I could find several verbal warnings as well as kicks from the server, yet you rejoined the pilot slot against the orders of an Admin which finally lead to you being banned for 7 days. I suggest you use
  4. Our "CDC" hopes there will be a working vaccine by midsummer next year. I do too. Guess the russian one didn't really pan out, at least on a mass producible scale.
  5. I've gotta confess my love for the pilot role, transport helicopter to be exact and the autorifleman slot. I especially like the M-249 or the LIM as it is called in Arma3. Pilot role, I like to fly choppers and I like to do the transport bit, because it is a good way to support the team. Autorifle, just an fun role that supports the squad. 5.56 ammo can be carried in large amounts so you get to spray a little and the recoil isn't completely out of hand either. Marksman and Sniping is fun at time, but rubberbanding and floating terrain makes it quite hard at
  6. Hi Bombardak_Joe, I have reviewed your ban report from today and the one from 2019. The ban reports are near identical and seems to be that there is a pattern here. Both reports mention you being warned and kicked numerous times before being banned. On both occasions for similar offences. In light of this I will not be lifting your ban, you will have to server the time and highly recommend reading the rules of AhoyWorld and EU1 for future reference. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL
  7. Zombies? So just take away the guns from basic AI?
  8. You may try to justify this which every way you want, the bottom line is no racism or racist remarks are allowed. Team killing, Trolling, Wasting assets are all banable offences. Now I strongly advice you not to spam ban appeals, especially when you obviously haven't thought about your actions on server nor show any remorse. Permanent bans are never to be taken lightly and in the light of that I'm going to say that you will need to wait at least three months before re-appealing. BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL
  9. We keep a record of bans and naturally also keep logs on what happens on our servers. They serve many purposes like debugging and also in certain cases player tracking. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to a good player as yourself. It also serves the Admin team and myself as the community referee when making up our minds about bans and their consequent follow up. In your case the pattern is clear, there is plenty of trolling, breaking of rules and finally racism. All of the above are clearly against the rules of AhoyWorld. So I indeed agree with @LH5 that a ban is in order. Raci
  10. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sensors
  11. Lindi


    Hi @FredIsDuck, been thinking about this, I've gone over the ban reports and also talked you on Team Speak yesterday. While ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the rules and we make out rules available both in game and on the forums, I would have been let you off with a slap on the wrist for posting a discord link in the chat. I feel there is something wierd about having two Arma 3 accounts and this makes me think this might not be a simple mistake and that is a strange way to contact admins instead of Team Speak/Discord/Forums. Since this is your first
  12. This right here, quality content time and time again!
  13. Lindi


    See you around EU1, welcome to the forums. Check the Events and AWE sub-forum. You will need to download mods for the respective game nights. Other than that read what you can on the forums and ask people in TS. You should be up to speed in no time.
  14. I might be flying the wrong sim, but I hear Gudauta is nice this time of year!
  15. 'bout time we did D-day for real. Remember a few D-day like instances from before, but this time....
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