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  1. Lindi


    Hello @Babil You have been banned on the 23rd of April last year so I've come to the conclusion that you indeed have served your time. I will lift your ban effective now. Please do remember to read and follow our rules in the future. Here is a link for future reference: BAN APPEAL SUCCESFULL welcome back.
  2. Friendly vehicles will not despawn as long as there is at least 1 bluefor player with in 500 meters of the vehicle. If this was not the case all the vehicles would be littering th emap, denying the players back at base vehicles.
  3. Lindi

    Hello there

    Welcome to Ahoy!
  4. Lindi


    Hi, again, @ChubboSlav, You are right it's been pretty much a year, again. I hope you have learned to better handle situations where people annoy you during your ban and I certainly wish you will behave in accordance to 1.1.1 of the AhoyWorld rules in the future. This time however I will say that it is your third and final chance, so be mindful of how you conduct yourself on AhoyWorld in the future....and welcome back, again. BAN APPEAL SUCCESFULL.
  5. Lindi


    Hello @EastonRodgers, You have been banned at the end of May in 2020. The reason for your ban is stated as trolling in the form of questionable behavior toward fellow players and racism when you joined the server as FENRIR playing as part of unit [1488] sporting a Nazi swastika as the unit tag. Judging by the effort of creating a unit and using the unit tags including graphics I must conclude some effort was made specifically to display the Nazi symbology. I'm sure I do not need to point out that this breaks several of the Ahoy World rules, but I will anyway.
  6. I agree this ban has lasted almost four years, you have served your sentence. Take a moment to read our rules and welcome back to the servers. BAN APPEAL SUCCESSFULL
  7. Hi again @CheesyChips, in the case of permanent bans they are usually up for review in approximately 6 months time. I appreciate your attitude in the matter, but due to a few experiences in similar cases I will let the ban stand for the time being.
  8. Hello @CheesyChips I have reviewed your ban report and the ban report of @SarbuS. As part of the evidence in Sarbuses case you have been named the boss of a group actively advertising / recruiting on AhoyWorld servers. The rules of AhoyWorld are applicable on all our servers and services, they can be found by a number of ways, for example the forums, in-game on the maps screen and on our discord server as well. By playing on our server you accept these rules and abide to play by them. Claiming ignorance of the rules is in my opinion not a excuse in this case.
  9. Lindi


    Hello @SarbuS I have reviewed your ban report, which contains clear evidence of passing along discord info for your Discord group with added requirements of name changes for joining players, there is also reference to a command structure in the group in the form of naming a boss (@CheesyChips) for said group. This to me is an indication of advertisement and/or recruiting, which is prohibited by the rules of AhoyWorld. The rules of AhoyWorld are applicable on all our servers and services, they can be found by a number of ways, for example the forums, in-game on the maps
  10. The decision has been made and this discussion ends here. In the case of a permanent ban you can re-appeal in 6 months time.
  11. Hello @2ndLtMetalboy, Here we are again, with a second ban for recruiting and advertising. The MO and evidence is very much just like the last time. Last time I specifically said "I will take your word and remove the ban. I urge you to read the rules of Ahoy and EU1 once more to make sure there will be no more incidents. Repeat offenders very rarely get a second chance." We have also been made aware of advertising / recruitments attempts after your previous ban appeal. In light of this, the ban will stand as issued again. BAN APPEAL UNSUCSESSFULL
  12. Looking into it now. I've deleted the ban in RCON but it still insists you are banned.
  13. Hello @Dizkonnekted, I have reviewed the chat logs and have not really found anything to indicate a coordinated advertisement / recruitment attempt and thus I am going to take your word on mistakenly posting a discord server link instead of your discord profile link. I will however take this opportunity to point out that advertising and recruitment is in fact not allowed by AhoyWorld rules. I suggest reading the rules to avoid any future mishaps like this. BAN APPEAL SUCCESSFULL!
  14. Lindi


    Ban appeal retracted by user.
  15. Murph is free to express his view as are you Pickle. There is no need for you to be rude or to "put Murph" in his place as a spartan.
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