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  1. Farewell Team <3

    A shame to see a good guy like you go, but as always IRL comes first!
  2. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    A shame to see an awesome guy like you move on, I wish you the very best of luck and stay safe on your future deployment!
  3. HMDs mod

    Looks like a nice mod, shame about the Licence.
  4. Forum Backgrounds

    I like the lightning one!
  5. birdy the mighty

  6. When it all becomes a bit too much!

    Oh dang, didn't even notice that!
  7. When it all becomes a bit too much!

    When it all becomes a bit too much!
  8. Correction in the server rules

    Yes it is, the player was ignoring hes role. In my view transporting people to the action is the most important thing on a pilots todo-list.
  9. Correction in the server rules

    At the moment I see the rewards causing a lot of grief when someone camps the reward. Problems also arise when a reward vehicle is lost, some player have a tendency to instantly blame an admin / zeus, because naturally mere AI could not kill such a skilled player! Amentes is right, we had an instance of a squad camping base until side mission the other day. Which I could have lived with but the squad had a dedicated CAS pilot. That just sat at base in the Orca and later in the rewarded Blackfish gunship untill the next side mission spawned. This went on for a long time despite me repeatedly explaining the importance of providing transport services for the team in the mean time. I also agree that laying it all on an admin to take care off with our common sense isn't possible or even fair to the admins. I mean even with the Zeus interface you cannot keep an eye on everyone all of the time. The only down side to removing these rewards is the loss of variety and fun in operating something that is a little uncommon. At the present tho the pros of removing the rewards out weight the cons quite a lot in my mind.
  10. Cover and Fire

    I have had this happen to me in the past. For the longest time I thought it was just me being blind, but then once I literally almost stepped on an enemy. I had squad mates screaming over the radio that he was right next to me prone on the ground. but I still could not see the enemy. This happened to me on AWE. I can't quite remember how I solved it, but I think I had to reinstall the whole thing to get it sorted. So group up with someone confirm that you in fact cannot see the enemies 100%. If you end up doing a reinstall then back up your profile first, will make the reinstall that much easier.
  11. Dark theme for the forum

    I wouldn't mind at all!
  12. Greetings from Austria!

    @Matteo Why thank you my good man!
  13. Return of Tanoa

    Oh to get back on topic could we maybe consider rotating the map on EU2 say on a 24 hour cycle?
  14. Return of Tanoa

    You are right something similar happens on EU1 from time to time, but it's still a tad different to AWE.
  15. Return of Tanoa

    Packing and quick clot! The rest is for the medics! Some of the best team play efforts you see are when some one has been shot, you've got people dragging you to safety, a medic coming in to administer first aid, the medivac is called in and you are transported to safety. Yes, the downed player is down and incapacitated, but it just gives so many people the chance to shine! I love the team play aspect even though I'm the one in need of aid.