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  1. Lindi


    Hi @RT Can I ask you to send your GUID to me by PM?
  2. Lindi


    Hello @EU4N You have been banned for wasting assets (vehicles) i.e. crashing choppers. You were banned after at least 8 warnings and 2 kicks by 3 different admins. You were given numerous warnings, but you've chosen to ignore them. You were repeatedly asked to change slot to something else than a pilot, but since you kept rejoining as a pilot you were finally banned for 7 days. During these 7 days I suggest you read the I&A 3 rules & guide lines, more specifically chapter 4.3 Here is another thing you can use to occupy your time: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=192094335 BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL!
  3. Hi @Jean_Lapin First things first to appeal a ban, you need to fill in a ban appeal using the form on the forums. https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/4-ban-appeal/ Second I strongly recommend reading the rules of AhoyWorld; and also the server specific rules, in this case I&A3 In this case you were banned from the EU1 I&A3 server for repeatedly spamming a discord link in chat. The AhoyWorld Staff strive to make sure that all the services you might need to enjoy Arma are provided for all players in our community. We provide players with both un-modded and modded arma servers and events, we provide our community with Discord and Team Speak services as well. Personally I see recruiting as an offence since we try to make sure everything is there using the funds the player base donated to AhoyWorld. Having talked to you over PM I however feel you are sincere and did not mean any harm. Therefore I will reduce this ban to 30 days starting from today. I hope this time will be sufficient to reflect on what happened. BAN REDUCED TO 30 DAYS.
  4. Looking forward to the finale of this brilliant campaign!
  5. Hi @LT-Richardson__ I see you have been banned in 2016 for Advertisement/Recruitment. I am going to unban you because of time served. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of AhoyWorld and stick to them in the future. BAN APPEAL SUCCESSFUL
  6. Sounds much like the situation in my neck of the woods as well. It's a very special time to be alive in. I'm sort of glad us Finns have a level of social distancing by default. The virus is picking up speed here but apparently we are slightly behind in the median infection rate compared to other places. Which is not to say it's not bad, but trying to look at the positives here.
  7. Hi and welcome to AhoyWorld. Make sure to join our Discord and TS as well! Also Terveissii Turuust!
  8. Make sure you have the necesary mods and TS + Tfar (BETA) isntalled! We usually gather in the waiting room. Server opens 30 minutes before go time, to give players a little time to tweak their load outs and plan for the op. Slots are first come first served, but as always it's a good idea to consider your own skill and prefenrence before selecting one.
  9. The waiting room is open already, so if you want to make absolutely sure!
  10. I am looking forward to this, I'm in need of some rest and relaxation in the form of Unsung PTSD after a week like this!
  11. Over here stores are installing some sort of plexi-glass solution to offer "cough-protection" for cashiers. I'm sure it's not 100% (if anything is for that matter) but atleast there is a barrier between the customer and cashier.
  12. I'm getting some "relief", I will be moved from direct customer service duty and be put into back office work, I'll even get a office space of my own, being in the high risk group as well.
  13. Same same, well the people who can work from home do, but... well... all of us cannot.
  14. Could work very well with a spec-ops type stealth mission kinda thing!
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