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  1. I guess you want to get the most powerful processor your budget allows for, since it's a PC and the more performance the better. Arma 3 might not benefit from it, but other games and apps certainly will.
  2. Arma3 is a fairly old game by now, so current hardware should be able to do a descent job of running it. I would of course recommend getting enough memory (16Gb or more), as well as a descent video card. One thing that makes a marked difference is an SSD drive which I think is a must anyway.
  3. Lindi


    Hey Ito, welcome to AhoyWorld!
  4. Lindi


    Välkommen till AhoyWorld forumet! Nice to have you, hope you enjoy!
  5. Lindi

    Defend Altis

    The defend the police force side mission is a good example of what happens with defense scenarios. More often than not the AI get stuck on a corner, fence, bush or other object. I would not say it's a good idea as a scripted mission, it is doable as a Zeus missions though, because then the Zeuses are there to micro manage the AI.
  6. Lindi


    I always prefer cautious and safe over flamboyant and dead! Welcome to the forums!
  7. This being a public server means there will always be players who unintentionally or even intentionally break the rules. I would be very happy if all of us regulars just try to remind the new guys about the rules. If that doesn't help, then you can use the !admin command and player report function if an admin is not available. People will always find loop holes rules and in the code, the Spartan and Admin teams will of course try our utmost to keep order on the server. A quick note on the player report; it is always a good idea to submit a screenshot or two, maybe even a recording as evidence of an incident, that will help the admins resolve the issue as fast and accurately as possible. The reply to a report is not instant, but all reports will be handled and resolved and both parties the reporting player and the player being being reported will be notified, the later in case the report leads to action being taken.
  8. As it is in I&A3 right now. We are used to add them if need be!
  9. My thought was, by restricting the number of air assets when the player count decreases we have less of a problem with too many pilot, that potentially spoil the fun for the few infantry players by just leveling everything alone. I find that simply increasing the enemy strength does not solve the problem and might actually be an incentive for some to utilize the air assets even more. In the worst case the air assets are lost and the players are at an even bigger disadvantage.
  10. @Ryko - Is the dynamic squad layout still a thing, limiting number and types of squads according to player numbers? I feel for example that Vortex-1 is enough with say ~10 players. Vortex-2 would activate at say ~25 players... CAS/CAP assets would become available somewhere around ~35-40 players?
  11. I've noticed this as well, technically by the book but will result in situations where the CAS assets and mortar are give a little too much freedom, leaving infantry running doing searching for stray units in an otherwise empty AO. I.e a lot of tedious running with very little actual shooting and action. I guess the counter argument is, it's called in and could be considered realistic even.
  12. Player report maybe? Did notice your ping last night, but had already gotten to bed.
  13. Lindi


    Welcome to the community!
  14. I guess, it boils down to not noticing the aimbotnes in I&A3 because you are perfectly fine taking pot shots from far away. I&A4 on the other hand they will come for you and thus inherently be more lethal.
  15. Lindi

    Flat tire!

    Some one had a flat tire!
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