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  1. Lindi

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    Join us! TheScar for Platco!
  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Thank you @ansin11 I'm very happy you feel that way! I must confess I felt a little bad when the chopper crashed into you, that was just so random. Finding the balance between making the mission challenging enough to be fun, yet not too hard is a fine balance which we are constantly trying to maintain. I also want to assure to everyone that we try to make the mission seem immersive and more realistic that playing against AI, while taking great care in not to kill anyone outright. Personally I'm glad this discussion is being had and also think it should be ongoing. P.S, I knew the kill farm would be tricky while building it!
  4. We've discussed a few things within the teams on how we can improve, as well as thinking of a few improvements in the mission building / game play /squad requirements. Hopefully we've learned a thing of two for the future! ...and Stan it was a rough night for you, you did well none the less!
  5. Thank you @Xwatt not the most glorious job, but it has to be done!
  6. I move that we remove all reward vehicles. That way nobody steals them. (I'm only half serious btw!)
  7. Lindi


    When the whole squad says it's not *that* close!
  8. I like the new map very much. Haven't really played around with the rest that much.
  9. Yeah Arma is a strange beast when it comes to performance!
  10. I'm sure you've read Andy's guide?
  11. Lindi


    [EU2] Zeus Operations 28/07/19 @ 17:00 UTC
  12. Lindi


    [EU2] Zeus Operations 28/07/19 @ 17:00 UTC
  13. Lindi


    [EU2] Zeus Operations 28/07/19 @ 17:00 UTC
  14. Lindi


    [EU2] Zeus Operations 28/07/19 @ 17:00 UTC
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