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  1. Hello, The server logs show that you are breaking general rule 1.1.7 of AhoyWorld which states "1.1.7. Recruiting, or activity deemed to be considered recruiting is not permitted regardless of community size or membership status.", by vigorously spamming a discord link while on our server. We take any and all recruitment attempts very seriously and thus your ban will remain. You are welcome to re-appeal your ban in 3 to 6 months time.
  2. Lindi


    Hello Clannish, after reviewing your ban appeal and the evidence available to me at this time, I have decided that you have served your time and your ban will be lifted. I strongly recommend you read the rules of Ahoyworld and play within the rules while on our servers. Ban appeal successful
  3. @WinterMute I've only really got experience in Zeusing while online, but Xwatt, Midnight and Stanhope are some of the guys who can give you more info on how to make a mission, how to apply to run it and so forth. Hop on to TS and have a chat for starters!
  4. The missions so far have been great, I've enjoyed them immensely! I feel they have given a lot to the community and they have most certainly been the highlight of the week for me! Thank you for that to everyone who participated. I do however also very much understand the feeling of being burned out by doing them weekly, it is a lot of hard work and as always sometimes a mission or parts of them stir up some drama, which can be tiring. I also understand the time constraints and the toll doing these missions place on RL and vice versa. I myself rarely get anything done uninterrupted between working and the kid growing up. However I would like to keep things open by suggesting we take a little break and see what the situation is in a few weeks. I'd also like to remind everybody that if anybody has any mission suggestions, ideas for single or multiple game nights don't be afraid to share them, together we can make these missions come true as and for the community!
  5. Lindi


    Ace on EU1 is a little problematic, the mod set has been kept to client side only mods because we want to keep the server as accessible to new players as possible! That means you are not required to download any mods to be able to play. This will hopefully keep the threshold for joining our EU1 server as low as possible. We also arrange weekly game nights on EU2, where we run TFAR beta on top of the default EU1 mods. This is to ensure better communication and better quality of play and immersion as well. These game nights employ or more coordinated squad and command structure and a specific mission to complete as a team. ACE among others used to be an essential part of the Enhanced Server (AWE). The Enhanced server has been inactive for a while but the plan is to restart the AWE server once I&A4 is out of beta. As far as I'm aware I&A4 is pretty much feature complete, but we are still ironing out performance issues and the occasional bug.
  6. Close quarters fire fights, ambushes in the jungle and all the tunes of the era! Looking forward to it already!
  7. Lindi


    Welcome to the forums and the community Jamie! Nice to see you on the forums and TS as well!
  8. Lindi

    Admin at work!

    Just the usuall, nothing to see here!
  9. Lindi

    Chairs Are Overrated

    ...and then you get stuck!
  10. I find myself playing more and more as an autorifle. The LIM is just so sublime, what it lacks in punch it more than makes up for in accuracy! Ammo is also quite light so you can pack around 1000 rounds if need be. Very nice albeit does lack the kick of the heavier rifles. The rpk is a very strong contender these days, but the LIM is love! Translated pretty well into modded as well the M249 is so nice.
  11. @Tactical You are in a good position, the only way is up! Just take a moment to listen and try to apply the stuff that works on our server. You will soon win the hearts of your passengers while providing reliable and continuous transport to the team.
  12. A good point indeed. I saw this brewing a few days ago on the server. Heated discussion for sure, but I thought this would have been squared away by now.
  13. Why are we talking KOTH here at all? I think we all agreed a few posts ago KOTH and I&A is worlds apart?
  14. Lindi

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    Join us! TheScar for Platco!
  15. Welcome to the forums as well Grayal!
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