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  1. Introduction Neuralbow

    Nice playing with you this morning, welcome to the community!
  2. Community Update#3

    Can we get AhoyWorld coffee mugs? @Mark T
  3. Community Update#3

    I agree with the AT part. Unguided launchers maybe with the exception of the MAAWS should be more widely available for use across classes and the ability to pickup weapons in the field would keep things running more smoothly! Helmets and camo not so much because it will result in too many tks! ...but I guess I should take this to the suggestions thread instead.
  4. Ahoy Everyone

    Oh that takes me back to way back when! I just have to ask, what were they thinking with the rubber keys on the zx spectrum?
  5. I on the otherhand could not see this low res guy. Nor could I see/find him in the Zeus interface.
  6. I was able to load loud outs I saved previously, despite not having bought items in it.
  7. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    So as an autorifleman I cannot pick up a Zafir in the field, not because the gun is black listed, but because the enemies use a different color belt which is.
  8. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    What I would like to know is who gets credited for the kills!
  9. Unable To Chat In-Game: ARMA 3

    Had a similar issue yesterday after a Windows update was applied. Both my sound source and recording device settings were changed to some odd defaults.
  10. Guide - Blackfish

    I find the blackfish to be easier to land in 1st person, mainly due to the indicator ball that tells me where I'm going.
  11. Guide - Blackfish

    I'm mean I sometimes do hear myself on peoples recording and first I start thinking "whos voice is that?". Then realise it is mine!
  12. Guide - Blackfish

    Got to 1 minute and 25 seconds, clicked like allready! [EDIT1] Worth mentioning that the supply crate can be loaded into any chopper and it will drift with wind when dropped, unlike dropped vehicles which will go pretty much straight down even if dropped from a speed of 600 km/h. [EDIT2] 11/10 would fly with Andy any day despite the occasional explosion!
  13. Aren't the missions where the AI is on the offencive problematic in that the AI can get stuck and if the players can't find the and deal with the stuck enemy the mission will go on forever basically? I'm sure something could be done by making sure the AI spawns close enough to the mission in an effort to minimise the risk of not finding the attackers.
  14. It happened and I have proof!

    Oh I don't mind a little mixing and matching! That won't put my pantties in a bunch!
  15. AWE Status

    Mostly as in I enjoyed the special events where we had custom missions, mostly made by KPJ (altho I'm sure others did them too) now that you mention it. I was in awe at the time how KPJ found the energy and motivation to make those missions for so long. I know it isn't easy doing that many times in a row. You tend to run out of ideas in my experience. I also realize that the amount of effort put into a custom game night on AWE is quite a bit more than say the occasional Zeus mission I do on the public server.