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  1. 20171205181612_1.jpg

    @The_Mighty_Ginge ye we don't need to mention the first attempt .....
  2. @Karate Pyjamas @Minipily @Jochem @Noah_Hero @ShadowAce11 Needless to say after this I was quite shaken up from this....
  3. Gravity? What Gravity!

    @chicken_bananas @hobnob11 @The_Mighty_Ginge @Chubbs
  4. Moon

    @KingFronXos Judging the fact I have a G36 I can safely say that this image is old hahaha
  5. Wait... It Can Float?

    @hobnob11 Never in my life i thought that Arma 3 would allow the Chinook to float on water, my mind is blown from this finding.
  6. @Karate Pyjamas @Shadow Knight @SkullCollector Hey @Ryko is this normal....... Killer Parachutes The Second Coming......
  7. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    Haha ye soon as i heard the chopper go silent, first instinct was to look up and ye, and you seen what happened next.
  8. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    @Origins You had one job, one job.
  9. Pilot was @Origins for the record....
  10. "Official Map"

    @Minipily I can also agree that I've been damaged more or consumed by rocks then the enemy.
  11. "Official Map"

    @Karate Pyjamas @hobnob11 @Ivory @chicken_bananas @Fishbait "Official Map"
  12. Broken....

    @Origins I think Chris is broken...
  13. @Amentes SHhhhhh... No Tears. Just Dreams Now...
  14. McFallen

    @BorderLive He tripped over his own two left feet and plummet to his death, what a way to go....