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  1. Maybe part of the problem with the community is rather than reading the post and trying to actually do something about the problems you chose rather to try and put everyone into a group so you could better justify getting rid of the people you don't like.
  2. I have seen you threaten a non member on AWE cause he accidently got in the gunner seat of a vehicle that can take 2 gunners when it was pointed out to him what he had done he immediately switched and jokingly said "you didn't see anything" at which point you threatened him with the fact you were recording. if you expect any member of the community to treat you like a dependable member of staff like we did with teddy copey and shadowknight that is not going to happen.
  3. Maybe the fact community members want their names redacted so they don't have to deal with the fallout displays the lack of trust between the community and staff
  4. Complains that FSG is a meme team requests that hammer be made available to everyone. surely you can see how this will end if your solution for when someone makes a meme team is to delete the squad they are in they will just jump from one squad to another when you delete them. all this does is punish the people that played the squad as was intended. there will always be meme teams but deleting the squads just punishes the player base.
  5. If I report the auto rifleman in Alpha 1 does that mean EU3 will be updated to remove Alpha 1? if someone is reported for deliberately ruining other peoples experience I expect the staff team to punish them if that person is in alpha 1 vortex or FSG it doesn't matter as staff you have been given the tools to punish people who are blatantly in the wrong and I hope that you will regardless of a persons role. -not trying to create an argument just a well informed debate.
  6. It's a shame to see FSG go I feel that the rules were not transparent enough the entirety of Nomad being 1 squad on the squad menu but then being told by a very disgruntled ASL that it was 2 squads was a recipe for disaster and we have seen the squad 5 strong whilst A1 only has 3. I think a more clear layout of the fire support group to show that it is infract several squads would prevent lots of the problems I will not claim that it will stop all of them there will always be people who will misuse role's but locking or cutting down the effectiveness of that role is not a valid solution. I think the current FSG loadout is the best we have seen ever with having the Arsenal mostly open to them it allows ASL to request exactly what is needed or for FSG teams to play smart and pack the weapon system the is perfect for that terrain. I also think that some of the blame lays on the shoulders of ASL with over enforcing what weapon system FSG uses. Name a time when FSG has used anything other than the MAAWS sometimes you might see a javelin but the only time I have seen FSG take a mortar is when I was the gunner and I packed a mortar myself. some people may remember when the FSG team I was a part of was shouted at repeatedly by ASL for about five minutes just because we had packed a SMAW and not a MAAWS. he did not care how many vehicle kills we had or how effective we were he wanted a MAAWS and that was the end of it. this is an incredibly divisive topic but just cutting support squads out of the server is not a solution its is trying to paint over the problem and pretend it is not really there.
  7. Showoff

    Wikkidy lands on the stratis carrier
  8. Mission complete

    Wikkidy celebrating Stratis falling to Blufor
  9. King Falls off stuff

  10. EU9 Refueling

  11. What happened here?

    FSG playing dead
  12. EU9 Refueling

    had this saved before I left.
  13. Lockup

    When someone has to take the blame for the war crimes.
  14. Hammer team

    Not sure when I took this but its still pretty glorious.