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  1. EU9 Refueling

  2. What happened here?

    FSG playing dead
  3. EU9 Refueling

    had this saved before I left.
  4. Lockup

    When someone has to take the blame for the war crimes.
  5. Hammer team

    Not sure when I took this but its still pretty glorious.
  6. Watching it happen as FAC was hilarious nothing I could do but watch and get the apache to try and cover the infy
  7. Arma Aircraft Carrier (Jets DLC) CVN-87

    Cant wait to see people putting a pile of tires at the end of the runway like arma 2 so that inexperienced pilots don't fly off the end of the carrier. found a video of it in use
  8. Recon

    platoon commander Ryko organising Alpha and Bravo
  9. Command

    The most populated I have seem EU3 in awhile
  10. Forward air control

  11. Copey

    Copey as Asl.
  12. F-18

    Two f-18's taking off from abramia.
  13. Vape nation

    I think this is part 3 the c130 blew up twice trying to get off the ground
  14. Vape nation

    HAT team of the year relocating after a completed mission