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  1. I think I've found the ace variable which defines the distance, I'll kick it up a notch (it's currently set to 15, think maybe 25 meters will do it based on current locations?)
  2. Stiletto 055 has been loaded onto the server on all 6 maps. CHANGE LOG 055 1. Added flavour helmets for pilots, removed SAR-21 rifles. PRC152/FADAK radios now properly restricted to Corporal and above. The arsenal will still probably eat your radios from saved loadouts, so always check you have a radio before you leave base. 2. Added Single & Double flood lights to Logi spawnable items. Note that they can be turned off via ACE interaction, but they cannot be reactivated if you do this (blame ACE). 3. Changed Fog dynamic: Fog will not improve or disperse over time to avoid Arma's wonky fog mechanics. 4. All HVTs / human objectives will now automatically surrender if you point your gun at them and use the Stop action (within 20m). 5. Tweaks to rally point deployment to fix spawning errors. 6. Dogs can no longer bite you through vehicles. 7. Admin Show FPS command shows server & HC units being controlled by server & HC. 8. Fix to USMC Squad layout (thanks Plant1ng), and update to BAF Squad layout (thanks GhostDragon) 9. In all missions, OPFOR will support themselves a bit better (groups will no longer blindly patrol when another group is attacked) 10. Fixes to capture/kill HVT missions, HVT fleeing area refined and mission fail conditions refined 11. Fix to Deploy Comm array mission (enemy reinforcements were not being summoned, thus mission could not complete) 12. Inanimate objects will no longer complain about you searching them (thanks Moonfire) 13. Enemies who are restrained/surrendered now properly referred to as Enemy rather than Civilian, and different interaction options are available in talk menu (ie., you can't trade with them) 14. Boat spawn options cleaned up; assault boats added 15. Tembelan island rocks deleted where AI were able to walk through them.
  3. The LIM 85 is a no because of ammo inconsistencies (we already have bad enough situations between the BAF stuff and RHS/Vanilla/SMA). Show me where I agreed to whitelist the weird RHS helmets...
  4. Hey @Plant1ing Some information on your quest to understand intel: 1) The intel types are "flavour text", one type doesn't correlate to a specific task (whether it's a GPS tracker, a stash of crumpled notes, a radio, doesn't matter). 2) Intel relates to all tasks at any given time: including past succeeded/failed tasks. Getting new intel after you've completed a task, that intel could relate to that completed task. After 051 intel review should be more specific about what task the intel related to. 3) There is a greater chance when reviewing intel that the intel will relate to the closest task. 4) I added the return of "intel is garbage" to try and deal with the fact that somehow, somewhere, intel is getting bugged. I'm trying to identify and lock down all the sources of intel so that they are all in the same format and that method was supposed to be an exclusion process so that if the intel code isn't processed successfully, it completes gracefully and doesn't leave the AO unchecked. Obviously there's still a problem. What would be really helpful would be to examine your intel periodically after you collect it. Right now, you can collect intel from the following sources: 1) Trading with civilians 2) Searching restrained civilians, or dead civilian bodies 3) Searching restrained enemies, or dead enemy bodies 4) Searching vehicles, caches, spawn camp crates 5) receiving intel from other players. If at any point you receive or see the result of "any" then that'd help me identify what's causing the error.
  5. Stiletto 054 has been released across all maps. CHANGE LOG 054 1. Tweak to weather, fog should be slightly less severe in worst cases. 2. Tweaks to ambient OPFOR spawning in relation to its move to the HC. 3. Added new Stryker and LAV-25 vehicles to vehicle spawn menu. 4. Fix to vehicle service/spawning area where vehicles weren't able to be deleted, and wouldn't reload ammunition completely. 5. Added new option to allow command player/admin to switch player faction and reset all vehicles/squad layout. Must be performed with all players present in the command building. Currently available for BLUFOR only.
  6. It's already coded to work this way.
  7. Stiletto 053 has been uploaded to the server. CHANGE LOG 053 1. Fixed error in intel review. 2. Complete overhaul of Ambient AI & Ambient Civilians and how these functions interact with the Headless Client. Ambient OPFOR units have traditionally been run by the HC: to improve performance, Ambient Civilians are also now run by the HC (if it's available). 3. Fixed rally point deployment. 4. Slight raise to logistics crates: 350 for small box, 700 for large box. 5. Added scroll action to logistics crates, crate may be destroyed (useful for clearing away clutter, especially when the resource points are exhausted). 6. Fixes to FOB infantry spawn point, including arsenal which didn't disappear (it now does). 7. Another attempt to fix team colors staying as configured, this attempt is a bit more brute force but it "should" work. 8. Revised diary to update Stiletto game mode rules, and added description of dynamic groups. 9. Applied mission end fixes to Capture UAV mission and Hostage Rescue mission. 10. Tweaks to civilian ambient vehicles to prevent explosioning.
  8. What was the security level of the town? Civilian's don't guaranteed stop any more, they'll run away if they're scared of BLUFOR.
  9. Please note that 052 is the most recent version, and while bug reports are fine, I am not developing on version 051. I have explored fixes for radios being eaten by the arsenal, and it's not possible with our version of TFAR and how ACE parses the arsenal. Apparently the TFAR 1.0 beta has support for the ACE arsenal, but until they've ironed out their audio issues and produce a version which doesn't have the horrible clipping issue we're stuck where we are. Short version: check your loadout before you exit the arsenal and ensure you have the radio and scope you desire.
  10. Preventing friendly fire

    I'm not disagreeing, all I know is that in a pilot's targeting screen it's just going to come up "T-100" and there's no way the player is going to see the flag.
  11. Preventing friendly fire

    I have to say that offering opfor assets as reward vehicles can't help anti-tk measures much.
  12. Hey BB, Glad you are enjoying the server and mission. Nothing is super secret here - download mikeros utilities and use eliteness to open up a mission pbo and you can see exactly how the sausage gets made. For stiletto each of the submissions uses a trigger to determine when the mission is succeeded or failed, at which point a routine is called the launches the next mission. R
  13. It's the bane of my existence. I've tried to fix it about four times now. ... gearing up for attempt #5
  14. Stiletto version 052 is now on the server. I'm putting a hold on developing further on Gorgona and Kunduz because those small maps have problems which make them bothersome to play on. As such the rotation for 052 will be: Lythium, Bozcaada, Tembelan, Malden, Stratis and Altis. CHANGE LOG 052 1. Additional sanity checks when joining groups. 2. ALT-END will decrease zoom level on mini map. 3. Stinger anti-air launcher added to Rifleman LAT and Rifleman AT for western factions; Igla added for eastern factions. 4. Fixed picking up intel from dead friendlies. 5. Civilians will (if they like you) occasionally reveal the locations of mines on your map. 6. Dynamic group system now has parameter setting for None (Commander will create), Default Stiletto, and draft versions for US Army, USMC, MARSOC, British and Russian configurations. 7. Updates to review intel mechanic: additional feedback from Crossroads about the task the intel related to. 8. Discovered missions mechanic tweaked: as intel is collected, there is a proportional chance a new mission will spawn. 9. Tweaks to deploy/defend comm array mission should reduce the overall length of time the array needs to be defended, and enemy reinforcements should spawn more rapidly.