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  1. I have code for a cTab style system that was integrated into Stiletto that we could use if it was desired. However I think MR is specifically looking to remove blufor tracking for this mission series. ACE has its own excellent and configurable bft system as well.
  2. Liberation lets you take other player's loadouts, but there's no indication what they actually are. I think players would be better off with some predefined loadouts for uniform consistency etc, or at least a base to work on.
  3. - admin channel spam toggle doesn't work (at least, didn't for me) - ideally, the command menu would report whether it's currently on or off. - would be great to have toggle all option - radio channel setting not maintained after death
  4. Hi! I'd say the first thing you're going to want to do is go to youtube and learn about how the Eden editor works in Arma. Make a very simple first mission involving tasks, like a typical "steal the car" mission (bring a car to a certain end point, mission success). This will set you up for more complicated task management. For non-combatants, just make your players part of the civilian faction; civilians won't be shot at by any faction, unless you become a threat.
  5. Ahoy mates, Ahoyworld is upgrading. The server boxes upon which we run Arma 3 are acceptable, but as it happens we are doing well enough financially that we have decided to implement an update to better servers. Our current boxes run on Intel i7-6700 Quad-core chips, and our new ones will run on Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-core chips. The numbers say it's a 29% upgrade, for essentially the same monthly cost. Now is a great time for Ahoyworld. Our implementation of the subscription model has allowed us to actually plan into the future by having a projectable cash flow. While donations are the life-blood of Ahoyworld, the peaks and valleys of donations have made planning quite difficult. However, the move to new servers is not free. If you were considering a donation to Ahoyworld, now would be an excellent time to help us cover these costs, which we are projecting in the realm of €250. We are on good footing, financially, but this transition will eat into our reserves a bit. Thanks for your attention! We'll keep you updated with further information regarding the big upgrade as it becomes available. Best regards, Ahoyworld Core Staff members
  6. Beta 079 change log, test forthcoming. 079 --- FIXES 1. Pilots were not getting reward points for transporting players, fixed. 2. Secondary reward vehicles earned from side missions were not populating. 3. Vehicle flag reward 4. Redeploy to Vulture 5. Reward vehicles should now show up on map. 6. Dynamic groups (again) 7. OPFOR CAS error (_target) 8. Base repair stations 9. Weather and synchronization with players 10. Vulture wasn't calling out air contacts in Air channel. 11. Purchased reward weapons and gear weren't persistent between connection state. 12. Removed fail condition on Capture UAV mission. 13. Annoying script bug on CHVD when changing view sliders. 14. USS Freedom autonomous turrets set captive so OPFOR jet's won't attempt to engage them. 15. Kicking players from player / admin menu, teamkills, and idle status TWEAKS 1. Artillery mission will no longer spam firing notifications, just once at the beginning of the mission. Watch out for red smoke! 2. Waypoint detection for modification in map changed from 15m to 5m from cursor position. 3. Players in Zulu squad who arrive near any base zone will automatically be placed in the unassigned group and repositioned back to main base for role selection. 4. Changed reward viewer text to structured text to accommodate Bohemia's use of br tags. 5. Idle player will alert group members of imminent (1 minute) kick for being idle. 6. Ambient Opfor extended distance to players before being deleted. 7. Entering / leaving air and command comms channel now broadcast to channel users. 8. Rifleman AT/AA now have access to full-size rifles. 9. Reworked Skopos Radar station. 10. Backpack lock status now rests with the player, so if you swap backpacks at the arsenal, you won't have to reset your backpack lock status. 11. Airport AO will reveal FOB base contents so enemy units actually have some cover 12. Rescue Hostages mission, any spontaneously created building will be removed at end of mission 13. Waypoint placement restricted to map view as it makes more sense there, and GUI waypoint placement not working as intended. NEW 1. Admin / Players menu: selecting player from list as zeus will move the zeus camera to that player. 2. Vulture airframes will not try to fly faster than 300 km/h 3. UAV added Laser Designator (keybind: L) 4. Mission will remove abandoned non-player vehicles from completed AO's 5. Full face goggles and diving masks will add the goggle vignette to player's GUI. Respirator sounds will cycle when wearing respirator goggle types.
  7. Beta 078 change log, test forthcoming 078 --- FIXES 1. Spec ops squad, team leader changed into squad leader (gives access to command channel) 2. Reward vehicle locking fixed (was: purchased vehicle was locked against all, not just non-reward buyer) 3. Mortars, Artillery from side mission was targeting players at unlocked FOB 4. Restored HintC, Kick buttons to player menu for admins 5. Error in OPFOR CAS module 6. Dynamic groups errors (especially: empty notifications) 7. FOBs objectives treated as bases during AO 8. Mines/charges functionality from 077 9. Emergency fuel action 10. Added ascii filter for custom group names 11. Added U_B_CombatUniform_tshirt_mcam_wdL_f uniform to arsenal. It was there, but was being removed from gear, because Bohemia made a typo (note the last L) 12. Increased picture visibility in reward menu 13. Removed duplicates from reward menu. 14. Admin menu: respawn all vehicles button. 15. Parachute won't be applied to dead player. 16. Fixed exploit that allowed more than 8 members to a custom squad. 17. Bug in Ambient Opfor generation that was not spawning assets against Armor and Air players; other refinements to ambient spawning. 18. Error in weather maintenance fixed, added additional parameter options for fog (lowland and highland fog), made a no-rain and no-fog guarantee 19. Under the hood cleanup of mission parameter options, reordered and now easier to access TWEAKS 1. Removed exceptional speed detection as too many false positives, and not super useful (speed hacks will also be detected in other ways) 2. Armor commanders and team leaders removed from Air comms channel. For greater clarity, here is the default comm channel access: AIR channel: Platoon Commander, Squad Leader, Spotter, Air roles. COMMAND channel: Platoon Commander, Squad Leader, Spotter, Armor commander. 3. Added timeout for pilot strikes, fifteen minutes after a strike is earned it will be removed. 4. Ammo box reward sets itself upright when it hits the ground 5. Vehicles with pylon loadouts (Planes and armed helicopters) may now purchase loadouts from their spawn location. As well a single crew member may be present in the vehicle to purchase 6. visiblePosition instead of getPosATL in name tags, should make tag placement smoother 7. Move Waypoints set by group leaders are now self-deleting when you reach them. 8. Setting a waypoint in the world will replace a current waypoint with this new one. In the map view, the group leader can place multiple waypoints. 9. Waypoints may be deleted with the DELETE key, either in-world or through the map. 10. Waypoints may be updated by left-clicking on them in the map view, where they can be changed from Move waypoints to Attack or Defend waypoints, and they will not be removed when reached. 11. User placed markers will now gradually disappear, unless they are prefaced with LZ to indicate a landing zone. Total duration is 5 minutes. 12. Added more soldier type icons: autorifleman / machinegunner, LAT/HAT/AA, Officer, Engineer, Explosive specialist, Civilian. 13. Restricted the purchasing of Close Air Support and Combat Air Patrol airframe rewards. If the required Squad is occupied with no available roles, you cannot purchase the reward vehicle. If it is unoccupied, you may purchase it. 14. A single Pilot strike will time out after 15 minutes. 15. Enemy won't call in CAS against targets they don't know about. 16. Tweaks to how mission persistence works. NEW 1. Staff users may select secondary mission to add to launch queue. Tweaked aborting side missions, and toggling side mission spawning. 2. Added Vulture parameter, which spawns a roving airframe at 4000m (NATO: Blackfish, CSAT: Xi'an, AAF: not available). Players may teleport to this plane and drop from it for free, provided they are patient for it to get into position. 3. Added CAS airplane loadout: Unguided bombs (up to 32 SDB bombs) 4. Deleted the USS Freedom when CSAT faction selected, as Shikra cannot realistically land on it. 5. New splash screen logo
  8. BETA 077 --- NEW 1. Placed mines and charges will put an icon on the map, and charges will emit a regular beeping noise, until item is removed or destroyed. 2. Added magazine repacking. Conditions to use it: - you must be crouching (in the middle stance position). - you must have at least two partially-filled magazines - you must be stationary (you can be a passenger in a moving vehicle) Smaller magazines will repack faster than larger magazines, and aborting the action prematurely will result in some magazines being repacked. 3. Added Zeus keybind to add entities to zeus interface (CTRL-S). 4. Added loop in Dynamic Groups to check every minute for groups which are overpopulated, or improperly created, and remove excess players. 5. Second attempt at player dragging. 6. First pass at gestures menu. By default, no keybind (add your own preference in IA4 keybinds). FIXES 1. Removed red smoke supplies from default vehicle loadouts. 2. Admin log errors. 3. Counterattack can't happen against player FOB (all sorts of good reasons). 4. Zeus lightning keybind for Zeus interface. 5. Name tag position for group members fixed (was at feet, should be at spine position). 6. Repair pads 7. Pilot 2-strike rule TWEAKS 1. Spotted targets won't show for incapacitated players, and incapacitated players cannot spot targets. 2. Viper assets won't lose fuel if one pilot disconnects during flight, rather, weapons will be removed. Weapons are removed when vehicle touches down. 3. Local hack check for speed will now ignore respawns.
  9. IA4 076 change log - beta test forthcoming 076 --- NEW 1. Custom control user action 20 bound to sling / unsling weapon. You will have to set the particular keybind up yourself. 2. Ability to remove roles of custom group, and to change group name (between 4-9 characters, bad word filtering included). 3. Added custom keybinds for Zeus users in Zeus interface. 4. Added N/S/E/W icons to UAV interface. 5. Added End Counter attack, modify counter attack chance buttons to admin interface. 6. Added custom AI defend task (used primarily in counter attack sub-mission). 7. Respirator goggle items and backpacks added to arsenal. Inventory/arsenal subroutines add regulator valve textures automatically. 8. New secondary mission: Disarm Radiological device. Players must wear CBRN gear (uniform, respirator mask and respirator backpack) or succumb to the damaging effects of radiation. FIXES 1. Added rolledup uniform variants. 2. Player donation fixed to avoid certain issues. 3. Deletion of helicopters at Terminal helipads. 4. Tweaks to dynamic groups. 5. Vehicle locking. 6. Admin scripts 7. Spotting 8. Zeus shouldn't ping other zeuses when entering Zeus. 9. Zeus: when controlling remote control units, should show map position as zeus unit, not player 10. Enemy counter attack objective changed to ground assault (helicopter paradrop was too CPU intensive) TWEAKS 1. OPFOR squad leaders binoculars removed so they will actually shoot weapons. 2. Zeus players may now donate negative rewards (penalties). 3. Staff players may now map teleport (ALT+Left click) in any role. 4. Ambient spawned units receive a new waypoint if they run out of waypoints. 5. OPFOR Close Air Support should be more regularly spawned.
  10. Gearing up for Beta Test 075. Change log: NEW 1. New UAV interface, completely written from the ground up on new principles. 2. Added ability to lock groups, invite players to custom groups, and kick players from groups. Initial pass, expect bugs. 3. Added occasional enemy counterattacks on conquered zone. 4. Added feature for kill tracking, forward compatibility 5. Added protection zones to vehicle spawn locations. 6. Added mission parameter to determine which factions are available for reward vehicles, weapons and gear. New default set to all factions available, but reward weapons are now not all unlocked by default. 7. Added unlockable FOB mission parameter. 8. Quality of Life functions added for pilots (throttle and VTOL operation). Functions are bound to Arma custom controls 1-5 and 10-13. Select "Custom Air Keybinds" button in IA4 keybinds for more information. FIXES 1. Error re player disconnection and group cleanup. 2. Changed Killed EH to MPKilled EH on enemy units to improve reward point tracking. 3. Error related to regaining consciousness and reward points. 4. Error related to vehicle locking. 5. Current AO added to mission persistence 6. Complete overhaul of Dynamic Groups. Custom squads work now? Maybe? 7. Vehicle, weapon and gear pictures in Rewards menu now have textures instead of just silhouettes. 8. Ambient AI player detection. 9. Replaced ARCO with RCO for base NATO machinegunner loadout, added EOD vests to EOD explosive specialist loadout. 10. Paradrop will no longer drop you with vehicle unless you buy vehicle paradrop. 11. Vehicle pylon rearming no longer results in empty (red) pylon weapons. 12. Three strikes rule for Vortex pilot works TWEAKS 1. Slight increase on font size in IA4 menu. 2. Tweaks to arsenal equipment on lowest difficulty setting (some classes were getting access to gear they weren't entitled to) 3. Removed dynamic group availability as a parameter option. 4. Tweaks to mission persistence (currentAO, mission parameter array). 5. Removed map markers showing engagement zones as just confusing (still available in map diary if desired). 6. UAV will now never run out of fuel. 7. Enemy air support shouldn't target Vortex with anti-air jets. 8. Medical tents conform to faction. 9. Increased frequency of SAM and Artillery secondary missions. Should also ensure a variety of missions, should have at least three unique missions in a row. 10. Player cannot open IA4 menu if dead or incapacitated. 11. Vortex, Viper, Reaper and Talon team members now no longer get an action to redeploy to their various vehicle spawn locations. All redeployment (base teleport) is now done through the Altis map next to the seated quartermaster). It's on the map now, labelled as Redeployment 12. Added black MRD variant from Contact DLC to reward definitions.
  11. Sorry for your loss, but of course, there's no way we can know that and it has no bearing in this issue. Arma has received bad press in the past for being used in ways it was not intended: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2937641/ISIS-fighters-distributing-video-game-allows-players-play-role-Islamist-kill-Westerners.html We have obviously been sensitive to that press and in no way wish to be caught up in anything untoward as a result. If our administration actions result in false positives, this is an unfortunate side effect. And the proper course of action is to make a ban appeal.
  12. The design philosophy on I&A 4 (if not I&A 3, though I can't really speak to that one) is that the mission is intended to be able to be as widely played as possible, meaning we try to use assets which don't require DLC. I personally don't have Global Mobilization, as I wasn't hugely impressed by it, so I have no motivation to design for it.
  13. 074 Beta test change log --- FIXES 1. Added BIS_fnc_spawn to CfgRemoteExec restrictions. Thanks, script kiddie, for alerting us to that! 2. Made repair/rearm/refuel pods invisible, you should now be able to rearm just by rolling onto the service pad. 3. Add emergency fuel action repaired 4. Additional fallback trigger for cases where player doesn't spawn off of Makrynisi island on first connect. 5. Revisions to player speed detection. 6. Goblin UAV RTB on fuel now changed to a straight despawn instead of landing and despawn, Goblin had found a way to land on the runway and hog it. 7. Viper fuel issues reviewed (no fuel if less than full crew occupy the vehicle). 8. VIPER/ REAPER/ TALON teleport to pads addActions TWEAKS 1. Players won't get revive reward points while in base. 2. Reward menu vehicle names trimmed to 21 characters to fit into list menu. 3. Capture UAV side mission now provides an alert 4. Added OnEachFrame command to cfgDisabledCommands as IA4 doesn't use it. 5. Added Stealth Balaclavas to reward menu. 6. Revisions to teamkill logging.
  14. Oooooh, that first one is definitely from the script kiddie. Stan already suggested we restrict the use of BIS_fnc_spawn, which should close that particular security loophole...
  15. BETA 073 - FIXES 1. OPFOR mortars cannot be disassembled. 2. Alternative take on disabling vanilla command channel. 3. Changed VIPER aircraft crew restriction to a no-fuel model. 4. Attempt to fix civilians being deleted from primary AO when secondary AO completed. 5. Admin reports for TKs were reporting weapons for vehicle kills and vehicles for weapon kills. 6. Fix to reward points going to null value, resulting in reward menu not being able to be opened (related to primary/secondary mission rewards). 7. Air, command channel should reset on player respawn. 8. Players were not receiving reward points on enemy kills. 9. Headless client was being considered in player counts and other various calls, is now excluded. TWEAKS 1. Removed binoculars, rangefinders and Laser designators from enemy command roles so they won't select those weapons. 2. Squad dialog won't open until player is alive. 3. Aiming deficiency is now the only drawback for using non-faction or non-class weaponry. Still toying with this on a gameplay level.
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