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  1. So right now I just add everything that's available to add. The problem is that there are different camo schemes for each vehicle so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. And I'm not going to expend programming time (at this point) on inherently cosmetic bits and pieces.
  2. Yeah the vehicle-per-squad thing was a bug that's being addressed in the next version. There won't be a restriction on regular infantry squads, but (by default) Armor squads will be limited to one armored vehicle each. What this means is that if Gambler Driver is in the field, one-manning a Panther, and a Slammer spawns, Gambler Gunner won't be able to get into it and take it (you'll get an error saying that Gambler has already claimed it's vehicle (the Panther)). Gambler Driver can abandon the vehicle in the field, letting the Gunner take the Slammer, but you can't run both vehicles at the same time. I've tweaked the amount of armor that spawns in the next version. It's hard when you have some players saying there's not enough armor, and others saying too much, so eventually with tweaks every test, we'll probably find the right balance. Added in the MMG's to the next reward definitions!
  3. I'm pretty sure this is connected to spawning the Black Wasp, but I don't know why it's throwing that error.
  4. Yup, already top of the list and I think fixed for 057 Will check Blame arma, the T-140 is meant to be very powerful and it very much depends on where you hit it. If you are hitting it on the front you are intended to have a very tough time.
  5. Change Log 056 --------------------------- 1. Kill for velocity now restricted to players outside of vehicles (ie., forgetting to pull your chute). 2. Assets from uncompleted subobjectives now clean up after main AO is completed. 3. Vehicle nudge action now only flips vehicles in base. 4. New reward vehicle classes earned in secondary missions now properly propagated to players. 5. Added vehicle ammo drop and vehicle fuel drop miscellaneous rewards. 6. Fix for main AO not completing error. 7. Tweaked position of secondary arsenals by ground vehicle servicing. 8. Gave laser batteries to default loadout of armor commander. Whoops! 9. Tweaked how UAV view functionality works, 8/4/6/2 buttons now slew the camera N/W/E/S in 150m increments. 10. Slight increase to vehicle respawn times. 11. Developed vehicles functionality. By default, Armor groups (Hitman and Gambler) are limited to one vehicle per group. The first vehicle occupied by a member of the group is the vehicle that is 'claimed'. 12. Added GUI messages for Gambler, Hitman, Vortex, Viper, Reaper and Talon with condensed rules that player must agree to in order to join squad. 13. Tweaks/fixes to some secondary missions. Added Destroy Prototype Tank secondary mission (thanks Stanhope). Added timer to retry a secondary mission spawn if one hasn't spawned (fallback condition for if a secondary mission doesn't spawn due to an error). 14. Added new East Wind secondary mission. 15. Tweaks to main mission generation, in particular anti-air resources. 16. Engineers can now deactivate mines and other charges. 17. Tweaks to helicopter ammo drop 18. Tweaks to default marksman loadout, which had some DLC kit. 19. Fixed restoration of custom weapons and gear when player reconnects. 20. Renamed Romeo squad to Zulu squad. 21. Overhaul of Keybinds and toggled functions; squad radar and name tags are now not controlled by keybinds, but by toggle buttons in the new KEYBINDS + INTERFACE button on the IA4 menu. 22. Light overhaul of map interface. Empty player vehicles now show up on map as yellow icons; locked vehicles show as cyan. Name of vehicle appears based on zoomed in distance. Vehicle icons on map can be toggled on or off in IA4 interface options. 23. Spotting results are now stationary based on the spotted target's position when they were spotted (they no longer move with the target). Spot markers in the world interface fade out after 10 seconds, but fade out on the map over 30 seconds. 24. Fixed bug where gunners wouldn't see spot markers in the gunner interface. 25. Overhaul and fixes for vehicle servicing and pylon weapons replacement. 26. Custom squads overhauled. Added mission parameter to allow custom squads to be created without squad leaders, allowing for one-man squads.
  6. I think the long term plan will be to sync through steam rather than arma3sync, but Ghost will know more on that front.
  7. Ryko

    Attending physician

    If you want to discuss this further, I'd suggest moving to the I&A4 Beta Feedback thread as it's difficult to track comments on gallery images. Yours is a good idea, except I probably won't implement it on the public server (EU1) as the focus is getting into the action quickly.
  8. Ryko

    Attending physician

    This all leverages the Bohemia revive mechanic, I believe players exit the incapacitated state as fully healed.
  9. Thanks for your interest, @hadi5918! I am fixing bugs picked up from the last beta test, and will be running the next beta test this week, probably on Wednesday. We are getting close!
  10. I agree that long term, educational and promotional videos will help alot to convince new players to download the mods and join up.
  11. I feel I need to clarify this point. With milsim, you have the luxury of being able to vet your membership through an application and qualification process, so you get exactly the players you want to play with. Unfortunately this can result in a long learning curve and it can take a while before a new player feels comfortable on the server given specific mods, rules and other practices which take a while to understand. With a purely public server, you have the luxury of being able to instantly drop into the action without needing to have a unique understanding of the game - it's likely just an extension of the Arma 3 game mode. Unfortunately you attract almost anyone, which means you get a wide variety of attitudes, understandings and preferences trying to co-exist in the same server. As AWE didn't require any application to participate, and had an extensive array of mods, I felt justified in saying we had the "worst of both worlds", but also, we had the best of both worlds - it's up for debate whether the one superceded the other. But historically on AWE there was a strong butting of heads between players who wanted one type of playstyle over another. I think it's worth spending some time in this thread figuring out how high we want that bar to be in the first place. I take your point. I think starting with a very slim modset will overcome many of the problems AWE initially faced (who wants to download 30 GB of mods?).
  12. This is such an important point and I'm glad David made it. I think most people are looking for a non-vanilla experience - something tactical that feels more realistic, mostly because it doesn't use the 2035 tech but the modern modded content. Whatever direction we go, it has to be accessible, for the big reason that we don't want to go through a huge headache of setting this up to accommodate the 5 players that will play it. If this was a milsim server I would be onboard with adding all the realism mods you could find, but this has been the chronic problem of AWE - it's the worst of both worlds (vanilla & milsim). Accordingly I think we have to focus on simplifying and making the barriers to entry low. Just requiring people to use a mic is going to filter out a huge percentage of people, but that's ok - we probably weren't going to attract those people anyway. After that, the size of the modpack. And then after that, the complexity level for how to jump into the action. Noah, I do take your points about ACE making the medic and engineer roles more satisfying to play.
  13. I think there's an upper limit to which they were looking to aim at, in terms of returns on realism. There's also a performance consideration at play.
  14. I'd like to table the discusssion of ACE medical for now and focus on my other question - what other facets of ACE are must-haves, or is it really just for ACE medical that we consider ACE.
  15. I have to admit the more I think about it, the more I'm not 100% convinced ACE is 100% necessary. ACE gives us a ton of extra functionality but it also adds a level of complexity that would prevent new users from getting on board easily. Let me put it another way. What would you absolutely miss if we didn't have ACE? ACE medical is impressive but frankly it's a time sink from what everyone would rather be doing - running and shooting. The abstracted method of the revive system is fairly decent, and does what it needs to do without having to have a degree in first aid training. Mag repacking, vehicle cargo,wonky fast roping, individual repair/rearm/refuel... I suppose I'd miss some of those.
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