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  1. We have seen instances where a player is somehow rejoining automatically, and being disconnected automatically, presumably because they have a mod enabled that we don't allow. So speaking of systemChat spam, that's a great example of how the kickTimeout rules are actually effective as it stops that player from wasting system resources to handshake a connection. I'm personally in favour of removing the -1 active kick timeout, as I don't believe it's our intention to implement a tempban of up to 24 hours when a person is manually kicked. However, I think if an admin issues a kick, there's probably a reason for it, so I don't think it's inappropriate to make that five or ten minutes. I do wish BI could segregate between a manual kick and bruteforce detection, as those are different scenarios IMO.
  2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg kickTimeout[] = { {0, -1}, {1, 180}, {2, 180}, {3, 180} }; kickTimeout[] = { {kickID, timeout}, ... }; kickID (type to determine from where the kick originated e.g. admin or votekick etc.) 0 - manual kick (vote kick, admin kick, bruteforce detection etc.) 1 - connectivity kick (ping, timeout, packetloss, desync) 2 - BattlEye kick 3 - harmless kick (wrong addons, steam timeout or checks, signatures, content etc.) timeout = in seconds how long until kicked player can return >0 seconds -1 until missionEnd -2 until serverRestart
  3. Ryko

    Defend Altis

    The problem with defend missions is that Arma's AI are pretty poor at navigating an attack. Besides, there's no sense of progression on a defend mission, you just sit there until there are no more enemies. Agree with Aegis that it could be a good zeus mission or game night
  4. Yeah but you can't drop a zeus remote control module onto a unit in the edit list (I think that's added via CBA or achilles).
  5. This is when you remote controlled the APC, yes? I think Achilles has a function to let you select the driver or gunner, vanilla zeus puts you in the commander position by default (unless someone knows a sneaky way to control the gunner/driver)
  6. Right now, you can turn it on or off in the IA4 keybinds segment... I don't want to mess too much with UI. Or any MX, for that matter. I'm creating the magazines list by parsing the config files for each weapon available to the faction, and in the case of the MX, it's one choice: magazines[] = {"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"}; I think what's happened here is the MX rifle was set up on release, and hasn't been updated on APEX and other expansions which introduced additional magazine types. Which means I have to add them all manually... These and others, added in next version
  7. I should add some more detail to help you out here. The number of enemy assets present in a primary mission is generated according to the number of players on the server. This is to address complaints that "the AO is over and I didn't even get there." It is also balanced around the presence of excessive air assets (ie., Viper and Reaper are both in the air), where extra Tigris will spawn. The number of units doesn't fluctuate in the AO if players join or leave the server, meaning an AO that spawns with 12 players will be much easier to complete when 20 more players join, and an AO that spawns with 32 players will be more difficult to complete when 20 players leave. In addition, when players are in armored vehicles or combat air assets, there is are two separate scripts which occasionally spawn units to target them specifically. This is a balancing measure to "fill in the gaps" from spawned units, and to provide challenge and threat to asset groups which might otherwise dominate an AO. The rate at which these assets spawn is also related to the number of players online and difficulty settings provided in mission parameters. So, when I say that the mission is balanced around the presence of armored and air units, that's what I mean; so if Gambler, Hitman, Reaper and Viper all lose their vehicles, there will be no additional assets that spawn to counter them. The Panther is an APC, and people shouldn't be using it like a tank, which they are. Then again, the same people tend to use a Hunter like a tank, so not much I can do there. The overall intention is to try and encourage more team play, but as you've pointed out, standard tactics of zerg rushing and hill camping still work, it's just a bit more difficult given I have intentionally created some scripting to counter these tactics. The reasoning behind this is that inadvertently the players are exploiting the limitations of Arma by attacking targets from long distances; in a vanilla scenario, after a certain distance, enemy AI won't engage back. Which makes it comparatively easy and boring to complete AOs with a standard attack of find a hill, and snipe the enemy from a distance. Now, a couple of things will happen if the players try to do this: 1. Enemies will be alerted to the location of shots fired at them 2. Enemies on patrols that are closest to the identified targets will engage in search and destroy patterns to identified targets 3. Mortar groups will target players that are identified, and aren't moving 4. Enemy squad leaders will call in CAS on priority targets 5. Garrisoned enemies will leave garrison, so they won't just sit there and take it There are additional assets in place to help players engage enemy missions: artillery, UAV strikes are reward-based, and obviously calling in player-controlled combat air support is another. If the players all decide to attack from the same direction, they're going to be met by enemies on the way; landing squads in different locations, for example, would be an excellent way to counter this. After all, we're talking about an average of 20-30 players attack an objective that's filled with upwards of 100 enemies. I'm not sure how players think they can run in there with a gun, a grenade and a first aid kit and emerge unscathed, except for the fact that they know Arma AI is a bit wonky.
  8. When the squads mission parameter is different, the Platoon Commander's job is to create or unlock squads for players and assign them to those squads. In the default layer, all squads are unlocked so yes, the platoon commander is not as vital. However, the PC has the same rewards available as the Squad Leader, including the artillery strikes, UAV strikes, ammo drops and such, so they are useful in that regard: most especially, the PC gets 10% of all reward points generated, so they are a valuable asset in that they can use those surplus points to fill in the gaps of what's required by the team. As for more power, we can't give a player equivalent power to an admin, as that's ripe for abuse. We've already had issues in the past with a player jumping into the slot, removing a player from a role (Reaper) and then taking that role for himself. This is a general problem that's be in existence since the early days of I&A, and if a solution were available then, I'm sure it would be available now. Unless people come up with a great idea, all we are left with is issuing warnings, kicks and bans if CAS players ignore the server rule. I am reluctant to implement a system where, say, the PC has control over Viper and Reaper's ordinance, because in the majority of times there are no support requests and the mission is balanced towards the presence of Combat Air Support. You need to use your words here. This is by design. The system is designed to give infantry players the primary method for generating points, to which they can advance into specialist roles if they want to buy specialized vehicles. The intent is not to allow vehicle drivers a way to garner huge amounts of points so they can just buy replacement vehicles when they are killed. Rather, we want an organic way for players to move between roles, so everyone gets a chance to play the rarer roles. I'll have a look at this.
  9. You're absolutely right. My concern about binding it to T was that vehicle operators might run into the same problem when targeting vehicles, but if that gets spotting used more often, maybe that's not a bad thing. And it makes zero difference to ground units. So maybe I'll shift the default to T. Well, the way I see it, in 2035 I am imagining that a compass is a bit out of date. For game functionality, having it attached to every player's screen makes team play much more feasible. Some players don't even know the compass exists. This is all about bridging the gap between the ease of communication in real life, where I can just point to something and the guy on my left knows what I'm talking about, and in-game, where we don't even share the same context. As for disabling the crosshair, I don't see that as being part of the same issue. We also haven't gotten a single complaint about the crosshair being absent. Most people will not do this, and again, not a single complaint about the compass. Once you change your preference it's saved to profileNameSpace, ie., you won't have to change it again when you visit again. I'd agree with this if you didn't give the user tools to change their interface. 99% of the users will not explore beyond the default settings, and thus, wouldn't know that there was a compass to turn on, etc. Yeah, I have to fix that white whale.
  10. You keep on pointing to these tech demos, but you're not telling me what you consider them to be. Shift-T is the default keybind for tactical ping, so now you're asking me to force players to use Shift-T to spot targets. If players don't want to use the keybinds I've pre-assigned, they are free to rebind them to scroll lock or some other useless key. The only "practical" keybinds I've put in place: I&A 4 menu (Default keybind: U) - as you say, leverages the historical use of the U key to bring up a multi-purpose game menu. Earplugs (Default keybind: Pause/Break) - also historically used for ear plugs, now can be rebound to any other key, especially useful for non-standard keyboards which don't have a P/B key Spot target (Default keybind: Page Up) - new "tech demo" function which provides in-game spotting of targets which is communicated to other players within 1km and on the map to all players. Fades out quickly in-game, and within 30 seconds on the map. Waypoint (Default keybind: End) - allows squad leaders / team leaders to place /remove a waypoint for their squad.
  11. Yeah, either I haven't figured that out completely or Bohemia's functions for dealing with dynamic vehicle loadouts aren't really intended to work this way. Either way, that's a known bug (in my view, so long as the new weaponry is there, at least it is working somewhat as intended). Fixed in next version Yeah, I'm on the fence about this. The intention was to make it more of an incentive to take the medic role. I've decreased the non-medic revive time to 25 seconds as a compensation (still ~8 seconds as a medic). Well, nothing has changed in that regard (same number spawn). I think you have to assume that there are always manpads in the area. People have complained about flying over Altis being too easy. I think I can add some speed detection for that (say, if you're going less than 60 km/h, you'll get it) - should exclude pilots from this notice. All you have to do is move your mouse or hit a key and you're not afk Well this is kind of the point. The presence of the SAM side mission is intended to limit air operations. If players want to essentially skip the mission, it's not super hard to spend some reward points on a UAV recon mission to get the UAV over the side mission, and a strike mission to give yourself 2x Skalpels and wipe out the SAM. Or any other number of methods.
  12. Yup, good call This is hard to fix because of how the AI is operating it's hunting protocol - with the Search & Destroy waypoint. Technically, they will return to their patrol routes when they complete their search and destroy waypoint, but that waypoint only completes when they determine there is nothing in the area to destroy. So if they are always aware of you - and it's a bit generalized how the AI can become "aware" of you - they will constantly hunt. Now, arma does have some intelligence about enemies responding to threats, however it is by no means perfect. If you were an AT soldier, an enemy vehicle considers you a high-priority target, possibly on the same caliber as Hitman in an armored vehicle, and because you are closer, it may be prioritizing you. TL:DR, arma has some funky dynamics about determining target priority that I can't easily override, and performance would probably suffer if I attempted to do so.
  13. Well, ia4 adds some custom features that I thought would not fit well as addactions. You can rebind these key assignments in the ia4 menu. Or do you have a better suggestion on how this can all be accomplished? You've mentioned this before, and the only obvious example is dynamic groups. There are clear reasons why we've implemented this (so you don't have to go back to the lobby to change roles). What other tech elements are you referring to? I'm happy to discuss my reasons for including these if you like.
  14. It was most definitely a bug. I tried a new tactic for dealing with an exploit to get stuff out of saved loadouts, and I think the unintentional side effect was that purchased gear items were getting removed immediately. I didn't find it in local testing as "zeus" users are exempted from gear restrictions... long story short, it's on the list. That's not a bad idea. So that's a classic problem. What happened the AO spawned with 40 people on it, and then people started to disconnect because it was getting late, and now we have a fully-stocked AO full of bad guys, and half the players needed to deal with them. Even with 20 players, between Vortex and people afk, or getting geared up, there were only ~5 players actually in the field... ouch. I'm not sure what the answer is to this; I'm hesitant to try and implement something where enemy squads disappear or despawn in relation to player numbers, because that would also imply they should spawn in response to an increase in player numbers.
  15. Change log for beta 060 --- NEW 1. Changed how UAV optics work, no longer uses the keypad, but mouse control. UAV strike reward is back; purchasing it activates two Scalpel missiles for the player to use. After six missiles have been fired, Goblin will RTB to rearm. 2. Added Sniper teams to OPFOR assets in main AO, randomly spawn when player number > 35 players. FIXES 1. Several bugs related to improvements implemented in dynamic groups. 2. Donate button was obscured by filter button in rewards screen 3. Bug related to map icons 4. UAV respawning 5. Bug related to role removal (no vehicle available) 6. Bug related to mission persistence 7. CTRG marksmen now have SPAR-17 as default weapon 8. Base cleanup 9. Refine how Zeus modules are created/used in attempt to stop Admins from being battleye kicked en masse TWEAKS 1. Optimizations to ambient AI subroutines 2. Added nearest player notice while player incapacitated. 3. Added additional MAAWS rockets to ammo boxes. 4. Revives will bring you back to a wounded state. If you were revived by a medic, you will be revived back to normal. 5. Slight reduction in main AO assets to improve performance. 6. Added maintenance loop to synchronize tasks for JIP players (and other rare circumstances where players don't see active tasks).
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