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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that in the overall course of the game, it doesn't really matter. For shooting at test targets square on, yes, BIS' system falls squarely short. But in the course of battle, BIS' system emulates the fact that people aren't always being shot square on, bullets land in all sorts of places, and their system doesn't have the granularity to support it (probably for performance reasons, they decided to go with a simpler model). So does the AWE server, as currently implemented. - R
  2. I think there are a lot of assumptions made in this comment. The stock system is actually fairly realistic if you look at it through a certain lens. Yes, if you pop a series of static AI targets in front of you, and start popping rounds into them, it feels strange when one guy goes down to 1-2 shots, where another guy will take 7-8 shots before he goes down. BIS is obviously using a randomization system to determine how a round impacts on the target's armor, sometimes it's defeated, sometimes it's not. However, when you're in a combat scenario, it makes much more sense. There are indeed real life cases where a bullet found a way past a body armor plate. The plates themselves defeat certain calibers of bullet, but they can't be placed everywhere without making the soldier uncomfortably inagile. There are chinks in the armor. And that's what BIS's system emulates quite well, and does it without an impact on performance. I agree with sentiments that have been expressed here that when I'm killed, it's usually because I've been overrun or outflanked by an enemy AI, or frankly, I'm trying to out-shoot an AI at range, which is a losing proposition given that the AI can generally be much better shooters at range. I also don't think there's been a lot of after-action analysis to examine whether the stock vests are the problem: my feeling is that it's probably deaths from headshots. My $0.02 -R
  3. If our player base were more interested in a milsim experience, I would tend to agree with you. However, given the nature of AWE's positioning as a casual, modded server, my opinion is that adding this extra layer of complexity will not enhance the enjoyment for the majority of players. On the contrary, the central issue of not knowing where your team mates are results in missions getting poorly organized and people getting killed by friendly fire. I am not against the premise of your argument: in fact I quite agree with it. However I would only want to run that level of cTab during a game night, which frankly anyone is free to submit. Personally I'd love to do something in the 80's cold war style where even radios are limited to RTO's and perhaps Team leaders. The general flavour of Stiletto is that the players represent special force operators (hence the wide ranging availability of equipment in their arsenal) with a technical level of sophistication to offset the odds stacked against them by sheer numbers. Thus, I don't have a hard time believing that their respective governments would arm them with devices which augment their situational awareness. Plus, it's also a good bridge to facilitate the awareness that soldiers on a battlefield would have, that ArmA cannot properly model (the shacktac UI goes a long way to fixing that, but it's not perfect).
  4. My take on this has been, and will always be, that it should be up to the squad leader and team leaders to determine what is going to work best for them on the field. Some people want to have everyone on the same net to accommodate their style of command. Some people would like to segregate comms on to different sub nets to keep the overall level of chatter down. We have hashed this upwards and downwards, only to come to the conclusion that we keep it all as it is on the same channel and give people the flexibility to sort things out to their preference. But making alternate channels by default introduces another level of complexity that all may not want, or need, and frankly, I don't want to script for that.
  5. I have to do some thinking about how to implement this. Right now the long range scopes are tied to the marksman class, if I allow it for all FSG members then there's nothing stopping a machine gunner from mounting a 20x scope. And to tie it in to the other comment (the 6x ACOG on a m240B) I'm loathe to do that because it will encourage heavy machine gunners to become heavy machine gun snipers. To be honest I haven't seen FSG being used as intended, and I want to review how that squad is functioning.
  6. Is it just the intel operative, or any role?
  7. If you need to have explosives (or any equipment) from the other factions for training purposes, that is exactly what zeus should be asked for.
  8. Stiletto version 020 is now on the server in all maps. Change log: 1. Search and Disarm actions are now affected by your overall weight: the less stuff you carry, the more of a bonus you will get; carrying too much stuff will result in a penalty. It breaks down as follows: 15kg or less: maximum bonus 15-27kg: proportional bonus (scales as you move away from 15kg) 27kg: no bonus, no penalty 27-45kg: proportional penalty (scales as you approach 45kg) 45kg or more: maximum penalty 2. Retired the EOD specialist in Squad Lead teams. Engineer now responsible for all repair / EOD tasks. Replaced with a special Intel Operative (CIA for American, MI6 for British, GRU for Russian) who has a better chance at detecting intel items, and convincing civilians to turn over intel items. 3. Updated arsenal to remove IED style explosives, and segregate eastern and western explosive types between the two factions. Engineers only have access to the full list of explosives; command elements have access to demo blocks and satchel charges. 4. Performance improvement in civilian area assessments (no longer polls all towns to see if players are there, it's done on a case-by-case basis so should help in larger maps with lots of towns) 5. Air vehicles no longer spawned on mission start on the USS Freedom (spawning issues made it messy, pilots should now spawn vehicles on demand as necessary) 6. fixed error related to search action. 7. fixed Bozcaada Freedom Logi crate spawning. 8. Added more camo nets and portable helipad lights to logi spawn menu 9. Default artillery support now set to advanced instead of basic (note: artillery is not available on Gorgona)
  9. If it's 2MB worth of code, then it's pretty deep indeed.
  10. The when is immaterial, it really depends on how deep the calculations are. The point is just that if there are calculations at all, those are CPU cycles that are getting consumed by either the client or the server, and they weren't there before, so it is extra load that some computer somewhere will have to perform.
  11. Stiletto version 019 is on the server (all maps: Malden, Lythium, Altis, Bozcaada and Gorgona, and that's also the server rotation order). Changes: 1. added Noreen "Bad News" ULR to FSG (Western) available weapons. 2. fixed locate / rescue pilots mission. 3. fixed base cleanup script (hopefully?) 4. surgical kits now only operable inside a vehicle. 5. independents now allied with opfor faction.
  12. The calculation must be done somewhere, either on the client or the server. I would guess on the client. Either way, you will feel an impact (oh, points for double-entendre!).
  13. Like I said, if everyone wants to try it, I'm fine with it, I just don't think it's going to magically solve the problem of people getting insta killed. I appreciate that he's an active developer and frankly that is one of the main reasons I'm open to trying it. Perhaps we can run some things on a private / personal server with the mod to see how it performs in a mission environment, before making changes to instantly adopt it? I do appreciate the work that has gone into testing this mod, and the good intentions behind supporting it. - R