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  1. This reminds me of my very first car accident - a minor fender bender, where I skidded into someone's rear bumper. At the time, I was convinced I was in the right because the driver in front of me drove erratically and stopped very suddenly, giving me no time to react and creating the situation that led to our fender bender. We drove out to the collision reporting center where we had to fill out a report form. "Where's the box that says 'the other driver stopped too suddenly?'", I asked myself, and the officer I submitted the form to. This guy clearly had heard this c
  2. Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback; I will just take issue with your use of the word "monetization" as we have no interest or capacity to charge anything. The in-game "currency" is reward points which all players accumulate on the same equal level. This would defeat the purpose of having different roles. At base, the arsenal is configured to offer you the weaponry you're entitled to use for the role you've selected; in the field, you can pick up and use whatever you want, though you may suffer an aiming penalty for using non-class or non-faction weapons.
  3. It is a good idea, except the Shikra can't land on an aircraft carrier (can the Neophron even?). Not that I use a landing pattern for enemy CAS - they just fly back to the airport and despawn. So we could say that these are carrier-capable airframes... hmm... this ain't a bad idea.
  4. Tomorrow morning when the server restarts the beta test will be using version 087:
  5. Thank you all for providing your feedback. I appreciate that you took the time and effort. This is something we're consistently talking about: what are the desires of the average Ahoyworld Arma player, and is the mission a fun place for them to spend their time. That said, trying to define the "average" player is an exercise in futility. Generally, you have players that gravitate to the "milsim" style, where things are regimented and meticulous with a chain of command; on the other side, you have extremely casual players who want the exact opposite of this.
  6. They know what happens if they stay in the AO
  7. Yeah, that's not intended behaviour, I think you got unlucky with ambient AI. Remember that the mission also attempts to simulate that the entire country is occupied by the enemy, not just the AO. But three enemy air spawns is definitely not my intention there. Unfortunately this is the nature of a public, casual server; we don't whitelist slots, anyone is welcome to play any slot on a first-come, first-served basis. We have guidelines in place to suggest that players learn to fly offline, but we can only kick for wasting assets, and we have no intention to create any kind of
  8. Reward items are tied to the role you occupied when you bought them; if it's a Sniper-specific rifle, then you'll only find that weapon in the arsenal when you re-occupy the sniper role. If it's a general weapon (like the AK-12, for example) then it should be available for any role you occupy. It's worth asking if that's the case before assuming there's a bug. Likely these are both ambient AI spawns, reflecting the fact that the entire country is a dangerous place. I'm also assuming the enemy has access to satellites, UAVs, etc, which means they have good visibility on
  9. double tap V or scroll wheel eject option?
  10. 10 to 15 minutes? Sheesh. I'm going to split the difference and go between 180 and 360 seconds.
  11. Hi Art3misZA, Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down. I think you're referring to the server difficulty changes which fade the task markers as opposed to a vanilla regular setting of keeping the task markers visible at all times. There's a good argument to be made that they should remain on a casual server, and we could have faded markers on a more hard-core (EU2) server; I'll pop that question to our admin team for their thoughts. My feeling was to go with the faded task markers to clear the HUD of clutter; If we went this way, it
  12. Oh man. That would be awesome. But I fear totally impossible from Bohemia's point of view Re the arty mission: It's 45 plus a random 0-30 seconds between shots, so yeah, probably every minute or so. So what, double that?
  13. Moved this over here as it's relevant to the mission generally You're not wrong, but I think you run this risk of creating a different perverse incentive for Vortex to plant people as close to the center of the objective as possible. I haven't heard a lot of complaints about pilots being slow to drop players at the objective. I already have to deal with pilots who complain about how they shouldn't be held responsible for the loss of an airframe when they're killed by enemy fire. Well, this is already in place: So this is your kill ass
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