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  1. The way it is now, if you detect a trap, the disarm option becomes available for all players. My assumption is that the soldier has reported it across the chain of command and everyone is made aware. I was initially hesitant to do this because of the situation where you kill a dude, search his body and find a trap, and leave him. Hours later, someone else comes along and magically knows there is a trap on him. However there's no real better way and I'm satisfied with this method. So: if you are NOT finding the disarm trap option after someone else has discovered a trap, then there is a bug to be tracked down. When you search a body, two paths are considered: whether intel is detected, and whether a trap is discovered. If a trap is discovered, you will be prevented from detecting intel because you have seen the trap and decided against further searching. If the trap has been detected by someone else, this will also be the default result (you can't force a trap to explode through reckless searching). If the trap is not discovered, there is a chance it is set off. If the trap is not detected and doesn't go off, or there is no trap, we then move on to see if the player has detected intel. So there is a chance that intel is detected, but the trap still sits there being dangerous.
  2. Current default despawn time 480 seconds. Suggest how long you think it should be, keeping in mind that the longer that bodies stick around the potential impact it could have on server performance. Also mission critical bodies will never despawn.
  3. A few ideas and more

    My general problem with AI garrisons is as follows: at least when they are patrolling, there is a chance that you can encounter them. If the objective requires you to clear the AO of all enemy presence, you'll have to do a complete house-to-house search. If there are a lot of buildings, it can take a lot of time. And if you think you've cleared a house but there are enemies still in it, then you will ultimately never clear the objective, and moderators will start getting complaints that the mission is bugged.
  4. Stiletto has been updated to version 10. Didn't include notes for 9 I believe so here they all are: change log 010 1. ported to Malden 2. Revised town detection method to ease load on server 3. Revised enemy camp mission to prevent overload of enemy spawning 4. Towns no longer spawn civilians if you fly over them, only if you are on foot or drive into them 5. Revised town cleanup when you leave the area, removes all civs, vehicles and other placed objects 6. Detecting a trap will now detect it for all players (word gets around!) 7. HVT is no longer unarmed. change log 009 1. ported to Lythium and Altis 2. Lythium map changes: removed default plane spawn location, added JBAD guard house to main base. 3. added medical facility as spawnable Logi item. 4. Fixed logi spawn crate problems, and infantry spawn problems. 5. Removed backpack on chest functionality as it wasn't working properly. 6. Added civilian area threat level descriptors to top right of map. 7. Zeus players no longer automatically see civilian area threat levels, use mission control option to see. 8. Altis base is in Selakano. Medical center in base on Altis requires you to use the "Heal" action on the medic
  5. rant

    And yet, Arma can be Arma, especially with the way RHS models armor. But yes, one should do it. What I'd mention in this post is that people have to remember that one of the core rules is to follow chain of command, this game only works if we are working together and following rules to complete a plan. Being in command is hard enough and going off to do your own thing might be more exciting, but ultimately puts everyone at risk and can make it less fun for everyone.
  6. If you've successfully connected to the server, you now have the mission downloaded to your computer. With it, you can set up your own local server and run the mission locally: this will let you use the in-game arsenal to create all the loadouts you desire.
  7. They were bumped up but Amentes problem was that he wanted to spawn a smaller 300 crate and it would only produce 600 crates.
  8. Hi folks, Just a quick note that I've been adding some major improvements to Stiletto and have been experimenting on Bozcaada, and I'm at the point where I need to test them out on a larger scale. So you are all invited to be sacrificial guinea pigs stalwart beta testers as the brave forces of the British SAS take on the CHdSK guerillas on Bozcaada. Where: AWE When: August 16, 1900 hrs GMT (1500 hrs EST) - setup/gather 30 mins prior What: STILETTO 1_008 Bozcaada Mods: Standard AWE, Virtual Arsenal allowed, custom squads allowed with PlatCo direction Notes: Bozcaada features the players starting solely on the Freedom, so a Logi squad may be useful to create a FOB based on the island. If I get it fixed in time, Logi squad is able to create a permanent infantry spawn point as well as ground vehicle, helicopter and plane spawn / service points. To this end the resource point allocation is buffed a bit: still 20 points for a small case, but 300 points for a light crate and 600 points for a large crate. No signup required, just a FYI, but commenting your attendance on this thread is appreciated, even more so if you want to lead a team / squad. - R
  9. Please search the forum for many conversations we've had about radio channels - use this thread for feedback / discussion of Stiletto only, please.
  10. Except that as inventory items, only medical supplies are currently available
  11. @Borrel nice points I'll address them - 1. IEDs & Karma I'll continue to investigate this, but the main issue is not a political / ethical one - it's a technical scripting one. If you kill a civilian, there is an easy way for the server to be alerted to this fact and reduce karma. But with disarming an IED there isn't an event handler that can really cover that so I'd need to use a bit of scripting that could degrade performance by constantly checking how many IEDs there are. For the potential gain, I'm not sure it's worth it, also given that as you rightly say, there's no guarantee that the villagers would actually be grateful that you had done that. Karma is done on a town basis - essentially it's a general composite of how the town feels about you - to do it on a per-Civilian basis would probably also degrade performance. 2. Humanitarian aid I'm not against this idea, in fact I quite like it, the question is just the right elements need to be in place for it to work properly. It can't just be a simple trigger or a player could figure out that if he picked up the same crate and brought it into an area then he could remove & replace the crate multiple times for the bonus (so now we're looking at a single one-time karma bonus, or a system that tracks how many crates are in the area). Where do the crates need to go for the bonus? Do you need to talk to someone and "advise" them that the crate is there - does there need to be a village elder? If so, now you've got to find this guy (and I've got to create a system for creating this guy). And similarly to the IED question there's no guarantee that the crate would actually improve relations with the town - in real life they could be quite suspicious of foreign aid, and also be afraid of insurgent retaliation for colluding with the infidels. What I'm actually aiming toward is a system where the civilian can tell you if they need or want something, and if you give it to them, it improves local karma (most likely it will be medical supplies, but it could also be weapons and ammunition, which could lead to a delightful situation of the civilian arming themselves with weapons given to them by the players should they decide to go insurgent). 3. Combat medics What you're describing is kind of implemented like this right now. All players can use bandages and morphine, combat medics can use IV's (blood, saline and plasma) and surgical kits, but those kits can only be used a vehicle. If it's not working like that in practice, that's at least how it's supposed to work. For the squad you've mentioned there is Angel, which is available when there are 16 players on the server (or if the Plat Co activates the squad). The initial iteration of this system made it so that surgical kits could only be used in medical vehicles, but we found that a bit limiting and really slows down the action if you don't have a dedicated medical vehicle lying around.
  12. @Einarsen I do like the ideas you've got going here, they are definitely in the long term plan but not easy to implement in the first versions. Yeah, a bug I'll be looking into There is some randomization involved in this, technically enemy contacts shouldn't be spawning in areas that are defined as friendly, but it could also be a couple of other circumstances: 1) The area is shown on the map as friendly, but karma has been degraded due to player actions, and the map hasn't been updated - it only gets updated when a review intel action is taken, and even then, it's not guaranteed that the area's threat level will be updated properly, reflecting the fog of war and problem of accurate information being relayed to high command 2) what you're perceiving as contacts spawning in the area could be mission-related contacts, or ambient AI There is some level of randomness in this as well, so even if a town is threat level black, it might only have 1 or 2 enemy squads, while a neutral town might have as many as four squads. Yes, because it's a random chance that you'll find intel items or traps: different roles are better at doing things than others. The EOD specialist has an extremely high chance of detecting and defusing traps, while the Squad leader is the best at locating intel items. If it was an automatic success for either of these functions then there would be no need for an EOD when any role is as good as the other at these tasks. At present the worst skill is 50%, so half of the time searching will produce a result. The original version of this mission had an attached CIA operative with each team who was the best at locating intel, and I also had a Translator who was an attached resistance soldier who had a higher chance of cooperation from the local civilians; I may re-introduce these specialized roles at some point. In theory I like this idea, but there is at present no event handler that can be attached to IED defusal, so detecting and rewarding that event will require another method such as a constant loop that counts the number of IEDs in an area compared with how many were spawned. To be honest though I'm not sure the civilian population would really be aware on an immediate basis that IEDs have been removed - in a real world setting they might appreciate those actions months later, not hours. In the future town populations may also spawn with some static events that would allow for karma rewards, like wounded civilians or civilians with certain needs (ie., if he asks for a certain item and you give it to him, you improve the town's karma). I do also like this idea, but I just need to adapt the mission interface to allow for it. Just running the convoy mission means a potential case where there are three missions running and the player launches a fourth, which would stretch the limits of performance (Gauntlet runs one mission at a time, while Stiletto can run up to 3 right now). Also, there would need to be other factors determined. Where do the players need to bring the supplies to? Do they need to deliver them to a particular civilian, like a village elder? Is there a hard limit on how many "civilian aid boxes" or whatever, that the players have access to? What I like about the current implementation of Stiletto - and what players are going to have to wrap their heads around - is that this already exists, but not in the conventional sense. What you're looking for is a task that pops up and says "Go patrol in this town and find intel", but all the components for this are already there, just without the official "task". If you see a town that's threat level red and decide to go there, you know you're going to find some enemies, who will probably have some intel on them, and removing the enemy threat will improve the town's karma level (perhaps even to the point that civilians are willing to talk to you). Conversely, going to a green threat level town will find lots of friendly civilians who will likely talk to you and give you intel items. Players have a lot more freedom to organize their actions towards specific goals than they ever did in Gauntlet. Requires a loop which I'm not into, also means the players will just sit around doing nothing which doesn't augment the enjoyment factor. I think you'll come up against that initial divide of players, the ones who want more of a Life Server experience versus those who want to engage and complete specific objectives. Well that's the thing, isn't it? A special forces team isn't really equipped to deal with a bunch of detained insurgents or civilians, which leads to interesting situations. I agree that there should be an option to return a captured insurgent to base for interrogation and the possibility of more intel. Right now if you try to take a civilian out of his location he will despawn once the last player leaves the area. Arguably, unless the civilian has become an insurgent, there really isn't a good reason to keep them detained. Ultimately I'd like to create a more fleshed-out system for interacting with civilians, but I suspect that will become very cumbersome within the current interface.
  13. Pretty much everything is random: the karma status in each town, and whether or not enemies and civilians carry intel items. As well, it's a random chance whether you find intel when you search an object (car/body/cache etc) so it might be there, you just didn't find it. I may increase these percentages if it's feeling like people are never finding intel. It's random, but also keep in mind that entities are spawned when you enter the area, so for the sake of performance these are just indicators that indicate what kind of contact you're likely to face in those areas. But yes, red/black areas are likely to contain enemy patrols and garrisons (and removing those enemies will likely improve the karma rating there). People were mentioning that there wasn't as much action - shouldn't be the case now. If you want to get into trouble, just aim for the red and black areas. I wanted it to be something that shows up fairly easily. EOD was added fairly late in the game so I'll just need to add that role to the master list. If it's appearing as CST in the list of squads that just means it's a custom squad (as opposed to INF / SPT / CMD / ARM / AIR) but if it's showing up on CTAB as CST then that's a bug.
  14. Let me say this another way. The default squads are just that, default. If you want to make a custom squad, go PlatCo and do it
  15. Version 007 is on the server now and set to default. Lots of noteworthy changes: most of this is documented in the Map screen under "Stiletto". 1. You can now view the last known threat level for each civilian area on your map, there is a toggle button marked "Show/Hide Civilian Areas". If it's grey diagonal lines, there's no intel in that area. As intel is reviewed, the map is updated. To prevent clutter, these areas can be toggled on and off with the same button. 2. Revised much of the content to allow for non-insurgency themed missions. If a conventional army is chosen as the opfor faction, they will not employ guerilla tactics such as IEDs and booby-traps on soldiers' bodies. Civilians, however, are a different matter. If they don't like you, they may booby-trap their vehicles, and IEDs may be present in civilian areas. A mission parameter is available to disable guerilla tactics if the Insurgent factions are chosen. 3. UAV soldier now has access to the Darter. Don't make me regret this. Also the arsenal was tweaked as I think many classes had access to sniper weapons. Also 3-round 40mm grenades have been removed. 4. Chance of suicide bombers spawning in areas which are hostile towards players. As well, enemy troops may garrison in these areas. 5. Fixed endgame / final mission spawning: last mission should hopefully spawn if the mission threshold is met or exceeded (takes into account situations where multiple missions spawn between interval checks). 6. New locations system, including a notifier on the bottom left of the screen that tells you if you are entering or leaving an area. 7. Several civilian vehicles now roam the country side, including a helicopter which runs between the north and south airports. 8. Planes in the southern airfield should now spawn properly. 9. Enemy combatants that are captured (restrained) and then executed will impart the same karma penalty to the area as if the enemy were a civilian (ie., don't do it). Re specific comments: - Dedicated EOD squad - not a bad idea but that'd really be more useful on larger player counts. Otherwise what will tend to happen is stuff will get overlooked if it's not dealt with immediately by the players. Keep in mind that the Platoon Commander can create custom squads, so if this is appealing, it can be done in the current system (just create a new 3-man squad with a SL, EOD tech and rifleman). - The banana ... no.