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  1. Ambient is there to spawn anti air stuff - I don't want to always have tigrises because they can massacre players. Tropical is not default, I chose NATO Pacific as the blufor faction for this test.
  2. Some thoughts on Friday's alpha test: 1. Players in the same squad are awarded 1/3 of the points their squad mates earn on kills, if they are within 300m of the squad mate. (this reflects the fact that squads work together and earn points together, also that drivers and commanders will earn points on gunner kills. 2. What kind of frequency should higher end vehicles respawn? Could make it predefined for things like cas assets, could also keep track of all reward points earned by players and respawn assets based on the total amount earned by the team Your thoughts?
  3. I'm well aware of the incompatibility between RHS & CUP scopes, but they're in there because to segregate them all out is a recipe for madness.
  4. Would prefer to keep it server side
  5. Walk'N, are you saying that you landed after using the parachute and your backpack was restored? No. If you disconnect, you'll lose any items you've purchased (though as I think about it, it may be possible to save that; I'm not anxious to as it means transferring a bunch of information between the players and the server. We'll see). However if you disconnect and reconnect you will maintain any reward points you accrued.
  6. That's a good observation. I think I'll tie u as the default key to bring up squad management and assign... The end key, perhaps, for waypoints? What's really needed is an interface to allow players to reassign these hotkeys. The only teleportation in the game is if you're a pilot, to the USS Freedom and back; in IA4 there is only one base (additional Fobs are not progressively unlocked). Though I suppose reward-purchased Paradrops are a form of teleportation. So that's a bit strange, I'll investigate. The player and opfor factions are randomized by default, though when we roll out 4 on eu1 we'll probably keep it to NATO vs Csat for a while (you can also specifically select the factions in mission parameters). No fobs in 4,just the main base randomly selected from the six airfields on Altis.
  7. Good test today - I'm leaving the server up over the weekend for people to continue the test.
  8. Version 035 of I&A 4 is on server now and undergoing testing. We'll be doing another Alpha Test on Friday (1800GMT) Change log: 1. Tweaks to compass direction (vehicle direction if driver, player / gunner direction in other cases) 2. CSAT Xi'an added to vehicles whitelist for co-pilot allowance; base default Xi'ans now spawn unarmed. Reward Xi'ans spawn armed. 3. Removed Scout version of the Nyx from Independent OPFOR vehicles. 4. Only non-incapacitated players now considered for medical alert (players nearby who could revive you). 5. Fixes to destroy cache mission. 6. Tweaks to soldier blue force tracking (should stop it from disappearing randomly). 7. Players not in your group will now show name and rank tags within 30m. Players in your group, this range is 200m. 8. Fix for ground vehicles excluding gunners ('Co-pilot disabled on this vehicle') 9. Added automated team-kill sanction measures (three strikes rule). 10. Tweaks to medical actions (should get reward points for revives?) 11. Restored ability of zeus players to remove players from group roles in squad management. 12. Removed admin notification of player suicides, as no easy way to detect between manual respawn or just bleeding out. 13. Add night vision goggles to all default loadouts. 14. UAV operator now has access to artillery computer. 15. Removed RANDOM button from Arsenal. 16. Tweaks to OPFOR awareness, after calling in support, OPFOR units will return to patrol waypoints after dealing with threats. 17. Added automatic parachutes to air vehicles (if you jump out of a helicopter, you'll automatically get a parachute; your backpack will be restored when you touch down). 18. Revised arsenal. Suppressors and bipods are now reward-purchased items. Slight limit on weaponry as you can purchase additional weapons with reward points. 19. Added weapons and gear purchase functionality to reward menu. 20. Fix for donating points to group leader. 21. Added reward-purchased deployable ammo box functionality with faction-specific box loadouts. 22. Added first version of AI Buddy (purchased with reward points) 23. Secondary missions: extended timeout to minimum 25 minutes, plus an extra 5-10 minutes. Also, first person detected by enemies in the secondary AO will trigger a bonus 10 minute extension. 24. Added new secondary missions: destroy enemy artillery pieces and destroy tank platoon. 25. Added remote designator backpack to Spotter class. 26. Default quad bikes set to faction type. 27. Time multiplier changed to default 6x, parameter option for 12x. 28. Completely removed Freedom / Liberty / +turrets for AAF 29. Added flavour rifles at Arsenal tables. 30. Main AOs that have civilians now also spawn civilian vehicles; some on roads, some in garages (if there are any garages).
  9. Thank you for your detailed experience report! In some ways this is more valuable than just bug reports because it makes us examine the mission as a whole. My takeaway items from this: 1. Finesse ambient Ai spawns so they appear to be legitimate reinforcements; spawning within breathing range is unfair and unacceptable. 2. Reduce the frequency of ambient ai to keep players on their toes, but not crush their spirit. I'll investigate this, but my sense is that this is the brick wall that is arma ai. I agree, I am also concerned about this: right now, with regular infantry players not having much to save their points for, there's no reason not to Paradrop. My long term vision is that they can use points to add weapon and equipment upgrades, which will provide a disincentive to just dump those points on a Paradrop. Yeah, something else I want to review. I think if an equivalent role is available in another squad, you should be able to switch squads in the field. What I want to avoid is the situation of players switching from one role to another just to address tactical needs: you shouldn't magically become proficient as a medic "in the field". But I also don't want players being able to create uber squads on the fly with 8 medics. R
  10. Does it need it? I kind of like needing it to be team based, ie., VLS needs laser des pls fix fixed fixed maybe add that to loadout function rgr
  11. In Arma 2035 lore it's used by CSAT and AAF (Armed Assault Wikia). The NATO equivalent is the .320 Long Range Rifle.
  12. I'm happy for you to send me any code you think would be useful, with my thanks.
  13. It's the limitations of the popular in game standard that I'm getting around. From tonight's test, no one seemed confused or opposed to the system, and many people switched roles a few times. I don't think anyone missed going back to the lobby to do so. I have no idea the point you're making here.
  14. The respawn system is straight out of Vanilla Arma, and I'm not sure what capacity I have to alter it, if any. Since you choose your role in-game, there's no need to have any diversification in the player roles from the lobby. In fact the only reason there is a lobby selection at all is to allow a server operator to choose mission parameters; there is the capacity to have the mission automatically assign a player a role (Rifleman) and launch automatically into the mission, but this would mean you couldn't change mission parameters. Seat restrictions are handled by the dynamically selected role, not the player's avatar. Except that init.sqf is run after initPlayerLocal and initServer, and there may be reasons you want to run it that way. In the case of IA4 this isn't the case, it's not strictly necessary to do it this way, it's just a hold over from previous versions and it's never been cleaned up (or frankly, needed to be cleaned up).