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  1. Likely yes, the timer ran out
  2. Hi folks, As some of you have noticed lately, I haven't been as active on server or in development of the Stiletto mission. Things have become busier in my life over the last few months, leading to less available time to put into Arma; coupled with the fact that Stiletto is more (or less) at a stable version, the purpose of this post is to inform you that for the foreseeable future, I won't be continuing further development of the mission. There is a notable exception to this: on the staff level, we are envisioning an update to the mods employed on the AWE server, which will necessitate an overhaul to the vehicles available for spawning and equipment available in the arsenal. I'll be putting forward a version 061 of Stiletto to accommodate this, but after that, I don't foresee a version 062 (except of course, when there are minor bugs to quash from 061). What I will consider for 061 are essential mission fixes seen in 060 (if something is broken in the current version, I'll want to have it as fixed as possible). In addition, the vehicle spawning system is new, using points, and this is an opportunity to fine tune any point costs that haven't been working. I haven't seen any feedback about that, so I'm assuming it's not causing big problems. That said, I'm willing to allow other interested developers to extend the mission beyond 061: if you're interested in this, drop me a message. I do hope to be able to get online again, it's just that for the next few months, I'm going to be swamped with a few projects IRL. As I've always been the first to say to everyone else - real life has to come first. Thanks, - Ryko
  3. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    Real life comes first! You will be missed. We must organize something fitting to send you off before the 19th!
  4. What you're asking for is to redefine the default standard of the mission. I would argue the majority of players would prefer a Vortex at 0-8 players. If you want to try it out and see if your theory is sound, go into Plat Co and remove Vortex as a group.
  5. So as it turns out this was related to the Tembelan map, had nothing to do with the server. We've changed out the Tembelan mod, so that issue shouldn't resurface.
  6. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - 1/6/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    I believe Joe had a specific concept in mind but it didn't require a custom mission, it just entailed him acting as Zeus, so ... yes
  7. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - 1/6/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    It's just a standard game night request
  8. Yep, that'd be fine. You'd need to go platoon commander to activate the Logistics squad, then change roles to one of the engineers.
  9. Yeah we'll probably bring the computer back, it's fun to do the ranging manually but in the end there are so many variables that don't line up it's too unpredictable. For the RHIB, from what I can see it's baked in by class name, so you will have to bitch at ace for that.
  10. It's built in to Stiletto
  11. Stiletto version 060 is now on the server. Change log follows. Tembelan will be reverted to the previous version on the next update of the repo, until then it has been pushed to the back of the map rotation (Lythium is now default after server restart). CHANGE LOG 060 1. Updated Stiletto engine to allow manually spawned missions and enabling / disabling of Stiletto mission engine during the mission. 2. Added Taru to Russian EMF and Desert player factions 3. While the M27 is available to all Blufor factions, the 60-round magazines are available for autoriflemen only. The new 40-round magazines are available for all M27 users 4. Kill HVT mission completion has been overhauled. You now just need to locate (be within 8m of) the HVT's corpse for the mission to complete. In Kill HVT missions, the HVT is armed. 5. Added point system for vehicle spawning. Values are set at an initial state and will be adjusted over time as we see how the system works. Vehicle resource points are refreshed at 1/1000th of their initial value every minute (so at a default of 150,000 points, 150 points are accumulated each turn). In addition, accumulated intel points are added to this rate. All default initial combat vehicles (except quad bikes and repair vehicles) have been removed from player bases. 5A. Added the C-130 variants and AN-2 to unarmed plane spawns. Be very careful when placing plane spawns with LOGi: these are large vehicles. 5B. Added the Mi-24G to Eastern faction vehicle spawns. 5C. Added artillery vehicles to vehicle spawns. 6. All vehicles from allied factions are now present in their respective vehicle spawners, so specific factions are no longer relevant (you do not have to be US Army to spawn a Blackhawk, but you do have to be a Western faction). Vehicle rarity is now governed solely by point cost. For clarity: Vehicle respawn points are separate from Logi points.
  12. ACE is a local effect, so nope
  13. ACE has this built in, if you can't push an object, it's probably because it's too heavy.
  14. @HybridRage the Intel op is limited to regular weapons, he's intended to use a low-drag kit like a pilot so he doesn't have access to full length assault weapons. @Minipily if you can make it happen in the vanilla arsenal, let me know, but I can't say it any other way - I'm not blacklisting any grips, so sounds like an RHS problem to me
  15. It's not available for BLUFOR factions. It's available for OPFOR factions because it's a tool that a squad or team leader may choose to use for a specific plan. Lock-on weapons are the domain of the rifleman AT role.