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  1. new version of 031 uploaded to hopefully deal with spawning explosions
  2. I've identified a few more errors and have compiled a version 031 which is essentially a bug fix release. I've also changed up the default order of missions: 1. Malden 2. Stratis 3. Altis 4. Lythium 5. Bozcaada 6. Gorgona
  3. Bug identified, new versions of 030 compiled and copied over.
  4. Stiletto 030 updated to fix the Logi spawning issue... should be able to spawn the Logi resource crates now.
  5. Acre was a royal pain in the ass. Worked well until it didn't, then we couldn't track down why, and it was super naggy when it broke. (anyone remember the hint that NEVER WENT Away blaming something else for desynchronization?) Tfar just worked.
  6. Stiletto 030 is now on the server, for all maps. I've updated the settings for #vote commands, hopefully it works now: minimum players required 1, vote threshold is 90%, DO NOT ABUSE THIS. Voting rules: 1) Everyone must be in base, ie., there can be no ongoing operations. 2) With a threshold of 90%, pretty much everyone must vote. 3) You can #vote missions, #vote admin, and #vote mission - easiest (assuming this all works) will be to vote admin on the map interface for the player you want. The main change is that factions are now randomized between Western and Eastern factions, and MEC/PLA factions are added as player factions. So you may find that Eastern factions are spawning with a bit more regularity (currently, just Gorgona had a default Eastern, ie Russian spetsnatz, faction). In the future I may develop some additional code that will allow players to determine the base factions at mission start, but for now, this will be a good start. Stiletto 030 change log: 1. Updated supply crate spawning system (thanks Stanhope) 2. Updated vehicle spawning system to add confirmation layer. 3. Base HEMTT vehicle (mover) can now load and unload large (600 resource point) logi crates with a custom animation. 3a) Spawn a HEMTT from the ground service pole - this is the HEMTT without any kind of cargo attached. 3b) Spawn a 600 RP logi crate from the supply depot. 3c) Position the HEMTT so the crate is behind and within 3m. 3d) use the "Load Logistics Crate" addAction to load the crate. 3e) with a crate loaded, use the "Unload Logistics Crate" addAction to unload the crate - theoretically, the area behind the truck must be clear, but it's not detecting very well, so be cautious where you unload as it can clip for Arma hilarity. 4. Added the base HEMTT vehicle to the ground vehicle spawn. 5. Attempt #3 at fixing the parachute spawning bug. 6. Adjusted the way mines are spread: more variables, more deadly! 7. Adjusted suicide bomber detection / following mode, more deadly! 8. Added Quad Bikes, HEMTT and VTOL air vehicles to vehicle spawn list (everyone gets them but poor ol' MEC). 8a. Spawned (non-armed) Blackfish will get 20 ACE cargo spaces; spawned Xi'an will get 12 ACE cargo spaces. 9. Added Mission Control whiteboards to Stratis and Bozcaada carriers. 10. Removed Malden main island vehicle depot: use Logi to make your own depot. Moved that depot to base for vehicle deployment. 11. Added Random faction selection for both player faction and enemy faction and set default factions to random. 12. Added Middle Eastern Coalition and PLA China as playable player factions. 13. Added "Factions" briefing entry in Map interface to show which factions are in use. 14. Removed ammunition from automated turrets on the Stratis carrier to make air battles a bit more interesting. There's still an ambient protection zone directly on the carrier.
  7. Ideas \o/

    Probably because that's a reskin of a vanilla chopper. The A2 ports used by RHS (last time I checked) for the Mi8 and Mi24 didn't have attachment points for fast roping.
  8. I'll experiment with the RHS Western and Eastern trucks. For the Blackfish, it'll be a might more complicated.
  9. I've followed up on a previous suggestion to an ability to load/unload the large cargo crates (600RP) to the basic HEMTT: this is accomplished by an addAction and includes a nifty animation that attaches / detaches the cargo crate to the vehicle. I could probably do something similar for the Blackfish, but yeah, as stated, it's probably easier to just manually change the ACE cargo capacity of the Blackfish. Anyone know what it is set to currently?
  10. Ideas \o/

    By the way, the default faction is different for each map.
  11. Ideas \o/

    Make the default faction random, so we play something other than usmc.. It's a neat idea and I like it, though I think it's easier to combine this with your last idea (change factions at the whiteboard) add the FIRS (fast roping) system to all the unarmed helicopters (dunno if possible, but would be neato, main example is the Huey and black hawk) It's dependent on the helicopter - some have the FRIES points enabled, some don't - ie., all the Russian helicopters can't fast rope. Put the "medical bandages appropriate usage" table in the briefing map menu thing, maybe not the image to save on file size, but just what bandage for what wound (and maybe even reopen times/ chances etc) It's a good idea. Can I ask someone to come up with the appropriate text and I'll add it to the default briefing notes? put a vehicle spawner on the carriers, so that instead of having to set up logi people can just airlift vech's (and maybe drive the amphibious ones) Ripe for abuse and griefing, but not a bad idea at all. make it so that you can disable the default squads, so that people who want to set up custom alphas etc can just disable the default and make a new one without editing the default one. This whole system deserves a review at some point, and I'll review that, but the ability to create custom squads was always intended to be used solely by a Platoon Commander. do we have any planes smaller than the c130? for transport / paradroping (like for example the plane we use for a c130 spawn when playing as russia), so that it could fit on the carrier To answer the question - nope. And even if you took the C130 or a smaller plane like an AN-2 off the carrier, you'd never be able to land it there again. Add the ability to change the time on the whiteboard for squad leads, and if possible the ability to change the factions / hash the mission? (might be too abusable, but would be super useful for when no admins are online) Time change is already there in mission management. Hashing the mission is not currently there but I believe the last update allowed whoever's in command to abort missions... although I think it just replaces the mission rather than advancing the mission number, so this won't end up hashing the mission. Not sure I want it there, the ideal solution is that we actually implement the #voteMission command with a 99% vote requirement. For changing the factions, that's possible, though I think I'd want to set a 10-minute time limit so that you don't constantly switch factions during the mission. As well I'd need to build in some exception handling so you don't arrive in situations where you are Opfor fighting Opfor.