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  1. Community Update#3

    i do agree that s a major breaking point by the last version(s) of I+A 3 We've been taking a look at this for I&A4. Here's the proposed implementation: 1) In base, you're restricted to your class weapons. We don't want Medics armed with rocket launchers; rather we want players to appreciate the utility of each of the individual roles. If you are given, or pick up, a piece of gear that you couldn't ordinarily equip yourself with, you put it down automatically on the ground. 2) Outside of base (400m) you can pick up and use any gear that is available, but you are restricted to walking as long as it's in your inventory. In both cases, you're given a nag hint that tells you what the offending gear is or was. This "should" address the idea of keeping each role special, while also allowing players to use non-class gear in extraordinary situations.
  2. Hi folks, Here's the thread to provide comments, questions or criticism for Invade & Annex 4. Current changelog (version 040): 1. Loadout automatically saved when arsenal is closed. 2. Fix for units can't ride in helicopter cargo. 3. Fixed Team Leader, Spotter added to UAV chat channel. 4. Tweak to gear removal daemon (CTRG marksman had SPAR17 removed despite it being in default loadout) 5. Players may now see other group's waypoints (useful for showing helicopter pilots where to go, for example) 6. Tweak to hostage rescue mission (rescue addactions may now disappear after being used, thus allowing the mission to complete) 7. Tweaks to automatic parachute script (previously worn backpacks were not restored) 8. Added weapon optics, muzzles and bipods to gear restriction script. 9. Tweaks to vehicle respawning in attempt to fix it. 10. Added Sling Weapon action. 11. Tweaks to blufor tracking and spotting, you can now spot civilian and teammates. Spot timeout increased to 60 seconds (from 30). 12. Deploying chaff/flares in base zone now doesn't count as firing in base. 13. Tweaks to vehicle ejection detection so parachutes are only applied when required. 14. Added NVGs to default loadouts in CTRG. 15. Fix to destroy artillery mission (mission wouldn't complete if arty partially destroyed or uncrewed) 16. Added respawn report button to IA4 menu. 17. Tweaks to handleHeal event handler to attempt to reward medical actions. 18. Tweaked fog settings (default: no fog). 19. Added skyscraper buildings to Pyrgos and Kavala. 20. Added enemy mortar support; mortar team occasionally spawns in main AO and targets players in the area. Enemy mortars target with RED SMOKE and after they are sighted in, will fire HE shells. Our next beta test is tonight at 1900 UTC.
  3. I'm locking this topic as I&A4 is out of Alpha and into Beta, and I'll create a new thread for that.
  4. Squad menu bug

    Happily this issue will go away in IA4
  5. Squad menu bug

    If it's 4, then it could be possible to add a text link on the diary that pops open the IA4 menu.
  6. -100 Cmags now restricted to autorifleman -new optics restricted to marksman
  7. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Just a quick note for the beta of I&A4 (which I'm putting the final touches on now), I've decided that UAVs are just too problematic for player control, for a variety of reasons; hence I have crafted some script which makes them fully autonomous. They work in conjunction with a new spotting mechanic that lets players target enemies, and you can spend reward points to issue recon and strike orders to the UAV. Ground-based UAVs we can investigate in the future, but I think they're pretty OP.
  8. The way that secondary is supposed to work is that it selects a location the players have previously conquered and sets up a team of enemy forces to attack it. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep it because there's not really a fail condition (it wouldn't make sense that all the units would decide to give up and leave after a time limit).
  9. Thanks for the thoughtful posts, Nibbs. Some thoughts: On the UAV I'm wondering if it's worth it to have this as a player role at all in the public server scenario, given the coordination that's necessary to make this work, and the relatively paltry reward points that would result. Rather, it could be a reward point purchase on the part of a squad leader, to deploy an armed or unarmed UAV that you could use for recon and/or attack. On reconnaissance It's conceivable I could generate a system which allows the player to spot targets, illuminating a reticle that surrounds the target in the world view, and a marker that presents their position on the map. This would allow players without a microphone to provide useful callouts to other players, and would also present another vector for accumulating reward points. On vehicles I'll start with your last point first - that there aren't enough vehicles to provide targets for UAV, CAS and Armor crews to engage. You're absolutely right - though that's where the next phase of testing comes in, which balancing. What we've been testing is format, and I'd like to bring the next sequence of testing to a sequential level, that is to say that the enemies generated to face the players scale in proportion to the assets they bring to the table. It's not enough to say that "there are 30 players on, thus there need to be at least X enemies", as it only takes one decent CAS operator to level an entire AO and render useless the rest of the team: you have to consider the vehicles the players are using at any given moment. However all it takes is for one or two of those vehicles to be knocked out, and now you have an unwinnable AO because the players don't have the resources to attack six tanks and four IFVs. I see your point about having a fast-respawn Panther on offer for Armor crews, but I kind of see that as a license to waste Panthers while waiting for the Slammer to respawn. Armor should be valuable, it shouldn't go balls-in on the AO, and there should be a penalty for wasting it. I almost wonder if certain roles should be randomly assigned among a pool of volunteers, and if you die, you're temporarily removed from that pool. That way everyone would be able to have a turn, and no one would hog a particular asset crew. Yeah, not a huge fan of this, but I understand what you're getting at: I'd almost want a way for new crew members to be able to quickly get to their vehicle, like perhaps a complimentary paradrop on taking the role if your team mates are in the field. I did have this for about two seconds before I realized how spammy that was going to get, especially in an infantry squad. On your other points Yeah, but no one reads signs. I'll try to find a better spot for helipads that's closer to player spawn but not super close. It's hard for some of the base designs. For general pub server use I can't see a great usefulness for this vehicle. For game nights or a server with a higher form of communication it could be cool. Right now it's in the mission for the sake of testing balance, but frankly we're probably better off trading it off with another Hummingbird. Might be the AAF Nyx that only has the crew of two; I can't recall. It's gonna be impossible for me to balance the squad composition with the various vehicles. At least the Blufor tanks don't have loader positions. As for DLC vehicles, the best I could do is try and figure out a way to exclude DLC assets (weapons and vehicles) from the reward menus so people that don't have the DLC won't spend their points on stuff they can't use. But as for someone purchasing a vehicle that someone can't crew because they don't have the DLC... there's not much we can do about. I've been thinking about this one: I think that perhaps the points should be shared both negatively and positively, because that will encourage players to work together. Right now team kills don't really result in points because shooting a player generally puts them into the incapacitated pre-revive state, and if a player bleeds out I think that separates the kill event (ie., to get the team kill penalty you have to outright kill the player in a single event). I think I'll be changing this so that if you incap a player, you get the teamkill penalty; at the same time I'd like to fix the revive system so it actually rewards you for reviving another player.
  10. Alpha testing was basically a chance to do limited internal testing to weed out bugs and balance features. My loose goal is to launch I&A4 on Ahoyworld near the end of October. Throughout October our plan is to push I&A4 on the EU1 server to see how it handles 64 players and to work mainly on balance (enemy counts, reward points, that sort of thing). I&A3 will still be the main mission but we will probably assign Fridays and Saturdays as I&A4 days. The goal is to use as many vanilla functions as possible, so no.
  11. AWE Status

    We can't go this way, as the server doesn't automatically update its mods when the mod on the workshop is updated. Thus, the players update their mods automatically and then can't connect to the server.
  12. Version 037 of I&A4 is now online and staff are testing internally in anticipation for the next Alpha test on Thursday. Change log: 1. Tweaks to vehicle locking. 2. Added Zeus dynamic group for admins to join (intended for running zeus missions). 3. Fixed script error in medical notification. 4. Fixes to capture / kill HVT mission. 5. Fixed IA4 dialog button sizes. 6. Tweaks to enemy reinforcements. 7. Buying a reward no longer automatically closes the reward menu. 8. Players are now rewarded on kills made by members of their group within 300m (you receive 1/3 of the points made by your group member making the kill). 9. Engineers and Drivers no longer have their Toolkits removed. 10. Added vehicle flip action. Action appears when vehicle is not destroyed and is pitched or banked at more than 50 degrees. The number of players requied to be within 10m of the vehicle increases proportionally to the vehicle mass: you will need 5 players nearby to flip a tank. 11. Enemy vehicle crews will now attempt to repair vehicles. 12. Removed most USS Freedom & Liberty UAV turrets from player control (except for the mk41 VLS and mk45 Hammer) 13. Respawn timers altered for player vehicles, up to 1 hr for CAS vehicles, as low as 5 minutes for basic ground vehicles. 14. Revision on how dead units are cleaned up. 15. Fixed weather report.
  13. AWE Status

    @J0hnson I don't disagree with your premise. And indeed I'm sure that's how EU3 evolved. But like anything, it wasn't like someone set off saying "let's start a server with 26GB of mods", rather, it evolved over time as people suggested more and more mods be added to the repo. It's like the frog being slowly boiled.
  14. AWE Status

    I encourage you to suggest what would create a better situation that current.
  15. AWE Status

    I honestly have no idea yet. As for the historical EU4 and the potential for IA4 and mods, I should add that there is discussion that this would replace the current implementation of AWE. I agree that people probably wouldn't play an enhanced version if IA4 if it existed alongside the current AWE.