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  2. Right i'm making the assumption that McKillen meant that he wanted rewards to despawn similar to any other base vehicle. So if it's abandoned and no friendlies close. And on top of that also when they haven't been claimed by anyone. This 'script' will make about 80-ish % of the rewards spawned by the mission get deleted 2 minutes after spawning in. The other 20-ish % won't be affected at all. And i don't think we want rewards to despawn after 2 minutes. That'd make the current reward system obsolete.
  3. You're the last person that should apologise. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we commend you for your efforts and that you made a damn good staff member. EU3 is a touchy subject at heart and I could not agree more, honestly, in what you've said about it. As someone with ties back to EU3's very first development thought process and essentially day one play (came second day it came out because lol modpack), I can clearly see how things have changed, for better and indeed for worse. At the end of the day, EU3 is what it is now, I don't think it's got much a chance of changing, hell, with the amount of work you've managed to sink your heart into I think nothing more could be done. But there is still enjoyment to be had out there. Myself, Jochem and others in hind sight have seen this coming since Gauntlet 33 at least, when EU3 was starting to have its downfall but I cannot stress enough that though EU3 will never be as good as the glory days of Patrol Ops and further on after, there's still good times to be had. A community is what makes a community run. If I may speak freely, the choice of scrapping the democracy votes is what killed EU3 or at least it's glory days. Now I find that the community has no camaraderie and folks are willing to be spiteful and stab people in the backs to try and climb on the higher ups backs so that they may get what they want when after all, a community is about the want of the many. Myself and others have tried to do what we could to help but we fear that past reputation leaves us barren from trust. All in all, EU3 is in no shape or form as fun as it was and it is a damn damn damn shame that players who have joined in the recent year or two could not see the light of what we all had. But, the server still lives on and I'm contempt with that for now. I think I speak for everyone when I'd get on my knees and beg you to stay but it is indeed your decision and you've done enough Copey, Thank you, best wishes to what you choose to do now and hopefully we'll talk again soon. Yours sincerely, Mini (ugh... that guy)
  4. Leo The "Bomb" Expert...

    how to create a cluster crate of death 101, Now u know how too create a Oh shit package x'D
  5. My biggest problem with this server is FPS. I really enjoy playing on this server but most of the times during the day, on average, i get about 25-35 FPSand during the night its even worse, climbing down from 10-20 FPS. And im mostly just a pilot so its even worse for me than people on the ground. I would really like to know your FPS on average and if you improved it somehow, and if so, how? Yes, I know that this game is badly optimised but in this specific server i usually get less FPS than other ones, and I am not blaming the server for this entirely. My system has a Intel i5 6600K CPU overclocked to 4.5GHz and a AMD RX 480 overclocked to 1390MHz and memory overclocked to 2150MHz. I usually get good FPS in games with my GPU utilization in games at a steady 100%, unlike on this game i get around 30% GPU utilization. Again, I am not blaming the server for this, as I would only like to know your performance on this server and if you found any way to improve it somehow. Thanks for reading.
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  7. Received, Steering will get back to you.
  8. Wishlist 2018

    1. Battlefild 1942 Remaster 2. Hell Let Loose 3. Escape from tarkov
  9. Isn't allowedVoteCmds[] a thing? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting If that thing works, you could actually disable #vote admin and other stuff. Yes the rules are clear, but having less rules seems to me as better alternative most of the time (same as arsenal mod instead of the rules was just better, quicker, less abused).
  10. If I Just Lay Here...

    well played!
  11. Last week
  12. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    Which is "fair" (its really not, but thats another argument). If you vote 1 or 2, and 1 wins, 2sayers will be annoyed and vice versa. For example(1) I prefer option 1, option 3 is not the best but acceptable and option 2 I really dislike. To put it simple: 1 is best, 3 is acceptable, 2 is bad On the opposite side, example(2) To put it simple: 2 is best, 3 is acceptable, 1 is bad. Currently its 13/11/9. But as was stated, there is decent reason to believe at least a few of Option1 guys would go to Option3 just to NOT have Option2 and same Option2 would rather vote Option3. I believe that quite a few people prefer compromise rather then opposite of what they voted. If you want fair vote if either need onevote poll with 5 options (1, 1or2, 2, 2or3, 3) which is not ideal as it is bit of a mess. Wont go to detail here as it gets bit abstract without examples. Much better would be multi option poll with Opt1/2/3. Where example(1) would vote for 1 and 3 and example(2) would vote for 2 and 3. TBH I am pretty sure you will get option 2 with highest vote (as current vote is pretty even on both ends and again, compromise is better then getting the "bad" end of vote for at least a few(probably majority)). Agree that sound god damn awesome. But again, server doesnt have enough players to support this. Or experience and responsibility. In last 30 days there were approximately: (gametracker stats) 17 days with 10+ players 5 days with 20+ players 1 day with 30+ players 8 days server was pretty much dead quite a few of the peaks are because of gamenights. If you remove those days, it gets even worse for normal evenings. Lets take non-gamenight busy evening. Alpha will have around 10 players, 1 to Vortex, 2 to FSG (probably geared as AT or even mortar) There is no CMD, there might be Vortex 2. Recon team? Not really. Many resources are just nonexistent. And for your example, its really specific and it just doesnt happen (at least not nearly enough). Heli crash? Uncommon. Survivors? Rare. More real chance (but similar in its core) is someone is left behind (again not common thing). Lets say with short range he is not able to reach anybody. So he just sits there hoping his CO, who already forgotten once about him, would notice and get him a rescue. And whats worse - that guy wont know, unless he msgs somebody on Steam, if they know he is missing and coming for him or they just go for next AO. So he can sit there for 20 minutes and then probably leave server or use group/side chat to get noticed. Same thing he would do with cTab. Only Steam/group char is even less immersive than cTab. So you will probably get 2 nights in 3 weeks with possibly really good immersion gameplay. Most of which will be gamenights where creator sets loadouts so this vote wont have any impact on those. Lets say you get 1 non-gamenight in 3 weeks with positive feeling of this change as you have the numbers and experienced players online. And about 10 nights with normal to terrible experience, How bad? Hard to say. Thats why middle option might be acceptable.
  13. Cca 19:00GMT+2 17/10/20 Gorgona - playing as Russians(?), probably default settings Bug - Tasks now showing properly Upon joining, there was no Task tab in map menu nor any task icon on map. There was HVT Oscar as usual marked on the map with the cross thingy and square. After gathering intel, new mission was created (Rescue DIAMOND) and showed properly in task tab. For new JIP after that, there, again, were no tasks shown. Bug/Missing feature Couldnt gather intel I carried from my dead body. (Dissapeared?) Not sure if that is known issue. Weird behaviour Seems I got shot by guy who apperead ragdolled whilst I was searching him. Cannot confirm, might be just my internet was lagging extensively, but after returning, we havent encountered any active EI. Dont see anything you could do or how could you check this. Just noting to put full report.
  14. If people want to try out different scopes in base, playing "dress up" in the arsenal isn't going to go through the animation. Only if you put multiple in your loadout clothing (which will take longer to do initially anyway) will mean you have to switch and get the animation, which I don't imagine many people will do and the vast majority of players as I'm sure others will agree will already have a pretty good idea for a scope to use. Large scale testing can be conducted in single player, this goes without saying usually. Marksmen shouldn't really be doing nor really need to multi-scope. A large array of longer range scopes are also equipped with red dots or iron sights. Plus for example with the RHS scopes you can just look over the top of them anyway and get a more accurate hip fire. All in all, this mod adds immersion with no cost to gameplay if players use common sense. tl;dr - animation yes/no while in arsenal = No
  15. ExShake - Yes, explosions are way too unrealistic/bland at the moment Recoil - probably would not like it, game already disturbs weapon aim while firing. Suppress - unsure, are you positive it would not have impact on client-side performance ??
  16. Hey all, sorry I've not been around the last while, been really busy with a job search and I finally got my joystick over to London from my parents' place in America and have been flying in DCS a lot lately. Hope to get a good bit of ARMA in soon. V/R Nosferatu
  17. 3 years later...

    Always nice to have a soldier back on board, Welcome back.

    Classic Banter. Much Kek. Very Wow.
  19. Joe's PC now it is Jacob

    Hi, TiePae After reviewing the evidence, which is stacked against you. I will NOT be unbanning you, this is because the comment you made is very toxic towards the player it was aimed at, and this is something we don't give any leeway to in this community. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  20. AWE Training Polls

    No worries, I wasn't feeling too well myself so I didn't make it either. We'll sort something out.
  21. [AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Cronus - by KPJ

    Noted, depending on player-turn up we may have ASL double as CMD. It's hard to make a decision when people haven't signed up yet.
  22. Only happens if you select the server on the dropdown at the bottom of that image anyway. Shouldn't be the issue.
  23. Squad XML Membership

    Squad Name: Members A3 Name: SiegeSix TS UID: owan99vmcX0W6IgE9P2sjpVrmT4= A3 UID: 76561198263254376 A3 Remark/Quote: What civilian? You mean the Russian spy?
  24. Help with Addons

    No probs, you are welcome.
  25. Hi Guys

    Is this @THEBULLSHARK I once played with in EU1? It is nice to see you here in the forums.
  26. Sometimes when you connect to a UAV it doesn't let you control it straight away. It normally takes a bit of messing with. Not sure why it does it but it happens. All you have to do is mess around with it and be patient and you will be able to control it.
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