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  2. both the towed and self propelled arty all support manual elevation control via page up and page down, but charge information, muzzule velocity, and other stuff you need to calculate without a range table are missing. The paladin and pondos both have Fire Control Systems, but these are the same systems installed in tanks and are for line of sight direct fire solutions, they do not support indirect fire.
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  4. Forum Backgrounds

    They look good, nice work.
  5. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    --- Revision: 17 --- Build date: 22-May-2018 23:01:45 New: 0 - Updated: 1 @AW_Tembelan; Deleted: 0 -
  6. Last week
  7. @HybridRage the Intel op is limited to regular weapons, he's intended to use a low-drag kit like a pilot so he doesn't have access to full length assault weapons. @Minipily if you can make it happen in the vanilla arsenal, let me know, but I can't say it any other way - I'm not blacklisting any grips, so sounds like an RHS problem to me
  8. Eu1 rewards

    The current system is based on overall score; I can give you one distinguishing between infantry, soft vehicle, armored vehicle and aircraft kills plus overall score. What support do you want to unlock when?
  9. Guide suggestion

    Hi Stan, I Finally got it working. I just pasted the UID info into ALL the Arma read me files I could find and it is now working in SP & MP modes. So now I won’t need to mess about on the live server to practice with the kit, guns etc. I am sure that will please everyone and stop me unintentionally breaking any server rules and regulations.
  10. Personally use PBOManager by WINSE and have no issues with anything. Very similar and simple to use. Maybe try it out? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369 Unless of course its the one your using then it may be you messing it up!
  11. We've moved to the ACE arsenal which, by default, doesn't import your loadouts from the vanilla arsenal in. There is the possibility to do it, I believe you have to open the eden editor on any map and there'll be a button somewhere to import your loadouts into the ace arsenal. It's probably going to be in one of those dropdowns at the top. I just made new loadouts as so many things have changed :)
  12. EU1/AWE Teamwork/Communication Encouragement

    I must've just conjured this up in my head from somewhere then! Point conceded
  13. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced

    I am a big fan of Lost Alpha, but I found a better stand alone mod. STALKER OGSE Standalone mod really takes the immersion from SoC and makes it so so much better. It also has all of the cut content from Lost Alpha, plus better simulation, features and new quests. The Dead City and 100 Rad's bars are loads of fun, have spent many hours getting drunk (IRL and in game, while gambling and farming blowouts so I can go collect hundreds of artefacts after) Way better vehicles as well. I am really digging its ability to play music, have companions, read books, create artefact transmutes and customize weapons. They also implemented a very cool magazine system for the AK pattern weapons, and new optics. AKM and a custom Saiga12 are my trusty sidekicks. Save often when starting quests especially in Cordon! Finding Cheburashka(a talking stuffed bear, will be a huge help if you get stuck on a quest or puzzle.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-good-stalker-evolution
  14. Haha, I'll tell you in about a week!
  15. vortex <> respawning

    I think Rally points usage is now mostly left to the decission of the ASL or PlatCom. They should be the ones to allow or disallow the usage at their own preferance. Now if you are on in a low server pop moment, then using them is understandable, but my personal opinion is that if their is a vortex or large sized squad (ASL+A1+A2), then alternate means of travel should be used instead of the rally point system. So to make the post in bullet points. ASL/PlatCom will decide wether Rally Points are used, we should abide by their decission On low server population, it should be used at our own discretion only if there is no Vortex online, or the AO is more then 10K away.(doable with ground vehicles) When you have a full unit(ASL+A1+A2) it should not be used, unless ASL feels that without Vortex that they need it. When Vortex is online, it should not be used. Thats just my opinion though, so take it as that, its not AW's official view. As for Johnsons view on FOB's, i share that opinion. We should use them as staging grounds without having rally points on them, with the ability to get vehicles we want at their location or have a preset amount of them already there.
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