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  2. @MidnightRunner was talking about the French MAS 49/56 (without the scope if you don't want, but bayonet)
  3. Will/want to apply but have to wait to get back from work...
  4. Last week
  5. Hello, The server logs show that you are breaking general rule 1.1.7 of AhoyWorld which states "1.1.7. Recruiting, or activity deemed to be considered recruiting is not permitted regardless of community size or membership status.", by vigorously spamming a discord link while on our server. We take any and all recruitment attempts very seriously and thus your ban will remain. You are welcome to re-appeal your ban in 3 to 6 months time.
  6. Lindi


    Hello Clannish, after reviewing your ban appeal and the evidence available to me at this time, I have decided that you have served your time and your ban will be lifted. I strongly recommend you read the rules of Ahoyworld and play within the rules while on our servers. Ban appeal successful
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