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  2. Happened when I tried to remove a weapon from an unconscious enemy.
  3. Frontlines update 21/04/2021 [Added] Icons added to all Frontlines ACE Actions [Added] Weight check on arsenal exit [Added] Common arsenal items config [Added] Extra check for positive resources before completing a build [Added] Sprud to VDV medium vehicles [Added] Sector garrison mechanics, further explained in tutorial menu [Tweaked] Type of vehicles at counterattacks are now linked to threat level [Tweaked] Humanitarian Relief mission scaling [Tweaked] Clean up after sector is left [Tweaked] Radio channel chart has correct frequenci
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  5. Hi All, Quick update on Friday stuff since we have had a 2 week break. Firstly Vietnam will return this Friday and continue for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Then, I have a 2 to 3 week story based set of missions, with some different mechanics than we are accustomed to but I think will make it interesting. Following this the CHADS will make their return in a new setting, to make some money while getting some payback for previous offenses against them. More info will be revealed on these in the next few weeks. Midnight
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  8. As not every op/person uses DUI I would prefer to avoid including this in the AW Mod HUD, however you can be quite clever and change the keybind that DUI provides to disable their UI. If you set this to the same as your disable HUD key (Ctrl+Shift+F by default), it'll do both at the same time.
  9. Thank you so much for the record-breaking 42 player turn-out on Frontlines Friday! This was unprecedented. It showcased what amazing things we can get rolling when we're all in the same groove. In that spirit, we will put our minds to the mission every week with Frontlines Day. Here you can expect an established chain of command, fully supported by staff and with a fresh twist each time. Mission Length ~2 hours, with a chance to carry on open-ended Leadership Sign-up https://forms.gle/FwN944kDCL8C6exL7 If you would like to lead, signing up wi
  10. Step 1) Download the HTML below to somewhere easily accessible (I recommend downloading it to your desktop as we will need to drag and drop it into the Arma 3 launcher.) AW_Frontlines.html Step 2) Open your Arma 3 Launcher, and drag the HTML file into the mods section in the launcher. The Launcher will then automatically start downloading the required mods. Step 3) Once the mods have finished downloading, we now need to create the preset we are going to use every time we launch ARMA with the Frontlines modset. Luckily, the l
  11. AWE Core Principles Community We are a group of like-minded players who enjoy playing authentic modded military missions together. We are all in this together as part of the single whole that is AWE. Without you, the server would not exist. Respect each other and be open-minded about other ways to enjoy the game -- work together to the best of your ability. Maturity As such, we expect a certain degree of maturity to ensure that co-operation and respect are looked after. Conflicts between players must not be allowed to interfere with gameplay, so
  12. The modlist we provide does not have to include only "mandatory mods" We can add optional mods that we feel enhance the experience. DUI has been tested with this mission and server where we have found it to be working reliably hence the change. But yes if you remove that mod from your personal modset and add STUI then that will also work
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