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  2. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    Whilst I have no clue why they removed the UGV's (#MakeUAVSlotgreatagain), I can see why an UAV with AGM missiles is never coming on the server. The UAV operator is a support slot, which means you have to be called in before you can bomb target X and this often work because the ground troops find and laser the target whilst the UAV operator drops a bomb (or two) on the target. AGM Missiles circumvent the need for ground troops, since the UAV operator can just pick a target, lock it, fire a missile and repeat until the UAV has no ammo left or everything is destroyed. TL:DR Would love to see UGV's again but UAV's with AGM's would basically be an airborne version of Scar and that would suck the fun of others dry quickly
  3. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Thx. I checked the integrity of local files, and then restartet. Everything ok now.. Thx...
  4. Member

    - Nickname in game: AnimeOwl - UID: 76561198087075008 - Squad-name: AhoyWorld Members - Remark\quote: "If the Heli's not dead, you can fly it."
  5. pending review Challenger 2 Mod Request

    Well keep the discussion about the Challenger open for when we hear from 3CB or the mod maker that several critical issue's has been fixed For now we wont be adding the Challenger but well keep our eye's open
  6. We need your ideas

    CheckPoint: Hold a Certain Place for an amount of time while defending, attacks can be provided by CSAT or INDEPENDENT forces
  7. Active Zeus on regular AO mission

    Yeah it's more fun when there is a zeus online, becasue then the AI get help & there is a small chance of a Zeus op and those are pretty fun to do.
  8. A new Base

    @Patrik_swe the drive through is seen on the third picture, bottom left corner. And yes, the base is made so that NV isnt required to go around.
  9. Yesterday
  10. The way it is now, if you detect a trap, the disarm option becomes available for all players. My assumption is that the soldier has reported it across the chain of command and everyone is made aware. I was initially hesitant to do this because of the situation where you kill a dude, search his body and find a trap, and leave him. Hours later, someone else comes along and magically knows there is a trap on him. However there's no real better way and I'm satisfied with this method. So: if you are NOT finding the disarm trap option after someone else has discovered a trap, then there is a bug to be tracked down. When you search a body, two paths are considered: whether intel is detected, and whether a trap is discovered. If a trap is discovered, you will be prevented from detecting intel because you have seen the trap and decided against further searching. If the trap has been detected by someone else, this will also be the default result (you can't force a trap to explode through reckless searching). If the trap is not discovered, there is a chance it is set off. If the trap is not detected and doesn't go off, or there is no trap, we then move on to see if the player has detected intel. So there is a chance that intel is detected, but the trap still sits there being dangerous.
  11. A few ideas and more

    When zeusing on a server with 60 people, AND telling them to try marking buildings they clear, people do not do it. In some AOs, there is a barracks with AI in them. It took the players 2 hours to do it, asking and "telling" me it was bugged when I was looking at a building with 14 guys in it, and all because it was one building, on the edge of the AO that nobody could be bothered to check. In a perfect world, or in EU3 sure, but with EU1, people dont always think first, they do.
  12. Hi fellaz!!

    if you're the one to chat, you can always come and hop on our teamspeak Hope you have a great time out in the field -Xwatt
  13. How did you guys find out about AhoyWorld?

    When I completed single player missions, I was searching a server requires no mods to enter on server browser, and found EU#1, quite simple, isn't it? :>
  14. Whats your setup like?

    People out there using i7 and stuff.. Meanwhile I suffer. Cpu: Amd Phenom II X4 965 3.4Ghz Quad Gpu: Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 5670 2GB / 128Bit RAM: 8 GB (4x2) GSkill DDR2 (yes, it's DDR2, problem?) Case: Everest mid tower something, don't know exactly. Mause and keyboard: Everest rampage shit, SGM-X7 Mause and KB-R01 keyboard. Monitor: Exper 18.5" 16:9 around 6 years ol' ass 5MS VGA shit HDD: 320GB Sata with 64mb cache which is also around 6 years old? I'm poor.
  15. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    That's just base protection being very very eager to stop anyone from shooting in base. I'll have a look into it in the future to see if i can fix it but for now just go stand where the UAVs spawn and you should be good.
  16. Names to faces

    How about a picture of me smoking some nargile? HUEEHHEHEHU! ;3
  17. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Yay I got to play for a bit, being a parent sucks!
  18. Last week
  19. rant

    /thread This is a recurring problem and I myself have stated that there has always been an urge for people to "one-up" each other, stabbing people in the back in the process of possibly trying to climb the reputation ladder. But it is what it is, though I can understand Stan's frustration.
  20. Escape The Island

    Like the idea.. would be something completely different.. question is. What is your idea on how those guys break out of there prison? Maybe you like this idea?? lets the major part play as a prisonor.. Get a couple of guys, lets say 4, play as resistance, civilians with very simple weapons.. a couple of handguns with 1 or 2 mags would be fine. No maps of radios or that kind of thing. mission: resistance has to raid the smallest prison where a couple of guys are improsoned.. rescue them, then the group has grown stronger with opfor weapons and equipment.. then they can raid the other prison(s).. and together they can escape the island, make it not that small island so the mission will take longer then 30 minutes. of course, this is a bit sifferent then your idea was wih the blufor maybe not being that friendly to eachother.. but maybe the resistance is played by 4 wankers who pretend they are saving the guys but end up trying to kill them? ok, maybe my fantasy is a bit large but hell its an idea ::))
  21. I&A: FOBs don't lose after server restart

    We don't routinely restart our servers. If they do get restarted it's usually because either something bugs out or because frames drop for everyone. It's left up to the description of the moderator(s) present at the time whether or not he/she/them give an FOB or several FOBs back. Although i partially agree with McKillen i don't think this is a bad idea. Obviously not all FOBs but maybe one or 2. And inevitably there will have to be a full restart at some point otherwise we never get to fight for those FOBs. The problem is on how to get that working on the script side of things. If anyone knows how to i'll happily talk to them and we'll see how to work from there. But i don't currently know how i'd get that set up.
  22. Spacemarine reporting in

    Glad i had the opportunity to tell Xwatt to help you with your mod problems Welcome and see you on the battlefield.
  23. Public Moderators

    AhoyWorld public moderator applications This is the topic where you can apply to become a moderator on our public servers. Please read the entire post before filling out the application form. What does a public moderator do? Public moderators support our community by weeding out troublemakers and rules-breakers on our public ArmA servers, the TeamSpeak server and our forum. On ArmA servers a moderator may warn, kick and/or ban someone in violation of the rules. If a ban is applied, a moderator must fill out a brief ban report. A tool which makes use of the RCON system is used to apply bans. A moderator also deals with player reports filed by players when there are no moderators present to deal with situations. After taking any necessary actions, the moderator informs the reporter of any actions taken. What are the requirements to become a public moderator? Absolute requirements: Must not be banned within the last 12 months Must not be warned or kicked within the last 6 months Must provide at least 2 references from current public moderators or core staff members Must be active on the public servers and on the TeamSpeak server What we prefer: Forum member for at least six months prior to application with an active, positive and constructive posting history Personality is pragmatic, trustworthy, reliable, considerate and respectful Enthusiastic players who are interested in advancing the community for the general enjoyment of all Probationary Period If your application gets accepted, you will be given a 90-120 day probationary period which completes on the last full weekend of each month.
  24. Thanks. Wasnt aware of that. Thought the mission was always located on the server. Gotta look at that when im back on my computer
  25. AWE Training Polls

    Comms is something I want to get covered to a degree under basic conduct, as I feel it's important to teach people about unnecessary radio chatter etc.
  26. Not according to this: And they seem to be pretty professionel so I trust them!
  27. Won't be able to attend sadly But for the rest, Have fun
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