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  1. Last week
  2. Lovin' this! Should be the last big operation on my current PC, aka Muckduck's old PC. She will be retiring hopefully next week. She's had a good run at an age of nearly 10 years.
  3. My ingame name is Hamza A. (that is what shows up when i send texts in the text box and i log in to the server) I was just playing but left annoyingly cuz internet connection went down two times..... Never happened to me before
  4. Okay, thanks for replies I bought Arma 3 Contact instead of the Creator DLC. See you soon on the battlefield.
  5. We only have 2 pilots though, the amount of CAS needed to recover from that is not available. Also, for his mission we are the relief force so if we get overrun it's over.
  6. If the IV flow speed is customizable, that looks like a way to cut the downtime.
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