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  2. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=arma+3+invade+and+annex+apex+edition First result
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  4. FRAGMENTARY ORDER 11072020 Reference BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados. ORIENTATION: We are currently located at the Main Operations Base / 040004. The Area of Operation is the SE-E region of Tembelan with the boundaries of our AO being as follows: To the north – Tambang Dua, to the east – the Gulf of Mexico, to the south – The Gulf of Mexico and to the west – the Gulf of Mexico (see Attachment 1). As US involvement was still unknown to the Los Zetas, they retaliated for the attack on Embun Beku by attacking a FOB of the local Police. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and could only confirm that the FOB had been overrun. Though we managed to push back further arriving forces of the Los Zetas and got word of a nearby safehouse from which they presumably staged their attack. Upon investigating we found clues referring to a priest in the town of Segi Tiga to act as a middleman for the cartel. Further investigations strengthened this and even though our questioning was subtle, the priest left abruptly and presumably alerted cartel forces who unsuccessfully ambushed us. Today we finally got time to investigate on why the landlord of our former MOB had us moved out. No further changes. 1. SITUATION: a. Enemy Forces: No changes. b. Friendly Forces: Higher: Darkstar is located at the Main Operations Base at grid 040004 and is commanding Helios operation to gather evidence and disrupt the enemy operation. 2. MISSION: Today, we are to move to the village of Garasi to investigate on why the landlord of our former MOB had us moved out, to get a better understanding of the situation regarding the influence of the Los Zetas Cartel. 3. EXECUTION: a. Commanders Intent: Purpose: To get a better understanding of the influence of the Los Zetas. Method: We will gear up, conduct gear as well as vehicle checks, move to our former MOB and question our former landlord (see Attachment 2). End state: We got intel about the Los Zetas Cartel or provoked a reaction of them. In the case that we find any intel that allows us to further operate off, refer to Commanders Intent of the Base Order (3.a.) b. Concept of operations: Scheme of Maneuver: The Operation will be conducted by 2 Squads commanded by Darkstar. The 1st Squad will be leading the operations in the field and the 2nd Squad will be supporting the 1st Squad in their task. We will stage at the Starting Point (SP 1) and follow the road towards Check Point 1 (CP 1), where we will turn right and keep following the road past Checkpoint 2 (CP 2). At Battle Position 1 / Release Point 1 (BP 1 / RP 1) one team will be released from the convoy and set up a hasty defensive position with a roadblock facing South. The remainder of the convoy will continue towards Release Point 2 (RP 2), where another team will be released and continue towards Battle Position 2, where they will set up a hasty defensive position with a roadblock facing north. The other team will instead turn left and move to Objective Mike (Obj. Mike). They will there park their vehicle accordingly to prevent other vehicles from leaving the estate and question the landlord (See Attachment 2). (See Attachment 1) c. Tasks: No changes. d. Coordinating instructions: Planning and Execution Timeline: 1700: Squads gear up and conduct gear, vehicle and communication checks 1715: Squads achieved operations-ready state and get briefed 1725: Squads leave the MOB Tactical Control Measures: SP 1: 041005, CP 1: 041010, CP 2: 049022, BP 1 / RP 1: 048031, RP 2: 053036, BP 2: 053037, Obj. Mike: 050034 Route: See Attachment 1. No further changes. 4. ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS: No changes. 5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL: No changes. Attachment 1: Map of the AO. Annotated with TCMs and the Route. Attachment 2: The target to question.
  5. The following is the changelog for the lythium version of liberation, which will go live on 15/07/20 [Added] Lythium, JBAD, 3CB Factions [Added] Lambs Danger.fsm (this is a serverside AI mod, and does not need to be run clientside) [Added] Modifiable time multiplier [Added] Default Loadouts (rifleman available upon spawn, rest needs to be loaded from ACE arsenal) [Added] Supply Depot [Added] IED's spawning with objectives [Tweaked] Moved a number of scrollwheel actions to ACE interact [Tweaked] Code cleanup [Tweaked] Disabled mobile respawn and arsenal on mobile respawns when vortex logs on [Tweaked] Cooldown time on mobile respawn point [Tweaked] Impact on killing civilians [Tweaked] Errors in permission handling [Tweaked] Arsenal [Tweaked] Capture action only works in FOB's now [Tweaked] Increased AI skill to make up for lack of body armour [Tweaked] Enemy squad composition [Tweaked] Squad hint [Tweaked] Various other small bugs Please post any feedback to the dedicated feedback thread: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15253-liberation-feedback-thread/
  6. What is Liberation Wednesday? Liberation Wednesday will be an event ran weekly, in a gamenight format, with a formal, established chain of command and greater player numbers. For the fossils in our community, you may remember Stilleto Wednesdays, and here we are replicating that experience, but instead in the liberation format and following our gamenight etiquette. AWE will still remain open 24/7, but you can expect a more serious, teamwork focused, command orientated experience every Wednesday. We will be kicking off the first week of Liberation Wednesday with the introduction of Lythium. Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 Mods Required: AW Liberation Lythium.html TS Address: ts.ahoyworld.net Mission Runtime: 120+ minutes, a short debrief will be given at the end of this time, where players can choose to remain playing or log off. Squad Structure: Platoon x3 (Platco, RTO, UAV) Alpha, Bravo Charlie (9 man infantry teams) Logistics x2 Vortex x2 Reaper x2 Hammer x3 Friendly Forces: Russian Armed Forces Enemy Forces: Insurgent Forces Situation: Russian Forces have been deployed in the region of Lythium to clear the region of an insurgency force. We start with an operations base and an FOB, and we must take objectives in order to get supplies, intel and to clear the area of any insurgent forces. Assets: 1x MI-8T 2x KA-60 Additional assets can be purchased in accordance to commands discretion Mission: Clear the region of insurgent forces. Capture a factory and establish a supply route. Clear the area of IED's and mines where necessary, and protect civilian lives at all costs. Objectives: TBD by Command Movement Plan: At Commands discretion R.O.E Fire when Fired upon Civilians are present in the area so collateral damage is to be kept to a minimum. Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged. Civilian life must be protected (Hearts and minds) Admin and Logistics: Equipment And Resupply: At Commands discretion Ammo crates can be purchased through the building menu Command HQ acts as an arsenal Reinforcements: Unlimited At commanders discretion, transport assets are available. RTO (if present) will handle infantry reinserts and LZ's Command and Control: Command: Operations and ground control lies with platoon commander RTO (if present) will handle air units Communication: Radio channels are set for each element and can be viewed through the map . Platoon has limited discretion for change but structure is to be maintained. ==========================================================================================================================
  7. I believe this is the correct list for clientside mods, for modded gamenight events.
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