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  2. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    Yea, I already fixed the second thing in 3.3.10 which should be released sometime today. I'll leave the first thing for @ansin11 to fix. As it's his job and I was just helping out a bit :)
  3. Yesterday
  4. AhoyWorld End Of Year Awards - 2018

    I think we should all listen to Midnight as he obviously has the best intuition!
  5. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Would this maybe be something we could use when at the vehicle service area? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/220711-release-vehicle-appearance-manager/
  6. Server Down?

    ... is back up since around 8ish but,what the hell is wrong there - its day2 of my 2day-off weekend i wasnt able to early access EU1# What s the coincidence ? CSI : Altis pls
  7. Last week
  8. Server Maintenance & Downtime Notices

    All should be back to normal now, sorry for the downtime!
  9. Introduction Neuralbow

    anotha dutchie
  10. where is it ?

  11. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    dayum - this dead corpse gotta get some good revive´ing ! Yesterday, Wednesday 05.12.2018 at around 17.30 CET+1 i broke the Camels neck by reaching >500.000 points in total since i stepped a foot on EU1# quite some time ago. source : EU1# gametracker stats There s not much to add (by me) so i drop some quotes of people of interest regarding this glorious moment : Vivat ! veni vidi vici
  12. Invade & Annex 3 updated - Arma 1.86

    Must find some time for some Ahoy Arma!
  13. AWE Status

    Ok any idea if I can back date steam? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Squad menu bug

    Thanks for the update, sounds like excellent progress.
  15. Farawell my friends!

    Well Mario hope to see you soon! Good luck and best wishes!
  16. RPT file cleaner

    Hi guys, just wanted to release a script that I think will be useful for mission developers and also other server hosts that use RPT files to detect issues within the server. The script is designed to take a rpt files that are inserted into the Readfile folder. This will then go through and remove all bloat from the file and output a new file within the Outputfile folder with a short_ prefix. I will take more recommendations for things that can be cut from the report file. In the next month or so I plan on releasing a new Restarter coded in python. This script will be implemented into the restarter. However this is a standalone script for easy use by mission devs To download go to the gitlab linked below: https://gitlab.kamaradski.com/Ghostdragons445/arma-rpt-shortener
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