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  2. I've pondered with @Jochem regarding the idea of vehicle customization on the server. With Tanks DLC allowing some nice levels of personalization, is there any way this could be used on the server live?
  3. Last week
  4. Its happening!!

    is it there yet? How about now? We there yet? Now then? how about now?
  5. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    Ah thats fine then edit: does xi'an come without guns? Cause i dont have dlc edit 2: dammit you said that and i didnt read correct
  6. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - 3/8/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    Struggled with the fog again yesterday, it was even foggy inside the hanger spawn at base. Viz probably down to about 50 meters. Shame because it spoils everything. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Greetings

    Welcome to Ahoyworld Kaur58
  8. Hi AW!

    Welcome Madinos.
  9. Ahoy there, mateys!

    Ahoy there
  10. Hello

    Welcome to AWE!
  11. Hello

    Welcome Davidoo Have fun.
  12. Server Maintenance & Downtime Notices

    Teamspeak is down for maintainence tonight due to the teamspeak update that just rolled out
  13. Taking the Reins

    Shame to see @PiranhA step down but I would say that @Mark T is a much more active person on the forums and game so I can see the reasoning. All the best to both in future.
  14. concluded BitterLemon

    The ban was lifted this morning. Please read the rules of Ahoyworld, have fun on our servers
  15. Telegram group for AWE players?

    OK, so this has launched a lot of discussions we're undecided sure yet. We'll get back with different ideas, polls etc
  16. #ReviveAWE has been a Success

    I will try to join more when the weather gets cold... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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