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  2. Does that means we can go CSAT to trouble the common Coop game?
  3. Today
  4. Fair, though at the time of writing, and before your new edits, it was the only plate available at the MSO Armory location
  5. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    On MSO, even if you never actually see an enemy, you can't be certain that one won't be around the next corner. This means you should always be alert, which is very different from the AWE experience. Sometimes things will go off and you'll get in a massive firefight, and sometimes you will actually want to retreat, something that never happens on AWE. The bottom line is that it's a different style of operation, and it's not for everyone. You're not the first to find it boring, and many players from AWE have tried and decided it wasn't for them. If the potential for a complete lack of things to shoot at doesn't sit right with you, then it'd be your own choice whether to join again. Nobody would blame you if you felt it wasn't your cup of tea, but maybe it could grow on you as well. It's not instant-action, and it was never meant to be.
  6. Escape The Island

    There are "off the peg" escape missions available already. I have played a few and I do really enjoy them but they are very difficult. Surviving for more than 30 minutes is quite an achievement. I have never managed to escape so far. I do think that if there is an escape mission it should be vanilla this will help keep it accessible also it could be a potential pain in the butt to get all modded up just to wipe in 20 minutes. Due to the nature of escape missions (ie they are often fairly short) it might be necessary to run more than one server and have some sort of queuing system. You want to try escape, wait in line until the one or other groups wipe. Re how to get out of jail, usually there is a bag with a pistol and some ammo in the prison so you can shoot the guards and loot them then leg it! Another thing I have noticed is that people tend to get hooked up with looting and gearing up instead of trying to escape, a fatal mistake in many cases... Its a very enjoyable gaming mode and with no saves available if a team manages to survive for an hour or more things can get pretty tense......
  7. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    1. After rearming vehicles like a Strider have 0 Ammo for the laser on the commander seat. 2. Smokegrenades will not be resuppleied 3. Side mission: Free IDAP - after killing all enemy units and freeing all the hostages mission won't be completed
  8. Yesterday
  9. @hobnob11 @Shadow Knight
  10. Problems from the past

    We need more players for AWE and the upcoming AWE+...So if you want to help you can simply do so by playing there again
  11. Notes on AAPM 2.2

    There has been a new update of great consequence. Benefits are across the board. I have eliminated the old Item-type plates and the Magtype plates are now visible. This means you will grab your plates, if you are using Virtual Arsenal, from the Magazines section instead of the '+' section. Furthermore, this will save you a frame or two. In addition, I have merged Helmet Boosters and Headshot Guards on the grounds that Arma, when accounting for network lag, cannot really discern between head and face. Helmet Boosters now "protect your face" to a degree. Furthermore, I have introduced more trauma-padding options.
  12. Mason here!

    Gweetings Mason, You only play arma? A fellow dutchman (as you know) here together with many other dutchy's. PiranhA
  13. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    I knew you would react like this
  14. Last week
  15. I do believe that this has been fixed now. I personally think both have come a long way.
  16. Social Channels on TeamSpeak

    Responding to feedback in our previous meeting we've introduced "Other Channels" on TeamSpeak. This now holds Other Games and also now Social Channels. This has four sub-channels within it named in traditional AhoyWorld fashion: Sky Deck, Lido Deck, Navigation Deck and Promenade Deck!
  17. General news and info

    Don´t forget about tomorrows MSO: So keep in mind: The Roster isn´t fully updated! So even if you are in reserves attend please because there are plenty of slots to fill still since we got both squads + LOGI active! Please make sure that your Mods are up to date to not create any delay keep in mind that not all of the mods are already included in the AWE-modpack! Repo link: ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/124TH/.a3s/autoconfig If you want to attend and haven´t signed up yet you can do so by following this link: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9038-information-and-signup/ hope to see you all tomorrow and best regards Noah
  18. Apparently playing catch with a 40mm grenade ends badly....
  19. Wait... It Can Float?

    So good - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25580
  20. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    My set-up is similar to Mini's (since we both smoke crayons): Squad Leader Autorifleman (M249) Marksman (M110) Rifleman (M16) Teamleader (2IC w/ M203) Autorifleman (M249 / M27) Rifleman LAT (M4 + M136 + spare M72s) Rifleman (M16) Both elements would work very close together with the exception of the SL element providing more defensive, protective bases of fire and the TL element pressing more offensive movements. The standard Riflemen in both teams would be far from useless, applying grunt-work with extra M67s and their finest door-kicking boots on, they would be the base of the movements.
  21. While were on the topic of correct cargo space; RHS HEMTTs could really use an upgrade. I think the RHS flatbed HEMTT only has like 8 cargo space, while the vanilla HEMTT has 20. The RHS trucks could do with the same love.
  22. Ideas \o/

    Well I don't want to argue as I'm not certain myself. The Mi-24 almost definitely cannot fast rope. I think theres one variant of mi-8 that can. It has a singular rope coming out of the side door (hence it mustn't have a gunner). Again I'm not certain, my memory might be playing tricks on me.
  23. Vehicle-Spawner Guide

    Fair enough, I'll get some more vehicles up when I'm home
  24. Could run this scenario again I feel.
  25. Awesome, gunna be fun to try that out. Nice with the preview stuff too, wish I never made a vehicle guide haha. If your looking for a cool flat-surface object to spawn stuff on btw (since I can see you've been experimenting with different stuff) I found a tent floor in the objects. It works the exact same as a helipad but looks pretty sweet for spawning logi stuff.
  26. Indeed however I had lots of problems with shadowplay and sony vegas due to it recording in variable bit rate, typically half way through the whole video would just go wrong, OBS was my saviour. Never had a problem with keybinds and my mouse for PTT.
  27. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    Added a question form to the post.
  28. As Version 3 is live on the EU1 (despite some small issues) I really like the new setup and had a lot of fun yesterday. THX for the instresting change.
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