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  2. No they stack. Lambs only modifies the danger.fsm.Vcom runs before that, and so far no one had reported errors and the maker of lambs says they will run along just fine
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  4. Yes, That is normal. I have set the results to hidden. It's not a huge deal though whether the results are shown or not. I can say we have a few clear winners in regards to Workshops that will take precedent. Commanding is so far the most anticipated workshop for example.
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  6. Hello I have three bugs to report: First one is aircraft servicing. While in service, pilots can refuel the vehicle if they have toolkits. It sometimes cancels the service and sometimes does not. It gives jet junkies ability to fly around while jet is getting rearmed. The friendly CSATs in new CBRN side mission. So basically the particular CSAT units inside the half sphere construction are not engaging players. Those are the ones with black CSAT assasin helmets. All the units outside of the building are engaging, also white CBRN suitted EI's are engaging too but not the
  7. Hello, I would like to suggest adding the last two missing spetsnaz equipments to arsenal. First one is Compact NVG (Green). Everyone thinking Compact NVGs are exclusive to CSAT but actually the green one (not the "Green Hex") was added to game with Contact DLC. It is only being used by Spetsnaz and would be great to have an alternative to standard night visions which are looking like two telescopes fixed to the face. O_NVGoggles_grn_F The second one is the shiny avenger helmet without camoflage cover. Im asking for this one because unlike the other avenger helmets
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  9. Few vests and a backpack that fit the pirat uniforms: UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT1 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT2 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT3 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT4 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT5 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT6 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT7 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT8 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT9 UK3CB_BAF_B_Kitbag_DPMT Due to a typo these need to be re-added: rhsusf_acc_elcan rhsusf_acc_elcan_ard
  10. As the title says these awsome mods make your footsteps and weapons from RHS sound like in Tarkov. Weapon sounds Footsteps JSRS versions Weapon Sounds Footsteps On I&A only the footsteps would be necessary since there is no RHS
  11. The Frag-O for the second mission (23.01.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_230121.pdf Get ready for a day at the beach!
  12. Must be because I'm living on fumes after working a nightshift, about to head to bed. But Ansin11's post could easily go for post of the year 2021 xD
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