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    Iam very sorry Reci, I forgot to deal with the appeal. Ban appeal is successful.
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  5. I would like to see squad leaders make more use of the in game command control (marking wp's/go here/regroup/target assignment). But I also think it could go kind of obsolete if command channel will work again next time. When i first joined i was squad leader after few minutes bc everyone left my squad (don't laugh please lol). I had trouble with the not working command channel and someone suggests TS for workaround. I've been roasted for asking for advice in the alpha channel at ts, as if i'm not knowing how to use anything in arma. And that happened during the (idle) time between these missions... I had problems to get clear instructions/advice for supporting my unit in certain situations, so i kept straying around a little. If you want a noob like me to get involved with his weapons (was playing LAT) just offer me clear instructions. Overall enjoyed it a lot. That TS workaround lowered the feel of immersion for me a little. I don't want to have the ts overlay sitting on top just to see who's (of the like 20 people) talking (to me). That debriefing was wholesome and gave me goosebumps. I was so proud to be part of that experience. Please do it again. We all learn from that and it's awesome that a game this "old" can give you this joy. I hope i can be part of it next time. This will be great! (PS: AhoyWorld people, you guys are awesome. Love you for giving me joy and being part of a great community!)
  6. Soon™ It wont be coming until at least after the Contact Update from what i understand, plus there's still some testing to do after that I believe.
  7. If you just wanted to check that you could've just gone into the admin tools and enabled them from there.
  8. Hi guys, A while ago we tried to have content creators from the community feed us videos from our servers to be uploaded to our youtube channels. This came across some issues and ultimately we decided to put the program on hold until we were comfortable with another way of running things. I am glad to announce that today is the day! using one of the servers and a program called resilio we think that we have come up with a strategy that will work and should offer a more consistent experiance for all. If you would like to apply to submit content for us to use please contact me via pm on either the forum or discord.
  9. It's always a fun thing that is rarely done. A thing to understand about ArmA that sets it apart from say, Battlefield, is the fact it is a large-scale Military Sandbox. There's a lot of assets to ArmA that help bring together a large scale war, of course you have your infantry which are the backbone of war, but a lot of assets on the field to support them. Probably the most important support asset they have is Logistical Supports, so it would be good to see those used more often, setting up camps and what not. These could be used for rearm and respawn positions. I'd still be happy enough with the clear I&A Meta of using Vortex and Infantry to go back and forth from the action if it was in an organised structure, but I do feel that utilizing more infantry long range movements, ground transport vehicles, APC/IFV support and logistical assets would certainly help bring together some fresh gameplay and perhaps promote better gameplay.
  10. I find the solution, it's because when i try in editor an error appaers with the #include "\arma3_readme.txt"; and i put it in comment "//". So i have replace that //#include "\arma3_readme.txt"; By that #include "\arma3server_readme.txt"; And now all works perfectly Thank you !
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