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  2. Someone was laying these down yesterday, it didn't actually work as a respawn, so not worth even trying.
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  4. Hi Chrimson, nice to hear that you enjoy our servers. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon and btw: Perfect attitude (If just everyone would do it like that)! That'll make you a great pilot! Also you might want to take a look at Dslyecxis "Art of flight" tutorials (https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQEd6zRLOafVn1SweJmdr-3ICqI885awY) they are pretty good for learning how to fly in Arma. Best regards Noah
  5. Hello, welcome, get shootin'.
  6. Could we have more vehicles in spawn menu, like Bradley, Warrior , Strykers,, Abrams' etc.? Or is it supposed to be only spawning default Arma vehicles? Sent from my SM-G935F using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  7. Lythium, urban environment in the town in the top right corner of the map, trust me on that. Sent from my SM-G935F using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  8. Sry i did not know that
  9. Larger and much more detailed. Although some regions of the map are quite rocky and we all know how rocks in arma looks from the inside :).
  10. Yesterday
  11. @SkullCollector Thanks Skull, I've been aware of Splendid Cam for screenshots (take a look at my cover photo for the result), and I've found a way around the problem, because I guess what I was trying to achieve simply cannot happen. Now I've decided to lay in all the units in the editor and set them to do their animations . When in game, the animations roll and I use Splendid Cam to freeze it. The time consuming part is making sure each unit is doing the animation you want, where you want it. For that you have to go through each unit individually, but that's not too big of an issue. Thanks for the input. Michal
  12. Hello everyone! I have been playing for 4 months now on EU3 and i had a lot of fun. -Nickname in game: Moritz -UID:76561198117067340 -Squad name: Ahoy Members -Remark/quote: Dont rush as medic
  13. Whats about the idea, to give the laser designator only to the squad leader? That would be cool
  14. Howdy, welcome.
  15. Hi Ronin, After reviewing your report, I'm going unban you. Seeing as you were truthful. One condition is that you check your fire. Ban Appeal Successful Origins Sent from my MotoG3 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
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  17. Try clearing the cache on your web browser, mine did it before Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  18. It's been changed in I&A 3-1-6. Thanks for reporting it.
  19. Oh dear Not another Belgian. Hopefully you can meet @Stanhope before you leave uni as he goes to the same one. Hope you get to have fun here with us, and there is a lot more of what happened last night to come yet. Good to see an experienced MilSim player join us Hope to see you on EU3 again and hope you have lots of fun with the rest of us!
  20. @Miczils This is just an idea for now, I have not yet planned anything for a gamenight. Depends on when I am free to host something like this.
  21. Noticed the same pattern lately - unfortunately A LOT. 1) MAT filled even when not warranted People log in lobby and have to see, that Aplha squad looks like Swiss cheese, yet they fill MAT. Worse - sometimes fill MAT even when ASL is not present. 2) Overuse of HE. MAT purpose is to deal primarily with enemy armored vehicles, not to play line-of-sight mortar support, unless SPECIFICALY instructed to by command. 3) Giving sh** about command structure If you joined MAT - a support unit - when ASL is not present, then you are under command of Alpha1 Team Lead. You are not independent kaboom squad. I can't stress enough, how does presence of MAT on almost empty server discourages me from logging in as Teamlead, and I bet its the same for others who want to help with more organised gameplay.
  23. Session for this evening has been cancelled and will be replaced by a special operation on AWE. It will be player in an MSO style. Sent from my ONEPLUS 3T using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  24. Hello everyone, So as a conclusion regarding this whole discussion: Will there be any changes in the next I&A update? Will the minefield come back? Will there be any limitations or restrictions regarding the load out (minedetector, explosives, mines, etc.) for other roles or will the HP for RT be increased? Greetings
  25. As @Karate Pyjamas has said, Lythium is a fantastic step forward for the community. The Repo didn't take too long to update either (Possibly cos i already had the map so i just merged the folders) Looking forward to some good GN and also playing the other maps. Gringo
  26. action required

    Hi Juuonsee, If you don't like our rules here at Ahoyworld, you are welcome to go else where in the Arma Community. Oh and the Ban is permanent, and with this repost the chances of getting unbanned later down the line are slim. Origins
  27. Anyone else got a caliber they'd like to see tested? Perhaps a weapon myth you'd like to see debunked? Let me know and I'll see what I can do to test it.
  28. ArmA update today. If you can't find EU#1, you likely need to update first.
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