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  1. Hello everyone, with the news of the passing of our friend and former moderator, Oderus we will be hosting a game and celebration of his life tomorrow at 19:00 BST 20:00 CEST on EU#2. I invite everyone to come if you knew him, if you didn't. Together we will share memories and enjoy playing the game where we all met Oderus. The game will be I&A2 with no mods, or vanilla mods. I intend to stream this event for those whom can't make it. https://www.twitch.tv/soggymuffineu Hopefully everyone can make it and we can enjoy what was the great Jeff Lincoln.
  2. Thanks for the replies and memories chaps, Oderus was a great guy. From what I know he caught the flu and it got pretty bad and this is the reason he passed away. He was 35.
  3. So it breaks my heart to have to right this, but sadly ex-moderator and member Oderus has sadly passed away. All we know for now is that he got really ill but not much more. I’ve spoken with his brother briefly. I hope all that knew him and didnt know him will join me in sending him off. Oderus was one of the nicest gamers id ever met and I truely will miss him. o7 to you brother, rest in peace.
  4. Josh

    Problems from the past

    "Edited 11 minutes ago by David Removed Zissous name who has NOTHING to do with this!!!" Nor do I but you didn't remove my name... But thank you Piranha, was good chatting with you today All the best for the future dude. If you need anything let me know
  5. I'd say usually the helicopter pilots are of good experience and should you ask/explain your situation to one before departing base he should be able to point you in the correct direction.
  6. Josh

    Changing of the Guard

    Congratulations Ryko! Will be good to see some fresh leadership and ideas at AhoyWorld! Also excited to see which direction you take the community and team. Lets hope for a big fresh start and some much needed changes! Good luck to you and the team. Fair winds to David. Josh.
  7. I don't see why they wouldn't add it to zeus
  8. Fresh server installs ;). Nice.
  9. And there was me thinking you were next to the core staff throne. It was a pleasure working with you whilst I was on the team. And it's a pleasure to game with you enjoy your time away from the staff team. o7 pero. p.s welcome to the club
  10. Yeah it defaults to radio, you can use the commands in the channel description to add YouTube videos
  11. Merry Christmas all! Thank you for voting me best drunk. I shall keep up the hard work into next year. So far I'm on day 3 of being drunk.
  12. Don't play eu3 anymore, but this has always been an issue and I think you'll be lucky to find a good fix without the player base increasing. leadership is a high pressure role, most people don't seem to enjoy that kinda role. good luck.
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