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  1. The Hoodie is cool when i can order it? But i have to say its hard for a Gaming Community to stay alive after Years only to focus on one Gamemode in one Game, even after some missed opportunities in the past with content creators and misleade Leadership decision that maked a crack in the community i am happy there still People that take care of my nr.1 Arma community. The Merchstore is overdue and you guys should really take a eye on the right and the left side of the website its a nice background but a lot of empty space. *cough* Advertising If i check Youtube i see the last upload was about 3months ago (a Theaser with no information..its something coming ..what is coming?), but there should be a upload every week regulary that not means a Arma 3 vid or a Scar vid how he makes a cat nip with his titan launcer?lul Scar New Relased Games that makes people longing to know about the Ahoyworld Community Refresh old Contacts The Biggest issue if i meet new players on servers that the most a take no notice thats there Ahoyworld out there , exemple ..Hy i am new to arma wow you got many hours Playtime what gamemode you play most often ..Invade and what ? never heard about it. Gameplay issues! Players like LOOTE if i joint way back the days we raidet the bots like Predators take there helmets cars guns fast based gameplay no need to wait 20min that the guy with the AT will come and not die instantly and you have to wait that a AT Slot is Empty .. i cant even pick up a RPG thats one time touched by a bot put no time used, or a other gun if i running out of ammo on the Battlefield. HA running with some gear and getting breathless and this useless gun sway is also a part for eu3 no go on a Puplic server. To much Limitations killing the Fun EU1 is the public arcade server if you wont to get serious there is the empty EU3 and tactical player will go to the 77 or on a Koth server I also remember long time ago i can play with mod guns on the Puplic server but i dont have to yeah the other player ask why your gun is invisible and they get the mods if they joint the next time but now you can see in the launcher the mods and get them instantly with the workshop. Map rotation is also a thing Altis is a very good map but all other gamemodes/server changing there maps constantly. Xp system for unlocking gear very cool with mod guns(Rhs dont support Vip slots i only say code4gaming) even miss the Pumpkin sweet or treath time for a zombi invasion event or something like that So lot to do and if the servers full you can sell vip slots like Sa-matra and that stepping back from leadership and steering in the same wrong direction have a end If you coming to that point of reading my text you will find out i dont sweet talk about things thats the naked truth i know a lot of server owners and the biggest issue is to hope for donations and if you have donatiors they constantly putting money in your server then they will have something for that, dont change that do that kick him bann them give me admin rights.... or i go that happens every time on every server in every game. so change things say what the changes are to everyone without asking turn the empty servers off switch to discord to spare the money for a reboot host other popular games to keep the commuity alive for the future. this the first and the last time i say something to this theme i hope i dont hear in a year that the community is shut down. so unicorn glitter and sunshine on top cyah on the Battlefield
  2. I hope he got the 200round Ap magazine ...we dont need fake testify from someone ^^
  3. Back after some time on the Eu1 i see a lot of guys that spot a Ai and shoot first sight , they dont care if they got cover or not. They just lay down on the ground ..open field but we got trees in arma so if you got no wall or house or a sandbag try out the bigger trees ^^
  4. DerRoteKoyote

    rest in peace

    Wraith created it to carry on Oderus's spirit of giving and what it goes to https://fundraise.gamersoutreach.org/campaign/jeff-xoderusurungusx-lincoln-memorial-fund-s9nlcoifr2w7
  5. 'cooling Stuff ... pay few euros more take the silent stuff its worth it' http://www.bequiet.com/en got the Dark rock pro3 for my 4670k ..on 4ghz its fine in my arpartment in summer time 30degresd celsius room temp....stabil for 18hours+
  6. This bad pilots Conversation are Upcoming everytime if a Steam Sale or Freeweekend For Arma, so the best Solution is to Speak with this Persons if they dont wont leave the Slot call a admin make a vid/picture Report it on the Forum... Koyote out
  7. The onlyone that saves some lifes was that fact that the allied Tanks are many and they push fast forward the rest was a slaterhouse one of the biggest mistake in History 1/3 alive the rest death well done Paratroopers. Just for info a army can build a brige in 2 hours.mortar got a range of max 12km a plane a bit more or the guns of a Battleship so no need for para but if you got to many soldieres just drop it behind enemy lines without AT and supplies
  8. ähhm the ai shoot @ you @ 500m the server is on easy (day and night time) sure the shoot back if someone sitting on a hill and open fire on 1km the bigger proplem sniper dident shoot that what they should shoot like static hmg mortars or other snipers... but if you wont to play sniper you need a good spotter and the spotter takes a MX gl some flares ..he is 200-300m in front of you and he can mark targets and bring some light in the darkness that you can use the default sniper scope, also the mortar(fsg Gunner) got flares .. and for thoose that using the kir with a ams scope...
  9. not often that a troll join the server if a admin not online but it happens most of the time @ 3-5 o clock in the morning. so we can report him and thats the solution for the next day. i see more the proplem with players they tk or shooting on friendly vehicles and disconnecting i request a instand term ban for action like this
  10. My Rig I5 4670k 3.5ghz Oc to 4.4ghz 16gb Ram Crosshair V..1600Mhz (4x4) Asus Z87- Expert Mainbord 250gb ssd and a 2tb default HDD DVD-Burner (olny use it for win install) Zotac Gtx 970 4gb................................................edit Gigabyte 1060 windforce oc 6gb Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler for the cpu Screen is a 40inc Full HD led tv 1080p!...............................................................Edit AOC 32" 2k 75hz Power 650watt Coolmaster xbox 360 gamepad wireless.............................................................................................................edit Xbox one elite Logitec Keypad + mouse wireless Win 10 Home ATX tower Creativ audio 7.1 headset.............................................................edit Void Pro Wireless(Corsair)
  11. nope...There is no lake but its not to late to join the correct party ;P but there is no Hospitality act this year so i also dont join this one better i save some money take on a weekend a cheap plane fly to Amsterdam or london to party up ;P http://www.lake-festival.at/location/holiday/
  12. okay first of all its not a mod! its only a script thats add stuff that already exist in the vanilla game. 2nd the most players that playing on the public are random players there skillLevel is about from 0 to yes i got 7,62 for my zafir oh why i cant load the 20round mag? Ohhh autorotating not autohover i am sorry.... i also request a script thats remove the miniguns (6,5mm) and add the 20mm from the blackfoot to get serios the 50cal got no crosshair in the firstP sight and his cadency is way too low, the 6,5mm makes no damage for a twin minigun
  13. Can we test that on the puplic server please... https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/180665-hummingbird-littlebird-counter-measures-addon/
  14. (it normal to get the "weapons.cfg" is missing error every time i open VAS ?) there 7 versions of the same gun del 5 and you get this message i also get it....no one need 7 same versions only with a other camo. (I want to load something from the arsenal, I have to load a weapon or something like that from the VAS. And if I won't do that, all my arsenal saves would be gray.) if i remember me correctly you have to take first a loadout from the vas and then you can use your loadout from the arsenal (skript bug) so if you in the arsenal take your gear go to the vas save it, if you join the next time load the vas loadout and then the arsenal will be work ..try it out
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZhip--bj0E
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