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  1. Greetings

    Welcome to AW! Its always good to see a fellow Witcher here.
  2. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    Would be happy to help!
  3. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    I would be more than happy to donate my time to help code this and keep it updated. I have experience with the editor and scripting for Arma since the Arma 1 days. What do you guys think of making a small group of Greenfor allied with opfor playable. Their primary goal being to hamper the efforts of Blufor in the AO or enroute to the AO? I have a few small FOB/Campsite templates I have made that would fit perfectly. They could have small campsite spawn zones near the AO and a larger permanent FOB with insurgent type weapon boxes (ak's, mk20/tavor, RPG, mines/bombs, zafir & DMR's) and light attack vehicles and possibly an unarmed transport chopper, that they fall back to when BLUFOR destroys the campsite, making them travel farther to the AO on respawn. They could possibly have mortars or the Zamak MLR(with a long respawn time) at the FOB in addition to gun trucks. A trigger circle could be used around the campsites to keep Greenfor players from spawning when a blufor is in the small circle area until killed or leaving the area. Another option could be to have the squad lead of greenfor to have the ability to create the campsite at a location of their choosing until dismantled or destroyed. I think adding a small amount of mostly low tech but high speed insurgent players would really freshen up I&A to keep Blufor on their toes and heads on a swivel. The AI would still be the main armored threat, and keeping the greenfor players low tech would keep the threat against bluefor fair and balanced, as greenfor has the entire red army to back them up, greenfor will need to communicate, . I think this could only enhance the teamplay experience for the entire server, as it will require more communication and out of the box thinking for both sides of players. This could help really cut down on the lone wolves in bluefor that do not contribute much to the team play atmosphere.
  4. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    Thank you for your service to protect our nation my friend. Although we have not played together much, I very much enjoyed the few rounds we shared. I wish you the best of luck at Boot and safe deployments! Hopefully I can get one last round in with you before you leave, my work schedule has really limited my free time lately.
  5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced

    I am a big fan of Lost Alpha, but I found a better stand alone mod. STALKER OGSE Standalone mod really takes the immersion from SoC and makes it so so much better. It also has all of the cut content from Lost Alpha, plus better simulation, features and new quests. The Dead City and 100 Rad's bars are loads of fun, have spent many hours getting drunk (IRL and in game, while gambling and farming blowouts so I can go collect hundreds of artefacts after) Way better vehicles as well. I am really digging its ability to play music, have companions, read books, create artefact transmutes and customize weapons. They also implemented a very cool magazine system for the AK pattern weapons, and new optics. AKM and a custom Saiga12 are my trusty sidekicks. Save often when starting quests especially in Cordon! Finding Cheburashka(a talking stuffed bear, will be a huge help if you get stuck on a quest or puzzle.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-good-stalker-evolution
  6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced

    Someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming. I am grinning and giggling like a school girl in the office. My favorite game series is returning, STALKER 2 has been announced for 2021. https://www.pcgamer.com/stalker-2-is-in-development-again/
  7. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    I have been in touch with Oderus's brother Richard, and his extended family from Brazil. It has been quite the experience swapping stories with them, using GOOGLE translate for Portuguese. His brother laughed to tears when I told him the time Ody gambled with PUBG lootboxes and won a miniskirt that he sold for hundreds of dollars on the Steam marketplace. Almost a month later, and it still does not feel real. He was the best friend I ever had that I sadly never met in person. His loss has depressed me greatly. Gaming just is not the same anymore. We come for the games, but we stay for our friends. This is the very moment I met Oderus, before I knew the rules on teamkilling (to protect friendlies); there was a troll sniping friendlies on Stratis Alpha I&A, I performed some counter sniping and won Oderus's respect. It is good to hear his voice again... Watching this is making me tear up at work, alone in the office on third shift.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCKYumGADC0 (If anyone could pm me how to embed the video, I would be very grateful. The HTML code does not seem to work.)
  8. Cover and Fire

    Robin Williams Tree Shootout <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mLK2CKUWEn0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has donated to or shared Oderus's memorial fund. He was a true friend to us all, and I am blown away by the support you have all made to Gamers Outreach for him. We will be able to help alot of kids sick in the hospital find joy through gaming! I love all of you, this has proven to me just how special this community is, and I am extremely proud to call all of you my friend. Oderus's family and roommate reached out to me that they loved the idea, and will be sharing it as well. I will do my best to keep you all updated on any news I get from them. They also wanted to pass along their thank yous for all the support they have received from us during this troubling time. To anyone that has not yet seen the fund the url is https://fundraise.gamersoutreach.org/campaign/jeff-xoderusurungusx-lincoln-memorial-fund-s9nlcoifr2w7 I set it up as an unlimited fund, I plan to donate every year on his birthday. RIP xOderusUrungusX 4-19-2018
  10. USMC have made it official

    See my above post on newer magazine options that are available. My friend from high school is a Army Ranger and absolutely loves the Magpul 40's and surefire quadstacks in 60 and 100 when he was deployed last. I have one of the magpul 40pmags for my competition rifle, they are some of the most reliable magazines made for NATO STANAG weapons. Have not personally tried the Surefires but have heard good things, I just cant justify the cost of them personally. .223 & 5.56 are actually one of the safest calibers someone can own for home defense, considering someone is not using steel core or FMJ. The reason police are ditching 9mm subguns and 12 gauge shotguns for AR's is because with the lower grain hollowpoints, or Open Tip Match ( Which are allowed in warfare for military use, HP are not) the rounds have a far less chance of posing a risk of over-penetration, either through the bad guy, or through a wall or other barrier. 00 Buck or 9mm HP will penetrate far more than most people realize. Dry wall or sheetrock will have the tendency to plug up a HP round from a pistol, essentially making it a solid slug that does not expand as it would if it hit a bad guy. That is very bad thing for bystanders, considering most homes use dry wall for interiors. 00buck is a .33 caliber ball, and having 9-15 of them depending on shell length flying all over a house is a huge liability, they do not fragment and have enough mass to do alot of damage through alot of material in a wide unpredictable pattern. A 223/556 round that is designed to fragment will break up into smaller less dangerous fragments much sooner through less material. A .30 caliber rifle round be in 7.62x51 or 7.62x39 and its ballistics twin .300 Blackout are designed to penetrate hard barriers and retain mass. Now on the civilian market there are excellent hunting ammo in those calibers that are designed to expand and expend all energy in a target from HP or Soft Point loads, a 154g 7.62x39 Soft Point load had saved a hiker from a polar bear attack in Alaska in a news report I read. They still are too dangerous to rely on for defense if collateral damage is a possibility, and such loads are not allowed in warfare. Here is an excellent article on the issue. http://preparedgunowners.com/2016/07/14/why-high-powered-5-56-nato-223-ar-15-ammo-is-safer-for-home-defense-fbi-overpenetration-testing/
  11. USMC have made it official

    Due to advancements in magazine technology, that is not quite the case any more. Magpul makes excellent lightweight 40 round magazines, and Surefire and a few other companies have quadstack magazines holding 60-100 rounds that are more convenient than drums or belts to carry for that matter. They are also way more reliable than the belt fed links, and in extreme situations the gunner or ammo man can resupply other Marines rifles in a pinch, which they could not with the belts.
  12. USMC have made it official

    I tried to join USMC Infantry OCS in college, ended up disqualified for a spine issue I have but thats another story. Up until 2015 every Marine was issued an M16A4 because every Marine is rated to be a Marksman. After 2015 Infantry was issued M4's due to their smaller size being more handy in vehicle convoy operations and urban engagements. However that comes at a huge loss in terminal performance with its 14.5 inch barrel. 5.56 needs at least 16 inch barrels to perform optimally to allow the round to yaw and fragment because of its velocity requirements to do so. This is primarily the reason the Marines held onto M16s for front line infantry until 2015. The M27 is a massive improvement over the M16 and the M4. For one it has a longer barrel of 16.5, that can hold up longer in sustained fire, with dependable terminal performance. It also has a piston gas system similar to Kalashnikov's which will make it far more reliable. The direct gas system of the AR platform essential craps where it eats, and combine that with a dusty/sandy environment and you will have issues. Lots of US forces have used captured AK's in engagements from time to time because of this, on semiautomatic the accuracy is more than enough for 300 meters engagements. Contrary to popular misconceptions, AK's in 762 generally run 3-5MOA within 300 meters if the barrel is quality, and not some crap knockoff made in a Pakistani "factory" run in someones home. They are even better out to 800m with the 5.45 74's. Iv fired a AR15 and a Romanian AKM that are semiauto only, and can shoot both just as accurately, everytime they go to the range. Wikipedia lists the M16/M4 as a 4.5MOA on average. Now here is where the M27 shines, it has a free floating barrel. It is rated at 2MOA from 500-700m. This will allow it to be used as a multirole weapon. It could be used as a SAW for surpressive fire due to the thicker barrel, or a Designated Marksmans Rifle because of the free floating, in addition to being a main combat arm. The M27 while having a longer barrel closer to that of the M16, also has a collapsing buttstock similar to the M4, which can adjust for length of pull for greater accuracy, and ease of transport and carry in confined areas. It does not weight much more than the M16A4 with the quad rail, and a slightly heavier gun will be more accurate during sustained fire due to less recoil. The M27 is also easier to quickly attach a suppressor than the previous family of AR based weapons that still used the basic birdcage flashhider. All in all it is a very intelligent upgrade. It is a more reliable, accurate weapon that can meet a wider variety of roles, with very minimal downsides of weighing 1.5lbs more than the current M4 issue.
  13. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Thank you GhostDragon for posting that for me while my account was down on the forum. Thanks everyone that donated since launch!
  14. EU3 Role Playing Campaign

    When the new equipment is released I want to launch a RPG campaign for players on EU3. I can keep the map modded/vanilla as well as vehicles. The new weapons will be useable by players WO the expansion if they spawn in or take from crates but Arsenal will not work for them. Mission Details: OPFOR Russians & Iranians have occupied an area rich in resources and fertile soil for their own gain, committing murder and small scale genocide to control their Occupied Zone for profit. This region has trade and protection treaties signed by BLUFOR nations. The Independent smugglers in the region control the shipment of cannabis from the islands through their gangs, to feed their families and communities. It has left them wealthy enough to purchase arms from dealers and CIA operatives to launch an insurgancy against OPFOR occupying their homes and taking what is not does not belong to them! Blufor players will assist in the smuggling of arms and prepping a LZ for BLUFOR SF and Vehicle support in the first mission, against player led squads of Opfor AI in the first 2 missions, after that all players are BLUFOR and IND except a squad of OPFOR Counter Insurgency Specalists with Air, Infantry, Armor and Arterilly support that can be called in until it is destroyed by ALLIED forces in missions. Players in certain squads will receive relevant information dossiers to assist role playing, certain information will only be made availible under relevant conditions. Doing recon or black ops operations for eaither faction will result in additional information that was otherwise withheld being released. After the first 2 missions players on opfor positions no longer needed will take control of vehicle platoons for Blufor or IND Gang Leaders and Smugglers. Post in this thread if you are interested in playing, I will keep the modset the same as EU3 for player base ease, but a very small amounts of slots will be set aside for APEX owners if I need to use any new vehicles. Otherwise all equipment or vehicles will be accessable by players with Vanilla ARMA and the EU3 mods. I suspect the added weapons and units will be disabled in the ARSENAL system but spawning in that slot should work just fine for vanilla users, as it worked with the Air and Marksman Addons. If that changes I will adjust it accordingly.
  15. Arma 3 Veteran Memorial

    Sorry guys I got called into work today, we can do it later this weekend