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  2. Someone was laying these down yesterday, it didn't actually work as a respawn, so not worth even trying.
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  4. We haven't had an I&A update since that tent was added but in the next version it will not be in the arsenal. Until the next I&A update we ask everyone not to use it. Stan
  5. So after the Malden update, they have added a new backpack that can spawn a tent for players to respawn to. When I joined the AW server, it is also in the arsenal and I believe everyone can equip it because I tried equipping it and it worked and I even tried assembling it at the FOB and tried respawning there. So right now I don't really know if this is allowed or not because nobody has said anything about this new feature. Did they forgot or haven't noticed this yet and haven't removed it? Or do they really want us to use this?
  6. Hi Chrimson, nice to hear that you enjoy our servers. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon and btw: Perfect attitude (If just everyone would do it like that)! That'll make you a great pilot! Also you might want to take a look at Dslyecxis "Art of flight" tutorials (https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQEd6zRLOafVn1SweJmdr-3ICqI885awY) they are pretty good for learning how to fly in Arma. Best regards Noah
  7. Hi and welcome. Make sure that practice if up to scratch or you'll catch a lot of flak (to be fair even the best pilots get flak, welcome to a public server).
  8. Hello, welcome, get shootin'.
  9. Could we have more vehicles in spawn menu, like Bradley, Warrior , Strykers,, Abrams' etc.? Or is it supposed to be only spawning default Arma vehicles? Sent from my SM-G935F using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  10. Lythium, urban environment in the town in the top right corner of the map, trust me on that. Sent from my SM-G935F using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  11. Sry i did not know that
  12. PvP or actually TvT events are generally hosted on Tuesdays. Mortiz, you linked to the donators forum, not everyone can see that.
  13. Larger and much more detailed. Although some regions of the map are quite rocky and we all know how rocks in arma looks from the inside :).
  14. How big is Malden? Larger or smaller than Stratis? If it's smaller there really is no point, if it's larger then it's not a bad call. I have been trying to get back into Tanoa recently and I absolutley hate the islands with no road access (especially as the server is very quiet so less/no pilots). So a more landlocked variation to Altis would be nice.
  15. Yes they are mostly Tuesdays I believe but its called TvT There is a topic for this
  16. Hi! It think it would be a cool idea to have PvP events sometime or do they actually exist?
  17. #flyingtanks :D
  18. Played around on the servers for a few days now, decided to make an account, because why not I guess. Pretty new to Arma I think i had it for like 4 days now.... Just wanted to make introductions, because you might be seeing me around now and then, I really like piloting, so you may see me (attempting to do) doing that (I practice alot in the editor don't worry)... Feel free to shout out to me anytime.
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  20. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see if it comes. Im sure it can be done but it could take them a while to get it going.
  21. You to, hope to see you out there someday
  22. Will there ever be a ahoyworld server on the Malden map?
  23. So far, Urban Enviroment seems to be the most requested map so ill be focusing on that. Lets start taking a look at the maps....
  24. @SkullCollector Thanks Skull, I've been aware of Splendid Cam for screenshots (take a look at my cover photo for the result), and I've found a way around the problem, because I guess what I was trying to achieve simply cannot happen. Now I've decided to lay in all the units in the editor and set them to do their animations . When in game, the animations roll and I use Splendid Cam to freeze it. The time consuming part is making sure each unit is doing the animation you want, where you want it. For that you have to go through each unit individually, but that's not too big of an issue. Thanks for the input. Michal
  25. Hello everyone! I have been playing for 4 months now on EU3 and i had a lot of fun. -Nickname in game: Moritz -UID:76561198117067340 -Squad name: Ahoy Members -Remark/quote: Dont rush as medic
  26. When you play as the unit, you actually play the mission you've created just like when you host it on a server. So I don't see a way to directly achieve what you're looking for. Best I can suggest is to place a Zeus module, play through that, then position or remote control the units you want to pose. Then use splendid cam (which you can access in the debug menu when you're logged in as admin) to take your screenshots. Through some minor script commands you can even get them to start and freeze in animations; more on that if you need it.
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