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  2. both the towed and self propelled arty all support manual elevation control via page up and page down, but charge information, muzzule velocity, and other stuff you need to calculate without a range table are missing. The paladin and pondos both have Fire Control Systems, but these are the same systems installed in tanks and are for line of sight direct fire solutions, they do not support indirect fire.
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  4. Well is there even any way of doing the ranging manually? I mean, most modern arty vehicles have computers anyway dont they?
  5. Yeah we'll probably bring the computer back, it's fun to do the ranging manually but in the end there are so many variables that don't line up it's too unpredictable. For the RHIB, from what I can see it's baked in by class name, so you will have to bitch at ace for that.
  6. Ok so only works on some missions? Not like the R3F mod then
  7. Scripts written by ryko.
  8. Which mod is it that allows logistics engineers to create vehicle respawn points, fob structures etc etc?
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    They look good, nice work.
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  11. Will the arty vehicles now spawnable actually be able to be used with no Arty Computer or range table? Also @Ryko could that ACE boat push be applied to other craft? Things like the RHIB should be pushable really.
  12. Fun fact: the ace 1000 ml blood bag does not, like one would expect, weigh slightly more than 1 kg. It in fact weighs less than a kilo, somewhere around 800 grams if i'm not mistaken
  13. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I already knew that, but yeah As usual, engine limitations screw us all.
  14. Problem: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/920303210003630873/51E09859086B9D459576EFBCAA9DD1E350F10C7B/ Of those M1220 (and basically all RHS vehicles) you have a woodland and a desert camo version for every version with a different gun. You can't tell which one is which until you spawn one in.
  15. Mostly because Arma. The game engine doesn't work with weights in terms of grams or pounds, but units of volume imitating mass. The space occupied determines the weight of the item, but they are inextricably linked, and all that mod devs can do is adjust the formula to follow for a given mass-volume unit of an item. This means a really high-mass, low-volume item like a rocket or mine would have to tend to one end, but neglect realism for the other. It's - again - a balance issue. Edit: RHS even wrote a blog post about it: http://www.rhsmods.org/b/8
  16. Can't say I plan on using the D-60, its weight and volume considered. The 40's well balanced. In fact, PSA. The PMAG D-60 comes loaded with 60 rounds of 5.56x45. At 12.3g per round, the ammo accounts for ≈740g of its 1100g total weight. So for perspective, the approximate empty weights of mags for the M27 in RHS: D-60: 360g (real 581g) 40: 70 (real 178g) 30: 50 (real 112g) Worth it? I think not Kinda also makes me wonder why RHS doesn't model realistic weights, given how easy this information is to come by.
  17. Logi now has the biggest stick. and not just on bluefor!
  18. did i just read C-130 ?? Oh boy Oh boy @hobnob11
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  20. like a boss!

    like a boss!
  21. @Ryko is correct. Boats than can be pushed: Assault Boat / Rescue Boat Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue) SDV (Seal-Delivery-Vehicle) Jet-Ski Boats that can`t be pushed: Mk. V SOC (Mark Five Special-Operations-Craft) Speedboat Minigun / Speedboat HMG Rhib (Rigid-hulled inflatable boat)
  22. Stiletto version 060 is now on the server. Change log follows. Tembelan will be reverted to the previous version on the next update of the repo, until then it has been pushed to the back of the map rotation (Lythium is now default after server restart). CHANGE LOG 060 1. Updated Stiletto engine to allow manually spawned missions and enabling / disabling of Stiletto mission engine during the mission. 2. Added Taru to Russian EMF and Desert player factions 3. While the M27 is available to all Blufor factions, the 60-round magazines are available for autoriflemen only. The new 40-round magazines are available for all M27 users 4. Kill HVT mission completion has been overhauled. You now just need to locate (be within 8m of) the HVT's corpse for the mission to complete. In Kill HVT missions, the HVT is armed. 5. Added point system for vehicle spawning. Values are set at an initial state and will be adjusted over time as we see how the system works. Vehicle resource points are refreshed at 1/1000th of their initial value every minute (so at a default of 150,000 points, 150 points are accumulated each turn). In addition, accumulated intel points are added to this rate. All default initial combat vehicles (except quad bikes and repair vehicles) have been removed from player bases. 5A. Added the C-130 variants and AN-2 to unarmed plane spawns. Be very careful when placing plane spawns with LOGi: these are large vehicles. 5B. Added the Mi-24G to Eastern faction vehicle spawns. 5C. Added artillery vehicles to vehicle spawns. 6. All vehicles from allied factions are now present in their respective vehicle spawners, so specific factions are no longer relevant (you do not have to be US Army to spawn a Blackhawk, but you do have to be a Western faction). Vehicle rarity is now governed solely by point cost. For clarity: Vehicle respawn points are separate from Logi points.
  23. Don't suppose ACE checks for multiple players clustered around the object in question?
  24. ACE has this built in, if you can't push an object, it's probably because it's too heavy.
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