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  2. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    Whilst I have no clue why they removed the UGV's (#MakeUAVSlotgreatagain), I can see why an UAV with AGM missiles is never coming on the server. The UAV operator is a support slot, which means you have to be called in before you can bomb target X and this often work because the ground troops find and laser the target whilst the UAV operator drops a bomb (or two) on the target. AGM Missiles circumvent the need for ground troops, since the UAV operator can just pick a target, lock it, fire a missile and repeat until the UAV has no ammo left or everything is destroyed. TL:DR Would love to see UGV's again but UAV's with AGM's would basically be an airborne version of Scar and that would suck the fun of others dry quickly
  3. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    I think they were deemed buggy and unusable last time I asked, but I think a recent update COULD have fixed this, You would have to make sure.
  4. Self-explanatory. If you don't want it in the server because it's super slow and will take a very long time to reach the AO, we can ask a Ghost Hawk or a Huron pilot to lift it all the way to AO. Yes, all types of UGVs please. Recon and the armed one. As for the UAV, we also have this GBU-12s. I think it'd be better if we change the pylons of the second UAV to Air-to-Ground Missiles (AGM).
  5. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Thx. I checked the integrity of local files, and then restartet. Everything ok now.. Thx...
  6. Member

    - Nickname in game: AnimeOwl - UID: 76561198087075008 - Squad-name: AhoyWorld Members - Remark\quote: "If the Heli's not dead, you can fly it."
  7. pending review Challenger 2 Mod Request

    Well keep the discussion about the Challenger open for when we hear from 3CB or the mod maker that several critical issue's has been fixed For now we wont be adding the Challenger but well keep our eye's open
  8. We need your ideas

    CheckPoint: Hold a Certain Place for an amount of time while defending, attacks can be provided by CSAT or INDEPENDENT forces
  9. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    It happens to me regularly for seemingly no reason. Restarting Arma usually works for me.
  10. Active Zeus on regular AO mission

    Yeah it's more fun when there is a zeus online, becasue then the AI get help & there is a small chance of a Zeus op and those are pretty fun to do.
  11. pending review Challenger 2 Mod Request

    After looking into this mod we have decided to Deny this version of the challenger as it is full of bugs and the developer has passed further development onto the 3CB mod team. Ghost.
  12. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Newsflash: its working, maybe its just the time or it could be the following: - quit steam - start steam - try again (fingers crossed)
  13. Hey there. I Have been playing as a Pilot for the last few months and it has come to my attention that Some pilots Lack Communications with the other pilots. It's fine for a Pilot to not be on TS if the only thing he'll be doing is Transport, but if they decide to be giving CAS they should get on TS instead of running of in a jet or Blackfoot and refusing to get on Coms. The same Goes for UAV operators. Since they aren't really supposed to be in the VORTEX group, but should have some type of direct Coms with the Pilots. All i had to say for now , Greetings, AnimeOwl
  14. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Had the same problems, normally restarting arma and armasync will help, but this time battleeye is being a dick
  15. A new Base

    @Patrik_swe the drive through is seen on the third picture, bottom left corner. And yes, the base is made so that NV isnt required to go around.
  16. Active Zeus on regular AO mission

    Yesit is great to se somthing "extra" in the mix from time to time.
  17. A new Base

    Is there a "drive thru Arsenal " since I and many others loss up huter/prowler with rockets and stuff. And long travel distance from car to arsel is Never fun. Besides that It looks Good in My opinion. And better location the the one down in the south. Particualy when playing on Low Times with none/few pilots. Also a question of lights? There are lights inside the spawn area. So it does nit tur in to FOB guardian. Where have to turn on NVG at night to even find the Arsenal crate.
  18. A new Base

    Looks Pretty nice, Am a little concerned over the amount of room pilots get to land there Heli's for pick up.
  19. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    For some people restarting steam also works
  20. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    Seems battleye is being annoying again, just keep trying until it stops, if needed launch vanilla then try again Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  21. A new Base

    @ansin11 ill put it on today
  22. Hi, Getting this when launching AWE: 13:30:12: Starting BattlEye Service... 13:30:13: Launching game... 13:31:27: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 13:31:27: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "E:\Ahoy Mods\@AW_ace\ace_medical_x64.dll". 13:32:11: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "E:\Ahoy Mods\@AW_ace\ace_break_line_x64.dll". 13:32:21: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "E:\Ahoy Mods\@AW_ace\ace_parse_imagepath_x64.dll". 13:32:31: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "E:\Ahoy Mods\@AW_ace\ace_clipboard_x64.dll". Any hints for resolving this issue?
  23. A new Base

    Can I have the file for some testing?
  24. Active Zeus on regular AO mission

    Always good to see the AI get some help from time to time haha
  25. A new Base

    So, This is for now the last update ill roll out. I am fairly content with what it turned out. The AA towers were moved so prevent bad pilots from going into them like a wrecking ball (at least I hope). The main thing that has been changed is the main area: The bunker was switched out for a larger shed which can contain some in house advertisement (Don't lie, I know you all love your billboards. They are everywhere in the spawn area ATM). It also should prevent people spawning inside each other or in the walls when a lot of people spawn in at once. I added a gate leading to the heli area as well to prevent vehicles getting in and keeping the occasional CSAT or AAF pilot out. There are now a couple of zamak trucks (ammo, fuel and repair) at the helipad so repairs aint too far off always and being a nice substitute for a heli servicing pad. Last thing that is worth noting is the slingload area. It is next to the motor pool and has a separate Arsenal and supply crates at hand. A couple lights have also been added/changed around to make sure that even without NV you should be able to walk around normally at the base. So, what do you guys think? Is it a worth contendor for when a new base is selected, do you think it needs more polish? Let me know down below
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