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  2. No they stack. Lambs only modifies the danger.fsm.Vcom runs before that, and so far no one had reported errors and the maker of lambs says they will run along just fine
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  4. Yes, That is normal. I have set the results to hidden. It's not a huge deal though whether the results are shown or not. I can say we have a few clear winners in regards to Workshops that will take precedent. Commanding is so far the most anticipated workshop for example.
  5. Can't see the results/stats, is it normal?
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  7. Hello I have three bugs to report: First one is aircraft servicing. While in service, pilots can refuel the vehicle if they have toolkits. It sometimes cancels the service and sometimes does not. It gives jet junkies ability to fly around while jet is getting rearmed. The friendly CSATs in new CBRN side mission. So basically the particular CSAT units inside the half sphere construction are not engaging players. Those are the ones with black CSAT assasin helmets. All the units outside of the building are engaging, also white CBRN suitted EI's are engaging too but not the
  8. Hello, I would like to suggest adding the last two missing spetsnaz equipments to arsenal. First one is Compact NVG (Green). Everyone thinking Compact NVGs are exclusive to CSAT but actually the green one (not the "Green Hex") was added to game with Contact DLC. It is only being used by Spetsnaz and would be great to have an alternative to standard night visions which are looking like two telescopes fixed to the face. O_NVGoggles_grn_F The second one is the shiny avenger helmet without camoflage cover. Im asking for this one because unlike the other avenger helmets
  9. I noticed, there is both LAMBS and Vcom AI present in mods, would that not conflict @kennychr ?
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  11. Few vests and a backpack that fit the pirat uniforms: UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT1 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT2 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT3 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT4 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT5 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT6 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT7 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT8 UK3CB_BAF_V_Osprey_DPMT9 UK3CB_BAF_B_Kitbag_DPMT Due to a typo these need to be re-added: rhsusf_acc_elcan rhsusf_acc_elcan_ard
  12. Quality of life request: Put an arsenal outside the Hescos at both Last Stand and Stadium to make loading vics easier and help with preventing people running off with your ride when you're in the hangar grabbing gear.
  13. As the title says these awsome mods make your footsteps and weapons from RHS sound like in Tarkov. Weapon sounds Footsteps JSRS versions Weapon Sounds Footsteps On I&A only the footsteps would be necessary since there is no RHS
  14. The Frag-O for the second mission (23.01.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_230121.pdf Get ready for a day at the beach!
  15. Mission Name: Campaign Unrelenting Resolve. Operation Leatherback Server Details: IP: Port: 2402 Mods Required: op_un_res.html TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net TEAMSPEAK MISSION BRIEFING FOR ALL PLAYERS WILL BEGIN AT 19:00 UTC Expected Mission Length: 120+ Minutes Player Slots: Hitman(platoon command): 2 Hitman 1-1: 10 Hitman 1-2: 10 Hitman 1-3: 10 Hitman 8-1: 4 Total slots: 36 Situation The country of Al-Rayak has just had a military coup. The new le
  16. Ahoy All! I am eager to announce that together with Christiansen, Havoc & SiegeSix we are bringing several workshops to the Ahoyworld masses! With the influx of new members and the absence of similar events we saw it fit to introduce a series of workshops that will help introduce some of the trickier content available on the modded servers, particularly AWE. With these workshops we Intend to provide an introduction/refresher course on a series of subjects that you may encounter while playing with Ahoyworld. Our goal is to lower the bar of entry to these
  17. Must be because I'm living on fumes after working a nightshift, about to head to bed. But Ansin11's post could easily go for post of the year 2021 xD
  18. Below is the change log for I&A 3.3.66 (the server will execute order 66), which will go live after the next server restart on 01/16/2021. - [Added] CBRN Radiological side mission - [Added] Enemy CAS/CAP aircraft now has random loadouts - [Added] Removal of bodies from vehicles on player respawn/disconnect - [Tweaked] Priority mission Arty firing interval and rounds - [Tweaked] Spartan/Praetorian rewards - [Tweaked] Main AO HQ ruins cleanup - [Tweaked] Inventory warnings about unusable items for some roles - [Fixed] Side mission Militia C
  19. Hi All, Following the poll to choose a radio mod I asked you to bear with us while we made the necessary changes. I'm happy to say that we are now in a position to implement the change to TFAR, which we are hoping to accomplish when the current play through of Liberation is complete. This could be as early as tomorrow following the game night. We will also be taking this opportunity to make another small adjustment to the modset. The changes in modset will result in a small net saving in file sizes circa 100MB in the total Liberation modset. We are e
  20. Our modset can also always be found in MSO/Guides and Information/Current Modset:
  21. here is the post that includes modsets. I struggled to find it, just incase you can't find it too.
  22. Mission Summary This Sunday, we turn a regular bout of Liberation around to show off what we can do when we put our minds to it. Expect a solid experience with high emphasis on teamwork and structure, with an established Chain of Command. These are the days when we push for harder objectives or complex operations in combined arms, or try things we normally would not. Modset Required The modset, as well as a full explanation on how to join, can be found here: Mission Runtime Roughly 2 hours with a chance to carry on open-ended F
  23. First of all: NO ONE is required to read any of this. You can perfectly fine join the missions without ever opening this whole sub-forum! Now that this is out of the way: Though, if you are interested in the lore of the campaign or if you are planning on SLing in the missions and want to give yourself an edge by knowing things like: Lore information Information about the enemy (equipment, capabilities, how will he react to what, etc.) Standard procedures (e.g. ROE, Actions on Halts, Lost Marine Plan, etc.) The Comms Plan, etc. Maps of the country et
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  25. So we‘re attacking Taris, to search for a VIP, huh? Guess we‘re with Malak then but I sure hope we’ll find the VIP fast enough... Heard rumors Malak will just bombard Taris into oblivion if our search takes too long. And that he doesn’t care about friendly fire. One would really need something fast like the Ebon Hawk to get out of there in that case. Long Live the Sith!
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