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  2. Arma 3 Sync

    Does not have an impact i dont believe
  3. Arma 3 Sync

    Should over woolf be removed or deleted?
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  5. Blastcore

    Truly amazing looking visuals. Don't forget the dust and particle effects from explosions and the sparks from bullets hitting metal. DynaSound paired with Enhanced Soundscape for better reverb is also a great little mod and it will really all come together when you use all 3. Definitely give them a try, you may just find out that you are missing out on something amazing.
  6. Looking for opinions

    Didn't we also have an insanity of issues with CUP trees and foliage not blocking sight for AI?
  7. Looking for opinions

    Yeah, the CUP maps are quite nice for a bit of nostalgia and overall play ability but I wouldn't say that the quality over-rights the quantity in terms of mod size. The maps we currently have are still incredibly fun and though they may get boring to some, that is purely because we are playing the same missions inn the same areas in the same play style. (fly there or just drive there, do it then go home) With the amazing flexibility and freedom that Stiletto has to offer, there is an infinite amount of things we can do to spice things up. Plus having Zues along can help us create entire scenarios in areas we would never do missions, be it a islet not deemed sufficient enough for a regular mission or just an area where the missions hardly if ever spawn at. As much as I'd love some of the CUP maps as well as the glorious Chernarus, it's just not worth the size. Not that mod size has ever been an issue for me but I know people are keen on trying to keep it as little as possible and even a little more simplistic. After all, the simpler things in life are often the best. Again, I can't stress enough how good Stiletto is and the fact that if we just use our imaginations and decide to do things a bit more differently regularly, we'll cover a magnitude of amazing scenarios we hardly if ever play on AWE.
  8. Norris

    Hey and welcome back to the fun
  9. concluded Sgt. Brown

    Hello Borviran / SGT. R. Brown, thank you for the second ban appeal. You were banned in may 2017 for posting a IP address in chat, and then doing it again after being warned. We do not allow this because we do not want any recruitment on our servers, also the online safety of our players is very important to us. Who knows were dodgy links or IP addresses will lead to. We like teamplay, join us on our teamspeakserver and ask other players to join it as well. This will work much better for everybody. It has been almost a year since your ban and I am willing to lift the ban. If you receive another ban from one of our admins, it will be a final one. Ban lifted for SGT. R. Brown.
  10. Tall neck?!

    Exactly xD but you have to do it multiple times LOL
  11. Looking for opinions

    I must have looked in the wrong section then. I get why it was removed. That's a lot of space only for 1 map. Thanks for the input!
  12. CUP Terrains Core is 5.7GB. Chernarus Redux is 1.9GB. Total package size would be 7.6GB for one map.
  13. Looking for opinions

    Personally I don´t liked the CUP maps all that much because they just look bad. Sure it was fun to play on Fallujah, etc but in general I just have more fun with better graphics.
  14. Tall neck?!

    So that is what ctrl+w does?
  15. Hi guys I was looking on the suggestion mods and map for the enhanced server and saw one for the Chernarus Redux map. I saw that the staff mentionned that it required CUP, thus the idea was scrapped. Since there was a recent poll about the quantities and sizes of mods used, and if it was too much or not enough. I wanted to know if the staff had the same opinion than before. That map require only the CUP terrain core, which is about 3,55 gigs. That could open a new possibility of other maps with CUP without having all the CUP stuff we don't need. Like i said, i don't want to officially request it if the majority of users are against the return of CUP, even if it's only for the maps. I had a great time in Chernarus, and would like to see it in the Enhanced server.
  16. Blastcore

    Awww the visuals are very nice, but I've gotten so used to the JSRS gun sounds that it's hard to live without!
  17. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Hi @BBFSGaming you can post stuff from AWE here
  18. Last week
  19. Blastcore

    i jumped into EU 1 for 10 min so i couldn't showcase everything, as you can see the smoke looks more black and dark, just how oil looks like to be burned in real life, also the duration of the smoke is the same for the vanilla and blastcore (tried it myself). Give this mod a try you wont lose anything
  20. Blastcore

    Thank YOU !!!!!!!!
  21. Arty

  22. Teamspeak Update

    Ok, so most of the changes have gone through. Please message me or Ghostdragon with any issues. Thanks
  23. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Hobnob ace Pilot landing on the beach on Stiletto Fri http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333046244046269 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333046244
  24. Teamspeak Update

    Hey guys, Over this month we've been overhauling the Teamspeak permissions as some of you have a lot of issues sometimes with overlapping permissions etc. Every Server group has all the permissions of the group before Guest - Can Join all public channels AW Member - Can create a subchannel in [Create your Own Sub-Channel]. Can access general file browser Donator - Can join the Donator channel, Can access donator file browser. Can poke Core Staff Most of these changes you won't see as it's mostly for the benefit of staff. The channels will do a bit of moving and updating, however, all the main channels will stay the same. I'll post again soon when all the changes have been implemented
  25. I&A accepted addons & repository info

    Will post information re repo updates within this thread: --- Revision: 19 --- Build date: 18-Mar-2018 12:36:11 New: 0 - Updated: 5 @DynaSound 2;@ShackTac_User_Interface;@JSRS SOUNDMOD;@Enhanced Soundscape;@CBA_A3; Deleted: 0 -
  26. As of 18/03/18 you are now able to use the public repo to gain enhanced soundscape & dynasound 2 for enhanced.
  27. Blastcore

    The key for this mod has been added to the server under a trial. Please test it and report any findings. Thanks.
  28. Stiletto 055: Issue 1: Kill HVT AO. If the HVT is killed by players, and if for some time (maybe cleanup script) the body has not been identified, the body can't be identified but it will stay on the ground. So entity of body is there but the entity for checking if that is our objective is not there. Task can't be completed. If we remember this correctly, Gamenight 9th this March (Malden) also had the same problem. We killed him but we weren't sure where did we killed it. There were smoke around to check bodies but we couldn't identify it (holding space). Issue 2: Spawn point spawned by SLs is bugged and spawns at bottom left corner. Tent animation is at it's location where the spawn point has been put down. https://imgur.com/a/MgceL Issue 3: Intel reviewing over the LR says that somebody else is also reviewing the Intel at same time which is not true. More info as I test it more. EDIT: I'm pleased to say that AO deploy Comm Array worked flawlessly. IT spawned additional mechanized infantry and continued in noticeable timeline.
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