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  2. Ok it happend second time it spawn 4 jets every time after server restart. I skipped some mission by deleting the units and killing sub-objective and that whats happend. I have to check how it will looks like if we play the mission without deleting units and killing subobjective.
  3. We will tweak the gear he has on him now so he is very slightly weighed down, so it still offers a challenge.
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  5. No Contact DLC here. Next gamenight ... Have fun.
  6. came online today,noticed the mission file got updated and being curious as usual i read the changelog ingame noticing this: Like really? I was in assumption that there would be at least a tad of conversation about it,especially as i pointed out in my post above. You just dumped the skill requiring for that mission down by alot imo. I dont want to repeat myself,but this mission is with us since the very early I+A 2 times. UNCHANGED. It got dumped down already in I+A 3 when the "vehicle Intel only" version got added. I m not saying it was a bad idea,i applauded the addition and still find it a good diversion from the original mission,altho its lacks some part of the "keep on your toe" feeling as its quite easier to achieve vehicle than officer intel. And that is the point! The possibility to have a mission that has the option to fail (if the players/team/solo rambo screw up either by lack of attention,killing the officer by a nearby explosion by a misguided missile or whatever else) is a essential addition to the generic MP missions. Its different from get there,kill all and be rewarded. Thats why it is the Queen of side missions and "making it easier" by weighting down the officer is a solution that i would call pittyfull. At least i would of expected a wider exchange of arguments on this before changing and releasing it within a few days. I mean,you realise Derp is calling for this change because he fails to come up with a solution when doing this mission solo? Its not like there s a few more people having issues with this mission, i m quite sure you cant even name more than 10 people taking issue with this mission. For real,i still recall a Intel mission Xwatt,Pepper and me did where i pursuited the intel cars for several km´s on foot from Skiptro to Agios Petros. Or that one on Salt Lake where the officer was a diver and managed escaping via diving. Thats entertainment! Not dumping the skilllevel even more down. No offense to your coding skills Stan,this one is not on you - but i call the decision made to change the mission a bad one. Thats one really got me pissed off.
  7. It have AAA But now i guess that something was bugged becouse it spawn 5 planes... and after this mission it's look like everything is back to normal.
  8. Sl being separated and not hunting down rouge rifleman in his team can focus on helping a less experienced tl get the hang of teams, facilitates more communication on squad level. My idea wasnt ment to really lighten the load on sl, more towards cultivating more player interest in tl, which in turn produces more ppl to take up sl later, constant stream of mentors, self sufficient community which makes the transition from following role to leading role a bit easier. As ive mentioned i saw a lot of occasions where the tl was missing from both squads, my intention was to free up enough resources on the sl to have him help out a less experienced tl. Now, if anybody wants to try out what joys to be a tl, bit were afraid to hop in, has a fallback and can ask for more direct guidance from sl. On the subject of incomplete squads. With this, i would say you have more places to fold in combat inefective teams. Sl can take in more ppl and act as a tl as just we demonstrated in the past weeks, a tl can take 1-2 more if needed, you can basically fold in half of another squad, even more if spec roles are designated, for example autonomus sniper team or hmg team. The beauty of this structure is you can always form another fireteam, sl can handle the load and dont have to micromanage. Folding in can be done by zeus dragging in the group or reintroducing the custom groups when the community behaves nicely. More communication, more info up the chain, more informed plans, more enterainment on the stream, instead of having 10 mins of LR radio silence since every sl was in a firefight. That was my intention when i first brought this up. @Xwatt keep the roles for clarity's sake sure, what i was talking about that the role names doesnt matter as long as i pick up a medkit and can act as a medic with all the benefits if ours disconnected even if im a rifleman by role. Just reinforcing the "can pick up anything no role restrictions" way we play with the ammobox now. Im sure i missed some raised issues, but i tried to answer and clarify as much as i could.
  9. Which subobjective did it have? Both radio tower and HQ will spawn jets
  10. Hmm Why when i have 3 players, mission spawns planes? //Determine how many units to spawn: private _amountOfPlayers = count allPlayers; private ["_MBTs","_AAVics","_IFVs","_Cars","_mainInf","_AAinf","_ATinf","_recon","_helis","_jet"]; switch true do { case (_amountOfPlayers <= 3):{ _MBTs = 0; _AAVics = 0; _IFVs = 0; _Cars = 2; _mainInf = 5; _AAinf = 1; _ATinf = 1; _recon = 1; _helis = 0; _jet = false; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 3 &&_amountOfPlayers <= 6):{ _MBTs = 1; _AAVics = 0; _IFVs = 1; _Cars = 1; _mainInf = 5; _AAinf = 1; _ATinf = 1; _recon = 1; _helis = 0; _jet = false; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 6 && _amountOfPlayers <= 15):{ _MBTs = 1; _AAVics = (0 + round (random 1)); _IFVs = (1 + round (random 1)); _Cars = (1 + round (random 1)); _mainInf = 6; _AAinf = 1; _ATinf = 1; _recon = 2; _helis = 0; _jet = false; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 15 && _amountOfPlayers <= 30):{ _MBTs = 1; _AAVics = (1 + round (random 1)); _IFVs = (0 + round (random 1)); _Cars = (1 + round (random 2)); _mainInf = 7; _AAinf = 2; _ATinf = 2; _recon = 1; _helis = 0; _jet = selectRandom[true, false, false]; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 30 && _amountOfPlayers <= 40):{ _MBTs = 1; _AAVics = 2; _IFVs = 2; _Cars = 3; _mainInf = 8; _AAinf = 2; _ATinf = 2; _recon = 2; _helis = 0; _jet = selectRandom[true, false, false]; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 40 && _amountOfPlayers <= 50):{ _MBTs = 1; _AAVics = (2 + round (random 1)); _IFVs = (2 + round (random 1)); _Cars = (3 + round (random 1)); _mainInf = 9; _AAinf = 2; _ATinf = 2; _recon = 3; _helis = 1; _jet = selectRandom[true, true, false]; }; case (_amountOfPlayers > 50):{ _MBTs = 2; _AAVics = (2 + round (random 2)); _IFVs = (2 + round (random 2)); _Cars = (3 + round (random 2)); _mainInf = 10; _AAinf = 3; _ATinf = 3; _recon = 4; _helis = 2; _jet = true; }; };
  11. as someone that played both systems, i find that SL being a tl works well in situations where a platoon command is present. Yes a separate TL can reduce load on a SL but as someone that played SL in the zeus ops i dont really think that load needs lightening. it also encourages the SL to separate from the squad more, making it hard to keep squads close together and organised
  12. @applechaser: I'll have you know that our three man Bravo squad was very much combat effective! @Xwatt: Too many autoriflemen if you ask me. I suggest: SL Medic TL Marksman Repair Specialist or Explosives Specialist AA/AT TL Autorifleman Rifleman LAT Actual team composition will always be changed by the SL anyways, depending on the current situation and plan (e.g. overwatch team and assault team).
  13. Ah silly me just noticed one is a 4 man team, and one is a 5 man team...... ok so this is the updated one: SL Medic Team Leader Autorifleman Marksman LAT/AT Team Leader Engineer Autorifleman LAT/AT now it is the very even 10 man squad, and thanks @Stanhope for pointing out I can't count.
  14. I&A 3.3.38 Is Now Live On Our Servers With The Current Changes: - [Fixed] Minor Bug In Admin/Zeus Tools - [Fixed] Minor Bug In Side Mission Reward Spawn - [Fixed] Mines At HQ Sub Objective Being Undetectable - [Fixed] Main AO Not Respawning On Server Start (Attempt 3) - [Fixed] Lush Bipod Not Being In The Arsenal Due To Incorrect Class Name - [Tweaked] Jet And Helicopter Spawn Figures For The Main AO - [Tweaked] Officer At Secure Intel Mission Is Now Weighed Down - [Tweaked] Checks To Prevent Goalkeeper Spawning As BLUFOR - [Tweaked] New Side Mission Cannot Be The Same As The Previous Two Side Missions If You Have Any Feedback/Questions/Bug Reports/Inquiries, Please Leave Them In The Thread Below
  15. Team leaders are already grenadiers so de we really need that grenadier in that 2nd team?
  16. Right, how about: SL Medic Team Leader Autorifleman Marksman LAT/AT Team Leader Engineer Autorifleman Grenadier LAT/AT let me know if i'm missing any roles, and if anything should be subsituted. it's odd because it's an 11 man squad with the medic being tied with the SL, not sure if I should make the medic fall under one of the 4 man squads instead. @Gambit as much as I appreicate that idea, I do want to keep the pre designated roles, as it helps to avoid confusion for newcomers especially, and it still keeps that "familiarity" from people who jump over directly from EU1.
  17. Yes i think the american squad structure might be better to make leading roles less intmidating altough this does make a problem: The squads will be even bigger and there will be 3 leading roles to take up instead of 2 meaning that we need more players to fill up the squads and since the squads weren't filled up before we might be having more instances of having 2 incomplete squads or 1 full squad and 1 not combat effective squad. apart from mister toast flying arround with a marksman rifle
  18. Keep it real simple, since we can pick up gear we can specialize a rifleman if needs be. But this specialization option implies that special abilities like repairing a vic is tied to the gear instead of the role(toolkit in inventory rather than being in an engineer slot). Everyone is a rifleman at hearth, if push comes to shove, even a pilot has to defend himself. This would greatly improve flexibility, even mid session when lets say the medic disconnects. The next riflman can be designated as squad medic and pick up the gear, no muss no fuss. As the arsenal restrictions withered away, the players doesnt seem to misbehave, that gives me hope they wont abuse even a more open and flexible system.
  19. I suggest keeping it as basic as possible. One marksman, one autorifleman, one AT/AA, one LAT, one medic, one or maybe two grenadiers per squad. No assistant roles. Maybe split the engineer role into a repair specialist for the one squad and an explosives specialist for the other squad. If there are too many slots and too few basic, alround roles, just put a few riflemen in. My experience over the past two weeks was that though Bravo did sometimes have a TL, the players just acted as normal riflemen, appareantly mostly due to being inexperienced (also because Bravo was too small to be split into real fireteams), so there seems to be a market for that simple role.
  20. I´m thinking since a while to put up a video of my gameplay,about my hunt for the ultimate side reward on Invade & Annex. It shall tell a story,i got the lineup,i know how it shall go down,i got the perfect music track in mind ... Thing is,i lack any video evidence yet and the last time i used FRAPS was back in the early 2000´s and i m not even speaking of my video editing capabilitys ( 0,0% ), so i m asking for any advice on how to : comfortably record ARMA3 gameplay cut and edit clips (parts,add screenshot to clip,etc.) add music generel advice Go easy on me there,it may be 90% done in my head,but i really would like to get this off my bucket list before i die ... NO,not soon,in case you hoped you salty little ... Anyway - looking forward to get some startup help! Yes,i m looking at you @GamerbugUK
  21. Now my next question: do we want to strictly follow the squad structure? Or do we replace roles such as the assistant automatic rifleman with more specialist roles such as a marksman and an engineer. or do we create a new squad for more specialist roles?
  22. It doesnt really matter where the officer is actually located when you fire a AP missile pass a open window in the closed space of a HQ. It has a spread of 4-5m depending on surface and obstacles and will most likely kill the officer with the 1st try as he s 99% not wearing any vest. Speaking of,it may also be interesting to add him a vest,too. Then again,just spawn the HQ with closed windows and spare the work of fiddling with the officer-gear. Aaaaaaaand,exclude him from spawning on the roof,as that is ridicoulousy easy to take him out then. Or,apply the code used for the engineer on factorys and step up the pain and time to complete the obj by needing to setup and send in a "BREACH"team . I m fine with both options.
  23. Youre not supposed to call it propaganda if its ours
  24. I wasn't referring to your contry specificly, just stated that the tone is kind of reminded me of brexit. Propaganda, i know i know, hearths and minds, even if spread across several meters. I'm sure we already won over a lot ppl by taking out a pesky checkpoint via VBIED, plus with a short but very expensive airshow close to the airport.
  25. Hey when has propaganda ever been perfect, it's about getting people to your side not about being correct Also, Brexit? Wrong country, mine is staying in the EU.
  26. sure Contradicting much? Brexit, anybody? Freudian slip i guess.
  27. I’ll look into possibly replacing our squad structure to the American Structure, as beautifully pointed out by both Jenkins and Gambit. its unlikely we will see the introduction this week, but most likely for next week. If anyone opposes this idea please do let me know below with some reasons why they may disagree with this squad structure. my intentions with this mission is that I just go straight off what the community wants, and what’s in their interest, I too have been hearing that squad lead roles have been taxing and somewhat scary for newcomers. So I do think that implementing this structure might help us to ease some of the people who want to TL. Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!
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