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  2. Can we get a full modlist EDIT: Nevermind I got the import working.
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    The NVA

    that most definatly is NOT the "Natinale VolksArmee" that i knew .... #history nut
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  6. French gear? something like "13hours" is planned?
  7. So as we have only one week left in the Vietnam missions, it's probably about time I finally put up this post. The next campaign, starting either the 17th or 24th April will be a PMC style campaign. We will be playing as a small PMC outfit, in a modern setting, operating in contemporary conflict zones, completing various missions for different national and non national bodies. The idea is that using the same modset (save for the map) we can complete operations in different theatres, on different continents using different gear against different enemies. It gives us a large scope for mission design and allows for the more small scale PMC style operations. Needless to say we will not be seeking to engage in pitched battles with the enemy but will favour small unit tactics, emphasis will be on executing the task quickly and extracting before the enemy can fully mobilise against us. First Deployment Setting We will first be starting in Afghanistan using equipment easily available in that area. Equipment will be mainly western in origin, with items from America, Britain, Belgium and others. While not limited to these items, they were the most accessible in this region. Modlist The attached HTML is the current modlist. This is 99% confirmed but is still subject to change based on final testing. Arma 3 Preset PMC OPs.html As always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions let me know, happy to answer. Midnight
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    Hi @RT Can I ask you to send your GUID to me by PM?
  10. Lindi


    Hello @EU4N You have been banned for wasting assets (vehicles) i.e. crashing choppers. You were banned after at least 8 warnings and 2 kicks by 3 different admins. You were given numerous warnings, but you've chosen to ignore them. You were repeatedly asked to change slot to something else than a pilot, but since you kept rejoining as a pilot you were finally banned for 7 days. During these 7 days I suggest you read the I&A 3 rules & guide lines, more specifically chapter 4.3 Here is another thing you can use to occupy your time: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=192094335 BAN APPEAL UNSUCCESSFUL!
  11. EU4N


    In-game name when banned: EU4N What message displays when you attempt to connect? You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Ban(EU4N/ignoring admin/destroying assets/learn to fly in editor/Nor)) Why do you think you were banned? Being new to the game and not having enough flying experience, also not focusing on the chat. Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Because i wasn't looking at chat(my bad), also tuks an Joge said that it wasn't that big a deal as it wasn't as realistic in editor as theres no one shooting at you, also had no warning and was only told by another pilot that admin was saying he was going to kick me if i didn't get out of pilot spot, so i left game to avoid getting kicked and when i return to play i got this message. Also i wasn't destroying assets i don't think. Which administrator banned you (if known): Not sure sorry :( When were you banned: Saturday the 4th of april 2020 (not sure abt time sorry)
  12. RT


    In-game name when banned: reactiontime What message displays when you attempt to connect? Banned TK Why do you think you were banned? TKing Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? This was years ago, I have matured. Which administrator banned you (if known): mykeyrm When were you banned: years ago
  13. Hi @Jean_Lapin First things first to appeal a ban, you need to fill in a ban appeal using the form on the forums. https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/4-ban-appeal/ Second I strongly recommend reading the rules of AhoyWorld; and also the server specific rules, in this case I&A3 In this case you were banned from the EU1 I&A3 server for repeatedly spamming a discord link in chat. The AhoyWorld Staff strive to make sure that all the services you might need to enjoy Arma are provided for all players in our community. We provide players with both un-modded and modded arma servers and events, we provide our community with Discord and Team Speak services as well. Personally I see recruiting as an offence since we try to make sure everything is there using the funds the player base donated to AhoyWorld. Having talked to you over PM I however feel you are sincere and did not mean any harm. Therefore I will reduce this ban to 30 days starting from today. I hope this time will be sufficient to reflect on what happened. BAN REDUCED TO 30 DAYS.
  14. Your name: Jean Lapin Their name: Ghost Date & Time: 01 april 2020 02:30 am CET Description of events: I spammed my discord adress in the group channel to let a mate join it, while we were playing the same squad, for better communication. Then I got banned for advertising. It was definitly not advertising, but just an easy and inappropriate way (I got it...) to make sure the mate would get the discord adress. To me it's just a misunderstanding. I'd be glad to be able to play again on your servers. PS: By the way, my apologies for pinging on discord, I filled this form 2 times before I knew I should sign in first... I thought I was ignored... Evidence: https://discord.gg/***** This is the link to the discord that I spammed for. Please have a look to see I was not advertising.
  15. Tactical overview VMF landed on the north-eastern tip of the island and took the airfield as well as town of Molos. They must not be allowed to secure another foothold on the island and must be swiftly dealth with, before they can bring in heavy reinforcements. As we cannot afford to man another frontline, failure to secure the area would likely mean the loss of entire eastern half of the island. Enemy forces are concentrated in the town as well as around the airfield, there is a possibility they would send scouts further south, so you need to be carefull when crossing the hills south of Molos. Enemy force consist of infantry supported by some mechanized and motorized units, it is likely they managed to build some light fortifications, by nothing major. We have confirmed that Gatekeeper is not involved in the ground operation. As far as we know the enemy has no artillery or mortar support, but the skies are hostile. Enemy has utilised large amounts of strike aircraft since we lost radar coverage. The weather during the planned attack is supposed to be rather bad, which we hope will discourage enemy flight operations, but CAS will no doubt be called once they realise we are serious about advancing. You should try to make the best use of the early stage of the attack before enemy aircraft get on station. Due to our lack of radar coverage you will not be given an early warning about possible airstrikes. We expect no civilian presence in the AO, but always check your targets. You never know. Objectives: secure Molos, Molos airfield and area to the north-east of it.
  16. Hey guys, I know it's short notice but gonna move the op forward 1 hour to 17.30 UTC, I forgot about the time change and didn't update it here
  17. Yea, Sorry I didn't think about the time change. I'll look at moving it next week to 17.30UTC so that it is the same local time for most people.
  18. I was looking forward to that, but just realised that because of time-change shenaningans I might not be able to be there, since its still 18:30 UTC.
  19. Looking forward to the finale of this brilliant campaign!
  20. EU 1 does not have TFAR keyed or use it so it will not allow you to connect with the mod. This guide was made for when we were using EU 2 with TFAR. We are no longer doing this so the guide might be worth moving to avoid confusion (for those reading this in future this guide was in I&A guides and was moved here after this). You have installed TFAR and the plug in correctly it is just the server you are trying to join does not use it. Not all time is a wasted as this will help if you wish to join our events which use TFAR. More info can be found here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/27-events/
  21. Hi, The TFAR mod is not used/allowed on the EU1 server. But if you followed this guide you will be good to go for the saturday and sundays missions wich you can find on the "events" thread of this forum ~apple
  22. Hi, so I followed instructions, i think I've done everything right, but now i cannot join the server. I will include screenshots from my Arma mods settings and TS plugin settings. Am I doing something wrong or is there issue on the server? I was joining EU1 server Thanks for answer, Tomas
  23. Date: 05.04.2020 16:30 UTC Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under) Act 2 - Might of the Bear Part 6 Altian forces menaged to deal with Russian airborne force and prevented the town of Syrta from falling into insurgent hands. However, the Russians managed to destroy the radar station, severely limiting Altian radar coverage over the island and making it a lot easier for Russian aircraft to operate. The following two weeks shown that Russians were very much aware of that fact, as large quantities of five-hundred-kilogram metal buckets filled with high explosive have been steadily falling from the sky. The loss of radar combined with enemy SEAD activity renders long range AA defenses of Altis largely ineffective and the invading Russians are utilizing this advantage. The fact that Russian radar and SAM launchers were among targets hit by Altian special forces somewhat helps, but the battle for the sky is now fought by fighters and unfortunately combined Russian and Gatekeeper air wings have an advantage over Altian air force. Under heavy bombardment the Altian forces holding the frontline in the eastern part of the island were forced to retreat and give up ground. Largely unopposed, the Russians advanced along the eastern shore towards Kalochori before meeting any real resistance. Additionally, in an attempt to accelerate the invasion progress they opted for a risky move. VMF forces that were supposed to reinforce the western section were re-directed to attempt landing at the north-eastern end of Altis. They made landfall under air cover of their aircraft and have taken the town of Molos, as well as a nearby airfield, which was luckily evacuated in time. Altian high command realizes that they cannot afford to split their forces to hold yet another frontline. The VMF force must be dealt with immediately. If the Russians secure a foothold in the north Altian military will be forced to retreat and give up the entire eastern half of the island. With no fortifications prepared so far back, this would likely spell doom for the defending force. There is still the issue of Freedom and the insurgency. Reports about the strength of Templar's primary force indicate that they could afford to push forward if they wanted to. The fact that they're staying put would indicate that Templar is playing a bigger game, as it would be strange of him not to take advantage of the difficult situation of the Altian army. Altian intelligence suspects that it may have something to do with the data Phantom was after, but as of right now there's no indication as to what they could contain. The Assets Player faction: Altian armed forces Player slots: 33 - PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle - 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each - Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot) - Hammer - a US 3-man vehicle crew - to operate Abrams MBT - Mi-8 and UH-60 helicopters - 2xM1A2 Abrams - 1xBTR-70 (for infantry use) - Various wheeled support vehicles The mission Strike against the Russian VMF forces that landed in the north-east of island before they have a chance to bring in heavy reinforcements. Re-take town of Molos, the airfield and area further to the north of it. The Russians must not be allowed to secure another foothold on the island. The modset: The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184 For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook: Hope to see you there!
  24. OPERATIONS ORDER 04042020 Orientation: You are currently located at ARES-2 HQ at grid 116119. The Area of interest is the NW region of Altis with the AO again being Kavala and the regions around the city (see attachment 1). The terrain is arid with mountainous regions as well as flatlands and a large part of the AO consisting of urban environments. The weather is mostly sunny and warm and is not expected to impact our capabilities in any way. Though as the area is highly populated the usage of artillery, CAS, HMGs and explosives is heavily limited. Additionally, the usage of vehicles in the city requires high attention due to the potential for ambushes. Key areas in the AO are the Kastro, offering an important OP and control of the harbour, the hospital, offering a good OP and a landing pad for helicopters, as well as the Power Plant, offering control to the whole power-grid of the AO. Because of their strategic and ideological meaning, we expect that all these positions are being controlled by the enemy. 1. Situation a. Enemy: The enemy consist of well-trained militia in groups ranging from a pair up to 12-man teams equipped with various weapon platforms and static weapons as well as armed light vehicles. We do suspect the enemy of utilizing an artillery-piece at the Kastro in Kavala and from the power plant again. The main enemy presence is estimated to be in the southern half of the AO as we already made a quick sweep of the northern part. Though the enemy managed to push us back southwards from the power plant and could’ve already reinforced their lost positions. Their recent activities included IED attacks, recruiting civilians and conducting attacks on the local police. To keep up their activities the enemy must defend his sphere of influence. Therefore, his most likely course of action is to conduct strikes against AAF forces, attacks against locals to cause fear and force them to join them and defend his positions at all costs. b. Friendly: ARES HQ is located at grid 147165 and is commanding ARES-1 and ARES-2 COIN-OPs. ARES-1 is located at grid 174131 and is currently conducting COIN-OPs and securing the NE region of Altis. ARES HQ provides general support if available and can be reached via Ares-2 “Homeland”. 2. Mission: As we encountered heavy contacts in the region, we will again conduct patrols and show of force in the defined AO (attachment 1), to show the civilians that AAF still has control. We will also gather intelligence from any willing to share information about the insurgents. This is to further map out any enemy presence so that we can neutralize it before they gain too much traction. 3. Execution a. Commanders Intent: To continue to localize and neutralize insurgents within the defined AO, we will follow the plan of ARES HQ to patrol the area and conduct COIN-OPs. As their grip on the region results out of sparking fear in the local population, we will exploit this by disrupting their operations and showing the civilians that we are still in control of the situation. For this it is crucial to secure the power plant, hospital and Kastro in the region. This should lead to the area being cleared of enemy units and installations, thus allowing friendly forces to gain one of the most important footholds on the island. b. Concept of operations: We will gather intelligence and patrol the area to show the locals that we are with them. Furthermore, we will secure the designated key areas. The Platoon will split up into three squads and one air-element for this operation. Two squads will be the spearhead for conducting frontal attacks and one squad will be providing support and rear security. Resupplies and CASEVACs will be coordinated by homeland and the squad that is leading the operation in the field and will be realised by the air-element. c. Tasks: i. ARES-2-1: Patrol and neutralize any insurgent activities inside of the defined AO (see attachment 1). Check up on towns already visited to make sure that insurgents haven’t taken them back ii. ARES-2-3: Support ARES 2-1 in their task. iii. ARES-2-4: Provide fire-support for the operation within the defined AO (see attachment 1). iv. Phobos-1: Provide transport, casualty evacuation when needed as well as recon and CAS when needed. The detail planning will be left up to the individual squad leaders. If the need arises to divert, orders will come over radio. d. Coordinating instructions: Timeline: The OPORDER will be in effect at 0630 and gear checks should be done by 0645 with latest time for movement from ARES-2 HQ being 0650. ROE: The ROE will be return fire only. Any civilian crowds are to be dispersed and any civilians that aren’t complying are to be warned. If they still won’t comply a warning shot is to be fired and if they still won’t comply, they can be disbursed by force. If they will continue to not comply, they can be seen as hostile and be neutralized. 4. Administration and logistics: a. Administration: Friendly units: Friendly wounded soldiers are to be stabilized in the field and sent back to ARES-2 HQ by CASEVAC if severely injured. Dead friendly soldiers are to be left in the field but shall be communicated to Homeland. Civilians: Wounded civilians are to be treated on spot if possible. Otherwise Homeland is to be contacted to arrange treatment. Dead civilians must be communicated to Homeland. Enemies: Dead enemies are to be left in the field as well as injured enemies unless it seems advantageous to take them as EPWs in which case they are to be stabilized in the field and transported back to ARES-2 HQ. Though this must be arranged with Homeland first. CASEVAC: All CASEVACs must be arranged with Homeland and will either be realized with vehicles returning to ARES-2 HQ or by Phobos-1. b. Logistics: Everyone will move with their designated combat gear. Supplies and designated vehicles as well as helicopters for transport are available at ARES-2 HQ. If resupplies are needed in the field, Homeland is to be contacted to arrange a transport by either Phobos-1 or an airdrop by ARES HQ. 5. Command and Signal a. Signal: Hand and arm signals can always be used as well as voice commands. Radio-communication will be according to the COMPLAN. Pyrotechnics and signals will be as follows: Green is friendly forces Red is enemy forces Purple is casualty Yellow is designated LZ b. Command: Homeland will be at ARES-2 HQ or if elsewhere the grid will be shared with the SLs. If Homeland is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable command falls to 2-1 Attachment 1: COMPLAN:
  25. Please don't limit armor only to AMV-7 Marshall. Allow all armor on I&A4 but make armor more expensive, (i don't know how many is currently armor squads on I&A4) reduce the nubmer of armor squad's and make rule that is crew required to operate a armor.
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