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  2. Wishlist 2018

    1. Battlefild 1942 Remaster 2. Hell Let Loose 3. Escape from tarkov
  3. Wishlist 2018

    Certainties: M&B2 Bannerlord Metro Exodus Wolfenstein 2 TW: Warhammer 2, Mortal Empires free DLC BattleTech Cyberpunk 2077 PoE 2: Deadfire MechWarrior 5: Mercs Tentative: Jurassic World Evolution RDR 2 Consortium: The Tower Monster Hunter World
  4. Wishlist 2018

    1. Last of Us Part II (I could honestly die happy once I've played this) 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (the obvious choice) 3. Mount and Blade Bannerlords (because who doesn't like the appeal of being a barbarian with huge amounts of chest hair) 4. Hell Let Loose (I much prefer the hardened realism of Post Scriptum but I do not believe this will be coming out before Hell Let Loose) 5. A Way Out (me and Johnson would do a great RP for this which would probably just turn to memes) (also EA could learn a lot from Naughty Dog so hopefully a game such as this doesn't suffer the usual downgrades)
  5. Isn't allowedVoteCmds[] a thing? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting If that thing works, you could actually disable #vote admin and other stuff. Yes the rules are clear, but having less rules seems to me as better alternative most of the time (same as arsenal mod instead of the rules was just better, quicker, less abused).
  6. Wishlist 2018

    1- State of Decay 2 2- Football Manager 2018 3- Jurassic World Evolution 4- Hell let Loose 5- A Way Out
  7. Wishlist 2018

    1 - ready or not Sent from my iPhone using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  8. Wishlist 2018

    What games are you really looking forward to in the near future? Maybe something for your christmas-wishlist? Or just a hot game released soon? Plz keep it to a top 5 to prevent a list of all games available on steam you greedy kids. 1- Dirt 4 2- Metro Exodus (awesome soundtrack) 3- State of Decay 2 4- Kingdom come deliverance 5- Mount and blade (2) bannerlord
  9. If I Just Lay Here...

    well played!
  10. If I Just Lay Here...

    My stomach is cramped!
  11. All work and no play for me I'm afraid. Would have loved to join the action!
  12. Yesterday
  13. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    Which is "fair" (its really not, but thats another argument). If you vote 1 or 2, and 1 wins, 2sayers will be annoyed and vice versa. For example(1) I prefer option 1, option 3 is not the best but acceptable and option 2 I really dislike. To put it simple: 1 is best, 3 is acceptable, 2 is bad On the opposite side, example(2) To put it simple: 2 is best, 3 is acceptable, 1 is bad. Currently its 13/11/9. But as was stated, there is decent reason to believe at least a few of Option1 guys would go to Option3 just to NOT have Option2 and same Option2 would rather vote Option3. I believe that quite a few people prefer compromise rather then opposite of what they voted. If you want fair vote if either need onevote poll with 5 options (1, 1or2, 2, 2or3, 3) which is not ideal as it is bit of a mess. Wont go to detail here as it gets bit abstract without examples. Much better would be multi option poll with Opt1/2/3. Where example(1) would vote for 1 and 3 and example(2) would vote for 2 and 3. TBH I am pretty sure you will get option 2 with highest vote (as current vote is pretty even on both ends and again, compromise is better then getting the "bad" end of vote for at least a few(probably majority)). Agree that sound god damn awesome. But again, server doesnt have enough players to support this. Or experience and responsibility. In last 30 days there were approximately: (gametracker stats) 17 days with 10+ players 5 days with 20+ players 1 day with 30+ players 8 days server was pretty much dead quite a few of the peaks are because of gamenights. If you remove those days, it gets even worse for normal evenings. Lets take non-gamenight busy evening. Alpha will have around 10 players, 1 to Vortex, 2 to FSG (probably geared as AT or even mortar) There is no CMD, there might be Vortex 2. Recon team? Not really. Many resources are just nonexistent. And for your example, its really specific and it just doesnt happen (at least not nearly enough). Heli crash? Uncommon. Survivors? Rare. More real chance (but similar in its core) is someone is left behind (again not common thing). Lets say with short range he is not able to reach anybody. So he just sits there hoping his CO, who already forgotten once about him, would notice and get him a rescue. And whats worse - that guy wont know, unless he msgs somebody on Steam, if they know he is missing and coming for him or they just go for next AO. So he can sit there for 20 minutes and then probably leave server or use group/side chat to get noticed. Same thing he would do with cTab. Only Steam/group char is even less immersive than cTab. So you will probably get 2 nights in 3 weeks with possibly really good immersion gameplay. Most of which will be gamenights where creator sets loadouts so this vote wont have any impact on those. Lets say you get 1 non-gamenight in 3 weeks with positive feeling of this change as you have the numbers and experienced players online. And about 10 nights with normal to terrible experience, How bad? Hard to say. Thats why middle option might be acceptable.
  14. If I Just Lay Here...

    Jochem's reaction is fucking class XD
  15. If I Just Lay Here...

    @Karate Pyjamas @KingFronXos @Numbnuts @Jochem
  16. EU9 Refueling

  17. What happened here?

    FSG playing dead
  18. EU9 Refueling

    had this saved before I left.
  19. I think this will most likely be done, but even if this is done, the outcome will still be the same as the limitations will be added.
  20. Im really sorry but i cant come to the op, so don't expect me (i signed up a few days ago and didn't knew i had to go this weekend)
  21. Not a small easy thing but i'll try to make it happen, no promises tho. Yes i was gonna do that, i may or may not have forgotten about it . Will definitely try to do this. The reason for this that it's different for each map where the pilot TP to, but i'll see if i can fix this.
  22. If pilots are at a FOB and want to get to the carrier, they have to use the crate, teleport to main base, run to the whiteboard at heli spawn and then they can finally get to the carrier, I have no clue why pilots can't just access it from FOBS or at least the infantry spawn at main base
  23. Cca 19:00GMT+2 17/10/20 Gorgona - playing as Russians(?), probably default settings Bug - Tasks now showing properly Upon joining, there was no Task tab in map menu nor any task icon on map. There was HVT Oscar as usual marked on the map with the cross thingy and square. After gathering intel, new mission was created (Rescue DIAMOND) and showed properly in task tab. For new JIP after that, there, again, were no tasks shown. Bug/Missing feature Couldnt gather intel I carried from my dead body. (Dissapeared?) Not sure if that is known issue. Weird behaviour Seems I got shot by guy who apperead ragdolled whilst I was searching him. Cannot confirm, might be just my internet was lagging extensively, but after returning, we havent encountered any active EI. Dont see anything you could do or how could you check this. Just noting to put full report.
  24. I would argue that's not fair. If anything make another poll with the two most voted options (1 and 2).
  25. The little things? Please make the guns on the Ghost hawk locked by default and/or please make me able to lock/unlock them both at once. Maybe also a little thing, please make it so that AOs spawn don't spawn so close that FOBs are in range for the enemy AA. It's not a huge problem, just an annoyance.
  26. Could be, but you can't tell just from the amount of votes on something.
  27. Bug: Version, can't remember, whatever was on the server at 16/10 I know war is confusing and all and you might get some mood swings from it but this? (happend when i initiated trade)
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