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  2. Happened when I tried to remove a weapon from an unconscious enemy.
  3. Frontlines update 21/04/2021 [Added] Icons added to all Frontlines ACE Actions [Added] Weight check on arsenal exit [Added] Common arsenal items config [Added] Extra check for positive resources before completing a build [Added] Sprud to VDV medium vehicles [Added] Sector garrison mechanics, further explained in tutorial menu [Tweaked] Type of vehicles at counterattacks are now linked to threat level [Tweaked] Humanitarian Relief mission scaling [Tweaked] Clean up after sector is left [Tweaked] Radio channel chart has correct frequenci
  4. Crashing still happening with Soflam, going to check out the RHS settings and see if anything I can change. Guess if it's not working come gamenight I'll most likely take Medic if it's not already taken.
  5. mmmm gettin a PBO error and yes i have got the latest version of the modset i saw rhs has has an update too but its the AW mod thats giving me an issue. Apparently Midnight is allready on it
  6. Yesterday
  7. I chose Plat co slot and copied my every move I did while Rifleman and Engineer and I did not crash so I'm thinking maybe a problem with Arsenal/Squad restrictions?
  8. I had the same problem, I managed to reproduce it three times in a row (also in ACE Arsenal through the menu) and after that it stopped happening.
  9. Problem still happening, it seems the whole binocular section is broken for me. Just replicated the same bug with a different Squad (Bravo), loaded gear, then changed to Vector 21 Nite, ranged object, ran for 10 seconds then crashed. Role was Rifleman, also happened to me in Engineer slot too.
  10. Verify the integrity of your game files & the mod(s) that those belong to
  11. Something is going on with rangefinders/Soflam every time I try to change it to something different I crash, when I just equipped soflam I crashed, "status_access_violation" is the crash every time
  12. Have tweaked around with various settings, should improve but will get a better view from gamenight tomorrow. Found the issue, this will be fixed in next AWMod update. Found the issue, happened when recycling a mobile respawn. Fix will be in next update for gamenight tomorrow.
  13. Operation Red Dragon Mission Length ~2 hours Modset OperationRedDragon.html Situation With Poseidon out of the picture the Soviets are on high alert. They are fortifying their borders and increasing their nuclear arsenal. While these fortifications were being set, an IDAP group were sent to a catastrophy site, where a town was sent under water. This group carried a powerful NATO-made generator that could supply them with power for several days. This same machine has been the reason the IDAP group has attacked last night. The US can't be known in any
  14. Hi All, Quick update on Friday stuff since we have had a 2 week break. Firstly Vietnam will return this Friday and continue for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Then, I have a 2 to 3 week story based set of missions, with some different mechanics than we are accustomed to but I think will make it interesting. Following this the CHADS will make their return in a new setting, to make some money while getting some payback for previous offenses against them. More info will be revealed on these in the next few weeks. Midnight
  15. Last week
  16. Can we have a look at the fob hunt spawning? The last couple of times i've had to try to spawn it probably 20 or 30 times before it found a suitable location It might be because our frontline is a bit weird right now, but its been a bit annoying to deal with. (That being said, after enough tries, it has always worked so far)
  17. RiverWolf


    Welcome to the community
  18. it was indeed when objectives/AI spawned in. Which is, considering the amount of these much different friendly units/squads was not a small count... was not that bad as in "my machine couldn't handle it" but was quite remarkable. it was not that horrible but it left a dent in my overall experience...
  19. I think the clean up script still needs some more tweaking. after finishing/fighting through objectives there's so much bodys (friendlies and hostile) and burned out vics around. at this point it's not the AI spawning in what gives me frame drops, it's the remains still laying around after a run for an objective that kills my frames. Another observation is that in general we need somewhat strong SL or TL leadership to go anywhere, which is a good thing imo. I hope SL's or TL's don't forget about the retreat and regroup we have to do sometimes, better lose some square inches of area then lose
  20. Art3misZA


    Welcome! You did a great job with some CAP today if I recall right. Feel free to join us in TeamSpeak from time to time as it’s a great way to get to know the community.
  21. Frontlines update 19/04/2021 [Tweaked] Changed scaling on objectives [Tweaked] Changed side mission timer to be 45 minutes [Tweaked] Updated cleanup scripts Fixed recycling mobile respawns [Fixed] DUI settings now sort properly [Fixed] Possible fix for 'overflow' issue [Fixed] Fix for unloading helicopter crates [Tweaked] Ambient AI will now sleep when the server is empty [Added] Added general resupply crates for BAF
  22. As not every op/person uses DUI I would prefer to avoid including this in the AW Mod HUD, however you can be quite clever and change the keybind that DUI provides to disable their UI. If you set this to the same as your disable HUD key (Ctrl+Shift+F by default), it'll do both at the same time.
  23. So this weird behaviour is because it doesn't allow you to have a number less then 500 (as thats what default arma uses) and I update the view distance on the onKeyUp event (once you've released the key) so you can preview the distance. I think a possible solution could be to not run the code if less then 2 characters are entered, which will mean it won't set it to the minimum of 500 as you type.
  24. Welcome to Ahoy World, Try not to crash too much!
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    "Mini get that gimpy up on the wall now!!"
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