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  2. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    I spent a good time reading in my study book for an upcoming exam during watch Multitasking pro here
  3. Does that means we can go CSAT to trouble the common Coop game?
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  5. Fair, though at the time of writing, and before your new edits, it was the only plate available at the MSO Armory location
  6. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    On MSO, even if you never actually see an enemy, you can't be certain that one won't be around the next corner. This means you should always be alert, which is very different from the AWE experience. Sometimes things will go off and you'll get in a massive firefight, and sometimes you will actually want to retreat, something that never happens on AWE. The bottom line is that it's a different style of operation, and it's not for everyone. You're not the first to find it boring, and many players from AWE have tried and decided it wasn't for them. If the potential for a complete lack of things to shoot at doesn't sit right with you, then it'd be your own choice whether to join again. Nobody would blame you if you felt it wasn't your cup of tea, but maybe it could grow on you as well. It's not instant-action, and it was never meant to be.
  7. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Complaining that you're bored won't change it, you'll just be barred from attending. If it's not for you, it's not for you. But you were doing something, you were waiting like ordered to. How many times must one repeat this for it to be come clear, waiting IS doing something. Saying hurr durr ima join the real army instead and that ArmA is not real word is irrelevant. We already understand this and we never said we we're being real world, we just do things different from AWE, god-fucking-forbid that we do something different Harry. Yeah, so why didn't you. If you're bored while waiting, find something to occupy yourself with like training. Nobody is stopping you from doing that and in fairness we'd promote it.
  8. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Building the FOB took about 10 minutes. The rest of the MSO we were also guarding the FOB and you guys were patroling. So I don´t exactly see how any of us wasn´t occupied with tasks since guarding the FOB is a task. But if you want more action/stress then you´ll most likely get some more in the upcoming sessions since @kennychr will most likely make sure that people do keep 360s and are alerted the whole time. (Note that I don´t mean that insulting in any way!!) It looks like you are mixing up what you should be expecting from AWE with what you should be expecting from the MSOs. To clarify: AWE: Basically just for quick fun in a organized way and with equipment that is also used IRL (to a certain degree of couse since the Arsenal is very open). You kill a lot of bad guys and if you die it doesn´t really matters because you are reinserted quickly. So the fun evolves from quick action and that´s why AWE is basically right now aiming for casual players that think I&A is too casual. MSO: It might happen that you don´t shoot your rifle for the whole time but that isn´t a problem since it isn´t about getting kills at all. It is about having no idea what can happen and therefore beeing alerted the whole time and trying your best to not die at all while completing your tasks as good as possible. The fun basically comes from beeing stressed/alerted the whole time. This is why the MSOs aim for players who are interested in a more milsim-ish experience (note that the MSO is still not Milsim!). So long story short: Since everything is random at the MSO there is no guarantee that you´ll get to shoot anyone during the whole MSO. Sometimes there are these more silent sessions like yesterday but sometimes you´ll also have sessions where you are having contacs for like 4 hours straight! So if ALWAYS getting frags and having quick action is mandatory for you the MSO maybe just isn´t the right server for you to play on. If you really feel bored you can always ask your SL if he can give you some tasks or suggest one! I personally really hope that you´ll come back to the MSO but just make sure that you know what the MSO really is about/what you can expect from it. But like I said previously: I´d guess that in upcoming sessesions the stress will be more again. Best regards Noah
  9. Escape The Island

    There are "off the peg" escape missions available already. I have played a few and I do really enjoy them but they are very difficult. Surviving for more than 30 minutes is quite an achievement. I have never managed to escape so far. I do think that if there is an escape mission it should be vanilla this will help keep it accessible also it could be a potential pain in the butt to get all modded up just to wipe in 20 minutes. Due to the nature of escape missions (ie they are often fairly short) it might be necessary to run more than one server and have some sort of queuing system. You want to try escape, wait in line until the one or other groups wipe. Re how to get out of jail, usually there is a bag with a pistol and some ammo in the prison so you can shoot the guards and loot them then leg it! Another thing I have noticed is that people tend to get hooked up with looting and gearing up instead of trying to escape, a fatal mistake in many cases... Its a very enjoyable gaming mode and with no saves available if a team manages to survive for an hour or more things can get pretty tense......
  10. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    If I dont who will... I know for a fact that I was not the only person who found the op boring last night and I'm sure I wont be the last person who will find them boring so if people actually say they are bored then maybe it could change. Exactly, it wouldn't be boring for you as you were actually doing something. Building an FOB would actually be decent even if there were no contacts because you'd be occupied in a task. Last time I checked Arma is not real world and is just a game... if I wanted to do stuff IRL I'd join the forces, not play on my computer. Even that sounds much better than what we were doing last night when we weren't patrolling. At least then we'd be busy so we wouldn't be bored and we could improve our skills.
  11. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    1. After rearming vehicles like a Strider have 0 Ammo for the laser on the commander seat. 2. Smokegrenades will not be resuppleied 3. Side mission: Free IDAP - after killing all enemy units and freeing all the hostages mission won't be completed
  12. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    "The mission revolves around MULTIPLE SESSION OPERATIONS (MSO) and we cannot take Afghanistan in 1 day" That's true for just about every single operation in Arma... so very true.
  13. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Since the persistence had to be reset due to tacops and the following corruption of the save(not persisting units\vehicles etc.), the whole map reverted back to its starting state. This meant that the orignal warning order is viable and it states that : "AWSOC reports intel that insugents have captured most of the Southern sector of the region and have also gained control of the Southern airfield. AWSOC reports that their current actions shows that they are moving further North in an attempt to recruit civilians,setup IED factories and establish ammo caches." This means that the area we currently are operating in may or may not have enemies present depending on what ALiVE decided was the first towns the opposing force was going to move to. I choose not to control the flow of AI as this means I know what is going in the mission at any given time and that can lead me to give tips that is not suited for what I am trying to accomplish with these missions, and that is to give the impression that when you step off outside of the green zone, anything can happen. ALiVE will accomplish "taking" every town if the server is left on its own when we are not on but that would give us the easy task of just picking a town and rolling up on it and shoot a bit and then pat ourselfes on our backs when the dust settles. Now you have to observe a town to get a bit more info before deciding to go into it as you wont know if its worth clearing without knowledge about if there are any installations etc in it. If you feel like nothing happened I dont know what to say, if I was the squadlead I would find something to do, train on tactics like contact-drills etc. The reigns that are given in MSO is objective based i.e if you are guarding a point not everyone needs to be at the ready depending on the current alert level. EX: No attacks expected\no enemies observed, you can have 2 on post and the rest training within a reasonable distance from the point where you stationed etc. And to your last point about paying for the game, what kinda point is that ? Are you paying for my free time setting up this event and did you pay for setting up\windows liscense\arma 3 liscense for the server that MSO runs on ? I know I may sound harsh in that way, but I feel that point is really cheap. Also, "feedback" taken into account.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Not for me and I was in LOGI "only" building a FOB without having any contacts. But that is what the MSO is about! You always have to be on the watch because anything can happen at any time since it is not zeused but only "made" by Alive! And better be happy that Kenny couldn´t Zeus because his Zeus broke because I saw very bad spacing while not keeping constant 360s up multiple times...in previous MSOs people simply got sniped for that You can´t have a "backup" because it is Alive...but I´m sure @kennychr can explain that better than I can. Well IRL you also don´t have contacts all the time... But I totally get your point and it can be frustrating if you aren´t shooting anything but that is just how Alive works. Sometimes nothing is happening sometimes the world is going down. But exactly because of this you always have to be on the lookout, keep up 360s, etc and if you do all of this you´ll have 4 stressfull hours even without contacts and that is where the fun comes from! Best regards Noah
  16. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    God forbid you join a gamenight that specifically is designed to involve waiting and patience. The mission revolves around MULTIPLE SESSION OPERATIONS (MSO) and we cannot take Afghanistan in 1 day. There will be sessions that involve a lot of movement and little to no combat, logistics is a complicated business and is not Hollywood. Please refrain from complaining that you're bored in these missions, it does not make anything go faster. Better yet, don't turn up if you don't have the patience. Think of it like this; when you turn up to an MSO, don't expect to be shooting your weapon in combat. That way when it comes around, it's extra special. Additionally, when told to wait, do so. Waiting is an order, it's not "nothing."
  17. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Tonights MSO was EXTREMELY boring for myself and others taking part, I enjoyed the previous MSO's but tonight just seemed to be very boring. Lots of walking around "patrolling", too much standing around doing nothing and nowhere near enough action. I was on the server for 4 hours and did not come into contact once. I understand that the mission was reset but that's not my fault and there really should be a backup of the save each time the MSO ends. I like the concept of the MSO's and I get that they're meant to be realistic but we are playing a game at the end of the day and have not paid how ever much money to stand around and do nothing. All I want to get out of this is just a more enjoyable MSO experience for myself and everyone else participating.
  18. @hobnob11 @Shadow Knight
  19. Problems from the past

    We need more players for AWE and the upcoming AWE+...So if you want to help you can simply do so by playing there again
  20. Problems from the past

    "Edited 11 minutes ago by David Removed Zissous name who has NOTHING to do with this!!!" Nor do I but you didn't remove my name... But thank you Piranha, was good chatting with you today All the best for the future dude. If you need anything let me know
  21. Problems from the past

    Hello everybody, Hereby some information regarding people from the past. Today i had a very relaxed and nice talk with some guys who played here in the past. We have had a talk about diffrent subjects regarding past and the present and Baconmop, Josh and Oderus were so kind to give back the ahoy steam account with the following promise from me to him: Apologies for the bad handling. PiranhA
  22. new version of 031 uploaded to hopefully deal with spawning explosions
  23. Well said, however, it is worth clarifying that the "Plate IV" is the ESAPI MIL-IV plate. In addition, Christiansen has confirmed that the SPEAR MIL-III plate is also fair game for Ahoyworld MSO users. You will definitely want the SPEAR MIL-III if you're not taking a direct-combat role. With the latest update, players will be able to choose between 8x10 (Small), 10x12 (Normal), and 11x14 (MC) sized plates for both the ESAPI and the SPEAR. The 8x10 plates are much lighter but have less coverage while the 11x14 plates are the other way around.
  24. Notes on AAPM 2.2

    There has been a new update of great consequence. Benefits are across the board. I have eliminated the old Item-type plates and the Magtype plates are now visible. This means you will grab your plates, if you are using Virtual Arsenal, from the Magazines section instead of the '+' section. Furthermore, this will save you a frame or two. In addition, I have merged Helmet Boosters and Headshot Guards on the grounds that Arma, when accounting for network lag, cannot really discern between head and face. Helmet Boosters now "protect your face" to a degree. Furthermore, I have introduced more trauma-padding options.
  25. Mason here!

    Gweetings Mason, You only play arma? A fellow dutchman (as you know) here together with many other dutchy's. PiranhA
  26. Mason here!

    Hello my name is Mason. Age: 24 From: Netherlands Years of arma: 8 years now. Military experience: Yes. Playing in Ahoyworld for: 3 years. Good Teamplayer. Greetings, Mason
  27. pretty sure this is the latest version of stiletto malden, bluefor tracker isnt working, (asl has someone in asl slot, there is an alpha 1 teamlead as well, im in vortex)
  28. Moon

    @KingFronXos Judging the fact I have a G36 I can safely say that this image is old hahaha
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