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  1. OPERATIONS ORDER 21032020 Attachment 1 COMPLAN
  2. OPERATIONS ORDER 14032020 Attachment 1
  3. WARNING ORDER 14032020 Situation: Enemy Situation is unchanged, there is still a insurgent faction trying to destabilize the country. The enemy consists of well trained militia with small arms,launchers and light vehicles\technicals. His most likely plan of attack is ambushing us instead of conducting direct attacks. His most dangerous plan of attack is direct actions against us or civilians, either by use of arms or IED\VBIEDs. Friendly Forces ARES Headquarters are located at GRID 147165 commanding ARES-1 and ARES-2's COIN operations ARES-1 is located at GRID 174131 and is currently conducting COIN OPs and securing the NE from the opfor forces. Attachments\Detachments None Mission Be prepared to move out and conduct patrols and information gathering on the militia. Also long range recon of suspected enemy installations. Execution TBD Service\Support TBD Command and Signal Comunication acording to COMPLAN Homeland will lead from ARES-2 HQ,or move to a suitable posistion that wil be disclosed later.
  4. USMC Force recon marines are conducting COIN supported by ANA forces in the region of Lythium situated near the Pakistani and Iraqi border. Local insurection from the Taliban are high and have requested support and mentoring from the US forces. Our detachment is small and is best suited for small kinetic operations but can be expanded upon by requesting support from nearby local and Nato forces. Our toolset also includes the ability to search and dismantle IEDs,VBIEDs and other small EOD tasks. Our focus should be with interacting with the locals to ensure good standings with US and Afghani forces. ROE is to not fire unless fired upon as the areas that are outside city centers and the greenzone may have civilans that carry guns for self defence or is used for hunting. OPORD:
  5. Our steam collection can be found here, and all the mods are required when connecting: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1492965896 . After you have subscribed to that and downloaded it, tick all the mods in the collection via the ARMA3 launcher and launch arma, if its the first time playing with ACRE on startup ACRE will install the needed teamspeak plugin for you! Note on Launcher, mods are subject to change, always check whats in the actual collection when ticking. After that close down ARMA3 again, then start up TS3. Under Tools->Options->Addons, check that ACRE2 is the only radio plugin enabled. After that you are good to go but please if its your first time playing MSO, contact me, @Johnson or @Minipily, on Teamspeak,Discord or the forums so we can get a headsup so that you can get eased into what the MSO is.
  6. Luckily no civilian was harmed even tho the RTO tried to call it off.
  7. In this thread you can post your after action reports.
  8. Collection updated again, please enable all mods for next time you are on, ACEX has been updated on the server. So now please connect to the server with full collection on.
  9. Updated topic with steam collection link and scheduled start time.
  10. General Info This mission is a multi session operation or MSO for short. If you played MSO in A2 you will know what the general idea is, if not: MSO is a mission that is designed to take multiple sessions to complete. How multiple session is handled is that after each event I hold, the server\mission state gets saved to a database. Loadouts etc. per class are set in stone and kept realistic within what the game can do and what is not a impractical in terms of gameplay. Mission The new mission is set in Afghanistan and we are playing as recon marines, it is a COIN operation(Counter Insurgency Operation) which the ALiVE mod is going to handle most of the AI and actions where as I will throw in some RP\Small missions when I feel like it would benefit the game. I am still toying with the idea of if its going to be like past events where the server is left up untill the campaign is finished, or if its going to be a weekend based event untill the campaign is completed. A more thorough briefing etc. is gonna be penned up when i finish of the mission in the next week so when we are ready to kick things off you will have a better understanding of what the campaign is about. Modset Updated steam workshop collection : HERE We are going live 27.07.2019 @ 1700 UTC
  11. Just a short thrown togheter compiliation of what I had recorded from the MSO
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    Due to IRL reasons I have not had time to be on my computer much but...
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