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  1. [MSO] News

    Due to IRL reasons I have not had time to be on my computer much but...
  2. [MSO]Testing @ 1800UTC

    Holding a public playtest at 1800UTC, mods are AWE+ALiVE, get ALiVE here or get it from steam. Standard gamenight rules apply.
  3. new operations?

    Slowly working on something, its gonna be more autonomous in terms of playstyle than the others, but due to irl factors the dev is slowish.
  4. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Im at a loss for words, last I talked to him was about how we looked forwards to MechWarrior 5.. My condolences to his family and friends. Keep on blazing wherever you are now Jeff!
  5. [EU#6] Switching gears

    So new mission is 90% finished, switching gears from counter insurgency to full on combined arms on Lythium. Same standard modset, just bring some fighting spirit as we are facing a full on army now. Not more to say, operation details will be in the sub-forum for the MSO withing the hour(0000-0200). Operation Details Time and day are the same as allways: Saturdays @ 1800UTC. Modset is HERE See you on the battlefield.
  6. Connecting a Controller

    Looking at some guides to use your controller for FPV sims, it seems that if you connect you rc control to you computer via the usb port it should pop up as a joystick. Atleast in windows 10. There a guide here, LINK , to set it up for FPV drone sims but it should be doable to connect it to the pc and then in arma configure the axes just as you would on a joystick. Do note I have no experience with this so it woudl be trial and error on your end.
  7. Information The AN/PRC-343 PRR is short range lightweight intra-squad personal role radio originally known as Marconi H4855 in British service. It is designed to be carried by every squad member and features 16 channel in 16 blocks (256 channels in total) with a range up to 500 meters. Operation Interface The interface in ACRE 2 can be reached via 3 different ways: Double click the AN/PRC-343 in your inventory Press the “Open Radio” key as it is defined in the ACRE 2 keyboard controls (Default : Ctrl+Alt+CapsLock) For the second option you need the AN/PRC-343 as your active radio. If another radio opens instead, use the ”Cycle Radio” key until the 343 is your active radio. ACE3 Self-interact and Open Radio under the sub-section Radios. Volume Control Left clicking the volume knob increases the radio’s volume by 20 % to a maximum of 100 % while right clicking decreases it to a minimum of 0 %. Channel Control Left clicking the channel knob increases the channel by 1 while right clicking decreases it. The current channel will also be shown in the lower left when you start transmitting. The channel knob has 16 different channels.
  8. ACRE2 Installation

    1. Disable the TFAR plugin(if you have it) in TS3. 2. Start ARMA3 with the MSO modset. 3. On loading\initializing the mods during startup, acre2 will tell you that its installing the plugin for you. Press Ok. You are done.
  9. Information

    Fixed(hopefully) stamina for the next session(20/1). Also considering a small overhaul for the medical settings.
  10. Media Dump

  11. Media Dump

  12. Trying out Patrol Operation 4, with some minor edits to make it compatible with the modpack. Standard rules apply, there will also be held a small indtroductory talk ingame on how the mission works and some additional info about some mechanics brought by the modset. MSO Modset : HERE no signups required!
  13. Media Dump

  14. Media Dump

  15. Media Dump

    As topic, put you gameplay footage in here if you want to!