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  1. Just a short thrown togheter compiliation of what I had recorded from the MSO
  2. kennychr

    [MSO] News

    Due to IRL reasons I have not had time to be on my computer much but...
  3. Holding a public playtest at 1800UTC, mods are AWE+ALiVE, get ALiVE here or get it from steam. Standard gamenight rules apply.
  4. Im at a loss for words, last I talked to him was about how we looked forwards to MechWarrior 5.. My condolences to his family and friends. Keep on blazing wherever you are now Jeff!
  5. So new mission is 90% finished, switching gears from counter insurgency to full on combined arms on Lythium. Same standard modset, just bring some fighting spirit as we are facing a full on army now. Not more to say, operation details will be in the sub-forum for the MSO withing the hour(0000-0200). Operation Details Time and day are the same as allways: Saturdays @ 1800UTC. Modset is HERE See you on the battlefield.
  6. Looking at some guides to use your controller for FPV sims, it seems that if you connect you rc control to you computer via the usb port it should pop up as a joystick. Atleast in windows 10. There a guide here, LINK , to set it up for FPV drone sims but it should be doable to connect it to the pc and then in arma configure the axes just as you would on a joystick. Do note I have no experience with this so it woudl be trial and error on your end.
  7. Trying out Patrol Operation 4, with some minor edits to make it compatible with the modpack. Standard rules apply, there will also be held a small indtroductory talk ingame on how the mission works and some additional info about some mechanics brought by the modset. MSO Modset : HERE no signups required!
  8. Nope,thats the ilbe packs interchangable radio antennas. The backpack radioes issued to squadleads and command.
  9. Shock still passes via ace3 medical and gives you trauma, mitigated somewhat by trauma plates. You also arent protected against getting shot in the neck,arms and legs.
  10. AAR 28/7-17 Due to the troop chief being captured AW forces had to make a plan on the whim to find and retrieve the troop chief. When the compound was found a significant number of enemy combatants of a 3rd party in this conflict was found. Seemingly heavily funded sporting the latest gear they put up a significant fight against our forces, but we prevailed at last and secure the Troop Chief who had been subjected to advanced interrogation techniques. AAR 28/7-17 Due to what seemed like a more sub par session than the latter due too a couple of factors that we discussed in the debrief held after the session, I am proposing that I can hold a lesson in squad-leading for everyone who wants to come. Seeing as the main factor for the failed push was when the squadlead got shot and taken out that there was no next sucsessor for 2 of the teams and that in turn halted the momentum drastically. If you as a player is interested in said lesson just send me a pm and ill start organizing it.
  11. AAR 28/7-17 Forces where tasked with patrolling two towns then pushing up the green-zone clearing out any insurgents that they may have come across. Due to heavy presence in the towns, forces where halted from pushing towards the green-zone. In-Transit Troop Chief Christiansen was taken hostage by a 3rd unknown party. Negotiations are seemingly falling for deaf ears. -High Command,Kinduf Airbase.
  12. All rhs scopes have a 3d option, press esc ingame -> rhs options and change optivs style to 3d. Then you will get all the rhs acogs etc. in 3d (the ones that support it)
  13. So trying out a new style of debrief for this session. The OPorder for the session will be displayed first then the AAR afterwards. Oporder: AAR: I know some pinged me on ts for a reconnect\JIP but I didnt see the pings before we where finshed witht the session and take note that I fucked up and somehow turned off respawn when compiling the mission before it went live as I had been experimenting with some respawn options. This will be fixed for the next session so that you can actually respawn and not be stuck in spectator. This error was my fault and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I will also be adding two more teams so that in case there are more players than it where this session we can cater to them too.
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