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  1. Short answer: Yes all the gear CBRN hazmat suits will be in, apart from the “scientist” one which is bright white, and the Drones will be available for the UAV OP. Shotguns will be available to all classes also.
  2. Xwatt

    Tank Battle Aftermath

    Midnight I swear I couldn’t see anything, and when I did they were already dead
  3. The squad system that we use for the upcoming Zeus Operations on EU2, will be very much different then the standard EU1, as we are looking to head in a more organised layout. The Slot layout will be as follows; Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Armour Squad Golf Armour Squad Hotel UAV Operator Vortex Hotel Vortex India Vortex Juliet Squads: Squads will be LOCKED. If you join as Alpha, you will stay as Alpha unless you join a different squad in the lobby. Please try fill up empty squads when you are joining, and avoid being the only person in one squad. Lonewolfing is disallowed, unless you are walking back to your squad after being re-inserted because you died. You stay with your squad, and follow the commands of your squad leader at all time. If you are the only person in a squad, you will be tied with an existing Squad. Squad Leaders: Squad Leaders will actually be Squad leaders. You will manage your team and have acess to the command channel, where you will communicate with other squad leaders and Zeus Operators, aswell as Armour Commanders and the UAV Operators, and a member member of Vortex. It is highly reccomended that Squad Leaders have mics, but we will not force this, it will just make communication much easier. Armour Squads/UAV OP: These are support units. Both UAV OP and Armour Squads can only fire on request, as requested by squad leaders. Shots will be called out in command channel. Briefings and Insertion: The briefing and inital insertion will work as follows; Zeus Commander will give a briefing to Squad Leaders Squad leaders will then brief their own Squad Players will then insert to the mission together as a squad (whether this is via ground or air) If a player dies, they will be re-inserted and will make their way back to the squad. Once the mission is complete, Vortex will then evac back to FOB as a squad. If there is multiple missions, Squad leaders will be briefed again back at FOB and this cycle will repeat. As you can see, this is a much more formal and organised system then what we have now on EU1, as these Zeus Operations will cater towards a more organised style. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.
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    Thank you! Hope to see you around
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    Slight Issue

  6. Time changed to UTC to make lives easier.
  7. Every Sunday Hopefully! These are live missions created before we open it up to the masses! BST is one hour ahead of GMT Changed the time to UTC to make lives easier
  8. Event Date: 14/07/2019 Mission Name: [EU2] Zeus Operations 17:00 UTC Server Details: IP: Port: 2602 Brief Summary: Every Sunday, we will be hosting custom Zeus missions on EU2, where Spartans and Moderators create Zeus missions like they do on EU1, except on a much bigger scale. These missions will be more likely to be teamworked base - and a bit more organised than standard play on EU1. While there is no entry requirement, we ask you to be able to work effectively as a part of a team, and that you are responding to Admins, Spartans and other players when needed. Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length) Player Slots: 60
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    Blastcore, I swear by it haha
  10. See you in game
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