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  1. Arty

  2. Blastcore

    I'm completely +1 with you sir.
  3. Frustration

    most of the time, and I mean like 95% of the time, just being on teamspeak will allow you to easily get an admin to fix the issue. I'll put money on it
  4. I've just used the same dynasound and enhanced soundscape version on enhanced on EU1, works perfectly fine.
  5. FOB supplies

    if you want to sling a huron container or ammo container, make sure it's only you in the chopper. As Stan put it beautifully, the desync from someone in your heli to the server will 99% make the sling ropes break.
  6. 20180302201412_1.jpg

    Pink Fridays is now an official thing on EU1. if you ask for a your vehicle to be turned pink on Friday, your wish shall be granted!
  7. Ahoy there *_^

    Welcome, Don't be afraid to ask if you need anything
  8. All the Pink! featuring @TheScar and @Lindi
  9. Lindi's "Fabulous Airlines"

  10. A few issues

    Thank you @McKillen I will definitely take everything you said into account here as it is valuable feedback that i'll use myself for the future of the I&A dev team, if you need anything at all contact me as you know where to find me Topic Locked.
  11. A few issues

    Ex Dev member complaining about issues in the I&A dev team such as; Communuication Effort put in Optimising the mission Personal issues with Stan then it just spurred into a massive argument. Thank me for the conclusion later Honestly I agree with Jonhnson here, this argument can go on all day and it will not end with anything useful rather than butthurt people. It's better just leaving it and for @McKillen just to be more co-operative and reasonable when communicating and for @Stanhope to get past the personal issues and take it from a proffesional standpoint. I'd like this topic to end here as it isnt going to bring about anything useful.
  12. A few issues

    Ok, I initially thought i'm not gonna get involved, but on seconds thoughts I feel a need to elaborate on such issues, whether whoever i'm addressing likes it or not. It may have nothing to do with me but I hope whatever I say can shed some light on the situation Honestly I can agree with this. I myself notice this broken dev team we've all tried to fix this and yet it leads nowhere. The clear problem is our lack of actual devs therefore it leads to a group with a bunch of admins and like 2 devs. The input on my perspective seems to be getting better. I had an issue that I disliked in I&3, so I brought this up being constructive and issuing ideas on how to fix this problem and how it can change, and from my one suggestion it led to a massive discussion with the idea I put forward being implemented. So yes the communication has been shambles, but I can assure you that we are becoming more open about our issues and how we can fix them. Again, Stan isn't paid to do anything therefore if he really wanted to he could put 100% effort in or put 0% effort in. At the end of the day everything he contributes is purely voluntary and if he sees it to be too much work so be it this isn't his job its something he does in his spare time and he can therefore choose how much effort he is willing to contribute and there is no threshold against him. May I remind you that what is released to the public or not has nothing to do with Stan. what he does is communicate what needs doing and he codes that in. It's up to the likes of Core Staff to decide what information goes out to the public, hence why Stan is hesitant, if he talks out he may say something that is not meant to be announced therefore that is left to core staff to decide what is and isn't released to the public. Derp is going to be removed in future versions and this is due to feedback Stan received. Maybe you were rushing him a bit too much to get it done eh? Correction. Most the problems arise due to poor communication that show between you and Stan. Maybe being nice and civil would have got you further talking to Stan rather than always being so rude to him like I have seen you do before. The problems start when people start complaining at Stan yet they don't realise how much Stan has done for the development of I&A. In reality he should be thanked and not have this sh*t thrown at him when all he does in completely yeah you'd complain but again you just seem to be rude about it. Maybe ask nicely, if you don't want to talk to Stan talk to me. But really your removal from the dev team doesn't make you realise it was due to your poor attitude? Maybe you need to rethink how you come across to others Mckillen. it would do you more good than harm.
  13. Units spawned by the main AO

    voted do not care as I dont mind either
  14. Hello there

    You’re not new! anyways see you soon
  15. Hello there

    Nice to see you! Enjoy the stay