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  1. OperationFlintlock.html HTML for the modset above. Be advised the modset has changed from sieges previous gamenights!
  2. Thank you all for voting. The poll came extremely close, and was won by one vote, meaning Lythium - Russia vs Insurgents will be the next faction and map we move to for Liberation. Poll Closed. P.S it says it is tied 7 and 7 but the forum polling is a bit messed up, if you click "see who voted" you can infact see that the option above won by one vote
  3. Due to the poll being so close, the poll will now end on Tuesday 16th June. This is due to the poll being so close, it gives time for development to begin for factions, and if it becomes tied (again) a short, subsequent poll can be ran.
  4. Right, so custom vs faction will entail countries/insurgencies that have preferably, a mix of both western and eastern weaponry to appeal to both sides. Now, as Lythium is based is in northern Afghanistan, I would want something that would be relevant to an extent. so possible player factions could look something like; Iraqi Armed Forces, Kuwait Armed Forces, Turkish Armed Forces, Peshmerga... the list continues. The factions that will be decided will most likely done through staff input, as deciding publicly and getting something that everyone can agree on is a difficult task, but rest assured we will do our best to try appeal to both parties. As for whether we are going to do this using just RHS configs compiled into our own mod, or whether we will add a mod like Project OPFOR that does this for us, is not yet fully decided. As for the framerate, yes it is a big concern of mine, but I think we should be relatively ok, for the following reasons. Lythium, is a more open map, and has less big, populated cities compared to Altis. I have noticed now that currently in Altis, it is the cities that kill the framerates, whereas the objectives out in the open remain relatively stable for frame rates. We will obviously do our best to try mitigate frame issues, but I feel a map that is generally more open will be an advantage. Plus, if Logi keeps to a minimum on the bases and the amount of assets we have in base, we should be relatively ok, for the most part.
  5. I think, Tuesday or Wednesday is a nice free gap that we could possibly do.
  6. A Liberation Hotfix will be live from tomorrow with the following changes: [Tweaked] Wind Settings [Tweaked] Missing Arsenal Items Please post any feedback to the dedicated feedback thread: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15253-liberation-feedback-thread/
  7. Ahoy, The following is a framework that are we releasing to aid future gamenight creators for Ahoyworld. These incorporate tools and features that are a standard across our missions, that you can incorporate into your own gamenight to align it with our standards. Credits to @Stanhope The Features Of The Framework Include: - TFAR Comptability (included but not required - sets default radio channels) - Includes Admin Tools and Gamenight tools functionality - Reapplies loadouts units had in the editor upon every spawn - Contains 2 headless client slots - Contains logging for friendly fire incidents, grenade throws and launchers being fired - Readme compatibility, allowing staff/spartans to have zeus access How To Use: Replace the ".VR" at the end to the map of your choice. The framework can be used on any map. (e.g change ".VR" to ".altis" and it will be compatible to use on Altis. GamenightTemlate.VR.zip
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. The staff team will discuss this request when we are looking to alter the modset for the next playthrough of liberation. I will get back to you once this has been discussed.
  9. **PLEASE READ BEFORE VOTING** Ahoy, As I want to give @Stanhope ample time to be able to work on the decision made via the poll, I'm going to start the poll now for the next playthrough. On the discussion for adding mods, i've been wanting to keep the modset nearly the same, as we have a good middle ground between size and content, but i've realised this won't really be the case, depending on what option is chosen. Moreover, in order to keep player retention long term, it isclear that new content will need to be added in order to keep the experience as fresh as possible for our playerbase. If we move to Lythium, that will be the Lythium and JBAD mod added, and depending on factions we use, we may have to add 3CB (BAF) and 3CB (Factions) to the mix too. In terms of the faction chosen, this is entirely player preference but there are advantages and disadvantages to what is chosen. An example, sticking with the US means that you already have all your kits saved, and there is a level of consistency that you have come to expect when using the gear in that faction. Playing as Russians is great as it is a fresh change to the typical, but an advantage would be that you shouldn't expect that fancy ACOG you have become so accustomed to, as playing as Russia will mean the gear is strictly Russian. The advantages and disadvantages are there for every faction, but it is just something important to note. Longer term, there will most likely be a rotation between Altis and Lythium, and a rotation of factions. To keep it easier and avoiding having to constantly change the modset, we could just keep RHS and add 3CB + BAF, a bigger modset yes, but it means long term we have plenty of options for faction rotations. Alternatively, we create a custom faction mod, using RHS configs, and use that to make custom factions we can rotate with. Advantages of this is that the only thing added to the modset will be that small mod (a few kb literally) and Lythium + JBAD. I need ideas from the members of the community about what they would like to see as a custom faction, as right now do not have much to go off. This allows us to get a little creative in what factions we would like to see in Liberation, as we are not tied down in any form to the preset factions RHS has to offer. Please comment below your ideas for any custom factions, it would be highly appreciated. On that note, I hope you are enjoying Liberation so far, and I look forward to the next playthrough has to offer.
  10. A new version of Liberation will be live after tonight's gamenight, the changes are as follows: [Tweaked] Wind Levels [Tweaked] Recycling storage areas only returning half the resources [Tweaked] Goalkeeper is now the green camouflage variant [Tweaked] FOB limit reduced to 3 Please post any feedback to the dedicated feedback thread: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15253-liberation-feedback-thread/
  11. Issue is, we tried to test CTAB for liberation, sadly, it's extremely broken and does not function properly anymore. I believe it was "reuploaded" to the workshop, but is not maintained, therefore just leaving it as an awfully broken mod in it's current state.
  12. A new version of Liberation will be live after tonight's gamenight, the changes are as follows: [Added] Backpack on chest script [Added] C130 (non cargo variant) [Added] Spawnable empty crates [Added] Different types of storage methods [Tweaked] Pylon weapon blacklist [Tweaked] Scrollwheel actions [Tweaked] Squad hints (now shows players weight) [Tweaked] Scaling of enemies [Tweaked] Vehicle camouflages [Tweaked] Base AA is now a praetorian [Tweaked] Base radar not being turned on [Tweaked] Production time [Tweaked] Buildable items now have costs (H-Barriers etc.) [Tweaked] Cargo helicopters and C130 can now carry crates [Tweaked] Arsenal restrictions [Removed] Convoy tracking marker Please post any feedback to the dedicated feedback thread: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15253-liberation-feedback-thread/
  13. A new version of liberation will be live tomorrow with the following changes: [Added] C130J [Added] CH-47F (Cargo) [Added] CH-53E (Cargo) [Added] Raven UAV To Build Menu [Tweaked] Arsenal Restrictions [Tweaked] Medics Are Now Classified As Doctors (They Can Now Stitch In The Field) [Tweaked] FOB Hunt Position Being Given Away By Huron Crate Markers On The Map [Tweaked] Intel Not Working Please post any feedback to the dedicated Liberation Feedback thread: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15253-liberation-feedback-thread/
  14. yes, I believe these will be coming in a future update.
  15. First of all, thank you for taking your time to collate this list, including all the classnames too, I really appreciate the time taken and the way it is formatted. After sitting down and looking at the list, I don't think any of these are suitable to be added the Arsenal. I don't really think world war 2 weapons should be added, for the sake that we are playing as the modern day US, so a Kar98 really makes no sense at all being in the arsenal, and that same principle goes for the majority of the era of weaponry. Some of the guns you have listed on there are already in the arsenal in some form (M4, M16A4) and I don't really think we need multiple variants of the same weapons. As for the scopes, most of these are vanilla arma scopes, which I am not comfortable adding into and mixing with modded weapons. Some of the scopes listed are also russian scopes designed for Kalashnikovs, and we are the US, so it's a no for me.
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