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  1. Pawnee & Ifrit

  2. Some things are better left unsaid

    nah it's a good look for you!
  3. Some things are better left unsaid

    @Mark T
  4. Forum Backgrounds

    For those of you who may not be aware, The forum backgrounds have been updated. I aimed to create a new series of modern photos and screenshots that suited the forum much better with use of different colours and such. All these photos I have created myself in my spare time. Hope you all enjoy them! How to change forum background;
  5. When it all becomes a bit too much!

    Tried my best, would of done better if it wasn't so late at night
  6. Eu1 rewards

    Yes, I do get where you getting at, using a point system to get rewards such as what we do with artillery strikes, which makes an incentive for people to work for rewards. The fundamental issue is; If you introduce a points system to earn rewards (this is done through kills) this is merely just promoting people to get a lot of kills and high scores. This then means all sorts of teamwork is thrown out the window as people are just rushing to get all the kills they can, as they wan't to get as many kills as possible - to get the better rewards. Moreover this can lead to more issues such as people team killing people over these rewards and so on, personally it just brings so many more issues than problems, and it doesn't belong anywhere near a public server. Again, something i'm hesitant about. The rules state that artillery should be requested, and not fired without consent. if you make it easier for people to use these artillery strikes you're just opening up a world of team kills and firing without consent. Fun. I've seen this done so many times. To cut to the point it's obtrusive. Nobody wants to log onto a box telling them they have to do x and y and to "go here for this action" its a nuisance and people want to log on to play, and not have to read an essay before they can get into action.
  7. EU1/AWE Teamwork/Communication Encouragement

    As I see it, if people want teamwork, 90% of the time they will go out their way and ask for any groups that are doing side missions etc. The other player base can carry on as usual, as we never have (and never will) force being in co-ordinated groups upon people. Personally I don't see the need for a 'VON' squad, as if that's what people want, they'll go out of their own way to ask people to group up or ask if there are any groups already. just my 2 cents. Edit: The 'incentive' to try get people on enhanced if possible is completely false, all players have their own choice of which server they want to play on. At the very least the only thing we would do is make the player aware that the enhanced server exists, and it may suit their play-style much more if they prefer co-ordinated teamwork.
  8. "I want to go home..."

  9. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    No its death!
  10. Strider.jpg

  11. hospital.jpg

  12. Standard Day on Enhanced

    that guy in the background on the right was doing his upmost best to be sneaky beaky
  13. Aliens.jpg

    it's culture i'm telling you!
  14. Excellent Spacing

    *places 250mm hotwizer module*