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  1. TLs should/need access to an android, considering they are front line most of the time it would be difficult to mark enemy locations/vector in CAS. In my opinion TLs normally have the bigger picture of an engagement than a SL as SLs are normally sitting back and are not-so frontline. Everyone else below TL should have MicoDAGRs
  2. Oktober 9..

    Highlight on my end has got to be when @Amentes gun jammed when i came charging over a hill
  3. Bartlett

    Hey Bartlett, seen you on War Thunder! Good games
  4. OP Poseidon: Leo hacking

    You sure they aren't interrogating it?
  5. No words

  6. To add you can delete one of the files in BCs folder to return the smoke effects to Vanilla as i prefer that. I've done it and it doesn't effect me joining EU1.
  7. I'm posting this topic as a player, not as a Admin or Moderator, this is not official, keep that in mind. I'm curious to see what peoples are opinions are on this, personally i think it would be nice to have them on server as a optional thing. I've been asked about client side modes like JSRS/Blastcore from newer players and older players alike so if you want to voice your opinion on it now this the time. If any Staff want to discuss here, i ask you to post your personal opinion and not the official standpoint on the matter. Lets keep this civil. Cheers.
  8. When YOUR team is getting intel but the civs don't want to talk.

    Corrected for the sake of your dignity
  9. HAT Crews on Enhanced in a Nutshell

    Meanwhile on the infantry side of things:
  10. New like-system

    @S0zi0p4th i think you can change the rep stuff under the group for example the members group, option will be somewhere in there for max rep
  11. The BEST !

    Locked. Probably don't need to explain why.
  12. first come - first serve

    To add: the reward system is being worked on, and I've seen it and it still has a bit of work to go for it to work as intended, but i must regretfully inform you that there is more important bugs to fix (for example the many bugged AOs) than work on the reward system so your Kuma can be saved every time you get one. The dev team is working hard but unfortunately we all have real lives and sometimes some of them have to step out months at a time for numerous issues as we all do. Reviving a thread and complaining wont make it come any faster. Like i said months ago, EU1 is a public server, don't expect people to respect your "dips" every time you call it out. In fact, since this thread is probably going to de-rail into madness again, and you've got your answers (albeit months ago), its getting locked.
  13. Agreed. Last night we pulled numerous casualties out of the field, instead of going back to base we stayed in a orbit around the AO until they were fixed up and then thrown them back in.