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  1. Majestic

  2. The post wasn't timed at all. I written that post at about 3 in the morning because i was sick of people beating around the push (posting memes about AW sinking) instead of posting something that might get the damn ball rolling. The only people who knew about the post was COPEY (who i asked to add/change anything) and then NUMBNUTS who only knew about 10 minutes before the post being live. No one else knew about it unless one of these two passed it around. I'm trying to get shit fixed/changed, yet I'm constantly being labelled the bad guy because i insulted Stan. Insulting Stan or not, there are OTHER real issues.
  3. I'm not apart of any of that shit, and I don't condone any of that shit. I haven't posted a single insulting avatar/meme/YouTube video, But you know what, damage is done, apparently I'm now apart of them. I'm done with trying, fuck all is going to happen from this as usual, I'm the one trying to get some sort of change going and I'm basically getting a "Fuck you" for bringing up these points.
  4. All I'm seeing here is people blindly rushing to AhoyWorlds defence (which is fine, you have the right to do that) BUT, will you take a step back and look at the issues presented? They are real issues, people have left because of them, old-school players and new ones alike. The fact that a couple of Admins stepped down due to these should've been ringing Alarm bells straight away, same with a lot of the players that have been here for a long time. There needs to be less arguing and more fixing. All that will come of this is that AW will become a better place, bet that sounds suddenly more appealing. And Noah, if you have nothing constructive to say, don't say it, you're just adding to the problem.
  5. Stan: I'm not going to disect your post like a surgeon but you're just twisting my words around. I said "The only time i'll PROBABLY be on RCON....." This doesnt mean i'd be on RCON all the time, if at all when im on ARMA. Do not be so quick to call me a liar. More often than not when i had RCON open you already dealt with the issue at hand so i didnt bother having RCON open much. I enjoyed helping people if they asked, and being removed from the Public Mod team ruined that for me. Also why should i have to personally come to you if i'm leaving the staff team? Was the leaving post on the Admin section not enough? You're not the only reason i left i'll have you know. I also find it bullshit that you could just wave your hand and remove me even though I've been on the team longer than you. You're way to strict with people around here, i recall you banning somone for racism because he had the name "niger", even though he hadnt done anything out of line. You do realise that Niger is a country and also a river? Your attitude towards the playerbase is also appalling. There is a reason people are making memes about you and talking about you behind your back.
  6. First off, this post is being made with the best interests of AW in mind. Be aware there is a good chance I WILL be name dropping in this post. Take it as you will. Stanhope: You are the definition of condescending, and also the definition of every word under that. You should be nowhere near the Admin team, you might as well have paid money to get your tag. Just because someone can code and submit player reports does not make them an immediate candidate for an Admin. I, myself, actually worked my way up the ranks, from member>FA>Spartan>Admin. I also earned the respect of those around me. Unlike you Stan, who jumped from FA>Admin in about a month or less. I’m fairly sure the consensus in the team when you applied was to let you in because you’d be useful as a coder, and most of us had no idea who you were at the time. Also I love how you just ripped me off the Public mod team without talking to me. Just my 2 cents on you. Core staff: COMMUNICATE AND INTERACT. In my time as an Admin you guys just can't do that. People get promoted to CS and just disappear into the wilderness and never interact with the community anymore - you leave that to the Admins. Also, whenever I brought something to you guys I more often than not never got an answer back. Also what happened to that huge meeting we had a month back now? Just lost in the system I guess Origins. AhoyWorld is burning and you guys just sit around. Admins: The true MVPs, you guys put up with most of the shit, but not all of you. Some of you also suffer from the communication and interaction disease. A lot of complaints I got was that the team wasn't open to the community at all with what was going on, and as per usual, this issue was brought up, chatted about and then nothing happened just like with everything else. Nothing will happen because of this post. I'm just being extremely blunt here. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't be typing any of this unless there was a real issue. Hide this post if you want, issue me a warning point, whatever; but know this, a lot of people are with me on this as you’ll see it happen before your eyes. You will just be shooting yourself in the foot. These days this is the only way the get you guys to listen, so I would hope this turns into a nice post debating about all these issues - not a shit flinging thread. /Teddy
  7. approved cTab Limitations Poll

    TLs should/need access to an android, considering they are front line most of the time it would be difficult to mark enemy locations/vector in CAS. In my opinion TLs normally have the bigger picture of an engagement than a SL as SLs are normally sitting back and are not-so frontline. Everyone else below TL should have MicoDAGRs
  8. Oktober 9..

    Highlight on my end has got to be when @Amentes gun jammed when i came charging over a hill
  9. Bartlett

    Hey Bartlett, seen you on War Thunder! Good games
  10. OP Poseidon: Leo hacking

    You sure they aren't interrogating it?
  11. No words

  12. To add you can delete one of the files in BCs folder to return the smoke effects to Vanilla as i prefer that. I've done it and it doesn't effect me joining EU1.
  13. I'm posting this topic as a player, not as a Admin or Moderator, this is not official, keep that in mind. I'm curious to see what peoples are opinions are on this, personally i think it would be nice to have them on server as a optional thing. I've been asked about client side modes like JSRS/Blastcore from newer players and older players alike so if you want to voice your opinion on it now this the time. If any Staff want to discuss here, i ask you to post your personal opinion and not the official standpoint on the matter. Lets keep this civil. Cheers.
  14. When YOUR team is getting intel but the civs don't want to talk.

    Corrected for the sake of your dignity
  15. HAT Crews on Enhanced in a Nutshell

    Meanwhile on the infantry side of things: