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  1. Problems from the past

    Hello everybody, Hereby some information regarding people from the past. Today i had a very relaxed and nice talk with some guys who played here in the past. We have had a talk about diffrent subjects regarding past and the present and Baconmop, Josh and Oderus were so kind to give back the ahoy steam account with the following promise from me to him: Apologies for the bad handling. PiranhA
  2. Mason here!

    Gweetings Mason, You only play arma? A fellow dutchman (as you know) here together with many other dutchy's. PiranhA
  3. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    AW MVP 2017: All players/members who share the fun they have AW most friendly admin/staff member 2017: Ryko AW most helpful admin/staff member 2017: Mark T AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2017: Amentes AW friendliest user 2017: Pilger AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2017: Karate AW best ARMA pilot 2017: AW best TeamSpeak singer 2017: AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2017: Raz AW best moment 2017 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): Laforte parking a bike between Mark T & David after mega jump. AW best forum post 2017 (please put url in): The Scar AW best drunk member 2017: none AW best driver 2017: Laforte AW worst driver 2017: Mark T AW best baby 2017: Fir_Nev's newly born AW most absent staff member 2017: Me AW best fail 2017: Threatening with lawsuits/hacks against people who are not in the corestaff AW best banned member 2017: Copey AW best TeamSpeak channel of 2017: McTwists channel: Swastika for life AW best game of 2017: PUBG AW best official server of 2017: As always: EU1
  4. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    How do you mean a "introduction post"?
  5. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    Ahoy people, here the announcement for the next meeting we are going to have. Its been 31 days since i took over (on the 17th) and would like to announce some things we have been working on. Subjects: Start meeting -Introduction and motivation for the takeover. -Agenda points -Recap previous meeting Future of ahoy -Long term -Short term -Finances -Affiliate -Games *EU1 EU2 AWE AWE+ & other -VR -Outreach -Recruiting/staff roles Members -Behavior and attitude -Promotion and responsibility's As of now, everybody who is having a forum account with introduction will become a member right away. If your forum name is diffrent from your teamspeakname, please let us know. Everybody with a membership-tag without forum account and/or introduction will have time to do so before januari 1st. If you've got any questions now or later on please send them to this doc and we'll answer them in the meeting.
  6. VR system

    Install, but im not sure how @Geb couse i have a vive. Welcome to the future.
  7. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

    Congratulations @fir_nev Make sure AW is not in the way of giving love and affection to you precious daughter and give her a great future. Its good to see the future leader of ahoy is on earth now.
  8. ahowyworld this is tecHunt message over

    Humor has yet to be invented by this connunity...
  9. Squad server by ahoy

    Should we revive squad on ahoyworld?
  10. Forum and Teamspeak changes.

    Hello everybody, We made and will make some changes to the forum and teamspeak soon. We will do so in the period till januari 1st and hope you give us some feedback in the proces. Changes may be temporary in the coming period and can be deleted in the proces, apologies for the inconvenience. PiranhA.
  11. VR system

    Plz let us know what you think of getting a VR headset.
  12. ahowyworld this is tecHunt message over

    Welcome here Techunt. All feedback is welcome, have a look around on the forum. PiranhA
  13. Thanks for the feedback Pero, ill do my best. I dont mind stuff like this, its common in my daily life, theres only one thing vital: And to be honest, i think its already solved. Some people gone, taking a break or went somewhere else, i hope everybody is doing the right thing to get a good time. You can do it here, im happily to provide, you can go somewhere else if you want to and find something better, i said the same to my ex-wife..., rest is history and we both happy now.
  14. New VR + Outreach TeamSpeak tags

    A very good question. I currently have 22 games, most liked:
  15. Ahoyworld Leadership transition

    To everybody who reads this: I hope you come back in a year (18/11/2018) and get stunned by how much its changed in a positive degree. PiranhA