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  1. For the people who'm want to ask how @TheScar rolls/drives in real life, ive got a picture of his car:
  2. @LEO was there anything you noticed to believe ahoy isnt alive anymore? I remember something from a few years ago, people stating ahoy was "sinking" and they left "the ship". Those people made a new community that didnt last for a year, lol!
  3. If the uniforms are a reason to not play enhanced, you'd be better off without them (those people who want to dress fancy) i think, i mean...really, uniforms? Never expected the arma playerbase to have that amount of feminin feelings. PS: G...is for gear?
  4. Agree with you Nutek, those were the good days. I remember this mission and it was fun indeed. The only negative is the time it takes to get it running, once the show gets on the road, its a very nice experience you can only find in arma (almost only in arma).
  5. Good guide tho i think practise on server (once grasped basic controls) gives you a routine and a more intense feeling in comparison with reading. Spend hour and hours flying in arma and perhaps other games will make sure you get the feeling. Addition to high level flight how i sometimes use it: Gain altitude till 50 to 75% of the route (considering medium to long travel distance) and use this altitude for the last part to gain higher speed on the last part of travel. BTW: did you know the Fokker company once tried to make a special plane to land in marshes and wet ground without need for a runway? They called it the Modder Fokker (Modder is dutch for mud).
  6. Hello Raspy, What Midnight says; dont be afraid to ask questions. He helped me out aswell with many things i already knew. Rest of the community is quite ok.
  7. PiranhA


    Want me to come closer? Im very good invading "personal space".
  8. At first Scar, stop quoting sections of my text instead of commenting on the whole part. Disecting part by part is what trolls, autists and kids do. Just respond on the whole text instead of (possibly) scrapping the nuance by looking at what i said word by word. There is a rule that probably covers this situation in your favour as i see it: "We expect everyone to maintain this environment and will take action against those who jeopardise that community spirit. Admins reserve the right to warn/kick/ban users whose behaviour is deemed disruptive or aggressive and not conducive to a place of tolerance/friendship/comradery. Whether the behaviour is disruptive or not will be determined on a case-by-case basis on the judgment of the admin/admins present."
  9. @TheScar tell me, did you contact a admin regarding this issue, seems quite easy if you report it to a admin something can be done. Just tell them the guy/girl whos stealing and keep your cool.
  10. Give it some time Loupgarou, im sure @Solex is working on it, or maybe he is on holiday...patience is a skill.
  11. PiranhA

    Community Update #6

    I respect your opinion, I just wanted to be clear about the facts
  12. PiranhA

    Community Update #6

    This is completely incorrect, as there was 500 euro on a non-ahoy bank account kept for reserve, held by Mark, as he posted in one of the communitie updates.
  13. Welcome back bruce! Mark T is now the one we honor, follow and mock about. Going to reply to your question, but to be honest, i have no idea what im talking about since i havent played for a while aswell. Invade & Annex is vanilla and version 4 is almost finished. Enhanced (awe) is modded. I highly doubt it, im sure ghostdragon knows best, or ask Mark. Yes you can, but i will happily mute you if you go into the gangsta (c)rap. God is still a thing, a little less followers as you are used tho... Performance is optimal now, the server has been on bootcamp and is tip-top condition. Were using a RBMK reactor now... I never had performance issues, its always been on the mental side for me.
  14. Hey @Michal Yeah, its alot of money, the private guide is what it makes so expensive, but theres a few thing i want to do/see that does not include in normal tours. I would like to stand on masha (the roof next to the reactor) and see inside the dome. Im even trying te get close to the elephants foot. Would like to have a chat with you on teamspeak, might do it when ur back so i can learn from your experiences. In advance: have a good trip, i hope youll learn alot and remember the sacrifice those people made, especially the liquidators and firefighters.
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