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  1. Norris

    Welcome back Norris!
  2. Please Be Gentle!

    Greetings Tim, Welcome here. Even a screw up can be fun, and thats what its all about i think, so have fun and learn from your mistakes, as making progress can be fun aswell. PiranhA
  3. Hello there!

    Hello Klos, Nice to see another guy from the low country's, rumour goes i live around there aswell.
  4. Ahoy there *_^

    Hello Zeexe and welcome here. Im happy theres some teamspeak channels were I can avoid you.
  5. Hello there

    Welcome Kacper, I can tell you this: the day you beat Thescar in amount of hours, well make a community-day for you were we do whatever you want (just like the opposite with the scar)
  6. Oh Hi guys

    Hello and welcome Joebillibob, We dont have any idea about what we are doing but hey, if its fun, why not?
  7. Hello there

    Gweetings and welcome! (I got told to do this) Lol, atleast your listening to whoever told you this but dont become a robot.
  8. Raw Video Contributors!

    It slipped past due to staff changes, bare with us please.
  9. [AWE] Stiletto Wednesday - #8 on 21/03/18 @ 1900 UTC

    Trying to find out what happend.
  10. Hello good people

    Welcome here Admiral, Maybe commanding a fleet a option? PiranhA
  11. Just saying hi

    Hello Melle, Glad to hear its fun on the servers with invade and annex. And welcome aswell, theres a lot more we do beside Arma so hop on the teamspeak and find out yourself. Your name sounds Dutch, am i correct? PiranhA
  12. Greetings.

    Cheers mate, welcome here. If theres any questions or concern, give us a poke. If you want to lose your real-life-social-contacts completely, give AWE a chance. PiranhA.
  13. Apologies

    Propitius eris.
  14. Saving Private MoonFire...

    @MoonFire... did you know we have a special place on the forum for video's, you can find it here:
  15. Hi from Zed

    Hello Zed, Welcome here. If you want to become a seasoned Vet, i would reccomend playing alot on AWE. If you hang around long enough you will get marinated with salt, pepper, nutmeg, chilli, garlic and a lot of lead. We dont want to use too much salt tho and vinegar is out of the question. PiranhA