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  1. Wishlist 2018

    What games are you really looking forward to in the near future? Maybe something for your christmas-wishlist? Or just a hot game released soon? Plz keep it to a top 5 to prevent a list of all games available on steam you greedy kids. 1- Dirt 4 2- Metro Exodus (awesome soundtrack) 3- State of Decay 2 4- Kingdom come deliverance 5- Mount and blade (2) bannerlord
  2. croissant et burret

    Well, Lindi, you picture shows a croissant avec fruit de bois....
  3. Marking sensible LZs

    Wtf, a guide for sensible LZ's? If you need this kind of info i would reccomend not flying at all and go practise in the editor. If not capable of flying after practise in the editor, dont play arma or atleast dont go pilot.
  4. Hi There

    Hello Z4driver. Some advise from me: take some time to make a good preperation gearwise and use the map a lot.
  5. Geb

    Hey hello Geb, Nice story dude, good to see you has some fun. One think to, Luetin isnt around here anymore, still i hope you stick around. All the best, PiranhA
  6. Eyup

    Well Jackorias, my most played... -PUBG -HOI 4 -Project cars -Motorsport Manager
  7. Eyup

    Hello Jack, welcome here. Hope to see you having fun here even more often. You also play other games? PiranhA
  8. Hello all

    Hello Trooper! You play on EU1? Ahoy is doing Arma on several servers with their own playingstyle.
  9. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome and have fun here. Familiar with the ahoy-rules?
  10. Hi fellaz!!

    Hello Olim Ra, Welcome here and have fun. Any other games you play? Ive heard you guys from finland also have a talent for racing and by the looks of some finnish ahoy members, you guys excell in censored censored . Anyways, have a good time here...
  11. Another pilot/plane topic. So many opinions, so many problems, so many solutions. Be flexible, both pilots and infantry. Modesty can be nice too...
  12. I&A 2 stuff

  13. The Black Death - Discussion and Vids

    Grats @Gamerbug for getting one of your video's in-game.
  14. Rewards Rework

    I do not see any reason why not and so, i think its a great idea. I forsee one "problem" and it will be a endless discussion about the points for the items.