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  1. Fair enough. You can ask an admin to make a channel for you, they're typically happy to do so.
  2. If you make a teamspeak channel you'll probably get a few people to join you.
  3. To add to that: as long as you're willing to learn, I'd be surprised you're not offered help.
  4. My first memory when I heard the news. Terrible loss.
  5. Welcome. Hope you enjoy AWE. Please give us your opinion if you haven't already -
  6. Kunduz 043. When the captured HVT was loaded into a vehicle, the task cancelled.
  7. Players discussing these kind of things is a good sign. However, please don't suggest more rules for slotting up. One of the goals of the remake was to cut down on them and make them less confusing and convoluted.
  8. In very few words: Uniform, helmet, vest - pick whatever you like the look of. Try to have some amount of armor and carrying capacity on them. Backpack is completely dispensable unless you're going to be carrying a lot of extra ammo. For regular rifles, I carry one magazine loaded in, 6 in the vest. 2 fragmentation grenades, 1 white smoke, 1 green smoke. I personally never carry a sidearm. Fully dispensable to me. NGVs, map flashlight, map, compass, radio. Can also take a silencer if it's a night-op and the team could use the advantage. 4 bandages of each type, 1 morphine. Keep the following in mind: keep it appropriate for your role, if you're unsure about something ask; keep an eye on your weight - when you're above 30 Kg it starts to get a bit too heavy if you're not carrying a lot extra ammo. That's about it. In other words - experiment. That's one of the beauties of EU3, you're free to make your loadout your own.
  9. I'm not sure where you got this idea from. Hopefully it will be dispelled after tonight's community meeting.
  10. It's finally here: the long-awaited rules overhaul. The team has sat down brooding over what direction we want to take from this point on and how to best typify that in a practicable format moving forward. We hope to address the most pressing issues that arose over the years and give you ample opportunity to make AWE your own. The result requires all of our players to wholly erase the previous rules and their enforcement procedure from their memories. Approach the following as though you’re first reading about AWE. You will still have rules and principles to abide by, but their fundamental structure has been reviewed and overhauled. It's probably best if we don't provide you a first impression by typing out what to expect: just read it for yourself. The essence of AWE should be there for you to take in. Just know this: Keep what you read close to heart. Best regards, The AWE Staff Team
  11. Moved to guide section.
  12. As far as I know, unless there's a Zeus, FOBs can't be spawned without Logi.
  13. Colsta

    AW Community meetings

    To clarify, click here.
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