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  1. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - #7 on 16/03/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    Well as long as you are in command you can do whatever you want anyways as far as I can tell from: Also I don´t mind playing with only 5 people as long as the gamplay is good. Quality over quantity! Well I would say that should never happen anyways because of "Consider your gear ..." and "Help enhance the gameplay for every player ..." (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9185-awe-rules/) because it renders medics nearly useless. Also you forgot about like 800 rounds as MMG... Thanks! But sad enough that we need gamenight-like events to achieve this at all
  2. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #2 (22/03/2018 @19:00 UTC)

    Sounds great! Don´t forget to make calender-events for this!
  3. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - #7 on 16/03/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    Spoiler: Good gameplay incoming! Limited gear? Totally up for that no matter what faction we are because spoiler: Immersion incoming!
  4. Rule of thumb: Don´t mix stuff and if needed keep mixing mods to a minimum... I wouldn´t mind if we´d only be using the RHS stuff or only be using the 3CB stuff. Hell, I would even prefer it!
  5. STILETTO_Tembelan_01_054 Boat spawn: There is no option to spawn Assault Boats (like the Rescue Boat but black) and there still is an empty space that has the spawn option on it but doesn´t spawns anything after confirming. Also this isn´t related to the player-role.
  6. [Guide] Boats and Submersibles

    I now also updated the post with the "Motorboat", "Motorboat (Police)" and "Motorboat (Rescue)" since the last two ones would at least offer a usefull roleplay-aspect. Overall I added/improved together with this: Mk. V SOC: added a picture of the cockpit at day Speedboat: added a picture of the commander-monitors Rhib: replaced the picture of the view that the driver has Assault boat: added a picture of the rescue-boat, improved the description, added a picture of the view that the driver has Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue): added the whole part Additional: added "basic stuff to know" and "maritime zones" General: improved some texts. As long as there wont come any new boats I now consider this guide as finished (except for minor textual-improvements maybe) even though I haven´t done anything about the Water-scooters. But that shouldn´t be a problem since these things aren´t considered as actual boats by law so they have no right to be in this guide! If anyone has got any questions, other opinions, remarks or anything else to say, feel free to message me, comment, whatsoever. 14.03.18: updated pictures general improvements on some texts. Additional and in the different boat-section: added information about what lights are to carry for wich boats
  7. [Guide] Boats and Submersibles

    I just found out that it is possible to use the Mk. V SOC as indirect-fire-support by using mortars from the deck and therefore updated this in the guide at Mk. V SOC -> Cargo/loading -> mortars (No it isn´t just place and shoot like on land because there are some requierements for beeing able to load it, etc). And is it possible to move this in the "Guides"-section? Because I couldn´t create this post in there. Thanks for moving it!
  8. STILETTO_BOZCAADA_01_051: Boat-spawn: We couldn´t spawn Rhibs (it was not in the list but there was just an empty space between the assault-boat and the motorboat where most likely the option to select the Rhib should´ve been; it was possible to "select" that empty space and click "spawn unarmed" but nothing would happen).
  9. STILETTO_LYTHIUM_01_051: Mission-marker-bug: When shrinking the AO with Intel the marker is moved to the 0,0 temporary object-spawn respawn-bug: When getting killed you get thrown on the map with the remark "Arsenal" on the top-left (instead of "Stiletto_<number>_<map>_<version>" rally-points & artillerybug: both can still be used by unassigned units and seem not to work for ASL. Radio- & scopebug: Even following your advice on how to save the loadouts to make them keep the radios and scopes it still takes them away (Tried it with: keeping the default loadout, entering the Arsenal, exiting the Arsenal (scope & radio still present), re-entering the arsenal, saving the loadout, exiting the arsenal (scope & radio still present), re-entering the arsenal, loading a different loadout, exiting the arsenal, re-entering the Arsenal, loading the previously saved default loadout -> scope and radio where removed)
  10. Unfortunately it isn´t just that easy. Because the colors also vanish without said person leaving. For example (as Stan described) when someone joins any team.
  11. STILETTO_KUNDUZ_01_050 @24.02.2018, 16:29 UTC+1 Still/again(?) can´t abort missions on mission-control-board: Tried as ASL and PC. Clicked on the task, clicked on "ABORT MISSION", it sayed "Task aborted" but the mission wasn´t (still on the map aswell as in the "Task Overview") Still/again(?) can´t change the map with the mission-control-board: Tried as ASL and PC. The "END STILETTO (all players must be in the command building)" was grayed out even though I was the in ASL/PC slot and the only player on the server (and therefore all players where in the command building).
  12. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    For quick/wiggle-peaking corners I can recommend using "C" for lean left and "V" for lean right since you can use them easy with your thumb which means that you don´t need to take away a finger from WASD for manouvering. This is obviously just personal preference but I feel like this way I can pretty easy get the most out of the peekers-advantage.
  13. steps to reproduce: Get in the arsenal Put the "M145 MGO" on your gun Save the loadout Load a different loadout Exit the arsenal Load the previously saved loadout (wich should have the M145 MGO on it; the loadout is greyed out) The M145 MGO is taken away
  14. I would hope that the players on AWE are not this childish/stup*d. And if so they can get banhammered for "Obey the Chain of Command" (if they did this without permission) and "Help enhance the gameplay for every player to enjoy the mission and your company; do not purposely provoke other players" (if they did this because of Arma 3 Bulshittery-purposes).