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  1. Introduction Neuralbow

    or @Jochem with his 6878 hours
  2. AWE Status

    Just for reference: Zeusing was never random but there where a few moderators like KPJ who did great missions just midweek-straight-outta-nowhere within Stiletto/AWE, or just stopped the mission-AI and builded a completely new random mission from scratch but before you joined the server there was a bit of ranting and rage-quitting so now we have no more of them left.
  3. AWE Status

    I wouldn´t call wearing the same camo-pattern "hardcore immersion"
  4. AWE Status

    Sure in my opinion.
  5. AWE Status

    My problem is the ruined immersion by tons of different gear. So if we use slightly modded I&A4 instead of AWE I am all for it because the arsenal is faction specific.
  6. AWE Status

    That instead of AWE sounds nice indeed.
  7. AWE Status

    I feel like this will mostly just be the very same I&A-chaos but with mods.
  8. AWE Status

    Sure but these aren´t happening anymore so people like me tend to not play anymore. I`m talking about people going full spec-ops-look-at-my-coolest-boiiii-EUWest-loadout-style instead of standard army of whatever nation. Also being in a fireteam made up of soldiers of 4 different nations plus one whatever-spec-ops-guy seems fairly unrealistic
  9. AWE Status

    Unfortunately that ruins game-immersion for more serious players BUT it is a valid point wich I can understand...just makes more serious players play elsewhere.
  10. AWE Status

    don´t want to sound pessimistic but it doesn´t matters as that is Steerings-descision anyways
  11. AWE Status

    because it`s shit atm and therefore no one really plays there anymore on a daily basis
  12. AWE Status

    Sure but still it would be enough to just go for ACE and TFAR as these are the mods that create the immersion. The rest is just cherry-on-the-top-cosmetics. As I said it doesn´t have to be heavily modded to create good gameplay and if people really can´t live without more IRL-assets then just add a bit of RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF.
  13. AWE Status

    admit it, you miss me
  14. AWE Status

    Another option that I would like even more would be to ditch everything except for TFAR, STUI and ACE and then just play with Vanilla-factions on Vanilla-maps. I`d see this working very well as good gameplay doesn´t evolve out of stupid gear but out of mentality and immersion.
  15. AWE Status

    Even though everyone knows my opinion anyways: Less is more + very faction specific Arsenal (i.e. if you are USArmy you can only use UCP & OCP gear, etc.) but if too many people were complaining that they could no longer use their favourite weapon than the restrictions could only be applied to Vest, Helmets, Uniforms. + focus on RHS as Core mod as it provides a ton of stuff in decent quality + TF Radio as we already have it and people got used to it but I also wouldn´t complain if we`d go back to ACRE + STUI as it is better than the vanilla-group-UI + ACE as otherwise we could just play vanilla-Arma - SMA as it offers not all that much more than RHS - CUP as I dont want to play Arma 2 and it also offers a lot of RHS duplicates - LMount as it was a nice idea but is horribly annoying if you cant just change your scope in the arsenal because that mod forces you into an annimation...Also I dont feel like that many people were abusing the instant-sight-swapping-possibility - MGP as RHS really stepped up their game when in comes to vests wich means that we don´t need another ton of vests and it other than that just offers a bunch of uniforms wich goes against the idea of a "faction specific Arsenal" anyways - Special Saus because no one needs these beards ~ maps as for me the vanilla maps are good enough and I dont really need other ones. ~ FIR because I am never flying on AWE so I can´t tell you wether we need it or not ~ 3CB is genereally a nice mod and fits with the idea of a "faction specific Arsenal" but I would not really miss it if it was gone (+ = keep, - = ditch, ~ = idk)