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  1. If I Just Lay Here...

    well played!
  2. I don ´t think that it´s good idea to make a gamemode/mission "idiotproof" just because people COULD potentially mess it up. *sarcasm warning* Because if that´s what we want to do then I could also say that we all should only use blank fire adaptors or to make it even more safe blank rounds to prevent ff. */sarcasm warning* It is the same concept: make everything idiotproof not regarding the fact that the average AWE-player-skill is high enough to not fuck everything completely up because of things like partially removing cTabs. So I´d rather risk the chaos. *Edit* Don´t take this personal, I just needed my daily dose of sarcasm.
  3. Also not a fan of swapping scopes. So if this mod helpes to balance that a bit more then I´m totally up for it.
  4. I think we don´t need additional fireteam-nets since the only ones usually talking on radio should be TLs and SLs anyway and everyone else should only talk if asked to. So I think that creating these sub-nets would encourage fireteam-members even more to abuse their radios for bs-chatter than it is already happening now. So please don´t invent these sub-nets and instead enforce better use of comms.
  5. Keeping it short: I totally like the idea! Do it!
  6. But as it seems the steering-guys liked the idea of having that scope. Also atm this isn´t an issue and we already have two 6x scopes whitelisted (I mentioned those in the quoted request)! So I´d guess self-control actually seems to be working for once. But if you really don´t want to have 6x available then at least also blacklist the other two mentioned ones.
  7. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    If you just want to have a standart bomb call vortex or UAV...they'll be more than happy to be allowed to drop a GBU.
  8. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    I don´t know if I&A and anything about realism should be mentioned in the same topic But jokes beside: I like the idea because it would acutally somewhat buff the EODs a bit more since they could deal with the UXO but I just don´t see this working at all on I&A wich is why I am totally on @Cryos side. Just remember: the minefields were removed because most I&A-players seemed not to be capable of dealing with explosives without killing them as well as anyone standing nearby and I´d guess we´d have the same mess again but with the big difference that people wouldn´t even know where these UXO are since the new mine detecting system not automatically marks explosives anymore. Now imagine AOs with undetected mines and common I&A players who aren´t observant or carefull, don´t consider spacing and probably don´t know what to do with these UXO...people would probably be dying all over the place because of these. [Just to say that as well: I liked minefields and hope they come back to buff EODs] I don´t think so since BI always praised this system that you actually have to be carefull on how to use them...Also they builded the IDAP campaign as well as the Virtual IDAP showcase around these things were they literally every 2 minutes tell you not to use this kind of ammo because of said system/feature.
  9. May I suggest to blacklisting of: Cap (Black) [IDAP] {because we are not playing as the NGO International Developement & Aid Project (IDAP) and therefore I don´t think we should wear Caps with their logo even though that they could be merchandising gifts...it just feels wrong and I doubt that IDAP would like to see soldiers wearing these caps} Cap (Orange) [IDAP] {"} Cap (White) [IDAP] {"} Hard Hat (Vrana) {because we are not playing as Vrana Industries so why would we have gear that belongs to them; if it would be a cap I would say it could be some merchandising gift but helmets...} Hard Hat (Vrana, Ear Protectors) {"} Hard Hat (Vrana, Headset) {"} Press Helmet {because we are obviously not press at all} Press Helmet (Neck Protection) {"} Cap (Press) {this one is a vanilla one btw} {"} No, they are not. Can´t find them in the Arsenal (yes I tried it also specificly as EOD and Engineer) and they are also not whitelisted (In the EOD role I tried to load loadouts that had these ones equipped but it just gave the message that they are not whitelisted). Also in case you wanted to whitelist the "EOD Vest (Blue) [IDAP]": don´t do it (same argument as above with the caps). And thanks for the super fast implementation of the new content!! Best regards Noah
  10. Head is off but thumbs are up. And some really bad jokes on that one: Ash is coming to Arma I guess Headless client gets a new meaning...
  11. HK417 A2 20" (name with AWE mods) / SPAR-17 7,62mm (vanilla name) It is a 7,62mm weapon that esentially is a DMR (especially if you compare its stats from the Virtual Arsenal to the stats of other DMRs like the "L129A1 DMR" or the "MK 11 MOD 0") http://store.steampowered.com/app/395180/Arma_3_Apex/ (link to the Apex DLC since it came with that one) Well right now everyone has got access to this weapon wich shouldn´t be the case since it is obviously a marksman rifle and like it is with every other DMR only the marksman should be able to equip this. Best regards Noah
  12. [AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Pegasus - by KPJ

    finally it´s actually coming
  13. Community Logic

    I can promise you it really wasn´t me. I am definitly not a guy breaking rules and especially not a friendly firing one...also you probably know how far the spread of the mortar usually it is.
  14. Community Logic

    @JulianWilliams I don´t know what in your opinion is friendly or respectfull but bs like this: is the opposite of both. I mean you wouldn´t shout something like that in the streets of your town because you know that people might find it offensive. So why do it on a public server?! And if any Admin actually should´ve been unfriendly or disrespectfull to you because of this I can definitly understand him and actually even appreciate his behaviour. Playing down topics like that just can´t be tolerated.