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  1. Technically you can make it correct if you just turn the map-tool to 180°. The numbers for the horizontal axis are upside down then but the gridding correct again. And as we figured out earlier that there are maps with weird axis: If both axis are inverted the gridding is correct when the map tool is turned to 0°, if only one of the map axis is inverted, you can turn the map-tool to either 270° to accomodate for an inverted vertical axis or to 90° to accomodate for an inverted horizontal axis.
  2. Do note that there are Arma maps that for example have a flipped vertical Axis, i.e. (000,000) is the top left instead of the bottom left (e.g. Sahrani once you zoom into 6-figures). In these cases you obviously have to change the vertical axis orientation of your 8-figures as well, as they're refining the overall map-gridding and are therefore dependant on its orientation. The Numpad or Keypad however stay the same, as they're not actually dependant on the overal gridding, since they're based on your keyboard or telephone and that looks the same no matter what map you're looking at.
  3. Noah_Hero


    Though we‘re starting as BAF...my immersion is broken and my day is ruined
  4. Also GM just got a 27 GB update with all sorts of new stuff! Definitly worth buying and the singleplayer was also quite fun as well Here is the update annonucement (also featuring a short video showcasing the stuff) for GM V1.3 for anyone interested in buying it: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/107410/view/2988675197236433157
  5. Noah_Hero

    Situation Resolved

    End of Operation Unrelenting Resolve. With a swift invasion, NATO forces successfully intervened to prevent the Al-Rayaki government from attacking their neighboring countries. Furthermore, the region was stabilized after the ceasefire as a growing insurgency, comprised of rogue parts of the Al-Rayaki Army, was stopped. Hitman and Spectre took many casulties but managed to prevail, even as one of them got abducted. Thankfully in a joint effort they managed to rescue their lost man in the last days of the war.
  6. Nice to see you again. Still remember you from my early AWE days when we played together. Below I leave some picks you took on some day when only we were online on AWE on Fallujah doing some frun resupply/convoy mission in Gauntlet: Was a super fun time!
  7. Poor @JaSmAn. Though at least he can now already get nominated to win the "Friendliest Hostage" Award again this year
  8. Noah_Hero


    Campaign Unrelenting Resolve - Operation Harmony
  9. Yes, we're normal grunts again, convoying with some MAT-Vs and MTVRs. We were about 20 to 25. Therefore, we should be able to fill Hitman 1, 1-1, 1-2 and 8-1 again. If we get more people we still have 1-3 to fill. Sure, it's his mission. The setup for this mission is basically the same as for the airfield assault though.
  10. The Frag-O for the fifth mission (13.02.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_130221.pdf roads? cruisen!
  11. The Frag-O for the fourth mission (06.02.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_060221.pdf We've been on the water, we've been on the roads, the sky was the limit. Not anymore!
  12. Operation Unrelenting Resolve - Airfield assault With @Johnsons favority vehicle "MYOJJY" in the background.
  13. Actual footage from back then (at least from a long time ago) with Forunate Son playing:
  14. The Frag-O for the third mission (30.01.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_300121.pdf Get ready for a roadtrip!
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