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  1. OPERATIONS ORDER 04042020 Orientation: You are currently located at ARES-2 HQ at grid 116119. The Area of interest is the NW region of Altis with the AO again being Kavala and the regions around the city (see attachment 1). The terrain is arid with mountainous regions as well as flatlands and a large part of the AO consisting of urban environments. The weather is mostly sunny and warm and is not expected to impact our capabilities in any way. Though as the area is highly populated the usage of artillery, CAS, HMGs and explosives is heavily limited. Additionally, the usage of vehicles in the city requires high attention due to the potential for ambushes. Key areas in the AO are the Kastro, offering an important OP and control of the harbour, the hospital, offering a good OP and a landing pad for helicopters, as well as the Power Plant, offering control to the whole power-grid of the AO. Because of their strategic and ideological meaning, we expect that all these positions are being controlled by the enemy. 1. Situation a. Enemy: The enemy consist of well-trained militia in groups ranging from a pair up to 12-man teams equipped with various weapon platforms and static weapons as well as armed light vehicles. We do suspect the enemy of utilizing an artillery-piece at the Kastro in Kavala and from the power plant again. The main enemy presence is estimated to be in the southern half of the AO as we already made a quick sweep of the northern part. Though the enemy managed to push us back southwards from the power plant and could’ve already reinforced their lost positions. Their recent activities included IED attacks, recruiting civilians and conducting attacks on the local police. To keep up their activities the enemy must defend his sphere of influence. Therefore, his most likely course of action is to conduct strikes against AAF forces, attacks against locals to cause fear and force them to join them and defend his positions at all costs. b. Friendly: ARES HQ is located at grid 147165 and is commanding ARES-1 and ARES-2 COIN-OPs. ARES-1 is located at grid 174131 and is currently conducting COIN-OPs and securing the NE region of Altis. ARES HQ provides general support if available and can be reached via Ares-2 “Homeland”. 2. Mission: As we encountered heavy contacts in the region, we will again conduct patrols and show of force in the defined AO (attachment 1), to show the civilians that AAF still has control. We will also gather intelligence from any willing to share information about the insurgents. This is to further map out any enemy presence so that we can neutralize it before they gain too much traction. 3. Execution a. Commanders Intent: To continue to localize and neutralize insurgents within the defined AO, we will follow the plan of ARES HQ to patrol the area and conduct COIN-OPs. As their grip on the region results out of sparking fear in the local population, we will exploit this by disrupting their operations and showing the civilians that we are still in control of the situation. For this it is crucial to secure the power plant, hospital and Kastro in the region. This should lead to the area being cleared of enemy units and installations, thus allowing friendly forces to gain one of the most important footholds on the island. b. Concept of operations: We will gather intelligence and patrol the area to show the locals that we are with them. Furthermore, we will secure the designated key areas. The Platoon will split up into three squads and one air-element for this operation. Two squads will be the spearhead for conducting frontal attacks and one squad will be providing support and rear security. Resupplies and CASEVACs will be coordinated by homeland and the squad that is leading the operation in the field and will be realised by the air-element. c. Tasks: i. ARES-2-1: Patrol and neutralize any insurgent activities inside of the defined AO (see attachment 1). Check up on towns already visited to make sure that insurgents haven’t taken them back ii. ARES-2-3: Support ARES 2-1 in their task. iii. ARES-2-4: Provide fire-support for the operation within the defined AO (see attachment 1). iv. Phobos-1: Provide transport, casualty evacuation when needed as well as recon and CAS when needed. The detail planning will be left up to the individual squad leaders. If the need arises to divert, orders will come over radio. d. Coordinating instructions: Timeline: The OPORDER will be in effect at 0630 and gear checks should be done by 0645 with latest time for movement from ARES-2 HQ being 0650. ROE: The ROE will be return fire only. Any civilian crowds are to be dispersed and any civilians that aren’t complying are to be warned. If they still won’t comply a warning shot is to be fired and if they still won’t comply, they can be disbursed by force. If they will continue to not comply, they can be seen as hostile and be neutralized. 4. Administration and logistics: a. Administration: Friendly units: Friendly wounded soldiers are to be stabilized in the field and sent back to ARES-2 HQ by CASEVAC if severely injured. Dead friendly soldiers are to be left in the field but shall be communicated to Homeland. Civilians: Wounded civilians are to be treated on spot if possible. Otherwise Homeland is to be contacted to arrange treatment. Dead civilians must be communicated to Homeland. Enemies: Dead enemies are to be left in the field as well as injured enemies unless it seems advantageous to take them as EPWs in which case they are to be stabilized in the field and transported back to ARES-2 HQ. Though this must be arranged with Homeland first. CASEVAC: All CASEVACs must be arranged with Homeland and will either be realized with vehicles returning to ARES-2 HQ or by Phobos-1. b. Logistics: Everyone will move with their designated combat gear. Supplies and designated vehicles as well as helicopters for transport are available at ARES-2 HQ. If resupplies are needed in the field, Homeland is to be contacted to arrange a transport by either Phobos-1 or an airdrop by ARES HQ. 5. Command and Signal a. Signal: Hand and arm signals can always be used as well as voice commands. Radio-communication will be according to the COMPLAN. Pyrotechnics and signals will be as follows: Green is friendly forces Red is enemy forces Purple is casualty Yellow is designated LZ b. Command: Homeland will be at ARES-2 HQ or if elsewhere the grid will be shared with the SLs. If Homeland is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable command falls to 2-1 Attachment 1: COMPLAN:
  2. Map: RoscheMission: ALiVEType: Guerilla warfareFriendly faction: NATO Survivors (British, Slowenian, Estonian & Norwegian Army)Enemy faction: Russian Armed ForcesStarting position: scatteredStarting date: 12/2019Ending date: 02/2020Status: Survived"The Russian Armed Forces launched a surprise attack on the NATO-forces in Estonia which lead to the country falling into enemy hands with nearly all NATO-forces getting destroyed. Some survivors of the attack managed to regroup and organize a series of attacks on key positions of the enemy in the western regions while switching camps to stay undetected. This allowed the group to gain space to breath and recover supplies to ensure their survival. The fighting culminated in an attack on the western airfield in the area that allowed NATO to launch a counterattack. After securing the airfield the remaining survivors got extracted back to their respective countries to be treated there."
  3. Well if you are looking for persistent, meaningfull gameplay that works in a structured fashion (No Trolls/doing stupid stuff), then you can find exactly that on the AW MSO! Gameplay: We play in a semirealistic way and it therefore definitly isn't allowed to just hop on and start doing some Rambo-like-bs as that pretty much is the opposite of semirealistic gameplay where we value the equipment and our (virtual) lives, but it certainly is allowed to hop onto the server at any time for two or more players and depending on the number of players do certain types of missions like recon for small numbers to small attacks for larger numbers. But the heart of the MSO are our large scale OPs that we are conducting every saturday at 1800 UTC (if not specified otherwise). Also we play the MSO in campaigns with varying factions, enemies, locations, platoon layouts and surrounding scenarious to ensure diversity in gameplay. These campaigns typically last for a few months. For example right now we are playing as AAF forces fighting against rebels on Altis but last campaign we played as Nato survivors on a woodland map against Russian Forces. Before that our campaigns included playing as Spetznaz (on Altis and Tanoa) or Marines (in Afghanistan) fighting insurgents , or even being the insurgents ourself (on Fallujah)! Server Performance: Also no one needs to worry about the server performance as we are using two headless clients, are constantly tweaking things to get the best possible experience and the persistent ALiVE-system keeps check of units on the map itself. Quick overview of the MSO / How to join / Screenshots & Trailer / Links to the Operation Orders from our last sessions: If you liked what you read above and want to read a bit more or get involved then you can follow this link to find a more detailed explanation of what we are doing, a guide on how to download the mods and join us, some screenshots and a trailer and links to the OPORDERs from our last sessions to get a better feeling of what we are actually doing. Hope to see you joining us!
  4. OPERATIONS ORDER 28032020
  5. APPENDIX of WARNING ORDER 14032020 COMPLAN Map of the Region Annotated with afore mentioned locations of friendly forces.
  6. Would be interested in doing RTO. Is there a signup or anything or just first come first serve at the day of the event?
  7. No, you didn't https://www.ahoyworld.net/enhanced/how-to-join-awe/ and https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/3174-how-to-install-the-ahoyworld-enhanced-and-public-mods-install-tfar/
  8. we tend to have large-scale-OPs every Saturday and sometimes do a few small-scale-assaults/recon midweek. Everything on how to join like the modset, etc. can be found here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/13704-joining-the-ahoyworld-multi-session-operations/?tab=comments#comment-98820 Like our other MSOs we play through a progressive capaign with ALIVE (this means that we are fighting enemies all over the map that actually work together, try to support themselves and try to attack and defend strategic positions) and the playstyle is slighty more realistc than AWE (fixed roles, limited supplies, less forgiving medical system, way longer times to reinsert, challenging AI (often Zeused as well), fixed realistic gear (i.e. no "SupEr-CoOL-SPeC-OpS"-bs), etc.) but still no MILSIM by far. Right now we are playing as the remains of NATO in estonia after an overwhelming russian attack (somewhat like the survive-campaign from ARMA itself). Though this saturday we are planning to make an attack that will open the door for NATO-reinforcements so that the next chapter will be a more conventional warfare-scenario (like the win-campaign from ARMA itself).
  9. Noah_Hero

    New MSO poster

    Link on how to join: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/13704-joining-the-ahoyworld-multi-session-operations/?tab=comments#comment-98820 Link to our subforum in general: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/169-multiple-session-operations/
  10. Just a reminder for everyone: ACE just got the new medical system and stuff changed significantly. So if you want to add ACE you really gotta be carefull with the settings to keep it a casual-fun-experience.
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