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  1. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Building the FOB took about 10 minutes. The rest of the MSO we were also guarding the FOB and you guys were patroling. So I don´t exactly see how any of us wasn´t occupied with tasks since guarding the FOB is a task. But if you want more action/stress then you´ll most likely get some more in the upcoming sessions since @kennychr will most likely make sure that people do keep 360s and are alerted the whole time. (Note that I don´t mean that insulting in any way!!) It looks like you are mixing up what you should be expecting from AWE with what you should be expecting from the MSOs. To clarify: AWE: Basically just for quick fun in a organized way and with equipment that is also used IRL (to a certain degree of couse since the Arsenal is very open). You kill a lot of bad guys and if you die it doesn´t really matters because you are reinserted quickly. So the fun evolves from quick action and that´s why AWE is basically right now aiming for casual players that think I&A is too casual. MSO: It might happen that you don´t shoot your rifle for the whole time but that isn´t a problem since it isn´t about getting kills at all. It is about having no idea what can happen and therefore beeing alerted the whole time and trying your best to not die at all while completing your tasks as good as possible. The fun basically comes from beeing stressed/alerted the whole time. This is why the MSOs aim for players who are interested in a more milsim-ish experience (note that the MSO is still not Milsim!). So long story short: Since everything is random at the MSO there is no guarantee that you´ll get to shoot anyone during the whole MSO. Sometimes there are these more silent sessions like yesterday but sometimes you´ll also have sessions where you are having contacs for like 4 hours straight! So if ALWAYS getting frags and having quick action is mandatory for you the MSO maybe just isn´t the right server for you to play on. If you really feel bored you can always ask your SL if he can give you some tasks or suggest one! I personally really hope that you´ll come back to the MSO but just make sure that you know what the MSO really is about/what you can expect from it. But like I said previously: I´d guess that in upcoming sessesions the stress will be more again. Best regards Noah
  2. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    Not for me and I was in LOGI "only" building a FOB without having any contacts. But that is what the MSO is about! You always have to be on the watch because anything can happen at any time since it is not zeused but only "made" by Alive! And better be happy that Kenny couldn´t Zeus because his Zeus broke because I saw very bad spacing while not keeping constant 360s up multiple times...in previous MSOs people simply got sniped for that You can´t have a "backup" because it is Alive...but I´m sure @kennychr can explain that better than I can. Well IRL you also don´t have contacts all the time... But I totally get your point and it can be frustrating if you aren´t shooting anything but that is just how Alive works. Sometimes nothing is happening sometimes the world is going down. But exactly because of this you always have to be on the lookout, keep up 360s, etc and if you do all of this you´ll have 4 stressfull hours even without contacts and that is where the fun comes from! Best regards Noah
  3. Problems from the past

    We need more players for AWE and the upcoming AWE+...So if you want to help you can simply do so by playing there again
  4. General news and info

    Don´t forget about tomorrows MSO: So keep in mind: The Roster isn´t fully updated! So even if you are in reserves attend please because there are plenty of slots to fill still since we got both squads + LOGI active! Please make sure that your Mods are up to date to not create any delay keep in mind that not all of the mods are already included in the AWE-modpack! Repo link: ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/124TH/.a3s/autoconfig If you want to attend and haven´t signed up yet you can do so by following this link: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9038-information-and-signup/ hope to see you all tomorrow and best regards Noah
  5. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    AW MVP 2017: @kennychr because of the MSOs AW most friendly admin/staff member 2017: @razgriz33 AW most helpful admin/staff member 2017: @SkullCollector AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2017: @Amentes...actually tried to teach me the MAAWS...I mean I am still super bad with any AT but he tried and didn´t went crazy AW friendliest user 2017: @Amentes AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2017: Everyone who is running a SCAR with flip-optics + laser + sound-supressor AW best ARMA pilot 2017: / AW best TeamSpeak singer 2017: / AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2017: @razgriz33 I mean he is frogman! AW best moment 2017 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): @razgriz33 with his frog! AW best forum post 2017 (please put url in): AW best drunk member 2017: / AW best driver 2017: @Amentes while making a super cool jump with a Humvee! AW worst driver 2017: @Amentes while failing the other two attemps for that jump and flipping both other Humvees AW best baby 2017: I really have to go with Mini there to get this to the final result: AW most absent staff member 2016: / AW best fail 2017: banning @J0hnson for flipping a Prowler...I mean yeah the driving could´ve been better there but even with his backstory a ban was a bit over the top for that AW best banned member 2017: Death because the whole story was pretty hilarious AW best TeamSpeak channel of 2017: / AW best game of 2017: Arma 3 I guess since I played it like 800 hours this year AW best official server of 2017: AWE I guess since I played the most there
  6. that sometimes actually happen in stiletto...the chance that one spawns is just super low
  7. MSO Op. Valiant

    Boths Squads as well as the LOGI Squad are opened! If you were putted into Reserves please attend as well since there are a lot of slots to fill and by far not all of the people in the Roster actually show up! If you want to attend and haven´t signed up yet do it here and join us on Saturday you can find the signup by following this link: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9038-information-and-signup/ make sure that your Mods are up to date to not create any delay! the mods are not all included in the AWE standard mod-pack! the Repo link is: ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/124TH/.a3s/autoconfig For general informations about the MSO please follow this link: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/103-aw-mso/
  8. Or you´ll be inserted by LOGI
  9. Stratis, MNP "USMC", I wasn´t the first on the server so Stiletto was already running.
  10. Bug report: After the map was loaded I wasn´t putted onto the map-spawn-selection-screen but insted was putted to your 0,0 platform. There I could open my map but not move. Respawning was possible though. This seemed to create a dead body on the platform but also a body that was floating above the platform (about 10 meters). This body had no collison enabled and could not get killed. Though in intervalls randomly it kept falling down and just through the platform (it splashed a lot and there weren´t any new bodies on top of it). Also I wasn´t able to find the bodies inside the platform/pier or on the bottom of the ocean. Also I wasn´t able to climb down the ladder to the boats (there was no option in no angle/distance to the ladder). This couldn´t be solved by respawning.
  11. Ideas \o/

    I would still like to see a different default-faction...I don´t mind any specific one but preferably just any faction that actually get´s used by people. For example make it RHS US Army or RHS USMC again since their gear is actually used by players whereas you are basically the only one who uses the current MNP "USMC" gear.
  12. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    This is not your AWE Ryko
  13. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    ^What David said @PiranhA because your (previously quoted) statement seems to imply that forum members without introduction post will loose their tags if they don´t make one until 01.01.18. So is this what you want to say or am I missunderstanding that?
  14. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    So I'll have to make a introduction post to keep member-tags?
  15. General news and info

    So we have 26 people in the Roster and today as well as last week there are like 7 people online... Just saying: