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  1. Noah_Hero

    Situation Resolved

    End of Operation Unrelenting Resolve. With a swift invasion, NATO forces successfully intervened to prevent the Al-Rayaki government from attacking their neighboring countries. Furthermore, the region was stabilized after the ceasefire as a growing insurgency, comprised of rogue parts of the Al-Rayaki Army, was stopped. Hitman and Spectre took many casulties but managed to prevail, even as one of them got abducted. Thankfully in a joint effort they managed to rescue their lost man in the last days of the war.
  2. Nice to see you again. Still remember you from my early AWE days when we played together. Below I leave some picks you took on some day when only we were online on AWE on Fallujah doing some frun resupply/convoy mission in Gauntlet: Was a super fun time!
  3. Poor @JaSmAn. Though at least he can now already get nominated to win the "Friendliest Hostage" Award again this year
  4. Noah_Hero


    Campaign Unrelenting Resolve - Operation Harmony
  5. Yes, we're normal grunts again, convoying with some MAT-Vs and MTVRs. We were about 20 to 25. Therefore, we should be able to fill Hitman 1, 1-1, 1-2 and 8-1 again. If we get more people we still have 1-3 to fill. Sure, it's his mission. The setup for this mission is basically the same as for the airfield assault though.
  6. The Frag-O for the fifth mission (13.02.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_130221.pdf roads? cruisen!
  7. The Frag-O for the fourth mission (06.02.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_060221.pdf We've been on the water, we've been on the roads, the sky was the limit. Not anymore!
  8. Operation Unrelenting Resolve - Airfield assault With @Johnsons favority vehicle "MYOJJY" in the background.
  9. Actual footage from back then (at least from a long time ago) with Forunate Son playing:
  10. The Frag-O for the third mission (30.01.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_300121.pdf Get ready for a roadtrip!
  11. The Frag-O for the second mission (23.01.2021) of the campaign is now ready: FRAG-O_230121.pdf Get ready for a day at the beach!
  12. Our modset can also always be found in MSO/Guides and Information/Current Modset:
  13. First of all: NO ONE is required to read any of this. You can perfectly fine join the missions without ever opening this whole sub-forum! Now that this is out of the way: Though, if you are interested in the lore of the campaign or if you are planning on SLing in the missions and want to give yourself an edge by knowing things like: Lore information Information about the enemy (equipment, capabilities, how will he react to what, etc.) Standard procedures (e.g. ROE, Actions on Halts, Lost Marine Plan, etc.) The Comms Plan, etc. Maps of the country et
  14. So we‘re attacking Taris, to search for a VIP, huh? Guess we‘re with Malak then but I sure hope we’ll find the VIP fast enough... Heard rumors Malak will just bombard Taris into oblivion if our search takes too long. And that he doesn’t care about friendly fire. One would really need something fast like the Ebon Hawk to get out of there in that case. Long Live the Sith!
  15. Also do note that we have switched the MSO to TFAR as well to make it in this regard consistent with AWE (when this has switched as well). So no more changing plug-ins and reconfigurating controls, etc! Edit because of reactions to this post: Not sure why one would be "sad" about this. We used TFAR on the MSO until 2019 and it worked exactly as fine as ACRE did the last two years and even better sometimes (remember radio ranges being broken in MSO OP Talon in 2019 for example). And if you're still sad then see it as if we're now continuing the story of the USMC Al Rayak invasion fr
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