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  1. Looking for travel partner to Chernobyl/Kiev

    @Amentes are you now becoming a professional holiday-trip-planner?
  2. Community Update #5

    As always when staff changes: Please update the "Staff list & hierarchy"-post. (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9333-staff-list-hierarchy/) Also you might want to add a "XML-Manager" position for Janxol in there.

    Playing supportive roles like here as I did a bit of LOGI and at some point called in a heavy Vortex to airlift a broken+abandoned NYX Recon back to base.
  4. Time to move on

    Feels bad that you`re leaving as you always had an open ear for improvement-ideas, etc and were one of the most helpful and friendly staff members. Anyways good luck along the path and as that crazy-AWE-boat-guy that I am, I very much like that the Navy was your choice!
  5. AhoyWorld End Of Year Awards - 2018

    AW MVP 2018: @kennychr AW most friendly admin/staff member 2018: @Chuck AW most helpful admin/staff member 2018: @Mark T AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2018: @Stanhope AW strictest admin/staff member 2018: @Solex AW most absent staff member 2018: @SkullCollector AW most active staff member 2018: @Lindi AW friendliest user 2018: @Amentes AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2018: there is just no way it isn´t @MoonFire AW most incoherent ARMA player 2018: @Noah_Hero because either I was not not around, or a lot around and when around I was either super serious or getting annoyed and started to meme or just insta-Alt+F4ed. AW best ARMA pilot 2018: @Amentes AW worst ARMA pilot 2018: this guy backflipping his heli: AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2018: @MoonFire AW best drunk member 2018: Cpt. Liver-failure aka @Johnson AW best moment 2018 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): starting this: AW best forum post 2018 (please put url in): according to @MoonFire definitly (he loved that one) AW best driver 2018: @Johnson as no powlers were flipped this year AW worst driver 2018: still @Amentes AW best baby 2018: idk @fir_nevs AW best fail 2018: biggest fail has to be starting to host SQUAD as it failed miserably AW best banned member 2018: @TheScar AW best TeamSpeak channel of 2018: Navigation Deck AW best game of 2018: Arma3 AW best official server of 2018: AWE
  6. Community Update #4

    Seems a bit misleading that the soldiers are using RHS gear even though I&A isn´t modded. So maybe replace that picture with something that only shows available gear to not confuse people.
  7. Introduction Neuralbow

    or @Jochem with his 6878 hours
  8. AWE Status

    Just for reference: Zeusing was never random but there where a few moderators like KPJ who did great missions just midweek-straight-outta-nowhere within Stiletto/AWE, or just stopped the mission-AI and builded a completely new random mission from scratch but before you joined the server there was a bit of ranting and rage-quitting so now we have no more of them left.
  9. AWE Status

    I wouldn´t call wearing the same camo-pattern "hardcore immersion"
  10. AWE Status

    Sure in my opinion.
  11. AWE Status

    My problem is the ruined immersion by tons of different gear. So if we use slightly modded I&A4 instead of AWE I am all for it because the arsenal is faction specific.
  12. AWE Status

    That instead of AWE sounds nice indeed.
  13. AWE Status

    I feel like this will mostly just be the very same I&A-chaos but with mods.
  14. AWE Status

    Sure but these aren´t happening anymore so people like me tend to not play anymore. I`m talking about people going full spec-ops-look-at-my-coolest-boiiii-EUWest-loadout-style instead of standard army of whatever nation. Also being in a fireteam made up of soldiers of 4 different nations plus one whatever-spec-ops-guy seems fairly unrealistic
  15. AWE Status

    Unfortunately that ruins game-immersion for more serious players BUT it is a valid point wich I can understand...just makes more serious players play elsewhere.