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  1. I'll Tell Ya What

    Well that´s just not what AWE is about I`d say
  2. LOGI-action on #EU1

  3. LOGI-action on #EU1

    Don´t tell anyone but he actually lost it above the ocean.
  4. LOGI-action on #EU1

    Vortex assisting LOGI by airlifting a recovered BLUFOR NYX Recon back to base whose Crew presumably had to abondon it in the AO due to heavy damage.
  5. nope, there is a platform in the ocean.
  6. Acceptable casualities?

    "You stopped planting charges"
  7. As far as I know things/players are prespawned at the (0,0)-coordinate of the map, if this hasn´t been changed...Maybe it is worth a try to check if something is there when you can´t find it in the AO because it might just hasn´t been moved (We had that a hell-of-a-lot versions back sometimes with objects and even players upon spawning). And if it isn´t there that might at least be valuable for troubleshooting.
  8. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    6x optics on LASERlike accurate guns with 200rounds like the M249 were OP AF while beeing nearly useless on other weapons like the M240 because of the the completely insane kick of said weapons (You would loose your target immediately).
  9. Every landing you can walk away from...

    well at least I could walk away before the pilot decided to do a backflip-takeoff #justI&Athings
  10. Task force radio mod in Invade & annex

    Hop onto our TS (ts.ahoyworld.net) and look at the description of the "Setup Room - See description!" or check out this Guide on how to get everything ready to join: Also feels free to ask for help via the forums or on TS! Also this is where you can find the subforum @Stanhope mentioned: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/86-enhanced-server-information-and-discussion/ and in there you can find a lot of guides to allow you a smooth start: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/96-guides/ Best regards Noah
  11. I&A 4 Billboard Competition #2 By Michal

    Hmm, feels missleading that the soldiers are (partially) using AWE-mod-equipement even though this is I&A4-advertisement. But it definitly looks cool!
  12. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    No need to apologize at all!
  13. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    For what? You brought the idea up and ansin was marked by stan. So he will see it and decide weather it willl be implemented or not together with the rest of the dev-team. It doesn´t matter how many people would vote for or against it. Especially considering that most of the players playing on the public servers aren´t even on the forums wich means the results aren´t representative anyways.
  14. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    He is just saying that he isn´t responsible. i.e. you have to ask ansin as he seems to be the the one to make such descisions.