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  1. Bad news for @Amentes and @Johnson as @Jochem is giving his best to claim this years "Worst Driver Award" by not just flipping a HMMWV or Prowler but an MRAP instead and even making sure that after unflipping it the engine keeps burning! You really habe to step up your game guys! Also shout out to the competitor (as seen proudly posing in the picture) for keeping the challenge as fair as possible by performing his stunt on Lythium as well #JochemIsTheBest
  2. Noah_Hero

    MSO Patrol 12.08.19

    Saber 1 marching from Mikis FOB (096113) to Hill 439 (067114) to establish OPs onto Mafaraz and Kunara.
  3. It is a 'unique identifier'. Essentially a unique number for each person. In Arma it is the Player ID wich can be found on your profile-tab (and wich is the same as your Steam ID), and in TS you can find it by clicking on 'tools'->'identities'.
  4. Unfortunately I only had an indirect line to Pilot to call him when all of a sudden 50 civis decided to come out of their houses and have a look at the artillery
  5. So this is the new every-about-six-months-occuring-rant-about-how-bad-AW-is episode? My opinion: First of all I want to say that I am a bit dissapointed that this is only one page so far as we are used to have longer episodes before. It also worries me that only one ranter could've been found. These two points make me wonder wether this series might be getting old and people are putting less effort into it. But nonetheless I do enjoy the new spin that it focuses on EU1 this time and not on AWE as that topic was really getting old. As a side-note: Even though this is a EU1-spinoff-episode, I like the 'If you don't like it here, leave and play somewhere else'-quote as it kind of belongs to the series at this point! Conclusion: I would give it a 4/10 at best and put it in line with SCRUBS Season 9!!!!!1!!!! So my advice would be to just end the series and start a totally new one. Maybe something with Aliens...seems to be hyped atm
  6. In Alpha we where only using ingame comms and these Radios where hard to manage without benefits like TFAR/ACRE where you just set the command louder than group, seperate the transmissions by speakers, etc. This often led to me not understanding a word of what command or my FTL where trying to say when there was chatter on both channels as they have the same volume and can't be modified individually. Possible Solutions might be: Force TS-usage and have each squad in his own channel -> This way you could just mute TS real quick if you are talking to command via the ingame command-channel and have your FTL/SL louder than the rest of the squad to always be able to hear them even if someone else is talking (This would also help if people are generally transmitting rather quiet). Or if you don`t want to force TS-usage: Have squad-internal comms on the ingame groupchannel but use a dedicated TS-channel as a command-channel for SLs, Vortex and Plat-Co -> This way you could just boost the volume of TS to always be able to hear that channel. But obviously you would loose the advantages of changing the volume of specific people in your squad or being able to mute your squad when talking to command. Personally I am a fan of the first one because it is the easiest and most convenient/flexible solution as everyone can just use the volume-settings that he likes. Also installing TS isn't really a big hurdle to take for people who want to join and it might make these Zeus-Ops a bit more of a stepping stone towards AWE.
  7. When half of the squad is dead and your medic is next to you.... but AFK!
  8. Done with my Semester by now and able to play some Arma again. So I should be able to join again.
  9. Noah_Hero

    Community Update #6

    Missing the boat-backgounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuMV6OdcwxY
  10. I am literally dumb, I voted the wrong option Anyway to change my vote from the 'no' to 'yes, I want Tanoa'?
  11. Unsuprisingly I voted for a strict arsenal. Reasons: Immersion, as I always have been crusading for that. (Though I don`t have that much of a problem with people using non-faction weapons. For me the main part is uniforms)
  12. I'd guess from the IDAP-campaign-mission ('The Redacted') where you are playing as CSAT and call in an Airstrike on Oreokastro even though there are still non-combatants in the city. Though it is left open wether it actually were CSAT special-forces or NATOs CTRG but since you played the whole time only as CSAT people tend to associate only them with the airstrike.?
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