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  1. A Flight to Remember

    Missing Fallujah
  2. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    As Mini already said, you were one of the best AWE-mods I got to play with so it feels really bad to see you leaving as well. I wish you all the best for the future and don´t mind the boot-camp, just read this guide and you will be good to go: Best regards Noah
  3. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    but from that page I got this very XML:
  4. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/bkg7sLSOvhH3F4e6gUs3pIox35mA6mOj/squad.xml (Whole path: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8845-squad-xml-membership/ -> https://tags.ahoyworld.net/ -> http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/bkg7sLSOvhH3F4e6gUs3pIox35mA6mOj/squad.xml )
  5. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Sounds good! Maybe it is a good idea to remove everyone from the programms and then start off completely fresh by again putting in people who you think should be in there instead of merging FAs and Vets together. But sounds like a good plan so far. And thanks for the reply!
  6. I think having no Vortex makes people value their lives more. Because of this I like the idea of having it locked until a certain amount of players is reached that makes it more reasonable to use. Also there are plenty of other ways to get to the AO like Boats or Cars that do take longer but often not a lot. Also I would for these ones rather have someone in LOGI constantly reinforcing the troops in the AO instead of a Vortex since it just seems to fit these small numbers of people a lot better. And I don´t like rallypoints aswell but if you are online with just two people, I must agree that they are helpfull. They are even helpfull for immersion then since you are at least not constantly bringing more and more vehicles to the AO what would happen if you would have no designated driver.
  7. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    Seems like a good descision. Though I am wondering what will be the official statement of what a Field Ambassador in general and for each of the servers is? Because until now it was "Is recognised in the community as knowledgeable" (ts.ahoyworld.net -> What do our Teamspeak Tags mean -> Field Ambassador) but as far as I understood it, it was also ment to indicate who helps out within in the community (as you stated yourself in this post), behaves properly, sticks to the rules, etc or to get this in one smaller statement: Someone who is a good example to others. This, in my personal opinion, seems to not always be given especially in the veteran programm. So will the consequenze be to just describe the programm with something like "Is recognised in the community as knowledgeable" without any good-example-requirements or will it be something totally different?
  8. Add the "MRZR 4" ("rhsusf_mrzr_4_d") as spawnable unarmed ground-vehicle. That one is the SOCOM-rollcage-jeep (quite similar to the prowler).
  9. Also definitly not possible if you are alone. Even without an engine attached a Rhib like this has a weight of 200kg I would say. With engine and equippement that surely goes up to 300kg. Now imagine "pushing" that one through wet sand...good luck trying
  10. @Ryko is correct. Boats than can be pushed: Assault Boat / Rescue Boat Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue) SDV (Seal-Delivery-Vehicle) Jet-Ski Boats that can`t be pushed: Mk. V SOC (Mark Five Special-Operations-Craft) Speedboat Minigun / Speedboat HMG Rhib (Rigid-hulled inflatable boat)
  11. vortex <> respawning

    Even though I am not staff I`ll still give my opinion on this: I think rally-points are problematic in general because of what you described aswell as the fact that they encourage people to not value their lives and therefore take unecessary risks because they just have to wait a few seconds after dying before they can get back to the action. Also because of the constant stream of "reinserts" they prevent great gameplay that could evolve out of people actually having to get reinserted (like having to rescue that one guy that survived while everyone else got killed or something similar).
  12. Because it would still keep the casual approach while giving it a more serious one every once in a while. You could even make it so that it would only be a faction that can be choosen by PlatCo via the Whiteboard so players would only have to play as such if they would want to. Yes but if you want to have immersion there is no way for you to make others wear faction-specific gear except for submitting gamenights.
  13. Sounds like a great idean @Stanhope and even greater considering that you would code it yourself! Feel bad that the idea is just thrown away even though it would only limit the arsenal sometimes and not always wich sounds like a perfectly fair concept to satisfy not only the casuals but also the more serious players...
  14. I dont mind what what we are wearing as long as it is similar. Would even wear some MNP-uniform if everyone else would do.
  15. We can still have dreams