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  1. We tried that and people couldn‘t have cared less and the ones who came often got bored and wanted to meme...it was so bad that @SkullCollector tends to start screaming and just runs away if you say „training“. (For reference: and fitting music for skull while reading this: https://youtu.be/ZQ7oqmikZDQ?t=47; Also press F to pay respect for Amentes, unreliable (made up) sources say this is the reason he was never seen again at AW). Also coming from a computer science background I personally don’t mind to read myself through the documentations of mods (ACE and ACRE2 have really good
  2. No, I am saying that people like me joined with the hope of it maybe becoming a good AWE substitution until AWE would return. I even advertised AWE in those sessions and even to you personally because you seemed interested in this style of gameplay. A lot of those old boots are helping with development. Be it through mission-testing like a lot of the AW Vets or like Johnson through making the arsenals for BAF and SAF, SLing and PLing amazing missions and creating promo-content. The new players ask for features just as much. Look at Stryker asking for certain gear
  3. Yes, that is bad behavior as well. Though I didn‘t see anyone calling newer players randoms, etc. in the ongoing discussion and therefore didn‘t say anything about that. I just answered gambits post as I thought those accusations were unjustly and insulting.
  4. There they were: and voiced their opinion. That is about where they were as well by the poll but no one actually got their will as a given direction. As much as I agree that this arguing is wrong (because it just won’t change anything) I think it is a bit shortsighted to just say that all the „old boots“ did nothing for AWE. I played a few of the EU1 GNs as well (I mostly didn’t liked them but I hoped that this could evolve in somehow decent gameplay) and so did other „old boots“. A lot of the „old boots“ didn’t join but I don’t think you can point on them a
  5. @Karate Pyjamas: About the gear stuff you're bringing up: I am very much with you but as seen earlier in this topic, the BAF-arsenal that Johson made was meant to force people to use not all that much OP equippement, etc., but obviously the playerbase didn't liked that too much, hence the gear-requests. And if the majority of the playerbase just wants this playstyle then that is what it will be because otherwise you'll just end up with an empty server again because no one has what he wants. I would honestly recommend to try to live with the servers mentality as it is, play only when you like i
  6. I do think that all those things like supressors, stun-nades, etc. aren't in the arsenal because @Johnson made it with the intention of having a more regular army faction instead of the widely-open-up-to-SpEcIaL-OpS-style-arsenal factions we usually had.
  7. I know that is what it means IRL but I am guessing in this context it is probably only "United States Armed Forces" from RHS?
  8. AN/PRC-77 next time for RTOs. It is an actual Backpack VHF LR (from 1968 but closer to WW2 than a 152). So it has more weight and only half the range of the 152s which is a bit more realistic.
  9. Alpha already did D-Day this year: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/14780-war-for-altis-act-2-mission-8-modded-zeus-ops-190420-1630-utc/?do=findComment&comment=131344
  10. As the title says, this guide will teach you how to issue an order according to NATO-standards. Note: No one expects you to know these things but it might be benefitial for understanding them and is certainly benefitial if you're any kind of leader and want to order your men to perform any task as the format doesn't change whether you are a general or a TL. Therefore the linked PDF down below provides: A guide on how to write an Order The differences between Orders Explanations of different Tactical Control Measures (TCMs) A Layout example for an Order
  11. Alright, seeing as some people are interested, I was planning on doing a respective event on the next Thursday (20.08.2020) at 17:00 UTC (Calendar-event will be up shortly). As we have a BF3:BF4 ratio of 6:7, we will start off with BF4 (sorry Karate).
  12. Alright, so I assume in the first question one of the No votes is a Yes vote then and in the second question one of the no votes is a BF3-vote?
  13. After yesterdays session of Rush in Arma I remembered how much I loved this mode in Battlefield and to be honest think that I enjoyed it there more. Therefore, I was thinking about hosting a Battlefield Rush Gamenight if people would like that.
  14. As BLUFOR I also experienced that my channel sometimes set itself to a random one upon respawning as well
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