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  1. FRAGMENTARY ORDER 11072020 Reference BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados. ORIENTATION: We are currently located at the Main Operations Base / 040004. The Area of Operation is the SE-E region of Tembelan with the boundaries of our AO being as follows: To the north – Tambang Dua, to the east – the Gulf of Mexico, to the south – The Gulf of Mexico and to the west – the Gulf of Mexico (see Attachment 1). As US involvement was still unknown to the Los Zetas, they retaliated for the attack on Embun Beku by attacking a FOB of the local Police. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and could only confirm that the FOB had been overrun. Though we managed to push back further arriving forces of the Los Zetas and got word of a nearby safehouse from which they presumably staged their attack. Upon investigating we found clues referring to a priest in the town of Segi Tiga to act as a middleman for the cartel. Further investigations strengthened this and even though our questioning was subtle, the priest left abruptly and presumably alerted cartel forces who unsuccessfully ambushed us. Today we finally got time to investigate on why the landlord of our former MOB had us moved out. No further changes. 1. SITUATION: a. Enemy Forces: No changes. b. Friendly Forces: Higher: Darkstar is located at the Main Operations Base at grid 040004 and is commanding Helios operation to gather evidence and disrupt the enemy operation. 2. MISSION: Today, we are to move to the village of Garasi to investigate on why the landlord of our former MOB had us moved out, to get a better understanding of the situation regarding the influence of the Los Zetas Cartel. 3. EXECUTION: a. Commanders Intent: Purpose: To get a better understanding of the influence of the Los Zetas. Method: We will gear up, conduct gear as well as vehicle checks, move to our former MOB and question our former landlord (see Attachment 2). End state: We got intel about the Los Zetas Cartel or provoked a reaction of them. In the case that we find any intel that allows us to further operate off, refer to Commanders Intent of the Base Order (3.a.) b. Concept of operations: Scheme of Maneuver: The Operation will be conducted by 2 Squads commanded by Darkstar. The 1st Squad will be leading the operations in the field and the 2nd Squad will be supporting the 1st Squad in their task. We will stage at the Starting Point (SP 1) and follow the road towards Check Point 1 (CP 1), where we will turn right and keep following the road past Checkpoint 2 (CP 2). At Battle Position 1 / Release Point 1 (BP 1 / RP 1) one team will be released from the convoy and set up a hasty defensive position with a roadblock facing South. The remainder of the convoy will continue towards Release Point 2 (RP 2), where another team will be released and continue towards Battle Position 2, where they will set up a hasty defensive position with a roadblock facing north. The other team will instead turn left and move to Objective Mike (Obj. Mike). They will there park their vehicle accordingly to prevent other vehicles from leaving the estate and question the landlord (See Attachment 2). (See Attachment 1) c. Tasks: No changes. d. Coordinating instructions: Planning and Execution Timeline: 1700: Squads gear up and conduct gear, vehicle and communication checks 1715: Squads achieved operations-ready state and get briefed 1725: Squads leave the MOB Tactical Control Measures: SP 1: 041005, CP 1: 041010, CP 2: 049022, BP 1 / RP 1: 048031, RP 2: 053036, BP 2: 053037, Obj. Mike: 050034 Route: See Attachment 1. No further changes. 4. ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS: No changes. 5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL: No changes. Attachment 1: Map of the AO. Annotated with TCMs and the Route. Attachment 2: The target to question.
  2. FRAGMENTARY ORDER 04072020 Reference BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados.
  3. Noah_Hero

    War on Drugs Begins

    If you also want to get involved into the AW MSO check out this post on how to join: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/11848-how-to-mods-and-acre2-installation/ or our subforum in general: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/169-multiple-session-operations/ If you`re looking for all the general details about the MSOs Campaign 7 - Operation Chingados as well as the infos specific for each session (like the grid of this "undisclosed location"), then check out this post in our subforum: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/16267-campaign-seven-tembelan-operation-chingados/ Our sessions start every saturday on 17:00 UTC and will be announced in the events-section. Feel free to join
  4. BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados is up: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/16267-campaign-seven-tembelan-operation-chingados/ FRAGMENTARY ORDER 27062020 for this saturday is up: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/16267-campaign-seven-tembelan-operation-chingados/?do=findComment&comment=206014 The Base Order is the Order for the whole Campaign. It therefore contains all the information about the AO, the enemy forces, our forces, the mission, ROE, procedures for convoys, lost agents, no comms, the callsigns, the COC, etc. So everything that is important. It is not mandatory to read it but highly advised for everyone who wants to lead not only because of the intel but especially because of the standard procedures! For everyone else I would also strongly suggest to give it a quick read to familiarize yourself as well with the standard procedures (e.g. what to do if your radio breaks or you get seperated from the rest, etc.) The Fragmentary Order is the Order for the respective session. It therefore builds on the Base Order by just updating information whereever something has changed like what is the daily mission, how will it be executed, etc. This means that the Orders for the sessions can be much shorter than last campaign! It is also not mandatory to read, but as before should be read by anyone who wants to lead to familiarize yourself with the upcoming plan not only because of the intel but also because it allows us to get faster out of base. For everyone else it obviously also provides a good overview over what is about to happen.
  5. FRAGMENTARY ORDER 27062020 Reference BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados.
  6. BASE ORDER for Operation Chingados ORIENTATION: The area of interest is the Island of Tembelan in the Gulf of Mexico (See attachment 1). Key areas in the AO are the city of Bagain / 015055, the Bawah Naval Base / 038008, the Besar Airbase / 017048, the city of Dicuri Rusak / 071040, the mining complex of Ekspor / 062048, the town of Gereja / 058055, the Hijau Solar- and Windfarm / 041004, the city of Ikan Kota / 024081 with the Hijau Military Substation, the town of Kumuh Persegi / 091052 with the international Airport and the Communication Base, the city of Lapagan Futsal / 053063 with its port and industrial complexes, the city of Parit / 074047, the Pengolahan Industrial complex / 054035, the town of Segi Tiga / 046027, the Selatan Airbase / 046014 that is used by the Mexican Police and the Tepi Pantai Resort / 032034 with its Airstrip. This is a joint DEA, FEADS and CIA operation to destroy the violent Los Zetas Cartel that has taken over the island to use it as a base for their sex, drug and gun trafficking operation. The local populace has been forced to cooperate with the Los Zetas Cartel as criminal workforce and lost their trust in state agencies due to not receiving any help because of a lack of will to resolve the situation from the side of the government as well as from the side of the local, partially corrupt, police. The terrain is lush and ranges from mountains to flatlands and the island is quite populated with the afore mentioned large cities as well as several other small towns and villages. The weather is mostly sunny and warm and is not expected to impact our capabilities in any way. SITUATION: a. Enemy Forces: Composition, Disposition and Strength: The cartel forces in the region are estimated to consist of well-trained militia in groups ranging from a pair up to 12-man teams. They are equipped with various weapon platforms, static weapons, light vehicles, limited communication assets and have the ability to call for an adjust 82 mm mortars. They further appear to wear civilian clothing and worn off woodland camo. Capabilities and Limitations: The cartel forces within the AO appear to have the massed combat power to defend key terrain. The cartel forces will have limited capability to reinforce quickly. Due to limited numbers the cartel forces are unlikely to attack without a tactical advantage. They can conduct a withdrawal from their established positions to conduct link-up with other elements of the cartel. They can and will delay our forces in the area. EMLCOA: On contact the cartel forces will initially try to delay our forces to set up defences and reinforce their position. They will further continue to engage DEA forces until they lose the tactical advantage. They will then start to destroy evidence and withdraw. b. Friendly Forces: Higher: Darkstar is located at the Main Operations Base / 050034 and is commanding Helios operations to gather evidence and disrupt the enemy operation. 2. MISSION: Our Mission is to destroy the sex, drug and weapon trafficking operations of the Los Zetas Cartel on the Mexican Island of Tembelan, because they are using it as a base to stage their shipments headed for the US. 3. EXECUTION: a. Commanders Intent: Purpose: To destroy the cartels operations, hinder their influence in the region and retrieve as much evidence as we can. Method: The enemies centre of gravity is his small size and maneuverability, thus increasing their ability to conceal their movement and reacting quickly to evolving events. The enemies critical vulnerability is their lack of equipment and training and their dependence on the cell-phone net to communicate. We will exploit this by shutting down the cell-phone net, aggressively patrolling to locate, isolate and systematically disrupt cartel operations and confiscate contraband within our AO. End state: The desired end state is, that the Los Zetas Cartel operations are stopped, so that the Mexican police can regain control over the region. b. Concept of operations: Scheme of Maneuver: The Operation will be conducted by 2 Squads commanded by Darkstar. The 1st Squad will be leading the operations in the field and the 2nd Squad will be supporting the 1st Squad in their task. c. Tasks: Helios-1-1: Will act as 1st Squad. Helios-1-2: Will act as 2nd Squad. d. Coordinating instructions: ROE: Return fire only. Organization for Movement: Convoy order, including any escorts, will be as follows: Helios-1-1, escorts, Helios-1-2 (from front to back). Convoy speeds will be according to street signs. Actions at Rally Points and Halts: All units will conduct a dismount with the units in the front vehicle setting up 180° security facing in the convoy driving direction and the units in the rear vehicle setting up 180° security facing backwards. Actions on enemy contact: While convoying all contact is to be broken unless advised different from Darkstar or Helios-1-1-SL. When breaking contact the formation is to be kept if possible and all speed limits can be disregarded. If a vehicle gets damaged to an extend that it cannot effectively break contact, the convoy will stop and answer the contact with immediate assault. No Comm Plan: When losing any SR communications (AN/PRC-343) or any LR communications (AN/PRC-152) between SLs and Darkstar at any point, the operation is to be continued out as briefed. Upon losing any LR communications (AN/PRC-152) between SLs at any point, the operation is to be continued out as briefed. Leaders should try to regain communications between them by switching their AN/PRC-343s to block 1, channel 1. Even if this is to no avail, the radios should be kept on this channel in case the SR communications can be restored at a later point. Lost Agent Plan: The lost Agent will try to regain communications and, if not advised other, return to the last identified TCM and wait there for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed OR the last TCM cannot be identified OR the last TCM is not a feasible location to reach (e.g. due to distance, enemy contact, etc.), the lost Agent will move to the last known friendly position. If after 20 minutes no friendly units can be located there, the lost Agent will try to make his way back to base. 4. ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS: a. Administration: Casualties: A Local Doctor is at the Main Operations Base. Squad Medics will be deployed with Helios-1-1 and Helios-1-2. All casualties treated/processed/reported by the Squads with self-aid and buddy aid and proper CASREPs to the CO. All Prisoners: Will be immediately communicated to the CO and searched. Darkstar will advise further. b. Logistics: Gear will be distributed. Supplies and designated vehicles are available at the Main Operations Base. Coordinate with higher up for needed gear and logistical requests. All logistics will be handled prior to departure from the Main Operations Base. 5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL: a. Signal: Radio-communication and callsigns will be according to the COMPLAN as follows: Callsign: Radio: Channel: Darkstar AN/PRC-152 Ch.1 Helios-1-1-SL AN/PRC-152 Ch.1 Helios-1-2-SL AN/PRC-152 Ch.1 Helios-1-1 AN/PRC-343 Bl.1, Ch.1 Helios-1-2 AN/PRC-343 Bl.1, Ch.2 Hand and arm signals can always be used as well as voice commands. Pyrotechnics and signals will be as follows: Green is friendly forces Red is enemy forces Purple is casualty Yellow is designated LZ b. Command: Location of Key Personnel: Darkstar will be at the Main Operations Base or if elsewhere the grid will be shared with the SLs. Succession of Command: Darkstar, Helios-1-1-SL, Helios-1-2-SL, Helios-1-1-1st-TL, Helios-1-1-2nd-TL, Helios-1-2-1st-TL, Helios-1-2-2nd-TL Attachment 1: Map of the Area of Interest
  7. The Server (EU3/AWE) is up again since a few months and we`re running a version of Liberation on it. How to join: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15470-how-to-join-awe-liberation/ The rules:https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15597-awe-liberation-ruleset/ (pretty self-explanatory though tbh)
  8. And in case you still dont want to then keep in mind that it is also just simply against the rules to take such loadouts:
  9. Could you please remove the need for Calender events to be approved by staff? It is not a big thing but it is a bit annoying and especially so if the event is already on the next day or so (for example the event I created for Kennys GN today never got approval because everyone overlooked it probably and Kenny forgot about doing it). Also I don't see a reason why calender events must be approved but other posts on the forums not.
  10. Essentially you create loadouts for your guys and the enemy guys with what RHS has to offer and save them as a faction. Like for example you could create some SuPer-TaCtiC00L-Sp3C-0Ps-guys and make a PMC-faction with them or just some random civis with AKs and call them insurgents (e.g. Stiletto where we had a ton of custom made factions that Ryko made).
  11. FRAG-O for saturday (30.05.2020) is up: Lore: The patrol went even worse than we thought. Sure we knew there had to be trouble out there when we got asked by ARES-1 to assist them but no one expected this! Not enough that the region wasn't secured one bit but the Loyalists even openly attacked ARES-1 HQ and devasted the platoon. One of their squads was lucky to be out on patrol and we managed to MEDEVAC a heavily wounded soldier but that is now all that is remaining of ARES-1. Therefore, ARES Company HQ deemed them combat ineffective and is treating them back at the airfield. For us that means that we have to continue our patrol south without them to back us up if the need arises but nevertheless our platoons morale is still high as we are close to ending this damned civil war.
  12. FRAGMENTARY ORDER 30052020 Reference OPERATIONS ORDER 23052020.
  13. OPORDER for today (23.05.2020) is up: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/14389-campaign-six-altis/?do=findComment&comment=154809 Lore: SE. The last major region of Altis we haven't been in and ARES-1 has its hands so full that they asked us to assist with patroling the area. And what a patrol this will be! Long as hell with everything from mountainous areas to the dense urban environments of Pyrgos. So basically a dream for every guerilla and a day as usual for the soldiers of ARES-2...
  14. OPERATIONS ORDER 23052020
  15. Hitman Base (@Minipily, @Sack, myself) standing by for calls for fire by Hitman 1 (@Jochem). How proper artillery comms are done: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/14836-calling-in-support-cas-idf-according-to-the-usmc-basic-school/
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