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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I am officially announcing what will likely be my complete departure from AhoyWorld. As I have mentioned to some, I will be stepping down from the Enhanced moderator team on June 19; this will be paired with an indefinite hiatus from the community as well, though I fully intend to return when I can. In December of 2017, I enlisted in the United States Navy, with my boot camp date set for June 20th of 2018. After boot, I will be going straight to my respective school, and will likely be deploying after that (this will easily encompass the next 3 years). I will be limiting any computer usage strictly to studying during this period. To those members of the Enhanced realm of AhoyWorld reading this now, thank you for being my friends and family. I have tried my best to be a player, a moderator, a teacher, and a counselor; and if nothing else I hope I have succeeded in being another human being that you were always glad to talk to. I have spent a good 1,700 hours on Enhanced alone, and have seen many people come and go. Throughout the three years I've spent racking up those hours, though, my mind has never changed that both the server and AhoyWorld in general are diamonds in the rough that is the rest of the Arma 3 community. Nobody will ever be able to duplicate the truly unique things that you all share. I will still be active up until the 19th. I am just making this notice ahead of time so that I have a proper buffer to wrap things up with, and so that I'm not rushing to get a message out right before I have to leave. You'll still see me on Enhanced as often as always, and on TeamSpeak so long as I'm awake. Regards, Shadow
  2. FEATURE REQUEST: New mission - ambush. A friendly convoy carrying a journalist/VIP/other non-combatant has been attacked and completely immobilized. Players are tasked with getting the remaining wounded friendlies back to base, and ensuring the non-combatant gets to his designated location. This could be expanded upon to create an extended or two-part mission, where upon getting the wounded healed, they need to be dropped back off to the VIP to continue to ensure his safety. Afterwards, there could be another attack in which players and the few AI forces would have to defend the VIP. In other words, this is a pretty open-ended mission that could have multiple paths to go down. Unedited screenshots of what this mission would probably look like (staged a mock mission in the editor to convey the idea better): This is being proposed to increase mission diversity. I have been trying to think up some other scenarios recently to go along with this, that wouldn't be too stressful on the server; in time, I'm sure I will think of more.
  3. After some brief testing: Kill HVT mission does not spawn the option to confirm the HVT. As such, mission cannot be completed. The designated target still actively runs away from players, though. Video: Capture HVT mission gives the option for the HVT to be restrained, but does not work when completed. If captured and brought back to base, though, the mission now completes. Video: Intel appears to work beautifully now; no issues to report. Rescue pilots/Crash site mission now works properly. Previously, the mission would not complete upon the pilots being returned to main base. Video of the full mission just for log purposes: Peace talks mission now works properly. Previously, there would be a chance the hostile presence would spawn as hostile, rather than neutral and instantly attack players as though it were a regular mission. Video of the full mission just for log purposes: Recover cache mission now works properly. Previously, the mission would not complete upon bringing the cache back to main base and would have to be destroyed. Note added in the POW mission video about the ending of this, recommend you watch that as well. Video of the full mission just for log purposes: Rescue POWs mission now works properly. Previously, the mission would not complete upon the POWs being returned to main base. Video of the full mission just for log purposes:
  4. Some vehicles seem to be bugging out on the spawn list, I assume they're LAVs or APC-related. During the time that people had that LAV-25 error upon joining the server, the three variants (desert, woodland, arctic) showed in the spawn list but failed to spawn; unsure if that was reported already. These empty options do not spawn anything when selected.
  5. Looking forward to seeing you on Enhanced. I'm on pretty reliably throughout the day, cash me outside (the main base) and I'll be glad to give you a full rundown of the basic mechanics.
  6. Sorry for the late response on this; I think I might have answered this before via TS while we were both on the server Palm, though informally. Both historically and currently the high population times are around 8 PM GMT (20:00) on weekdays (mainly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and any time during the afternoons (GMT again) on weekends. Sometimes it can be a gamble, as a server's middle-term (month-by-month, week-by-week) population can fluctuate. Play it by ear; don't conform your schedule to the server's population heights. Friday nights get the most attention, obviously; and so we've usually reserved that night for weekly gamenights. For example, our last major gamenight, Nightfall, got up to 23 people at max I believe. Monday nights tend to draw in an average of 10-12 people. Weekends tend to hover at around 10-15 people during the afternoons.
  7. Here's a full list of bugs/changes I've found/can confirm in 057. I'll keep updating it as I find things. Red is high priority, orange is low priority, green is fixed/has no issues. Missions Counterattack mission, which was unable to be spawned in 056, now works. Kill/Capture HVT missions do not work. This was true in 056 as well. Persistent with every map and location. Not affected by any other mission spawns. Both types of missions spawn without issue, but designated HVT does not spawn with the option to confirm him. Per Zeus, the HVT spawns correctly (in his own group). For capture missions, HVT does not surrender. I can make him surrender forcibly through Zeus, but bringing him back to base does not complete the mission due to the previous point. In my recent playtime, the auto-end timer has not worked. I am unsure if this is because the timer starts when friendlies approach the AO (we can usually clear missions like that within 20 minutes, so we probably don't hit the timer limit), or if it genuinely does not work. Arsenal No whitelisting issues to report. Intel There is still about a 50/50 chance of intel working. This was true in 056 as well. For the times intel can be sent for review: About a 30% chance it will review the intel for an already completed/canceled mission. This also includes AOs that can't be narrowed down. About a 20% chance it will work correctly. This includes intel returning as garbage. About a 10% chance it will get stuck on the brownish hash pattern as though it's narrowing down intel. About a 20% chance it will move the red AO proximity box to 0,0,0, and will fail to correct itself upon more intel reviewing. About a 20% chance it will remove the red AO proximity box entirely, leaving us with only the task marker. For the times intel can't be sent for review: 100% chance the first piece of intel on a new map will get stuck in review, preventing more to be sent. This also blocks all others on the server from sending intel for the rest of the map duration. Persistent with every map and location. Not affected by certain missions. Once-in-a-blue-moon chance that intel will return as any. This was true in 056 as well. Tends to break reviewing intel. Very rare occurrence, not worth devoting a lot of effort towards. Due to its rarity, can't say if this is any particular piece of intel. Shouldn't be map-related. In civilian trading, sometimes you will get a "Bad vehicle type" error popup followed by a message in the top right saying that the player did not have enough inventory space, so the civilian dropped the item at your feet. He fails to actually do so and you must trade for it again. This was true in 056 as well. In short, it seems like the intel is being treated as an actual item. Due to its rarity, can't say if this is any particular piece of intel. It is not map-related. Vehicle Spawning MQ-12 Falcon drone spawns uncrewed; it is unable to be used by UAV operators. This has always been true. LAVs are available in the vehicle spawn menu, but do not spawn when selected. This was true in 056 as well. Everybody gets this error upon logging in: Cannot load texture cup\wheeledvehicles\cup_wheeledvehicles_lav25\data\ui\picture_lav25\ca.paa.
  8. Roster link has been added to the bottom of the initial post.
  9. Civilians will not have radios; that would defeat the whole purpose of BLUFOR having to search for them. Current signup count is 14, though a JIP ripple effect is expected. I'll be posting the roles tomorrow for BLUFOR gear discussion, per @Amentes's request.
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