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  1. Hello AhoyWorld, I would like to suggest a mod for the server. Enhanced Movement. I have many hours (2400+) playing Arma as a Combat Life Saver/Medic/Paramedic. I have run the length and breadth of Stratis, Altis and Malden. Moving round the town's, trying to avoid Tanks/APCS/etc, to get to a downed player, can leave the medic totally cornered at times and unable to complete the journey. Enhanced movement would provide a small chance of completing the journey to the injured player, as the medic could climb over a wall and into the next yard/garden. Running and vaulting the small walls and fences, without breaking stride should have been included by Bohemia, but alas, like so many useful and somewhat important things, they didn't do it. We used it on a server I used to Mod, was a very welcome addition for all the players who are infantry. Thanks for reading, P!NKM!ST
  2. Hello Ahoy, I was wondering if you could unlock it so I can join. I have to be up early for work so I only have an hour to get my fix. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated Many thanks P!NK
  3. Hello AhoyWorld, P!NK's Rules of Combat 1. Run towards the gunfire 2. Kill the enemy 3. Save as many comrade's as possible Hope to be saving many lives on this server
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