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New server group images


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I'm not quite sure what to think about our new tags for TS. I thought the old ones were ok except for the enhanced moderator tag that looked suspiciously like a 3. I would like to hear peoples opinion's on the new images.


(this post isn't meant to troll ghostdragon I think we have all done enough of that already I would like to legitimately hear peoples opinions)

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33 minutes ago, Stanhope said:

Well i had a similar thought as Numbnuts when joining this evening.  But i think we should maybe give it some time, it's now rather easy to point people to admins as you can just say: 'anyone with a tag with an A on is an admin'.  


And it was rather easy as it was anyone with a tag with AW written on it.




I guess I won't be looking much at them anymore, but from what I've seen; they look really off - especially the font including the border which the letters are written in makes me not like them more than the previous ones.

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I've already disrespectfully voiced my disgust to Ghost, now I'd like to take a moment and appreciate how utterly superior the old ones were.


It might sound cheesy, but the Donator tag was so sweet. An open palm with a heart? I found that adorable and very sleek. Now it's a dollar sign, hooray for money.

As for some constructive criticism, do not try to add depth to tags. There's only so much you can do with 16x16 pixels, so superimposing anything over another thing will need careful consideration. Most of the tags (the Donator one especially) now feel crowded and frankly I feel a bit of a colour overload is going on. Ketchup and mustard comes to mind.


Spartan could easily be mistaken for Server Admin and Field Ambassador is... no. I've only spent a few minutes tinkering in PS and came up with these as replacements. No idea what to do for staff yet, though.






Field Ambassador (no idea why it artefacts the preview like this)

And finally how they look on a server, using a dark theme:



And vanilla theme:



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Keep in mind these are still in development, we kind of needed to get a new tag for the moderator and it snowballed from there.



Once seen as Hotdogs, optionally with Mayo (spartan) or Mustard(donator), I can't unsee them as anything else


For god's sake they're strips of bacon, not hot dogs.



The veteran tag looks super chessey compared to the old one and just to point out field ambassador doesn't have one yet. It is just the AW one with a question mark.


Vet tag needed to be redone because it disappears on a black background (not everyone uses a white background).  The Field Ambassador is a blue information ( " i " ) symbol, not a question mark.

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@Ryko I don't think the idea behind them is bad, its how they look. They look terrible, looks like someone spent 5 minutes on them, not even refined at all. Older ones where nice and sleek, but these ones are just a eye sore.


The admin probbie tag, i could deal with the green bar on the older tag, but now I've got a green A on a RED background. My goodness.

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2 hours ago, Ryko said:

Keep in mind these are still in development,

Its early Alpha it should be finished by the end of the year -dean hall.


my point is that whilst it may not be finished maybe it should have spent more time on the drawing board before being released.


also the donor sign is a dollar sign for a Europe based community the servers all have EU in the names. the fact we are using a US currency for the donor tag is absurd  

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Donor section
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I'm thinking, keep the colors to the AhoyWorld defaults; red, white and black. Let that be the unifying theme.


Generally, I think it's best to run a black background on all the tags. Yes, having no background looks cool and all, but it makes it much harder to get a good edge finish IMHO, and helps with clarity.

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