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  1. If you guys are still having issues with TFAR. Just uninstall TS and TFAR then redownlaod them. That usually fixes any bugs.
  2. Even though I didn't really know Oderus that well. I only played a few games with him but when I did he was always making every one laugh. @Bloo Flar3 @Colsta Will remember this moment when he was in a closet getting high >>Oderus Rest in peace bro.
  3. Shadow Knight


    Found this old gem @MoonFire @BorderLive
  4. Shadow Knight

    Nice view

    @Danny @MoonFire @SkullCollector
  5. Shadow Knight


    @Minipily @SkullCollector
  6. Shadow Knight


    @Karate Pyjamas @Bronx Just thought you'd be jealous @SkullCollector
  7. 3 well trained men vs 1 parachute. parachute wins I'm in tears right now
  8. Now this topic says AW and its future, that's fair enough to say but I'm not giving a hell about AW I mean the EU1 players are going to be none the wiser about this its like what 50-60 people on at a time. (Don't give me an exact number) Its EU3(AWE) that all of you should be worried about. Most of the old player (Best players) have left AND NO ONE HAS A FUCKING CLUE WHY THEY ARE LEAVING? Argh.. I'd fucking stab you.. POINTLESS? HOW. Like I just said Most of the player who have been here for a while are leaving. Its not "Pointless" we tired doing something AND DON'T ANYONE SAY WE DIDN'T FUCKING TRY. But like I say to a good friend of mine about this. "We can scream and shout as much as we want. Nothing is going to fucking change." Well that's a faded out rule. AW is a fucking awesome a community well. Was a awesome community (I'm talking about the EU3/AWE side here) About flaming someone No. Of course not IF MOST ADMINS ARE POINTING AT ONE GUY WHAT DOSE THAT TELL YOU? ARE YOU BLIND? Wait. I forgot. Both you and Noah only see Rules. That's all you see isn't it? At the end of the day to make things easier for AW in general. I would start thinking about changing EU3 ASAP or pains me to say this: Take the fucker down and start from scratch. Now if you wanna quote every single fucking thing I just said please be my guest.
  9. Shadow Knight

    China Number One!

    A very effective way of using two guns
  10. Jochem's reaction is fucking class XD
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