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  1. At the moment squad leader role serves nothing but as a role for if you want to do rifleman play, Or if you like to play the role you can use it to squad lead. I think there was talk about a useful reason to have squad leaders.
  2. That's damn cheap, At least it is not a free week or we would be in proper trouble.
  3. The reason the system was removed was because the hunter spawn was getting spammed by people. I can not really see a 3 minute timer helping at all to be honest. If it were up to me I think if the squad thing that was talked about in the rewards idea I would make it so only squad leads can spawn hunters, Hopefully minimising the amount of spam.
  4. So about a month ago Malden was announced to be coming to I&A, As well as this I think a bit of Stratis was planned to come out too (not sure if that is still going on) Anyway, I was wonder if the Malden map will make its way into I&A, I have vaguely looked into it and I have to say it does look very good, It has 2 airfields (One being off the coast) a large abandoned power-plant/Research base and a whole load of towns. I think the map can accommodate 30 - 45 players at most but I will leave that to other peoples opinions. Anyway here is the map, Tell me your thoughts
  5. Hello! Glad you joined, if you ever need somthing ask a member of the community.
  6. Top tip: take a gun using 7.62 or higher. Anyway welcome and I hope to see you around, in game, forums or teamspeak.
  7. Idk, Why but I did a mini HQ destroy mission and the evac for that looked like this, Sp00ky.
  8. The boys who I was doing stuff with a few days ago
  9. Great spacing guys :D
  10. This was hella intense, Suprisingly no one was hurt.
  11. Flying jets is very fun, but I don't see any reason for 4 jets to be added. Jets spawn in only if there is a radio tower up and if so it will only be one jet. 4 Jets is certainly not required to take them down. Along with that I think whitelisting has been talked about in the past and is seen as a clear no, The server is public and anyone can do what they want within the rules.
  12. It looks like that thing on the forum background :D
  13. Twas a fun one for those who got on considering the connection issues, hopefully it wont happen again. Was my first event and with ares playing up I had to do it all manually. Anyway I will probably do more of these with a better connection this time.
  14. Yep, Eu1/2 Events are getting back on board again
  15. Mmm, Nice idea, Good team too (Finally Devil got a job)