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  1. Worth watching.
  2. Blastcore

    It is possible to disable the smoke by removing a couple of files, That is how I have mine setup. It isn't really hard to do at all just remove some files
  3. Ahoy there *_^

    Talked to ya earlier today, seems like a cool guy. Welcome!
  4. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    Expect to see me there, looks like good fun. Probably try to squad lead myself to get the new kids on the block set up
  5. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    Its a challenge to play and requires teamwork but is good fun and something to enjoy especially if you like combined arms combat.
  6. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    Zeus doesn't aim to kill, having randoms in opfor though, I think they would aim to kill.
  7. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    I&A servers are generally designed for PvE mechanics, that is what most players come for and adding this would most likely cause a bit of imbalance. What I could see is Eu4 going to a CSAT based team where the enemy AI is nato and CSAT/AAF is your team.
  8. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    And probably an even quicker way would be to favourite it and join it through the arma 3 launcher servers tab.
  9. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    I actually believe the Laws of War update adds bomb CAS to vanilla, If so maybe just use a standard bomb instead, Quite as a deadly with less spread.
  10. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    Actually I believe the Minefields in I&A were removed because AI killed themselves on it, I may be wrong. And coming to that point the minefields around the radio tower were large amounts, Dozens of mines were placed around it whereas UXO's are less, Somewhat around 3 to 10 probably. In terms of this being used as a TK weapon, I expect this to be accidental on most cases, Since it should be a support type which can be used at high amounts of points, 200 or more probably.
  11. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    Pfft, A plus for realism, But it could be a bit of an issue. I dunno if there is a way to disable it but if so maybe consider it
  12. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    So in I&A as long as you have sufficient points you can call in scorcher, MLRS or cas support types, To extend the CAS maybe we could add the new cluster bombs in as support, Since it is very powerful maybe have it a fairly high point requirement, anyway plain and simple.
  13. Looking for Alpha and Beta testers (and more!)

    Can you give a brief description of the mission by any chance?
  14. I also agree with this, I would say let the squad leader decide if rifleman should bring extra ammo for AR's or for themselves or maybe bring an LAT like you say. I think the rifleman should be a customisable role at the SL's discretion, since you may not even need AT for a certain mission.
  15. We need your ideas

    Well the reward doesn't necessarily need to be the vehicle you are tasked to repair, it can just be like standard Side Missions.