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  1. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    I think they were deemed buggy and unusable last time I asked, but I think a recent update COULD have fixed this, You would have to make sure.
  2. We need your ideas

    I'm no creative type, But maybe something like 'Eliminate the viper team' Pretty much a small defended garrison filled with 6 or so vipers who are fully skilled and difficult to kill, Along with that maybe some standard ground troops patrolling but keep it balanced. Vehicles could also have a play but I would keep it to APC's and Cars.
  3. Sniper & Spotter

    Random pic
  4. New DLC 'Laws of War'

    I'm not going to be too critical until this DLC actually comes out but in my eyes other than the campaign it just looks like a bunch of new civilian assets which you can use in your mission, Though it does have some cool features like the drones which drop leaflets and stuff. I can see a separate faction being added to missions for players to try this new role on the battlefield.
  5. TK Penalty

    In terms of actually punishing a player for TK I would only put a respawn delay on so that way it is nothing too harsh. But of course it will be difficult for pilots.
  6. New mod; Chemical Warfare, thoughts?

    As a person who likes aesthetics I wouldn't mind seeing the clothing implemented at least, Does look cool, The gas itself however could be something that would need some talking about.
  7. New mod; Chemical Warfare, thoughts?

    Gave it a little go in the editor and it looks very fun, Will it be like artillery, So if the enemy spots you they can call for gas strike on your pos.
  8. AWE Training Polls

    Little suggestion, Don't have one big crowd listening to the one person, If it were up to me have 2 or 3 smaller groups to have less congestion, For example if it were helo training it is gonna be a mess if there is 20 heli's following just one person. Same can go for ground vehicles, Maybe Infantry is not so much an issue, but it is still somthing to consider.
  9. New game-mode idea: SpecOps - Mission

    I like this idea A lot. In fact it could possibly be the reason I don't awe as much. Hopefully I'm not being too cocky saying this but a mission idea I would like to see is steal a vehicle, it can be a BTR or a Helo which will give vortex something unique to do.
  10. Sup

    Tryhard... Anyway hallo
  11. Casualty - Angel Edition

  12. All of your other points make sence but I do disagree here, A lot of people buy arma for its realism, yes I&A is sort of 'arcadey' but I still think players should be challenged to avoid friendly fire as it does and has happened in real life. Also another idea would be for players to wear nato gear excluding diving suits or pilot suits (unless your diving or piloting)
  13. application error FIX? !help

    I used to have a similar issue with this on ArmA 2, I believe it is a memory based issue but I do not know for sure.
  14. Air Defense Edit

    Also to add, The cheetah isn't as reliable at taking down air superiority fighters (or at least from what I have seen) whereas the AAA is more accurate and has better ranging for these targets.
  15. At the moment squad leader role serves nothing but as a role for if you want to do rifleman play, Or if you like to play the role you can use it to squad lead. I think there was talk about a useful reason to have squad leaders.