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  1. CrustyNL

    Crusty, I would like to highlight how the conversation logged with your ban report contains language much more sever than just cursing. After reviewing it I would say that some portions of the insults are incredibly childish, and also borderline racist in places. This is not the type of behaviour we want to see in our community. As such, BAN APPEAL DENIED. Regards, Copey
  2. Approved. Should be in the arsenal soon! Copey
  3. discussion ILBE Radios

    Having discussed this we are going to be testing the mod to make sure there are no conflicts and will get back to you! Copey
  4. Should be there in the next version! Copey
  5. We did this over the last few days. Performance for clients and the server declined noticeably - to the point where complaints were received. As such this will not be happening on the basis of safeguarding performance for all of our users. Regards, Copey
  6. Locking again. They have not been whitelisted, and in continuity with our previous stance; they will not be whitelisted. My apologies for the confusion. Copey
  7. Leaving unlocked for now so the OP can get back to me. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this has now been white listed. Copey
  8. I'll pass this one along, but can't see any issues with this being implemented! Copey
  9. Solo play

    I'd say that's a pretty accurate reply, regardless of being on the staff team or not [emoji106] Sent from my ONEPLUS 3T using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  10. Solo play

    Can you clarify what you mean by solo for me please, I don't want to get the wrong end of the stick with you!
  11. AWE Training Polls

    I'm going to flag my own comment here as being potentially slightly off topic - but it's important to say it. In response to various people staying there are issues with discipline, with people fucking around, bad fragging, driving around spawn: If you don't tell us it's happening we don't know about it. If you see something like this, file a report. Or report it to a moderator. Not doing anything makes you as much of the problem as them. Perhaps we should train people in how to report actions like this so we can crack down on it? Rant over.
  12. Boris Likes Butt [Russians Gone Wild] {E}

    *Warning explicit content*
  13. discussion ILBE Radios

    We'll discuss and get back to you. Request not affected by recent events. Copey
  14. approved Default UAV ammo

    Approved and implemented. Copey