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  3. Steering Committee in consultation with the T2M team has decided to re-enable the voting process on AWE. This will be enabled at the time of this post being live. This mean that players can now #missions if all players on server agree to it, and no T2M staff are available. Feedback, Issues and any other general comments should be left in this thread. Below are the new rules associated with this change. Rules for voting on the server: Voting is only allowed if there are no moderators online on the server. If there is a modded moderator on teamspeak, ask them first! They might be able to come on and give you custom mission parameters. All players on the server at the time must agree with the vote. The threshold for a successful vote is 99% The only vote allowed is #vote missions; #vote admin is NOT allowed in any circumstances. Failure to comply will result in sanctions. Malicious actions will result in bans. To make this crystal clear: If you are voted admin against your will, no action will be taken against you; but rather those who have voted you in. However, if you vote yourself admin, then a ban will be due to you. Best Regards, Steering Committee and The T2M Team.
  4. We are committed to actively working with the developers behind this mod to test future updates and provide valuable feedback. When we feel that the development has progressed to a point we feel is acceptable, we will again review the decision of adding it to the modset. For now at least, we want to help them make this mod even better. This means you can expect future tests as new features are implemented. Hope this clears up our position a bit for you. Sent from my ONEPLUS 3T using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  5. If you have already voted here, please vote over there (I will check against here when tallying the final vote though - unless you ask me not to with your vote)
  6. Individual Polls are going up in the mod request area, as some people are likely to miss this thread
  7. Approved. Expect to see this on server in the next repo update. Regards, Copey
  8. Received. We are going to put this on hold for now until the current issues with FIR mods have been resolved. Once they have we will revisit this mod request. Regards, Copey
  9. Unfortunately this map has a requirement for CUP. We no longer use CUP, and are not looking to add it back either. As such this request is being denied. Regards, Copey
  10. Thanks for resubmitting in the correct format. We'll get to discussing this and get back to you. Regards, Copey
  11. We have decided to open this request up to the community as we feel that it makes the game much more immersive and may improve player experience. We feel that it should be up to the players and community to decide if this is something they would like. There will be no time limit for discussion, and the thread will be closed when it has reached a natural conclusion, or a poll has been conducted. Regards, Copey