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  1. @kman as you appear so bothered by it, did you submit a player report? As it's clearly rule breaking. And I like what Lindi suggested, we had it on stiletto to stop people from taking certain roles even though I'd say that the average player on AWE could be expected to follow the rules better than the average player on EU1. So it only makes sense that we also have it on EU1.
  2. As I said earlier, shelldrake is a very very minor issue in the problem of people firing without being called in. The incompetent players can't even get a mortar set up, the competent players usually know the rules. Which only leaves very few players that can both get their mortar set up and don't know the rules. And it doesn't take long before one of the regulars will be explaining to that mortar guy that he can't do that. And if it doesn't give any points, we could just add that to the role description and allow people to chose whether or not they want to play as shelldrake.
  3. That's why you have regulars on that remind people to do that. And that's why you use "!Admin" when there are people engaging without being called in. Shelldrake is far from the biggest issue in the people firing without permission issue. 3 or 4 8rnd 'mags' iirc
  4. (But if you drive back into base it stays locked) More playing and remembered more things I wanted to say but hadn't written down so didn't say: First some more bug reports: AAF helis (spawned by zeus) couldn't be repaired on the service pad. (Already reported to Ryko I think but I'm putting it here again just to be sure). Someone reported that they bought a rifle but that it didn't show up in their arsenal and that he also wasn't able to re-buy it. I didn't test myself though. @MidnightRunner told me that the reinforcement xi'ans sometimes spawn at 0,0 I joined the gambler group as commander and correctly got the 'TL' assigned to me. Then a driver joined and I was still considered TL. But when a gunner joined (who is a corporal, while the commander is a sergeant) the TL role was assigned to him. This happened twice with different people joining as gunner. And some general impressions/suggestions Today, on multiple occasions, a player in the crossroads slot said "reaper, viper, talon, shelldrake, you're all free to engage any enemy you see (and in shelldrake's case he was allowed to indiscriminatingly fire on the AO). From what I understand this is technically in accordance to the rules but probably not wanted behaviour. So when specific rules are made for I&A 4 could the phrasing for cas assets engaging be something along the lines of "as a support asset you have to be called in on a specific target by an infantry man who is in the vicinity, or that has eyes on, said target"? Would it be possible to have a laser designator, mounted on any APC or above (that doesn't have one yet), as a purchasable reward? I'm specifically thinking of the marshall and the panthers that cannot engage enemy armour themselves but would then be able to lase it for CAS.
  5. I've played for several hours today and yesterday so now might be a good time for me to write a bit of a longer post with suggestions. But first some bug reports: Yesterday the kill HVT sub objective bugged out causing the AO to be hung up and a member of CS had to join to forcefully complete the mission. After quickly glancing at that sub obj code an idea I have would be to additionally also work with a trigger with an alive check instead of just the eventhandler. The UAV side mission bugged out today, for that I'd suggest to additionally add a trigger to check if the UAV is destroyed and fail the mission then. I know the damage of the UAV is disabled but the alive command also returns false if the variable passed to it doesn't exist. So if the UAV failed to spawn the mission will simply fail but the missions will keep spawning. Parachutes are still being removed from paradropping players every so often On at least 2 occasions I've seen huron pilots try to life the huron crates at base but fail to do that. I'm not sure if that's a bug or by design though. I saw several unassigned people outside of the spawn area. Maybe add an additional thing to kill unassigned players if they exit the spawn trigger area? That's it for the bugs, now for some requests: Could Zeuses have the ability to force mute players for the entire server? Say if someone keeps talking and talking in a channel he's not supposed to? I've had at least one occasion in the last two days were such a feature would've been nice to have. It's not something critical though. Could players have the ability to withdraw from a channel? Like not wanting to be in command or air channel. If voice alone could be disabled that'd be great but I don't know if that's possible. It's rather annoying when you're talking in teamspeak and someone in command channel just keeps talking and talking. Also not something critical. Could player choices, related to UI etc, be made persistent? I'm mostly talking about the compass on top not being there, the crew names on the left, etc. And this isn't something critical either. Could backpacks be locked by default? Also just a nice to have, not critical. Could mortar tubes (not the bipods, only the tubes) be made available to helicopter pilots? This would enable pilots to bring some tubes (aka ammo for the mortar) to the mortar gunner when he runs out of ammo. Could the respawn timer for the blackfish vehicle transport be reduced a bit? It's not that powerful of an asset for it to have the respawn time it currently has (I believe somewhere north of 45 minutes right?) Rather technical but could it be made that as long as a unit has the name "error no unit" he can't actually pick a slot? And finally some general observations: I was flying talon for a good 5 hours today and in that time there were exactly 2 enemy jets, both neoprons. There were also a handful of orcas, not more than 5 if I recall correctly. Could that be increased a little bit? And, if not already the case, could the enemy also spawn shikras, kajmans and xi'ans as close air support for them? I know the xi'an is already used to deploy enemy reinforcements. During this time I spend in talon I only encountered 2 tigris' (tigrisses/tigri/...?). Meaning that in all other AOs I had free reign to provide CAS as I pleased. Meaning I could stay in that jet for 5 hours while doing multiple low level flyovers over the AO. I think it might be best to spawn at least 1 tigris with every AO. This to make providing cas more difficult and compared to an MBT or an IFV they don't pose about the same danger to infantry. The small diameter bombs are very very powerful. You only need 1 to kill any vehicle, including MBTs. They do not require a laser, they will guide themselves to any target you lock them onto. And there's 4 of them on one pylon, meaning the wasp can carry 8 of them. Which means the wasp can kill 8 vehicles very very easily without needing any assistance from ground units. I don't mind the suppressors being rewards honestly. Not a single army issues suppressors to all its infantry. A bipod by default for ARs, marksmen and snipers would make sense I'd say but I believe at least the ARs already have one by default? That's all I can think of right now. But I would like to end with: I think this mission is way better than I&A 3 and all the above are minor things that I personally feel could be slightly improved with some of the suggestions I made. I don't think there's anything game-breakingly bugged/wrong/bad/... in the mission.
  6. You know I don't record my gameplay any more And the Spartans present respawned the wipeout so I'm not that bothered. (And I can't recall the names of the 2 guys)
  7. Today was one of the rare occasions that I managed to get into the reaper slot. Had some good fun with it for 2-3 hours but something interesting happened: 2 players tried to blow up the wipeout, one of the succeeded. This presumably because they were disgruntled that they didn't get to fly the wipeout. The first one simply ran a prowler into it and when that didn't work threw a frag at it (which also didn't work). That was when I just got into the slot. The second one was a pilot that deliberately crashed the hummingbird into it. So would it be possible for the wipeout, and maybe any other high-value vehicle in base, to have its damage disabled while it is in base? Maybe add a check so that it only does that when it's going slower than say 50km/h so you can't slam the thing into the runway on landings and live.
  8. What other servers where you looking for? Because their IP and port is in TS as well.
  9. Hop in TS, grab the IP and port out of the channel description of the server you want to join and direct connect. Alternatively simply search for ahoyworld and you'll find the servers after a bit of waiting.
  10. And if you want to use that eventhandler you have to take the damage model on bodyparts into account because that's just how SQF works.
  11. That's a scripted eventhandler with code in it.
  12. Arsenal restrictions breaking sometimes has been reported yes.
  13. I was trying to repair a few vehicles at base today and after I'd done that this: 22:13:23 Error in expression <layers = allPlayers select {_x distance _repairPad < 20}; _service = 0; if ( _v> 22:13:23 Error position: <_repairPad < 20}; _service = 0; if ( _v> 22:13:23 Error Undefined variable in expression: _repairpad 22:13:23 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\scripts\vehicle\vehicleFunctions.sqf, line 610 was about 10 gazillion times in my RPT (actual count is just a bit less than 3 648 962 times). Unsurprisingly my RPT was ~140 000KB and my performance in-game "less than ideal". Other small things: Trying to repair a vehicle while the engine was running did not give a hint telling you to turn the engine off. Timers of vehicles were going into the negative (2 examples) The light poles in base are destructible and they are allows being destroyed
  14. This is the mission briefing: "We're picking up chatter about an enemy prototype being fieldtested nearby. Locate and destroy it." And it's not intended for CAS and/or gambler, it's intended that either infantry go there and designate it for CAS or that gambler goes their with close protection from infantry as there are several enemy AT riflemen.
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