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  1. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    Yea, I already fixed the second thing in 3.3.10 which should be released sometime today. I'll leave the first thing for @ansin11 to fix. As it's his job and I was just helping out a bit :)
  2. AhoyWorld End Of Year Awards - 2018

    AW MVP 2018: @Ryko (For I&A 4) AW most friendly admin/staff member 2018: @Ryko (I mean he's Canadian) AW most helpful admin/staff member 2018: @GhostDragon (for fixing the server every time it breaks) AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2018: @Noah_Hero AW strictest admin/staff member 2018: @Xwatt AW most absent staff member 2018: @Iranzan as per usual :) AW most active staff member 2018: @Lindi AW friendliest user 2018: @Noah_Hero AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2018: EU1 is full of them AW most incoherent ARMA player 2018: EU1 is full of them AW best ARMA pilot 2018: @Lindi AW worst ARMA pilot 2018: Hard to pick with all those bad pilots on EU1 AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2018: @itsmemario (at least when he's drunk) AW best drunk member 2018: @itsmemario AW best moment 2018 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): first public I&A 4 alpha test. AW best forum post 2018 (please put url in): https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9971-invade-annex-4-alpha-test-feedback/ AW best driver 2018: @Lindi AW worst driver 2018: @Lindi AW best baby 2018: @fir_nev got one this year right? AW best fail 2018: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/10109-itsmemario-should-be-expelled-of-aw-staff/ AW best banned member 2018: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/10016-daniel/ AW best TeamSpeak channel of 2018: EU1 AW best game of 2018: ArmA 3 AW best official server of 2018: EU1
  3. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Would this maybe be something we could use when at the vehicle service area? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/220711-release-vehicle-appearance-manager/
  4. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    That bug isn't causing any issues as far as I can tell. All missions appear to be spawning and I haven't seen any spawn at any bases yet. Yea my push to talk is '<', they're gone in 3.3.9.
  5. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Could we have the legstraps in the arsenal? ("B_LegStrapBag_black_F", "B_LegStrapBag_coyote_F", "B_LegStrapBag_olive_F") Also the new SMGs could probably be nice for certain roles, don't know their class-names though.
  6. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    The files that will be causing the issue will be \Missions\Side\secureintelvehicle.sqf and \Missions\Side\secureintelunit.sqf
  7. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    It'd be 100% unfair, seeing how I'm the one who edited it :) I'll have a look when I get home, I've got to do a French presentation in 15 minutes.
  8. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    You can just join the server and you'llhave the code as well.
  9. AWE Status

    Steam auto updated your arma
  10. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    BI messed up causing a certain command to throw an error when used the way I&A3 uses it.
  11. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    You know that you can turn auto update off right scar?
  12. AWE Status

    Then why did we create a discord?
  13. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Bug with server settings, not related to the mission. Next version you'll have 3rd person etc.
  14. itsmemario should be expelled of AW-Staff

    Strange, I've played together with mario for several months now and never seen any of these things. I also can't remember ever seeing you on the server. I wonder if that might indicate something about the validity of this claim.
  15. Community Update#3

    There aren't any active voice channels on discord.