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  1. In the latest version pilots will start engaging the AO when they fly into it, regardless of their height. Meaning that on more than one occasion while I was flying the wipeout just inside the edge of the AO at 2km up I got points for participating in the AO even though I didn't fire a single shot at that AO. I don't know if this is intentional or not but it wasn't in the previous version so I thought I'd mention it. Some potentially interesting stuff from my RPT:
  2. The easiest way to do that is probably by submitting a gamenight (here) and in the submit forum mention that you'd like to have someone help you with zeusing it. But you don't need any experience with zeus to become a public moderator (basically an arma admin, who also has zeus) or a spartan (an arma zeus), if you get accepted into either they'll teach you everything you need to know for it.
  3. Arma, and I&A, have always been infantry games at their core. Armour, like CAS, mortar, ..., have always been there to support the infantry. So, in my opinion, limiting it to 2 squads of armour is a good thing.
  4. The zeus OPs have never been on Tanoa. If you're talking about I&A this is what you're looking for:
  5. private _nextAO = ""; if (manualAO != "") then { _nextAO = manualAO; }; while {_nextAO == ""} do { private _testAO = selectRandom allMapMarkers; private _testAOName = (missionConfigFile >> "Main_Aos" >> "AOs" >> _testAO >> "name") call BIS_fnc_getCfgData; if (!isNil "_testAOName") then { if (str _testAOName != "any") then { if (!(_nextAO in controlledZones)) then { _nextAO = _testAO; }; }; }; }; _nextAO Try that, didn't test it myself though.
  6. From the players and/or the story perspective, what is the added value of the demining drones? Considering that they were employed by NATO, a conventional army, that were only losing ground, not yet forced to use guerrilla tactics and had more powerful and suitable assets at their disposal.
  7. I don't decide about balancing, xwatt does. I can just make suggestions.
  8. Let me start by listing the amount of AA spawned by an AO. A few things to note before I do: all these units, like any unit spawned by an AO, have limited ammo. For AA-teams this is (iirc) 2 rockets per AA unit, of which there are 2, plus an assistant with another 2 rocket for a total of 6 AA rockets per AA team. A tigris has a launcher with 4 rockets ready to fire and an additional 4 it reloads if those rockets are spend. And a nyx-AA also carries 4 rockets ready to launch and an additional 4 it can reload. (again, iirc) Neither tigris's nor AA teams have the ability to rearm. When an IFV is spawned by the AO there is a 1 in 6 chance that it'll be a nyx AA. So, the numbers of what spawns with an AO: Less than 10 players: 1 tigris, 1 IFV and 1 AA team 10 to 20 players: 1-2 tigris's, 1-2 IFVs and 1 AA team 20 to 30 players: 1-2 tigris's, 1-2 IFVs and 2 AA teams 30 to 40 players: 2 tigris's, 2 IFVs and 2 AA teams 40 to 50 players 2-3 tigris's, 2-3 IFVs and 2 AA teams 50 to 60 players 2-4 tigris's, 2-4 IFVs and 3 AA teams. AA teams will always do a circular patrol in the other 10% of the AO and no more than 6 manpads will ever be present in an AO. Both tigris's and IFVs will drive back and forth in the AO. Now about the jets: Jets will spawn on an airfield, stationary. The AI will have to take off and fly to the AO before it can start engaging anything. This will easily take a minute or 2. The AA priority mission was designed to ground all friendly air assets. Leniency was already build in a while ago, that AA battery will only start firing 30 seconds after the objective spawns. Giving pilots enough time to get low enough to avoid being targeted by it. The factory will not spawn a jet if there's more than 3 already up. It will also only spawn a jet every 8 minutes minus the amount of players in the AO times 4 in seconds. RPGs are not a threat to any competent pilot. AI don't fire them at flying helicopters, only at landed helicopters. And if you land in line of sight of AI they'll probably start shooting their rifles at you before they fire an RPG. Meaning that you've got plenty of time to fly away. Nobody is being punished by AOs spawning close to each-other. Although the 5 pilots on might want to fly people around, 55 people who are using vehicles don't like to drive from one side of the island to the other. I believe that the enjoyment of 55 outweighs that of 5. And most, not all, AOs spawn far enough apart that you can land in the previous AO relatively safely from the new one. Meaning that pilots can, as their role-description says they should, provide logistical support to the infantry by providing ammo drops instead of evacs. At main base any chopper bigger than a hummingbird can load up a crate filled with the standard ammo that can be either paradroped somewhere or unloaded once a chopper is landed. There's plenty of work for pilots that does not involve flying people around. And if it turns out that there isn't we might as well take a pilot slot away.
  9. This is the current situation: There is a 2/3 chance that a recon team will be chosen from the following selection of teams: recon patrol (1/5), recon team (1/5), recon squad (1/5) and viper team (2/5). In the other 1/3rd of cases a recon team will be chosen from the following selection of teams: recon patrol (1/4), recon team (1/4) and viper team (2/4). These units spawn with tanoa camo. The amount of recon teams spawned per AO are: -Less than 10 players: 1 -Between 10 and 20: 2 -Between 20 and 30: 1 -Between 30 and 40: 2 -Between 40 and 50: 3 -More than 50: 4 The reason for the 1 in case of between 20 and 30 players is that other teams (specifically AA and AT teams) have increased. With the current arsenal restrictions spetsnaz units cannot be spawn as there are spetnaz uniforms in the arsenal. When contact came out it was decided to give players that gear and not spawn spetnaz units. Wait, I'm confused, do you want more or less nyx rewards? In the next update they're going to be trimmed back a bit due to there not always being enough experienced enough players on to deal with this new enemy air threat. New numbers will be: -Less than 10 players: 0 jets, 0 helis -between 10 and 30: 0 jets, 1 heli -between 30 and 40: 1 jet, 1-2 helis -between 40 and 50: 1 jet, 2 helis -more than 50: 2 jets, 2 helis These numbers do not take the subobjective into account. There is a 3/6 chance that a subobjective that spawns enemy jets spawns with the AO (1/6 HQ, 2/6 RT) which will spawn a jet 30 seconds to 1,5 minutes after an AO spawns and will continue spawning new jets every 12 to 20 minutes.
  10. The server is currently still running 3.3.39, once 3.3.40 goes live those changes will mostly be reverted.
  11. Which subobjective did it have? Both radio tower and HQ will spawn jets
  12. Team leaders are already grenadiers so de we really need that grenadier in that 2nd team?
  13. As I said in that reply, that's only what the AO spawns, not what radio towers and HQ buildings spawn. Well the officers position is already randomized now so he's not always behind that window or even on the bottom floor. But I'll have a look at closing that window and adding that code. The way I've got it set up there's a clear path to the door, the mines are around the building. This means that you can bypass those mines but people are still walking into them anyway.
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