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  1. AWE Billboard Competition Photo - By Michal

    I suggest you take a peek in the donator part of the forum :)
  2. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    You do know that not a single gaming community out there is a democracy right?
  3. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    I have no idea
  4. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    Are you asking me? Ask @ansin11
  5. Paradrop in eu1 and 2?

    The blackfish infantry can transport 75% of the servers infantry at the same time. That's not really needed ever I feel. It'd probably be a better idea to put an unarmed infantry transport xi'an in. Has roughly the same capacity as a huron, is slightly bigger than it and has the advantages of a hybrid. (It's also more manoeuvrable than the fish)
  6. If there's gonna be people on AWE I'll most likely join.
  7. Telegram group for AWE players?

    Telegram is a mobile app that also has a desktop version, should've said that as well :)
  8. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    They will never spawn as they aren't currently in the spawn list Currently vipers will patrol the outer 10% of the AO. Their numbers vary on the amount of players online (from max 1 squad to max 5 squads i believe) You've seen the teaser right?
  9. Telegram group for AWE players?

    I regularly see people who play on enhanced sitting around in TS doing their own thing. During the course of the evening several of those people might hop on enhanced only to leave shortly after due to a lack of other players to play with. Now I think that if we had an instant messenger (like telegram) that would allow a player to say "I'm gonna hop on AWE, anyone care to join me?" some of those people sitting in TS might do just that. That way we'd get a (small) crowd together. And if we're lucky more and more people will join after that. Now as said telegram is an instant messenger app that I think could be used for this. It's both free and anonymous, nobody is able to access the very very little personal information you have to fill in the get an account (being your phone number). Thoughts?
  10. Take control over the driver and use manual fire and you'll have no problem whatsoever.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is already the case. I made a rifleman loadout yesterday with the M27 IAR with 40rnd mags and an AR with 60rnd mags
  12. Part of the @AW_FIR mod
  13. Well as you might have guessed from the combination of things I reported I was testing if a growler could jam the AA mission to allow for a heli insert or something like that. Not entirely impossible if there are 2 pilots on. (And I wanted to play with the new HARM) Also spawned an AA mission on the salt flats earlier, it completed itself within 2 minutes. After a mission restart (last mission was completed) an AA mission was spawned by stiletto as well and it also despawned itself within 2 minutes. Both times Russians were the enemies (first time normal Russians, second time spetznaz)
  14. Altis 61: -The EA-18 isn't in the list of spawn-able planes -The destroy AA objective completed itself 2 times in a row within 2 minutes of it being manually spawned in. I think the area were I spawned them was big enough but my game crashed before I could test it on the salt flats to be absolutely sure