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  1. We haven't had an I&A update since that tent was added but in the next version it will not be in the arsenal. Until the next I&A update we ask everyone not to use it. Stan
  2. It's been changed in I&A 3-1-6. Thanks for reporting it.
  3. We stood there a long time waiting for the bus. And it never came
  4. Version: Gauntlet 53_112 (i think, the version of lythium that was on the server last night) Mission: lythium Bug: base cleanup script isn't working Description: When you use the option to clean up base, it doesn't do anything.
  5. HEIAP, lovely rounds to kill squads that are bunched up together with
  6. We're not going to remove the fog, i'm currently working on something that will reduce the amount of fog if it reaches unplayable levels.
  7. You just had luck, we didn't implement anything new yet The fix for the fog should be in the next I&A update
  8. I have 2 questions about the scripting part. When we initially crashed with the chinook, was it intended behaviour that only half the people survived? Upon respawn after that crash none of the respawns had a gun, was that intentional?
  9. We're looking into a way to prevent the fog from reaching unplayable levels at this very moment.
  10. Where have you downloaded CBA? If you've downloaded it from the steam workshop or from armaholic you might have a different version than the one on the server. You can download the same version as the one on the server with arma 3 sync. You can find the public repo at mods.ahoyworld.net If you need any more help feel free to ask here, hop on TS and ask there or PM me.
  11. A bunch of screenshots i took whilst being in the zeus slot today (well technically yesterday): Haven't checked if some of them are bad or not.
  12. Some more screenshots of that FOB from last night, after we worked some more on it:
  13. Basically: Copy past all the thing in the altis mission files except the mission.sqm On your map make new markers for AOs, FOBs, Reward spawn, respawn, base AA spawn, ... (i'm prob forgetting some stuff) After this go to the mainAOs.HPP And rewrite this to include the right markers and FOB things. And finally go through all the mission files and look for any references to markers and/or positions you changed. If you've done all of this there should only be a handful of bugs, caused by the transfer, left you have to fix.