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  1. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    I&A doesn't use any radio or comms mods. You can use vehicle, direct and group to talk to people in your squad over voice and you can type in all channels. If you want a more teamplayed focused experience you should check out our enhanced server. We use both TFAR and ACE there.
  2. enhanced soundscape & dynasound can be used together, if i'm not mistaken they're supposed to be used together.
  3. Go into the vanilla launcher, click on the mod and there should be an option to view file on disk or something like that.
  4. There is a 99.99% chance that it will
  5. discussion AWE gear whitelist requests

    LIM-85 5.56 mm - LMG_03_F ammo: 200Rnd_556x45_Box_F 200Rnd_556x45_Box_Red_F 200Rnd_556x45_Box_Tracer_F 200Rnd_556x45_Box_Tracer_Red_F Obviously for ARs only. I personally think this gun sounds and feels better than all of the alternatives the mods provide.
  6. 54 - all maps as far as I can tell: All roles have access to the 152 radio.
  7. Too small for a feature request imo so i'm putting it here: Could we have trapped bodies explode when we open their inventory?
  8. FOB supplies

    Usually because of desync from you to the server or from someone in your heli to the server.
  9. AFAIK it's supposed to disappear after a minute or 2 after you spawn in
  10. Bozcaada 51 arsenal crates of FOBs don't disappear, they remain visible forever
  11. It's been going on for a while now, it's usually when someone new joins the squad/server. AFAIK there isn't a fix yet.
  12. Preventing friendly fire

    We indeed like some degree of realism but anti-teamkilling measures have never been denied because they'd impeed with the realism aspect. (I wouldn't personally say semi-realism, just a bit above completely not realistic ) What currently happens when someone TKs someone else: 1: a serverwide chat message is displayed in sidechat telling everyone that player x TKed player y. 2: a chat message is displayed in a chat that only admins and zeuses can see giving them some more info on the teamkill. (things like weapon TKer, vehicle TKer, ...) 3: An even more extensive teamkill message is saved on the server. This contains the TKers unique ID, his vehicle, the weapon he used, the TKed guys vehicle, ... 4: The TKer gets a hintC, a hint that you have to click away with an OK button, telling him to apologize to the guy he teamkilled 5: a script checks how many TKs the TKer already made. If this is his first TK the hint described in 4 is the only thing that happens. If this is his second teamkill he'll be shown a message warning him that he should really watch his fire. He'll also be forced to respawn to continue playing. If it's the third teamkill all his input will be disabled. He will have to alt + f4 out of arma. A message is also displayed explaining why. This script forgets you teamkilled someone 10 minutes after the teamkill in question. Other things we've done to reduce teamkilling: - Base has safezones, you cannot be shot in them. - You cannot shoot in base, not even in vehicles - As of the next version heli landing pads and vehicles will be separated by H-barriers. People won't be able to ram landed helis in base anymore. As to your suggestions: - The current default loadouts are just the vanilla ones. I guess I could edit them to contain blue smokes. But that's a lot of work seeing how you can freely take them from the arsenal - AFAIK I can't lower the weight of things, I could be wrong tho. - There are 2 types of team killers: people who teamkill knowingly and willingly and people who teamkill out of some form of ignorance. The first type isn't gonna care that you throw a blue smoke, the second type usually doesn't look at the billboards. Don't get me wrong, I'm all ears for anything that could possibly reduce teamkills but I personally don't think that merely giving people blue smokes is going to help. I could be wrong in this tho.
  13. AFAIK stiletto never takes items away from you that you pick up from the ground. It'll only not display them in the arsenal.
  14. problem with admin

    When you initially made your ban appeal. Under either the question "Why do you think you were banned?" or the question "Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?". Again if you didn't know why you were banned you could have messaged any admin personally via the forum or jumped on teamspeak to ask any of us. There is only one way to determine this. Nobody is stopping you from actually making a new ban appeal, you've only received advice from an admin.
  15. problem with admin

    Hi Nibs, As I mentioned in the message I send to you when you reported solex's post you can file a report against him here if you think that what he did was wrong. To address some of the points you make: A ban appeal is the place where you share your opinion of what happend/your side of the story. The community referee, solex, then looks at the evidence/other side of the story we have. If you want to file another ban appeal you can, nobody is stopping you. Solex just advised you to wait until a certain time in the future. Your profile picture is your responsibility. The reason that your ban appeal was denied wasn't solely that you called an admin autistic. It's because you failed to explain your side of the story (the story of why you were banned, not about your nickname) and apologize when you had the opportunity (your ban appeal). If you initially weren't sure why you were banned you could have either stated that in your ban appeal or asked an admin either via PM or on TS. Sending personal messages to staff and using the report function of the forum explaining your side of the story will not get you unbanned. That's what we have ban appeals for. You can fully explain your side of the story there. Keep in mind that the only way to get unbanned is to file a ban appeal. Sending private messages to staff and using the report function of the forum will not get you unbanned. If you have any more questions regarding anything feel free to ask them. Stan