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  1. Yup, just tested the version you send to me. Everything works perfectly fine, it's just the file that you've got wrong.
  2. Just undo that, so keep initserver as it was in the mission. Then go to your server (in case you're testing it locally that'd be your arma client) and find the file named arma3_readme.txt in the root folder of your server (so the same level as you'll find the .exe). If such a file does not exist, make it. If it exists clear its content. Then add the following to this file: zeusAdminUIDs = []; zeusModeratorUIDs = []; zeusSpartanUIDs = []; zeusCoreStaffUIDs = []; getServerPassword = {_pw="yourServerPasswordGoesHere"; _pw}; Note that that last password isn't the same as the one you use for rcon or for logging in on server, it's the value that "serverCommandPassword" gets in your launch config.
  3. What exactly did you do? And who exactly is getting the admin menu? Everyone that you added to those arrays or literally everyone?
  4. Anyone can submit a gamenight to be run at a date of their choosing for a length of their choosing (oversimplified version, read how to submit a gamenight here)
  5. EU1 never focused on teamplay nor made it mandatory
  6. Iirc: because it is a CSAT weapon and no
  7. Yup. Server opens up 30 minutes before the gamenight is planned to begin.
  8. I've never come across that message nor have any idea what could be causing that so I can't help you with that.
  9. try "resistance" instead of west
  10. Which version of I&A are you using and did you change this line in local/localinit.sqf? [west, getMarkerPos "BASE", "Main base"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;
  11. Stanhope

    Ahoy team

    If you're looking for something milsim like you should've a look at our MSO, here's the topic on how you can join:
  12. Have a look at general in discord, 3 free games linked in there
  13. Except for the reinforcement helicopter that spawns upon subobjective completion and the factory there's no code that spawns AI in the main AO after initial AO spawn
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