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  1. Right i'm making the assumption that McKillen meant that he wanted rewards to despawn similar to any other base vehicle. So if it's abandoned and no friendlies close. And on top of that also when they haven't been claimed by anyone. This 'script' will make about 80-ish % of the rewards spawned by the mission get deleted 2 minutes after spawning in. The other 20-ish % won't be affected at all. And i don't think we want rewards to despawn after 2 minutes. That'd make the current reward system obsolete.
  2. Thing is that we don't need it. Most of the time it can fit the entire population of the server. The only need i can see for it is for paradropping. And for that the xi'an infantry transport is in the rewards list. And it hardly ever gets used if it does spawn. I can see why but i'd rather force people to work together by only giving them a limited amount of vehicles that can seat multiple people. People shouldn't actually be able to talk in those channels but the command that does this is broken, meaning they can. It's however something i cannot fix, you'll have to bug BI about that. Currently the, Gorgon and strider spawn with NATO camo. Hellcats spawn green instead of indep colours, kajman, orca, qilin, ... spawn black instead of CSAT camo. Unfortunately there are vehicle like the mora that simply don't have a NATO or black camo. It could be i missed a vehicle that has either a black or NATO camo, if so please let me know and i'll fix it. Yes i've heard this a lot and i've already fixed that in the next update. Along with some other issues surrounding the current layout of the FOBs.
  3. Not a small easy thing but i'll try to make it happen, no promises tho. Yes i was gonna do that, i may or may not have forgotten about it . Will definitely try to do this. The reason for this that it's different for each map where the pilot TP to, but i'll see if i can fix this.
  4. Could be, but you can't tell just from the amount of votes on something.
  5. Bug: Version, can't remember, whatever was on the server at 16/10 I know war is confusing and all and you might get some mood swings from it but this? (happend when i initiated trade)
  6. Not necessarily no. One might think: go big or go home. (/if it doesn't fully get implemented, why even bother? /...)
  7. Why would he have to change scopes? You've got marksmen scopes with red dots on top of them. If you really want a scope that doesn't, take an AR in your backpack with a different scope and bind the BAF keybind to switch to your second primary (or 4th weapon or whatever they call it). Yes this switching will also play an animation.
  8. So with the next version of I&A almost being ready i can still do some minor changes. So i'd like to know what those little things are that annoy you about I&A 3. And i'll try to fix these before I&A 3.2.10 . We know about most of the big things that annoy most players, the bigger bugs, ... and are trying to fix them. Unfortunately some of these take quite some time because they're either deeply entangled with other functions or scripts. Or because we didn't make the script and don't want to mess with it too much. Obviously i can't make any promises that i can fix the thing you put forward but i will definitely try. Also i make no promises on when I&A 3.2.10 will be coming out . I do have exams in 3 weeks and whether or not i'll be able to wrap the next version up and test it, i don't know.
  9. Dangers of Alt-TAB

    Then again who stands in front of a loaded .50 that has no safe mode? There is a reason I don't like it when people point their gun at me . And i'll avoid standing at the wrong end of a barrel as much as I can.
  10. Dangers of Alt-TAB

    Or put it on safe, or lower it (when you click then you'll raise your weapon not actually fire), or point it in a safe direction (say straight up or down), ...
  11. Dangers of Alt-TAB

    If you click on the tab you want to alt-tab into arma registers as you clicking ingame. If you're holding a gun and you click you ...
  12. Dangers of Alt-TAB

    You're never on enhanced so no i can't aim at you on enhanced.
  13. Dangers of Alt-TAB

    That's why i'll always point the barrel of any vehicle mounted weapon up in the air in base. Worst thing that'll happen is that i kill a bird
  14. Hi Guys

    I believe @BloodInTheSand was going to explain some of the basics to another new member, you might be able to join
  15. Hi Guys

    Welcome, On weekdays usually from 19:00 GMT + 2 onwards (so 18:00 UK local time), on weekends it usually picks up somewhere in the afternoon. Stan