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  1. Because there isn't a single check for players being close to the next AO.
  2. He never claimed such a thing, he said there is something wrong with I&A3. And I can fully agree that there are plenty of things wrong with I&A3. I just disagree that the factory mission is one of them.
  3. Hi and welcome to ahoyworld Last time we had a special event has been a few months, but you can always make one yourself.
  4. You presumably deleted the import for that function in the description.ext or deleted the reference in functions.hpp.
  5. You deleted the function fn_getAo.sqf which decides what the next AO will be.
  6. You either deleted too much or too little. But I suggest you make your own post about it instead of simply replying to this one. When you make your new post, include the code and any RPT with errors.
  7. Something along these lines? "We have reports from locals that sensitive, strategic information is changing hands. This is a target of opportunity! We've marked the position on your map; head over there and secure the intel. It should be stored on one of the vehicles or on their persons"
  8. So are you suggesting I bump the number of units it spawns up or find anther way to insert them? This way, like arty and AA, it'd become more of a thread.
  9. The arty and the AA also don't give you rewards or fobs. And the factory doesn't give you nothing. It gives you a mission to play.
  10. Why is it a worthless mission?
  11. What's the version number?
  12. Stanhope


    Needed stuff to practice on with gimp, result:
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