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  1. BattlEye - Blocking Files

    For some people restarting steam also works
  2. We need your ideas

    I've already read a bunch of great ideas, keep them coming! I've got a family thing today so i won't be at my PC for most of the day but i should have some time tomorrow. So i hope to make at least one mission tomorrow. Stan
  3. Hello everyone, We've recently added a new priority mission and a new side mission. Now however we're more or less out of ideas for new side and priority missions. So that's where we need your help. If you have any ideas, however crazy they are, for a new side mission or priority mission or even a sub objective for the AO post them down below. Don't worry about whether or not it's possible to transform your idea into script. Just give us your craziest wildest ideas (and of course normal ideas are welcomed too ). We don't guarantee that all ideas will be used to make new side missions but yours just might. Stan
  4. A new Base

    Not on topic and not with a trigger but with a loop
  5. A new Base

    We don't have any problem with triggers? Most of our service pads are done with triggers.
  6. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    That's just base protection being very very eager to stop anyone from shooting in base. I'll have a look into it in the future to see if i can fix it but for now just go stand where the UAVs spawn and you should be good.
  7. A few ideas and more

    Disclaimer: I'm currently too tired to write any kind of proper english, read at your own risk Right to get back on this: I've taken a look into the script and changed a few things. For starters all military buildings in the AO will be filled up for 90% with enemy units. Any other buildings in the AO will be filled up for 25% with enemy units. These numbers aren't final yet as i'm not 100% done on rewriting that code nor am i done on actually testing everything for different types of AOs (AOs in cities or AOs in mainly countryside) Stan
  8. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    Definitely not the wrong place Unfortunately that's BIs fault. Best you can do at that point is to make the UAV respawn. I'll try and look into why that could be. Did you change your view distance at base or at one of the FOBs? And did you not accidently hit escape instead of ok/accept?
  9. I&A: FOBs don't lose after server restart

    We don't routinely restart our servers. If they do get restarted it's usually because either something bugs out or because frames drop for everyone. It's left up to the description of the moderator(s) present at the time whether or not he/she/them give an FOB or several FOBs back. Although i partially agree with McKillen i don't think this is a bad idea. Obviously not all FOBs but maybe one or 2. And inevitably there will have to be a full restart at some point otherwise we never get to fight for those FOBs. The problem is on how to get that working on the script side of things. If anyone knows how to i'll happily talk to them and we'll see how to work from there. But i don't currently know how i'd get that set up.
  10. rant

    First of all, i didn't start any name calling. I didn't set out to make anyone look bad. I made sure to not get anyone's name in any of my posts as long as i wasn't replying to that person. Can be seen by the lack of anyone's name in the original post and the black boxes over the names in the screenshot. Between you joining and we talking exactly 1 person left, less than a minute after you connecting to the server. So i don't think you were fully loaded in yet before he left. And the rule reads 16 infantry, not 16 players. I can't enforce rules on AWE. And what i posted before is my take on the rules. As stated in the original post: It's how i perceived it. It might not have been your intention but the Ctab message was pretty clear wasn't it? You should've been more clear on that. People might not read it that way and that might lead to misunderstandings. That's not my fault right? I didn't mention your name anywhere before you reacted right? I didn't make a rant about what could happen. I made a rant about what happend.
  11. Spacemarine reporting in

    Glad i had the opportunity to tell Xwatt to help you with your mod problems Welcome and see you on the battlefield.
  12. A few ideas and more

    Thing is that not everyone is looking at the ground all the time. Not all AI cary mine detectors Feel free to rewrite the current code and sent us code that will make AI avoid the minefield.
  13. Apart from the one in the mission file itself i don't think so no. And the one in the mission file isn't very helpful as it's classnames and not display names. It will be the same for all maps and if i'm not mistaken it should be more or less the same for gauntlet and stiletto. There might be some slight differences here and there. The easiest way to make sure whether or not you can use all the gear in your loadout on the server is to make the loadout while in the server. Just hop on when there is nobody, or next to nobody, on the server. If there is someone on just tell them that you're making loadouts so they don't wait around for you. Alternatively you can make them in the virtual arsenal and test them on the server. I personally do this second thing but that's because by now i pretty much know what's white- and what's blacklisted.
  14. A few ideas and more

    We don't currently have one? We used to have a hunter spawn. People, trolls, would just stand there and keep spawning in vehicles. So many that it impacted server performance significantly. The carrier, and all the objects on it except the flyable jet and the UCAV, are simple objects. Meaning that they have about the same impact on server performance as any other map object. Those boats on the other hand move along with every wave that hits them. They have to be animated all the time. Meaning they have a bigger impact on server performance than a static, simple object. Putting them in isn't that big of an issue, we can just grab the script from I&A 2.xx. However we've discussed internally and decided to not put them back in the main AO. We've considered the following pro's and con's: Pro's: -Will give EODs something real to do -For those who pay attention will make an interesting experience -Will make the RT a bit less repetitive Con's: -AI is dumb, they will simply walk into a minefield -Players, despite our best attempts to give plenty of warnings, have a tendency to simply walk into minefields. Killing themselves but more important also everyone standing near. -When EODs do start disarming mines we often see people taking vehicles in the minefield, trying to disarm it that way. This in 99% of cases lead to the EOD being blown to bits and the vehicle being FUBAR after 5 meters. -People have a tendency to throw frags or shoot 40mm into a minefield. This again kills anyone standing near. Now that's why it's not getting put back into the main AO. Where we do see it work is in a new side mission. So if anyone has a good idea for a side mission with mines/a need for an EOD by all means let us know. We're always looking for more ideas for side missions/prio missions and sup-objectives. Stan
  15. rant

    At the time vortex 2 radioed in to me we had exactly 13 infantry. This explicitly says "Vortex 2 team requires 16 infantry". Strange i was in the field at the time. Someone of vortex 2 radioed in to me but because of range couldn't make out what i said so he send me a Ctab message. I replied with this message: Later a mortar hit my head and when i respawned you came up to me asking me about things. The conversation between you and me: You: "What role do you want us in?" Me: "I don't know just something you can be in according to the rules" You: "I mean, there has been vortex 2 plenty times when alpha is full, I think it's supposed to say 16 ground infantry" Me: "Yes and that was with permission of ASL" You "Alright [inaudible on my recording]" Me "And i'm not giving that" Then you proceeded to ask either me or raz, i can't tell from the recording, which slot you need to go in. Tell me, which rules did i tell you about? Now something else, not directly related to this incident: if ASL/PlatCo has the power to tell people it's okay to be in a certain slot even if the rules say it's not, it only seems logical that the opposite (ASL tell you to reslot even if it's okay according to the rules) is also true. Where did i say in my original post that there was any shooting involved? I don't have any on recording. Which doesn't apply to this situation as alpha 1 eventually did do what i asked them to. So clearly they must have heard the order right? Word for word the order i gave to alpha 1: (what happend before: we got mortar smoke on our pos, we moved away from it, after running for a bit we changed direction to some elephant grass and a ditch, we stopped in this ditch. After having observed the situation i told this order over the radio:) "Right, alpha 1 head North-East to that wall. Alpha 2 cover them" At the time we were taking 1-2 snaps every 1-2 seconds. Not really the heat of battle right? Again quote me where i said i did or show me the recording of me doing it. You weren't even on the server when this happend. If you want to make me look bad at least make sure you're not making things up. There is plenty of stuff out there that show me fucking up big time. And as i said in my original post: No, no he didn't. He knowingly took the SMAW even though i told him to take the MAAWS. Again wouldn't be a problem if someone, anyone asked me. It's more the principal. Yet i managed to reach you on LR. So you must have had one right? Fine then i guess. I didn't know this because i didn't even knew we had FSG in the AO till a saw someone running around with a SMAW. Why was there an ammo box to begin with? The briefing said: 1x MBT, 1x IFV/APC, 1x technical. Alpha had 2 LATs and presumably some other alpha members have something that's AT capabil. So what were you planning to kill? And what i meant wit abusing the weight system is running around - and i mean running, not walking - with an amount of gear that otherwise would force you to walk. A lot of people know probably want to see that recording. You ain't getting it. Why? For the very simple reason that it contains IPs and GUIDs of people on EU1. And i will not share this information with people that shouldn't have access to this. If you really want to know whether or not i'm telling the truth, pick an AW admin of your choice and i'll send that person the recording. So they can review it and confirm or debunk what i said. (Why do i have those IPs and GUIDs? I'm still a public moderator and i don't stop being that when i join AWE. I ALWAYS have my admin tools open when i'm behind my PC. And if they ping me i WILL look into why it pinged me. As far as i know there could be a script kid f*ing up the server at that moment in time) And next time anyone wants to accuse me of something either have your own recording proving it or at least make sure i don't have one. After reviewing my recording and rereading the original post i realized that i left out something: I shouldn't be possible that we have to use 3 AT launchers on a static MBT 100 meters away that is showing it's ass to us and is not shooting. That should take exactly 1 launcher.