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  1. Scripts written by ryko.
  2. Fun fact: the ace 1000 ml blood bag does not, like one would expect, weigh slightly more than 1 kg. It in fact weighs less than a kilo, somewhere around 800 grams if i'm not mistaken
  3. Problem: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/920303210003630873/51E09859086B9D459576EFBCAA9DD1E350F10C7B/ Of those M1220 (and basically all RHS vehicles) you have a woodland and a desert camo version for every version with a different gun. You can't tell which one is which until you spawn one in.
  4. Eu1 rewards

    @ansin11 get a decent de-PBOer: (I know bad quality video, didn't bother changing the recording settings)
  5. Eu1 rewards

    Go on the server and you have them They have never been binerized.
  6. Eu1 rewards

    So you are volunteering to do it?
  7. Guide suggestion

    Find me on TS, that'll go faster :)
  8. Guide suggestion

    Have you changed the content of the readme?
  9. We've moved to the ACE arsenal which, by default, doesn't import your loadouts from the vanilla arsenal in. There is the possibility to do it, I believe you have to open the eden editor on any map and there'll be a button somewhere to import your loadouts into the ace arsenal. It's probably going to be in one of those dropdowns at the top. I just made new loadouts as so many things have changed :)
  10. Guide suggestion

    You ran it as single player In the editor at the top there is an options bar. One of the last options should be something about play. Clicking on it will show a dropdown menu, the last option of it should be play as multiplayer. That's what you need to be able to play it. One last thing you'll need to do to get it working is this: Go to the file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3_readme.txt (or whichever drive you have arma on). And change the contents of that file to: zeusAdminUIDs = []; zeusModeratorUIDs = []; zeusSpartanUIDs = []; (The original content is just some boring legal information, removing it won't affect arma the slightest) If you want to have zeus put your steam64 ID in the the zeus moderator UIDs between double quotes. Like this but with a non-fake UID : zeusModeratorUIDs= ["76561198111585500"];
  11. Guide suggestion

    Always run TS as admin. Mine starts as admin by default so I don't forget. Well we still don't know exactly what was causing that issue, so we'll have to find out :)
  12. Guide suggestion

    If you want to do some practicing offline you could play stiletto locally. Here is a guide on how to extract the PBO: Once you've extracted the PBO put it in one of the following folders (or both): C:\Users\yourUser\Documents\Arma 3\missions C:\Users\yourUser\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\yourProfile\missions Then go into the eden editor and on the top find the play drop down and select the multiplayer option. EDIT: You can also check out these guides: ^The basics ^The roles And ingame, on the map, you have a tap CBA on the left hand side. In there you'll find a lot of keybindings for several things.
  13. Return of Tanoa

    HALO has been discussed several times; short version: it isn't going to be in I&A. I do suggest searching for the actual discussions here on the forum.
  14. vortex <> respawning

    Follow up: When the rally was implemented what was it intended for? And does staff think it's still being used as it was originally intended to be used?
  15. What's staffs position on respawning at an FOB/rally when vortex is standing around base doing nothing, waiting for people to reinsert?