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  1. Id assume as with all the other UAVs the NPC gets the credit unless you're directly controlling it at that moment
  2. Nibbs

    Guide UAVs

    This one is a lot more chaotic than the Blackfish guide, but I decided to keep it that way as it impresses the need to multitask on UAV, rather than editing it up into self contained chunks. This is purely a functional guide, so it does not describe the expected communication between players, I felt that is something best left to the individual, to learn with, and also does not describe the full extent of the UAV tricks. (such as abusing Darters and datalink to your squad) I was tempted to add them but I already knew this was gonna be a long vid as it was... I know this is going to be out of date real quick with I&A4, but I also got the impression that this may give some of the guys who are less familiar with the UAVs an idea of how the role works, and the multitasking nature of it, which maybe helps with balancing/testing whatever comes out of the role in I&A4.
  3. Just a minor one, been trying out the autonomous GMG and MG backpacks. They might be a little over the top as available assets. With a Prowler I was able to bring 4 of them to an AO, Despite them being a UAV asset, they automatically engage any enemy they see, so don't really need a UAV guy to be effective. (they correctly ID friendly/enemies, so you can place them without giving a damn) Additionally the GMG has quite a large ammo load out, and can level most buildings in 3-5 shots. (essentially you have enough ammo to flatten ~20 buildings) Thankfully it seems no-one's noticed that as (for example) a sniper they could take a couple of these to watch their backs on a hillside. Or just set up a bunch overlooking a city to annihilate any enemy that becomes visible for a millisecond. They seem a bit too potent for I&A3
  4. Make Eu2 a server where everyone spawns as a pilot and everyone gets a wipeout, and EU1 will hopefully become free of people standing waiting for the Blackwasp to spawn I'm just kidding, I miss EU2 as Tanoa too but the issue with not everyone having Apex, and not everyone's PCs handling Tanoa gracefully meant it was always low population whenever I checked it Looking forwards to seeing what it becomes with I&A 4 then
  5. Also, thanks for all the nice comments guys, it's appreciated
  6. It was dark and it all looked the same ? That's how bad that fancy NV is needed. Errr I'll go with that excuse... To be honest I don't really make vids, so a few mistakes due to me trying to think and fly at the same time. Yeah I usually do, that was the whole point of drawing on the map... just too focused on multiple things at the same time. (hence why I after the event added the note that drawn lines are visible on the map)
  7. I got bored of watching terrible Blackfish pilots, so thought I'd make a quick video (including mistakes) of how to fly it on the server...
  8. And with the sharing of enemy intel in I&A4 it's quite conceivable that if something is within 1400m of you as you're on a chute, every AA vehicle within 4km could open up on you, no? or am I misunderstanding the enemy intel sharing thing?
  9. this is I&A4... the Tigris are outside the AO
  10. It's more the giant floating target for every Vehicle and Manpad in the area that's the problem, Tigris and kamish loooooove Parachute dropped vehicles you have to get them down on the ground ASAP screened by a hill as they glide down on chutes
  11. Just a comment on this one from experience with using the blackfish a lot, Make sure the drop height is no more than around 50m, or people will be paying to lose their expensive vehicles
  12. Holy thread revival batman, I'm resurrecting this bad boy, and there's nothing any of you can do to stop me... well except maybe the admins.... There is/was a Modless script that mimicks some of the TFAR radio functionality using the ingame VON, which might be of interest - Phronks Arma 3 Radio script
  13. 4th post: Miscellaneous topics 1. Terminal needs billboards pointing directions to the helipads from the arsenal. 2. Blackfish Infantry transport is probably a bad idea if it's full of people, and gets shot down, things could get interesting for the server load. 3. Because it will happen there should be some guideline for what happens when someone buys a DLC locked vehicle, for which one of their crew doesn't have the DLC, so can't use. I'm assuming the aswer is tough luck to the guy without the DLC and they should leave slot... but there should be a policy.... Also are all the purchaseable vehicles requiring a 3 man crew? I've got a vague recollection that one of the tanks DLC ones, only takes 2 people (I don't have that DLC though) 4. Vehicle crews and Team Killing... Ensure that when points gain is shared between crew, that doesn't also mean Team kill negatives get shared. 5. There's not nearly enough Vehicle targets to supply 3 vehicle crews, a UAV, the squad AT guys, and a CAS jet with targets
  14. 3rd post, suggestions on Vehicle crew role: Suggestion 1: Have 2 vehicles available for every crew, one for then to cherish, and one crappy one on fast respawn, for when they suck and get blown up, so they're not sat in base for 15-30 mins waiting for a vehicle. Ensure only Drivers can get in the driving seat, so there will only ever be 3 vehicles active at any time. i.e. if there's 3 vehicle crews, there should be 3 marshals on say a 30 min respawn timer, and 3 IFVs on a 1 minute respawn timer. that way there's no squabbling between crews as to who gets the Kuma, and there's no standing around in base trying to decide if you should 3 man crew a hunter. Suggestion 2: Points accrual penalty for having people in your squad, but not in your vehicle. (i.e. if someone joins your squad, your priority should be to disengage and organise a rendezvous with them.) Suggestion 3: Exceptionally visible notifications that someone has joined your squad, so that mid-combat you know you should be looking to pick them up.
  15. Second post UAV bugs On the UAV terminal, friendly units aren't shown, so I no longer have the capability to set UAVs to follow a target. This is useful for scouting, I can have a darter set to follow a squad lead at 100m, which means the UAV is always near them, and following their direction of advance so I can guide them to the enemies easier. (although I guess this would have to be typed or tactical pinged now if I can't join their squad for voice comms.) Purchased Mk45 Hammer ammunition, no ammunition delivered to the hammer... Delivery service is worse than the Royal Mail. I'm giving a 0 stars rating on Yelp.
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