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  1. Trying to connect with EU1 is having a problem with @ShackTac_User_Interface, I'm all up to date according to A3S. Did the key change on the server?
  2. Fixed the issue, it was going up in linear with the animated gif TS banner we have. As soon as it completed it's first loop the memory usage plateaus. I am miffed why it would be using so much though, the image itself is only about 4mb so why it's using 900mb has me stumped. Anyway we've removed it until we can figure that out.
  3. David

    17-12-2017 Meeting

  4. Posting this here as a guide as it's something I just figured out how to do and I found no hard and fast answer on how it's done, I kept running into threads on other forums years out of date talking about registry edits then finding it didn't work anymore and messing around with mic mute/unmute programs but nothing was working for me. If you're like me and you use a mouse button for push to talk on TeamSpeak (I use Button 4) you've probably run into problems when trying to bind the same key in both OBS and ShadowPlay and numerous other programs. Step 1 (may not apply). With my mouse (razer mamba) button 4 is the default back button on browsers so I needed to disable it, to do this I use a program called X-Mouse Button Control. After installing simply set whatever buttons on your mouse you don't want to function to "disable" (see spoiler). That doesn't disable the button but it'll stop doing what you don't want it to do. It is possible to do simulated keys with this program but I've found it a little buggy. Step 2. Down a program called AutoHotKey, it's a little program where you can set macros to any button on your computer. After it's installed, right click on your desktop, go to "New" and then "AutoHotkey Script" and name it whatever you like. My script is below, quite simply XButton1 is Mouse Button 4 and F13 is the F13 key. I don't have an F13 key and you probably don't either but it still exists and all the way up to F24. Here is a list of all the keys you can use. XButton1::F13 Save your script, right click and run it to see if it works, then right click again and click compile if it does. It should create a new icon on your desktop that looks slightly different, just double click to run it. I recommend to set it to run on startup if it works well for you. Step 3. Now go to your program of choice and press that mouse button to have it bound. Hope this guide helps you in some way!
  5. Mostly hammering Ctrl + F5. I know how I could fix it for sure but that could very likely break a multitude of other things so I'd rather not go down that route. I've been in contact with IPS support to see if there's another option.
  6. We absolutely do, unfortunately since it's a 3rd party plugin there's nothing we can do about that typo. EDIT: I found the file that text is in, corrected it and uploaded it and....... it didn't fix it for some reason.
  7. Hi all Today we introduced new server tags on TeamSpeak which represent your preference in VR headsets if you have one. We have two tags, one for Oculus Rift and one for HTC Vive . You can apply these to yourself by simply right clicking your name, hovering over Set Server Group and then clicking either Virtual Reality (Oculus) or Virtual Reality (HTC Vive). We'll be introducing a few more new groups in the coming weeks, too. As of today, Outreach team members have a tag against their names now: Thanks!
  8. David

    Flagship moors up.

    Flagship more than earned its keep. Since being placed into service on 5th June 2013 it had hosted more than 145 YEARS of playtime, it had its funny moments but I think we can all agree it's done well.
  9. David


    Right. Which would explain why your location is exactly the same as before and you just happened to be viewing the ban appeal of one of your friends that was banned along with you years ago despite them never being mentioned at all during this entire process.
  10. David

    Invade And Annex 3.1!

    You know that's not the case, you know my policy on post removal. It's untrue what you say, but the post stays
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