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  1. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Oderus was and still is to me a great dude, Like Shadow was saying the best memory was when we was playing Dead By Daylight together and we've not seen Oderus all game and he wasn't talking and I said "He's probably in a closet getting high", a second later we hear from Oderus sounding high as fuck "Oh Hi Buddy", we all burst out laughing as he was taken out the closet to a hook.
  2. New server group images

    Who ate the old tags and pooped out these?
  3. Changing of the Guard

    Best term I can use is: R.I.P. AhoyWorld We've Had A Few Good Years, But It's Over Now
  4. Trench abuse!

    @Minipily Mortar Incoming! > FoxHole! > That one guy that doesn't know what foxhole means.. > RIP
  5. An Identity Development Update

    You might have gotten the news, but some haven't =)
  6. An Identity Development Update

    For those that have Heard about Identity, they have written an update, and for those that do not know its about RP, So if you hate that I have saved you some time. Hello citizens! It's been too long since our last developer blog entry, so I wanted to take the time today to update all of our backers on Identity's current state of development, as well as give a little more insight into the process behind the scenes. During the first year and a bit of development, most of the time was spent developing key backend systems. Networking modifications, weapon physics, character customization, voice communication and so on. That's all behind us now, and I'm happy to say it's gone as well as we could have hoped. Now and for the past couple of months we've moved on to gameplay development, making those backend features do the fun stuff. This Month in Development In this last month our lead character artist, Miroslav, has finished up everything we need for your characters going into the Town Square release. We're always going to be adding more character customizations over time, but to start you'll have the choice between 4 male and 5 female race options. After selecting your base race you can customize further with skin tones, blemishes, scars, eye color, hair styles, hair colors and tweaks to facial features. Identity is expanding on the usual character customization, though, as some of the options available can only be gotten through achievements. Prison tattoos are an example; if you see someone with such a tattoo you know they've done something to earn it. A lot of work this month has also gone into the player housing systems. In following our previous messages, our home customization system has been in place for some months although we've been expanding the floorplans in preperation for the Town Square module release. Sean, or Motown as you may know him, has prepared the various apartments you will have in the Town Square. If you have made a smaller pledge to Identity and do not have an apartment yet, we're going to be giving you access to a temporary (small) home in the Town Square so that you can play with the cusomization features. If you've pledged for a package containing an apartment, Town Square will show what you'll have in the full Identity game upon release. Just this morning our lead programmer, Henrik (AKA Mathalion), finished up the karaoke systems. It's a minor feature for Identity as a whole, but it's going to be loads of fun in the Town Square module! Just off the lobby of the hotel is a slick little bar, complete with a karaoke stage. You'll be able to queue up your favorite songs on the karaoke machine and see the lyrics on one of the monitors around the stage. The microphone on the stage really works, too, amplifying your voice out of the speakers so that your singing can be heard by everyone there! Most of us are terrible singers, so karaoke is going to have a lot of hilarious moments. If you're just there to watch, the restaurant by the stage is fully functional, too! I'll just come right out and say it: we at Asylum Entertainment have really had poor PR these last months, and you guys deserve better. You deserve much more frequent updates, and we're committing to give you that moving forward. We're a relatively small development team today. Currently a core staff of 5 incredibly talented full-time developers, I'm amazed every day with what this team can accomplish. Outside of our core we have a handful of part-time workers, mostly artists, who are also very skilled. Because we're a small team, many of us have to wear several hats. For example, Sean is our community manager but also a 3D artist. I myself am the project manager, a programmer and interface developer. This leads to few resources to dedicate towards PR as there's so much work to be done on the game itself. This is something we knew though, and we're going to set some time aside regularly to keep you in the loop. The Town Square module is coming soon. We're in the final months of 2016 now, and you'll finally be inside the first piece of the Identity world in the first quarter of 2017. It's a little later than we originally hoped since we're dedicated to making sure everything is smooth and stable from the first moments. Identity is an enormous undertaking, but the most difficult bits are behind us and we're drawing near! What to Expect The first stage of game development is always very boring to talk about, and also doesn't give us much to show you. Creating those backend systems that drive the game behind the scenes is one of the most important phases, but it's not very glamorous. It's for this reason that most games aren't announced until they're a couple years into development. Now that we're past that point, we're going to be able to start showing you real Identity gameplay. The first gameplay video you'll see is going to be in November and will show you just how detailed and in-depth Identity is becomming! You'll see a walkthrough of our housing system, showing just how far it can be customized and some of the cool fun features you'll find in there. Following that video we'll give you a glimpse of the Town Square features, leading up to its release. It's been a ton of work and a long time coming, but we're moving forward at a great pace and everything is about to get very exciting over here. Get involved with development Register on our new community forums (www.IdentityRPG.com/Community) to share your opinions, feedback and ideas. We love hearing suggestions from our community, so if you've got good ideas post them for other fans to discuss. The developers read just about everything. One of the best ways to help Identity grow is to share us with your friends!
  7. _,!,, Ahoyworld ,,!,_ Just BAAAAD Admins all round!

    UrbanFolklore, You seem to be a child, that has yet to grow up. Admin he Do make mistakes, And some refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. In your case, Grow up and learn from your mistakes, Attacking the ahoyworld staff is not needed as they are only doing what they volunteered to do, and that is to keep the servers and the community free from ass-hats like you.
  8. Who's your favourite Arma 3 YouTuber?

    https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMinipily https://www.twitch.tv/sockmonstergame https://www.twitch.tv/ahoyworld
  9. I loved this mission, I wish it didn't start so late else i would have been there till the end, @kennychr Your missions are always the best and are never a let down. Also I'm so happy to see all the "Old Members" back on from the patrol ops days, had a blast.
  10. How many slot will the mission have?
  11. AhoyWorld Space Engineers

    We have had a Space Engineers server in the past, but people got bored of it within a week, then the rest were off it within 2 weeks.
  12. Separate and differentiate Spotters and Marksmen

    "Despite its designation as an anti-materiel rifle, it is used by some armed forces as an anti-personnel sniper rifle. It is also called the Light Fifty for its .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) chambering and significantly lighter weight compared to previous applications.(M2 Browning)" The Barrett is used quite a lot for anti personal, One story where the sniper was set up as over watch while friendly units raided a building, while in the building enemy insurgents set up a heavy machine gun and pinned down the units inside the buildings, The sniper seeing where the insurgents set up "behind a wall from his view" engaged the target, Shot through the wall (Acting like a shotgun blast coming out the other end of the wall) neutralising the threat.
  13. Hello

    Welcome to ahoy o/ Hope to see you soon on eu3