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  1. Looking for opinions

    Didn't we also have an insanity of issues with CUP trees and foliage not blocking sight for AI?
  2. Haven't tested it extensively yet, but again the track record kinda speaks for itself. One area where no testing is required to prove the discrepancy is in the sighting systems for various weapon systems. RHS doesn't give you the nicely pristine and wide field of view sights with an extreme magnification range.
  3. I honestly doubt it. The track record for that is abysmal
  4. It's very much worth noting that adding Vanilla stuff into an RHS environment isn't a good recipie for a balanced experience. Load up Dev Branch, take the vanilla MAAWS, shoot at an Abrams for a bit. You'll see what I mean.
  5. Tanks DLC DevBranch report.

    PCML was a useless piece of garbage. With Tanks DLC, it fills a useful niche, as it's far more portable than a Titan, while still being able to at least disable anything up to a Kamysh in one good hit. In a PvP setting, it'd definitely be harder to spot a PCML launch as compared to a Titan launch, which would be a big plus in its favor.
  6. Arma 3 Sync

    Using A3S. use the Public repo mods for EU#1 and EU#2, and the Enhanced repo mods for EU#3/AWE.
  7. Tanks DLC DevBranch report.

    Both the launcher and the rockets have significantly greater weight and volume, but then they're also the second most powerful AT. I'm not sure what its max effective range is, but the PCML was increased from around 500 to 800.
  8. Tanks DLC DevBranch report.

    Recent Dev Diary on Tanks DLC. BLUFOR Rhino MGS and its UP variant. 3-man crew. Armor is no good against 40mm and upwards, but what it lacks in protection, it makes up for in speed. 120mm Cannon, 12/8/8/4 APFSDS/HEAT-MP/HE/Laser Guided ATGM. Also packs a .338 co-axial MMG. Commander gets a Laser Designator system. UP variant adds 50. RCWS and ERA to hull front, turret rear and turret sides. A SLAT cage can be added, covering 360 hull coverage on the standard variant and omitting the front hull on the UP. Both variants can load into the Blackfish, like the Marshall. GREENFOR AWC 301 Nyx. 2-man crew. Basically armored with Paper Maché, this won't stop anything above 7.62x51, however it's extremely maneuverable and pretty quick. It's also smaller than a Hunter, and so makes for a tough target to hit at speed. AT variant provides a .50 turret and an ATGM system capable of loading 2 missiles at a time, with three slow reloads available. Locks to heat, but is weaker than the Gorgon's Titan AT system. Recon variant has no weapons, but provides a Strider-style extendable observation pod, as well as a rotating radar dish. Autocannon variant provides a 20mm rapid-fire cannon with 60/60 AP/HE. Also packs a 7.62 co-axial MMG. AA variant (not pictured) provides a 50. turret and a SAAMI capable of loading 4 missiles with 2 reloads. Haven't tested it's effectiveness, but expect a Cheetah trading damage for reloads. All variants can be configured with SLATs and will load into a Blackfish, though despite leaving plenty of room, it's too heavy to allow anything but a Quad Bike with it. REDFOR T-140 Angara. 3-man crew. The "Steel Monster on Steroids." Even more durable than the M2A1 Slammer. 125mm Cannon with greater maximum engagement range than any other system. 20/12/12 APFSDS/HEAT/HE. 7.62 co-axial. 50. RCWS. You'd expect it to be slow and bulky, but you'd only be half right. This thing is fast in a near-straight line, like the T-100 before it. It's K variant replaces the 50. RCWS with a 30mm autocannon firing 60 MP rounds with three reloads, and also adds a sensor package linking it into the system introduced with Jets DLC. No SLATs for this bad boy though. Not that it needs them anyway. BLUFOR M4 MAAWS Mod 1 BLUFOR's new Light AT. Unguided, lightweight, low volume ammo, that still packs a good punch. Range increments up to 1000 meters. Think of it as an improved RPG-42. This also comes in an AAF variant, M4 MAAWS Mod 0, which essentially just has a shittier optic and AAF camo schemes. ----------------- In addition: REDFOR has a new AT launcher. A slightly more powerful PCML with higher weight and volume ammo, that in return is wire-guided and so can't fire-and-forget. Quilins now have a variant with the new OPFOR AT launcher replacing the 7.62 Minigun. Prowlers now have a variant with Titan AT replacing the .50 HMG. Marshall, Gorgon, Mora, Marid and Kamysh are all able to field SLAT systems, covering a full 360 degrees on all. Some of them also have options for turret SLATs. All ATGMs but the new REDFOR one can now select Direct- or Top-Attack modes.
  9. Today's hack.

    Sadly not, it's unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. It's usually either the nuke countdown with cam-shake effect followed by everyone getting dead, or this news banner-style deal saying "I hackzor'd you, look @ my coolness," often with info on where to buy the software used. These guys aren't hackers, fortunately. They're just using other peoples work.
  10. Preventing friendly fire

    What Ryko means is that players can't visually identify whether a T-100 is friendly or not. With some GREENFOR vehicles, we've got them in actual NATO beige camo now, making it pretty easy to tell the difference.
  11. Subnautica

    Yeah, Subnautica should definitely be experienced without any outside help for the first playthrough at least. The experience of exploring the world is a major factor in what makes the game superb. Any assistance detracts from that.
  12. Subnautica

    Subnautica really is a rather well-crafted game. Deserves high praise. Is it your first playthrough? Asking because of the 5th part
  13. That very much depends on who is leading VLK
  14. The primary thing with custom scenarios is it has to work in the context or Arma. IMHO, this rules out anything underwater, which is really just a shit experience for all involved.
  15. [AWE] Stiletto Wednesday - #8 on 21/03/18 @ 1900 UTC

    Possible sickness, what with the flu going around?