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  1. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I already knew that, but yeah As usual, engine limitations screw us all.
  2. Can't say I plan on using the D-60, its weight and volume considered. The 40's well balanced. In fact, PSA. The PMAG D-60 comes loaded with 60 rounds of 5.56x45. At 12.3g per round, the ammo accounts for ≈740g of its 1100g total weight. So for perspective, the approximate empty weights of mags for the M27 in RHS: D-60: 360g (real 581g) 40: 70 (real 178g) 30: 50 (real 112g) Worth it? I think not Kinda also makes me wonder why RHS doesn't model realistic weights, given how easy this information is to come by.
  3. Don't suppose ACE checks for multiple players clustered around the object in question?
  4. Eu1 rewards

    I have no problems opening that version number in PBO Manager. Consider your tools the problem, not the -pbo?
  5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced

    Lost Alpha where it's at.
  6. IMHO there's a pretty simple litmus test. When you're thinking of using the Rally feature, ask yourself, am I currently willing to remove all consequence from getting shot in the face? If there's few people on and getting people back out would be a massive hassle, the answer is probably gonna be yes. If there's plenty of people on and getting people back out wouldn't really be much of an issue, the answer will hopefully be no. For the same reason, I have zero issues with people spawning in at a FOB, as long as Vortex is made aware that transportation isn't likely to be needed. Personally I see no issue with not using Vortex. Server should focus on infantry, and so the use of vehicles should always be about supporting the infantry, and one shouldn't have an expectation of getting to provide CAS or any of all that fancy stuff. Same goes for armor crews. It does suck if this isn't communicated to the supporting assets though. I've been a supporting asset in custom scenarios before without getting used, despite the infantry being hammered to pieces, and in those cases I'd much rather have been informed that Command didn't want the asset that the mission maker had provided, as then I wouldn't have sat on my ass waiting for something that would never happen, for hours on end
  7. Correction in the server rules

    So if someone wants a shot at a Side reward, they should wait in base for a Side mission so they're sure they won't be busy in AO when it pops up? When that starts happening, how do we proceed from there? If you're doing Side because you expect dibs on the reward, I can't say that sits well with me. Do it because you want the fun of doing the mission, not because you want the fun of the potential reward.
  8. If anyone's interested in what a barrel swap looks like on an M249: Yes, it's the civilian semi-auto version, but it's the same exact process with all variants. For the M240:
  9. Correction in the server rules

    It won't stop someone "stealing" the asset, but it does provide a little time in which to stand next to the guy, making your case in Direct. Be surprised how reasonable people can be if they're communicating with a voice rather than a text.
  10. Correction in the server rules

    Not a solution, but maybe an improvement: Spawn all Side Rewards locked, unlock after three minutes. Should provide enough time for someone to respawn and stake their claim, while not leaving the vehicle unusable if nobody has a claim.
  11. Thing is, there's a reason you don't do it in real life, and why quick-swap barrels are mostly used on machineguns intended to be emplaced. I don't see it as personal preference, I see it as a skilled and an unskilled player
  12. Maybe that's a valid point though? No spare barrel means there's a semi-serious consequence to continuous fire, and thus it might be that continuous fire will happen less frequently? I'm not really for or against, just thinking out loud
  13. My own view is very similar, though I'm interested in how you interpret "more things to do." For my part, I like having a lot of stuff for scenario creators to play around with, but once we're actually playing, I appreciate it when everyone looks like they're part of the same unit, that is wearing the same style of uniform and LBE/PPE, and using the same styles of weapons. I greatly dislike it when a 14-man squad starts looking like they recruited off Craigslist and all the recruits brought their own gear from their local supplier. I usually refer to my preference as "looking good on video," because I believe part of what makes video from ShackTac and the like is that they look organized, and the uniform look of the players contribute to that. Just imagine a Shack video where everyone is wearing different camo. I also believe that looking organized can help players want to be organized. Instill it, if you will.
  14. IIRC part of the issue was the Spare Barrel could be used on weapons with no-change barrels.
  15. IIRC there are some 7.62x51 weapons out of SMA that don't use RHS mags, even with the compatibility add-on. Personally I also count things like weight, "felt" recoil and accuracy as factors that contribute to something being OP or not. Most BAF stuff is OP primarily by virtue of it weighing as little as 60% of their equivalent RHS counterparts. AT4s and the L129A1 are perfect examples of this phenomenon.