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  1. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Does anyone really want to pretend that no inspiration was or should be drawn from other successful ArmA 3 scenarios?
  2. I'm guessing Ryko's got a timer on it, despawn enemies and complete.
  3. Guide - Blackfish

    Well flown Nibblet. First-person all the way
  4. Which is likely to be underwater. Bring an SDV.
  5. Mk45 requires Arty Computer, indeed. Useless without it. Technically, it can be used in Direct Fire mode, but it's not like the Sochor where you can kinda sorta point the barrel at something and expect to get a hit. It's finicky. Might be worth looking into what kind of units Ambient will spawn. If it spawns a bunch of high-level threats to aircraft, it could get overly problematic for players getting out of the AO, as in evacuation helicopters getting shot down anytime they try to land near infantry. Otherwise your words make me very hopeful as well. It's high time AW I&A steps it up a notch and provides a challenge, and you sure make it sound like that's happening. Well done Devs on this. All hail Ryko I guess
  6. List of side mission rewards?

    Are you doing Side because you want a specific reward vehicle, or do you choose to do it because you find it fun?
  7. AFAIK, that came about mostly because of the (current?) intentions for EU#2, namely that squad structure would be enforced along with an expectation of teamwork. Given that, it would be considered an improvement to not be required to Lobby when switching slot. I don't consider it inferior or more than marginally more complex myself, and it might cut down on lobby idling too.
  8. New RHS FN-SCAR

    Thought they said SCARs weren't making it in time for 0.4.6?
  9. Telegram group for AWE players?

    Start one, see what happens from there. If you start it yourself, you can simply remove anyone who spams it, as Chuck suggests.
  10. Suggestion: 1.0) Add the USS Liberty to all maps already featuring the USS Freedom. 1.1) Replace the current M4 Scorcher Self-propelled Arty with the new Mk45 Hammer 120mm Naval Arty, as mounted on the USS Liberty. Same ordnance types, slower rate of fire, significantly more precise. Controlled by script or UAV Operator. Arty Computer. 1.2) Add the Mk41 VLS, as mounted on the USS Liberty. Cluster or HE, laser guided. Controlled by UAV Operator. Requires Datalink laser, no handhelds. 1.3) Whitelist the Remote Designator (NATO) Backpack for Platoon UAV Operator. Datalink-enabled, for use with VLS. 2.0) Whitelist M27 IAR for all US Marine Infantry units. Marines are now intent on issuing this to full squads. 2.1) Blacklist magazine PMAG D-60 and its variants for all non-Autorifleman units. Autorifleman still needs something to differentiate himself, even though the D-60's 20 extra rounds over the PMAG 40 comes at a weight premium per round.
  11. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    CLS team has always been pointless, yes. More than enough medics without it, and if everyone followed lobby structure they'd still not be used as they can't do anything the squad medics can't.
  12. Personally think it should stay off of it, as it doesn't really have a use on server
  13. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Launchers like the RPG-42 and MAAWS are far lighter, as is their ammo. when compared to the Titan and Vorona. As such, none of them are bad, they're simply providing different capabilities. That said, personally I'm all for limiting the Titan and Vorona launchers, possibly by dividing the Rifleman AT into two different classes, with the balance toward the lighter launchers.