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  1. Wishlist 2018

    Certainties: M&B2 Bannerlord Metro Exodus Wolfenstein 2 TW: Warhammer 2, Mortal Empires free DLC BattleTech Cyberpunk 2077 PoE 2: Deadfire MechWarrior 5: Mercs Tentative: Jurassic World Evolution RDR 2 Consortium: The Tower Monster Hunter World
  2. I generally don't reopen ArmA by clicking on the taskbar icon, but in this instance I was complacent and did so, to very unfortunate effect
  3. Can't say I've ever had an issue that was caused by not being in Windowed. Otherwise that's pretty much the same things I've been telling people for years
  4. Haven't combined the two audio tracks for this. You'll have to download it for yourself if you want the pleasure of my own reaction. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6V9Tv1mP-KpdE96cVBpazduZjQ Also, this is why I went silent, @Colsta
  5. Not a critique as such, but it ended up feeling somewhat detrimental to have CMD with only one SL. Might have been better in retrospect to have put Jochem in ASL and leave me in command of Bravo only. Overall, I feel like things went ok all things considered, but I was essentially acting as Cmd without any SLs. I'd be interested in hearing @Jochems take. I'm not convinced I did a good enough job of keeping him in the loop; because of the above.
  6. Sometimes the UAVs decide to spawn without a "driver" AI. The result is them not showing up in the terminal. Sounds like ninja lucked out on missing drivers.
  7. Downgrading a Rifleman from Android to MicroDAGR will remove three features: 1) Texting functionality. 2) BluFor tracking for people other than his immediate teammates. 3) Placing of cTab-specific markers.
  8. In principle, I agree, but the fact is that >80% of the time, SL is acting as PlatCo; sometimes even with 30 players on server. In those situations, SL does hang back a fair bit, especially in urban combat scenarios.
  9. Poll doesn't have an option that allows TL the use of Android.
  10. It's my understanding that the primary reason for allowing all players to use the Android is that the DAGR doesn't allow its user to see the location of players not in their own team. Which is, to me, pretty much the only reasonable justification I've heard so far. I'd prefer a revert to the old days described by Ben above, however.
  11. He won't place mines without being ordered to, probably by SL. Depends on the situation, but mostly an IED will be found, and a decision to disarm or bypass will be made by SL. Again, SL or TL can mark as required. Words and ACE pointing. If the above isn't enough, talk to his TL. If his radio won't reach, then he went somewhere and all his friends died. In which case, go find TL or SLs radio. For emergencies, use Group Chat. Same for JIP FSG Assist needing to know what system is fielded.
  12. Pretty sure that's just a failure in copy-paste?
  13. Just play as Marines, they're fielding suppressors now because it's cheaper than outfitting rifleman radios
  14. Given the topic, I'd assume only the MicroDAGR cTab
  15. Ghostdragon and SkullCollector are Zeusing on AWE tonight at 1830 British Summer Time, 1930 Central European Summer Time