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  1. Fair, though at the time of writing, and before your new edits, it was the only plate available at the MSO Armory location
  2. Op Valiant 16/12/17

    On MSO, even if you never actually see an enemy, you can't be certain that one won't be around the next corner. This means you should always be alert, which is very different from the AWE experience. Sometimes things will go off and you'll get in a massive firefight, and sometimes you will actually want to retreat, something that never happens on AWE. The bottom line is that it's a different style of operation, and it's not for everyone. You're not the first to find it boring, and many players from AWE have tried and decided it wasn't for them. If the potential for a complete lack of things to shoot at doesn't sit right with you, then it'd be your own choice whether to join again. Nobody would blame you if you felt it wasn't your cup of tea, but maybe it could grow on you as well. It's not instant-action, and it was never meant to be.
  3. Malden 030 Being alone, #vote Missions and Admin acknowledged a vote had been cast, but did nothing.
  4. I'd echo the words of SkullCollector, but add that to my knowledge ACRE can be more work for a mission developer to set up and get working. Because of that, I feel the choice should rest with the mission developers.
  5. Could run this scenario again I feel.
  6. Am I not correct in saying that you're currently using the "beta" TFAR 1.0 on MSO? I see radio antennas and shiet in Arsenal when I run MSO mods.
  7. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    I liked your 5-3 setup, generally. I can see why you don't use a 203 on your SL, given that he also carries a backpack radio that weighs about as much as the 203 and the ammo for it would. As 2IC, I felt I was well served with my 203 however. It's a bit circumstantial when sitting back on OW, as it doesn't have the effective reach of the MG, but I did put it to use at one opportune moment of enemies getting a bit closer than I was expecting. Unless I know I'll exclusively be clearing buildings, I'm very much in favor of having two MGs, which begs the question of whether the 3-man OW team should use a 240. I find myself against using the 240 in our current setup, largely because I feel that the lack of an accompanying M145 MGO hamstrings it a wee bit. I could see myself replacing Rifle 1 or 2 with another 249, but keeping the majority of the ammunition on the OW Rifleman. That also enables the squad to switch into a 4 4 setup on the fly.
  8. You already have Johnson, it's in use on MSO
  9. Vehicle-Spawner Guide

    Never hurts to have an online resource when away from ArmA
  10. Wait... It Can Float?

    Realistically, the Chinook can submerge about half the cargo area in water and not have a problem, but it can't "land", as in spooling down and floating. The same is the case for the Sea Stallion. None of the other aircraft in the AWE fleet can do this. To partially submerge the cargo area on any of our other aircraft would also involve submerging parts of the flight control system, which isn't watertight in the slightest
  11. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6V9Tv1mP-KpVWpHWTVvcm1senM
  12. Edit the cargo capacity, you can load anything into anything. Yeah, it won't be visible inside the cargo hold, but ehh. What do people envision them being used for though? I'm having a hard time seeing what job they'd do that isn't already being done by another rotor-wing.
  13. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is for MSO
  14. Nice write. I was actually looking for a solution to this same problem, but Shadowplay recently added the ability to separate audio tracks, so I went that route instead.