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How did you guys find out about AhoyWorld?


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Arma3 is my first in ArmaWorld. I've bought the game and it always seemed difficult to control and I stayed away from Arma franchize. I entered the lobby and searched for lowest ping. EU#2 (Stratis back then) was the one. I joined. Fell in love with the game and community of players on EU#2. Everybody was helpful. We were like 10 players max on that island so I was really hooked with teamplay and wanted something on larger scale.

I came from Planetside2 (my outfit, couldn't hide my tears when I left them because of Arma3) where we were commanding 40 troops in outfit at friday nights. I wanted more. Joined EU#1 and immidiately went off because of some cowboys and all TKs on that server. For half of a month I was on JSOC servers and really enjoyed the organisation they were having.

Next thing I've done is register to AhoyWorld forums. Found out about EU#3. Saw the mods... After spending half of year on Skyrim and modding I've said to myself: "Nah I ain't modding anything anymore". Play the game and move on. But the flame inside me has burned my decision in dust and recalled all the immersive plays from Skyrim (Yes, I was blacksmith in Skyrim).


I really enjoyed the run till now on AhoyWorld servers.


Next paragraph:  EU#3 Day One: The recruitment


I've Installed the mods for EU#3, joined the server. I've never felt so lost. Heard in background: "We have new recruit here, .... your turn now H2K". He didn't want to explain me anything so CMD (I think it was @leo) approached me: "Welcome to AhoyWorld EU#3 server, have you read the rules" on which I responded: "I have read three times the ones on TS3 channel room while I was downloading mods". CMD replied: "Enought for me, suit up and we need to move, you have 10 seconds." Because I was so lost1x I've entered in arsenal and just picked a m16, without any optics, 3 default mags and one in the rifle. CMD dedicated Nicolai so I can stick to him and learn all the basics on the move. The map was Fallujah. We were moving in convoy with two MRAPs. I was so lost2x I didn't even know where I am, how to use compass, what am I doing here or anything. While middle in the streets of Fallujah I've just heard someone yelling with furious voice from MRAP: "Disembark now!" While we went off gunner on .50 cal has started shooting. Suddenly I haven't heard anything, just pitching sound in my ears. Was so disoriented. The light from flashing .50 cal went even bigger. I looked back and MRAP was in flames. Completely destroyed. After 30 sec standing in the corner behind palm tree, my ears have started picking up soundstage from environment again. I've picked up the name leo laying on the ground, not moving. Nicolai wasn't nowhere on sight. Medic (I think it was @ShadowKnight but maybe also one guy who isn't on EU#3 anymore) approached me and started yelling : "Plant1ng are you okay?". I could barely hear him so I instinctivly yelled on my mic that I'm okay just couldn't hear clearly. After that all went blurry. I heard in background with all the noise around me : "CMD is down we need instructions." Still unaware where I am I've decided to cross the street. Fell down the ground. Next thing, someone is dragging me. All I could see from that eliptical shape tunnel was probably the same palm tree in the corner where I was previously moving from. Heard familiar voice in background who asked me earlier if I was okay. Now he's speaking in more scarried and hurried voice I've ever hear: "Oh my God Plant1ng. You are so f*cked up. I don't know if you will make it. Hang on there pal." Next seconds the camera moved and I could see everything but frozen like a picture.

Respawned at base. Disconnected from the server. I've realized that my mouth is still opened.


Yes I vividly remember my first day on EU#3  

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My story has already been told by raz (even though he forgot about me  :huh: which is funny you know since we've known each other for 8 years :blink:<_<). I will tell however of how I got core staff. Back in 2012 when we didn't really have a playerbase we had a website developer who was making a new design for us and was part of the core staff team. At that time there was 7 core staff members (prime number) and they were designing a meet the admins page with pictures etc. Now you'll know that prime numbers aren't divisible, so being a stickler for it looking nice he wouldn't make any that didn't look good. So I got added to make the website look good!  :lol: The funniest part, the website didn't even come to fruition, they disappeared off the face of the earth before it was made.




Since that time all but one of the seven have buggered off and I don't think I've done too bad a job of it  :lol:

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First time around was Arma 3 Alpha on Stratis using the server search, eventually took a break for other games.


Then came back with it on Altis for a while, eventually took another break.


Now playing regularly on EU2; the community is mainly good, and I promote it where I can.


However finding Altis a bit dull already and may be taking another break again soon; really need a different map on one of the (Not EU3) servers, maybe switch Stratis for Chernarus. Can't wait for them to release Tanoa for a change of scenery.

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I started my Arma 3 gamingcareer during the Alpha. In those days I just played Wasteland and eventually ran into some people(I do not remember who) that suggested the I&A server for better teamplay. I played on EU1 for a month or two, running with a HUGE team with Johnson and some others. Eventually I switched over to EU3 and Patrol Ops. Those were the days of very unfair challenging UAV recovery missions http://imgur.com/9yIgxsv .

Some other stuff from year ago;



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I first found AW after playing a smaller I&A server for a while (Essex Rifles anyone?) which then stopped being updated. Deciding that this was the best gamemode for me, I began the hunt for more I&A servers, whereby I stumbled upon AW in the list. I played for a while, mostly EU2 then got distracted by something else not-arma related. Some time later I start playing Arma again, and I find Luetin's YT channel. After a bit of searching, I discover that LT does his Zeus missions on AW servers, which I quickly become reinterested in. Later still, and you find me here and now.

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Played the original Arma with some friends way back on the 'Evolution' game mode.  Missed Arma2 and recently got Arma 3 after watching the streams and YT videos from LT.  Played a couple of Zeus missions and realised I actually enjoyed watching them more than playing, however EU#3 was the real gem found here at AW.


Regards, Alex.

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Saw it on youtube a few times, and thought I'd give it a go.


I think the guy was  called "looting"....or something....sounded like a right ruffian for sure! Didn't like what I seeing to be honest at first..always mortaring his troops and surprising them with BMP's ..then saying "he likes to balance these things out"...without pausing and launching with a few more mortars at the Ahoyclan......."you'll make new friends" they said...


  :D :D :D :D :D


My Advice - don't go near that server on fight night...it wont be the bogey man that gets you,.... it'll be leutin! :P :P :P :P


Easy guys, best regards





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Hmm I didn't post here yet?


So, I installed ArmA III and went to search for random EU server to play on. AhoyWorld looked decent enough, so I tried it. I was happy with it, so I looked it up every time I played. After some time, I went to the TeamSpeak to check it out, visited the website, introduced myself, got some nice welcoming aaaaand ended up on EU#3 as well.

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