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  1. Bozcaada, there's no Command HQ to take the PoWs/Assets into to complete the tasks.
  2. something something first person locks something something
  3. Stiletto squad setup

    I'm not 100% on the functionality, but I've often said I'd like to see 3x4 man teams in a squad. Say, something along these lines: Squadlead Medic Rifleman Engineer/EOD Teamlead/Grenadier Marksman Rifleman Autorifleman Teamlead/Grenadier Marksman Rifleman Autorifleman This setup is similar to the British Army's 8 man section, whereby the 8 are split into two four-man teams; I've also included a 4 man commanding element. This could be modified to have only the two teams, as follows: Squadlead Medic Marksman Rifleman Teamlead/Grenadier Autorifleman Rifleman Engineer/EOD With the above setup, we return to the old style of a clearing team, and an overwatch team. The medic is with the SL for easy delegation of support. The Marksman has a rifleman to act as spotter if required. The Rifleman in the section team is able to act as AR assistant if required, and would also most likely carry a LAT. The Engineer doubles as EOD, as it's fairly easy to do both in one role. The only issue I can see with the above is Stiletto's abundance of IEDs at present. I'd consider adding a second Engineer in place of the SL Rifleman to account for this. A smaller squad overall means that we shouldn't get the awkward one or two people in Bravo. If required, the squad could run with two 3 man teams to account for a third and/or fourth fireteam existing in Bravo, allowing for a balanced force across the board and no 5 man team/1 man team situations. For reference, the British Army's current section doctrine:
  4. The following items are in our existing modset, but are not whitelisted for use on AWE. I think they'd be nice additions to provide more variety in loadouts, and allow players to do more impressions. The survival fatigues are also requested for functionality; we've got a few maps with coastal AOs now, so it'd be nice to have a non-wetsuit item of clothing for those scenarios. It's worth nothing that there are several variants of many of these items. Some are rolled sleeves, some are rhino mounts for helmets, or ESS.
  5. I had one. I always have carried one, on all loadouts, since joining the server. That option doesn't appear.
  6. Prone, and very slowly. I aim at it and check scroll options and ACE interaction for a disarm option constantly. I also have my mine detector active. It detonates between 2 and 3m out; well before I get any option. It'd be cool to look into mods like these: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZUlSFniY91#.WaAP1z6GM_4 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26882 Adding in such mods would allow us a much greater range of IED themed activities. IEDs are a MAJOR thing in real-world insurgencies as of late, so it'd be good to simulate that more than booby trapped vehicles and the odd IED.
  7. There are several types of tripwire mines appearing in the mission that cannot be disarmed by EOD. Upon approaching, they detonate at a range of around 2m.
  8. Currently on Malden: First mission, HVT kill/confirm. Bodies despawned by the time we got to them, so we were unable to check them.
  9. From my limited time on Stiletto, it seems pretty good. My only comments would be that things seem somewhat slow and bland at times, though that may be due to the roles I've played/the specific AOs I've been involved in.
  10. The movement at night with no NVGs was awkward; perhaps in future do this in a lit city, or provide some form of co-ordination other than following green hexagons.
  11. Fraggloid

    In-game name when banned: Fraggloid What message displays when you attempt to connect? "you were kicked off the game (Battleye admin ban: [Nicolai] Admin Ban/Rule 3 (Chain of Command)/Nicolai Why do you think you were banned? I have no idea. I was en-route to exfil from an AO in the South West area of Sahrani; at the time the AO ended Kingfisher (my copilot) and I, as Vortex 1, had no comms with ASL due to the distance and mountains between us. We attempted to radio ASL for instructions, but got a garbled, unintelligible answer; I responded saying as much and that we'd head over to collect them from the Airstrip we could they were approaching on C-Tab. As the AO was near an airstrip, we decided to use the C130 at base as an exfil vehicle, simply to break the monotony of helicopter extractions; there were between 15 and 17 other players active at that time. I let Kingfisher fly from the co-pilot seat with unlocked controls, as I had to go AFK for a bathroom break and to check on some food I had cooking, and returned to see us being shot down by AA at the airstrip as we were coming in to land. There was no report of any AA previously, and we'd flown over the AO as CAS and transport with no issues. Upon respawning, I was banned by Nicolai for disobeying chain of command. I attempted to speak to Nicolai to find out why he banned me; shown below is the response I received. https://i.gyazo.com/709987b5c8ae0ee2919c080b6df74a12.png I approached another moderator to ask if they could look into the reason for my ban, and they requested that I post an appeal. I still have not been informed of why I was banned. Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I don't know why I was banned, and have not been told. I've been going through a pretty tough time IRL lately, and AWE is proving a really good way for me to chill out and forget the things that have made me lose sleep for weeks. Which administrator banned you (if known): Nicolai When were you banned: ~17:25 GMT, today.
  12. Operation Gudbrand

    I don't really feel I can comment on the mission; I spent almost all of it sitting in an MRAP wondering if there were any AI to actually find and fight
  13. There are already AK platforms available in the arsenal that can mount RIS/RAS attachable optics; they have the NPZ label in their name. As I've said though, most of the optics just have different reticles and zoom levels. They're really not that hard to use, and if anyone does experience difficulties then the virtual arsenal is a great place to test them out and get to grips with them.
  14. Precisely why it was removed; people used to just leave when Russians were selected because their whining wasn't heard over the cheers of players who liked the Russian gameplay. I disagree. there's not a huge difference between the Russian kit and the BLUFOR stuff; everything serves the same role and functions similarly enough that someone proficient in BLUFOR gear can effectively use the OPFOR gear.