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  1. Time to move on

    Thank you gents. Haha, yes Mini. I hope I see a bit more than just sea!
  2. Time to move on

    Thanks for all the good wishes guys! I really appreciate it. I can assure you all I won't become a stranger, ill continue to say hello as and when I can!
  3. Time to move on

    Hello Guys and Girls, It's time for me to leave and pass the baton over to someone else. I've got a very busy time coming up as I'm planning on joining the Royal Navy as an Aeronautical Engineer in 2019. I'm currently training to get through the fitness and swimming tests. They are looking for 2.4km in 9 minutes so I've got a lot of work to do! I first joined this community back in September 2015, after watching Luetins famous Invade and Annex tutorial. I did a bit of flying and loved it. I thought it would be hilarious to dress up as a civilian complete with fedora and fly people around. Someone said I look like Chuck Norris because of the beard, so next time I was online I changed my name and I guess it somewhat stuck with me? Fact - I've never watched any of Chuck Norris' films. I worked my way up from Member to Field Ambassador to Spartan to Admin and finally to Core Staff around this time last year. Ill remain as is, to see through the launch of I&A4 which is hopefully going to be soon if the BETA tests go well in the very near future. After the release ill go back to member. I plan on still sticking my head in the door every now and then depending on when I'll be free. I'd like to thank Mark T, we joined roughly at the same time and rose through the ranks at roughly the same pace, we recommended each other to the next role up and supported each other throughout. So thanks, Mark. Its been great spending my time with you lot and it's unfortunate that I can't dedicate the time that I used to be able to! My replacement will be announced tomorrow. talk about jumping in my grave
  4. Please submit evidence of these actions you've highlighted, here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/9-admin-report/ Thanks
  5. Dreas is in.

    Hello Dreas, welcome! I see that you've been playing a lot. Glad you made a forum account!
  6. Could the I&A4 menu text size be increased?
  7. Discord Rich Presence optional mod

    Thanks for the idea, we'll have a look!
  8. intro

  9. daniel

    Hello Salinora1 Anymore posting of ban appeals will result in a site ban. The decision has been made by the community referee to keep the ban, you may appeal again in 6 months time. You are welcome to add to any other discussions/threads going on in our forums in the meantime. Thanks Chuck Public Manager
  10. Moi, minun ystävät

    Welcome back! Lots of new features on Arma. We've also got a new version of I&A in the works very soon!
  11. Ahoyworld #4 EU Tanoa server bug

    Not anymore unfortunately, just EU1 + 2 running Altis
  12. Greetings

  13. Telegram group for AWE players?

    OK, so this has launched a lot of discussions we're undecided sure yet. We'll get back with different ideas, polls etc