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  1. Please submit evidence of these actions you've highlighted, here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/9-admin-report/ Thanks
  2. Dreas is in.

    Hello Dreas, welcome! I see that you've been playing a lot. Glad you made a forum account!
  3. Could the I&A4 menu text size be increased?
  4. Discord Rich Presence optional mod

    Thanks for the idea, we'll have a look!
  5. intro

  6. daniel

    Hello Salinora1 Anymore posting of ban appeals will result in a site ban. The decision has been made by the community referee to keep the ban, you may appeal again in 6 months time. You are welcome to add to any other discussions/threads going on in our forums in the meantime. Thanks Chuck Public Manager
  7. Moi, minun ystävät

    Welcome back! Lots of new features on Arma. We've also got a new version of I&A in the works very soon!
  8. Ahoyworld #4 EU Tanoa server bug

    Not anymore unfortunately, just EU1 + 2 running Altis
  9. Greetings

  10. Telegram group for AWE players?

    OK, so this has launched a lot of discussions we're undecided sure yet. We'll get back with different ideas, polls etc
  11. Telegram group for AWE players?

    I've asked the modded guys in their forum, I'll let you know what they say in a day or so when I get some replies. Even if we say no, there is no stopping you from making one separately from us to chat and post memes
  12. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    So we've made the move. Everything went smoothly. The new Field Ambsaaasodors for enhanced have been reset as Colsta wants to start from scratch. So you will get approached from Colsta and invited to join if you are suitable. If you are a current field ambassador for public or get invited by Colsta, please can you send me your in-game name and UID so I can add you to the Field ambassador squad XML.
  13. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    There has never been a definitive definition for Field Ambassadors, like you said, its someone who "helps out within in the community, behaves properly, sticks to the rules". If you can do that while playing EU1+2 then you can get Field Ambassador Public or if you can do that while playing AWE you get Field Ambassador Enhance and so on. Then this person shouldn't have been in the Veteran Program. We are briefly looking over everyone in the program to try and stop this in this first stage. We are also removing people who are AFK who haven't informed us.