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  1. The ingame VON is a non starter. It doesn't work, it never has and never will, unless BIS redoes the whole thing. We get it every day, especially bad in helos, where it both cuts out so you can't understand a word *and* lags out the helo. This includes group and vehicle. Direct works up to a point, but it's very limited. Teamspeak works fine for squad level comms, and between squad leads, but because of the way Ahoy TS server permissions are set up, regular users can not whisper to John McClane for example.
  2. How to call an evac? Like we do on EU2, mark an evac site and call vortex in side chat. I understand where you're coming from, but you're also thinking of a mission from the perspective of "insertion, maneouver, action, exfil" as a whole coordinated force, where as we would be more concerned with squad level communication where the exfil part is an afterthought. We could also do away with the terrain occlusion in ACRE with the http://acre.idi-systems.com/api/api_general.html#acre_api_fnc_setLossModelScale API, leave us with the soundscape immersion but ditching the terrain occlusion realism/hassle. Meaning no need for the LR radio. Parabolic, absolutely agree with you. We are not, repeat *not* trying to take anything away from EU3! I cannot emphasize this enough. Forgive my my bluntness battlebuddies, i'm trying to cut through the fog of war here and get the thread back to where it should be. Yes, we are looking for lite modded I&A, although other missions would not hurt if they could be put in. A lot of guys have expressed willingness to try to put together missions, although i cannot say how they wold be implemented. That is a bit beyond my skills as a scripter. I believe John would also be willing to regularly slaughter the lot of us in Zeus. I think as we have to start somewhere, that running I&A would be a perfect testbench. Variations on the theme can always be added later.
  3. For me, saw a reference on Reddit. Incidentally, it might be an idea for the mods to post to https://www.reddit.com/r/FindAUnit now and again, seems that subreddit gets a fairly regular traffic, and might be a good recruiting tool.
  4. Your co-worker is a wise man, you should probably buy him a beer and a pizza. Welcome mate!
  5. > Obey the orders of your superiors. (Which are, in 99% of cases, perfectly reasonable.) The above is the thing that (note, in *my* opinion) makes eu3 something i would be able to tolerate in only fairly small doses. Didn't like arbitrary ranks when i was in the military, still don't like them. Reasonable or not. Probably the above is also the reason why the references to milsim abound in this thread. The other rules are perfectly fine, and as you say, common sense. This is why this thread was posted, to sound out the playerbase and see to the feasibility of such a middle ground server, where the hierarchical rank structure doesn't exist but which offers the expanded possibilities of some mods to spice up the gameplay. That, and the enforcement of TS and a mic is pretty much what we are after.
  6. Yeah, the only tweak i'd make would be to maybe know beforehand that this particular AO will have to be defended once taken. A lot of people were instagibbed by spawning AI because they weren't expecting it at all.
  7. Except that the whisper systems falls foul of the TS permissions. Non-mods can't whisper to mods because of the perms, so squad leaders can't reply to the commander, which is pretty vital, and especially in cases of tactical command essential. This was the case when we tried it on LTs zeus night, dunno if something's been done to the permissions since?
  8. Umm, not sure if the previous gamenight slots are still valid? I was never marked down for either the Squad lead or marksman slot for that, but i presumed that i was marked down for them as it's still the same thread?
  9. It's no more niche than the AT slot is, there's just more targets for the AT. After your missiles are gone you revert to a regular rifleman. AA requires more skill/luck though, as the tanks don't have flares. I usually play AT, and i'd gladly take an AA launcher if there was more use for it. Mostly it's not needed, and you arrive to the AO with all of the enemy air already gone. It's only when going in among the first troops when AA would be useful.
  10. Gripe

    Introducing Cebi

    Welcome mate. See you on the servers.
  11. > That is true and a scenario that will have to be taken into account perhaps a reduction in the number of enemy jets? I'd rather have *more* enemy air, perhaps that would give enough reason for some AT guys to carry AA launchers. Almost nobody uses them now. Maybe less jets and more helos though? Or maybe there could be a separate AA squad section?
  12. Man, now i'm jelly that i missed it :\
  13. Gripe

    Side mission idea

    /me munching a cookie Welp, i'll get on this with the rest of the potato squad guys, i'm sure we can come up with new side missions, or tweak existing ones just to keep it fresh.
  14. Gripe

    Side mission idea

    The variety would become bigger if you had a pool of say, 10 different side missions, and it would sometimes randomly select two of them to put together, or even three in a rare case.
  15. Gripe

    Side mission idea

    Hey. I was thinking of things to maybe spice up the gameplay on the vanilla I&A servers, specifically the side missions. If you could sometimes have two or more sidemissions spawn close enough together that they would be able to mutually support each other, it would totally change how people view them now. Other than the Intel side mission (which people don't know how to do generally), all of the side missions are fairly easy knockovers. But if you put an AA side mission and an Arty side mission next to each other at the same time, it's a whole new ballgame. Thoughts?
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