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  1. Or draining the oil?
  2. I'm sure many of us learnt many lessons from this event. Now we just have to reflect on our feedback and apply what's relevant.
  3. What a great game night! Thanks for organising it.
  4. touché my good man
  5. Told old war stories or listened to old war stories?
  6. Q1: Your team will have range fingers amongst them (most likely) and if you have a great spotter he might be able to give you scope corrections. you just stay on target and let the team pull together. If they don't help you, or are alone then you will obviously find it harder, as anyone would. Q2: Flying is flying, be proficient but don't showboat. If you can make smart decisions like performing a go around in bad situations (Hot LZ, bad approach etc) you'll be fine.
  7. Awww all sat there like it's story time.
  8. Have the CV in all of it's glory and spawn there indeed. However find an appropriate zone on the carrier (If it has one of those amphibious bays that would be perfect). In this zone have boats/landing craft but also have a teleport addaction that when executed, fades the screen to black and teleports the player onto a makeshift amphibious landing site/base. This will therefore retain the ability to drive into the AO vs Fly and provide an appropriate level of immersion. Easy to set up too.
  9. "Requesting permission to sit on the tower" "negative ghost rider, the pattern is full"
  10. Why not draft an edit up for the community? (editing mission files i mean) If it works out well and is in line with the plan then it should get incorporated into the mission. I'm not sure at this stage.
  11. That's how helicopters scratch their bellies
  12. Ahoy, Those of you that have been with the crew for a long time will know our beloved server, the mighty "Flagship". It's only fitting that tribute be paid to her as she has served us well over the years. She's seen 3 captains in her days on operations and many different staff have manned her gun ports (giggedy), Hosting things like ArmA, Teamspeak, Squad, Kerbal space program, Farm sim, various racing titles, and probably more titles. It's fair to say that many people have enjoyed her service (how many innuendos?). However there comes a time when you need the Germans to build us a new one. And so, she has been laid up in dry dock and the new Flagship'o the line is setting sail out of port, her sea trials went well and we're happy that she's going to be available for all you scurvy dogs for all of your future adventures! (Special thanks to Soziopath for his hard work in this). That said, never forget the great times you had on our beloved Flagship, those memories are priceless. Lads, charge your glasses and raise them high! To flagship!
  13. Perhaps this is a good idea to post onto whatever mod controls ambient AI? ALIVE is it?
  14. I see a bit of drift from OP's threads, I've spotted a roll towards squad leading, how to do it and how not to do it. Those of you that know me well know that I did a lot of leading, before I get on my high horse and tell you how great I am I'll invite you all to include your input(Ask Danny, I sent our squad's medic across an open field in a firefight). One great trait of a good leader is to become good at figuring out human performance and more importantly, combined resource management so to follow the latter of these, it's time to create a thread and gather inputs from all... It's a place to put your $0.10 into this topic, go forth and discuss....Well go on, write a reply
  15. Stay on topic, leave policing of English literature to Oxford please. All leadership ideas go here: