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  1. fir_nev

    Community Update #7

    I still remember vividly how U assisted me with ARMA3Sync, @Mark T. U will always be one of my favourites... after @TheScar Thank you once again.
  2. I will PM U if U haven't paid for anything yet *coughs* Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. fir_nev

    Ahoy Everyone

    Ah yes! This is my BFF Paul Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. fir_nev

    Ahoy Everyone

    There are so many Pauls in AW that I get confused. Welcome to AhoyWorld anyway!
  5. It was nice playing with U the other time! @PiranhA is Dutch as well. U're a great teamplayer and I do hope to see U in-game during my rare free time. Welcome to AhoyWorld!
  6. U ok, man? Yeah, man. Just hanging around...
  7. I read they are pulling out October's update but I can see my update is downloading a big KB hotfix. I will see if I suffer the same issue as U.
  8. Yes. It somehow got changed to VB-Cable Input
  9. Nono. Ur OBS issue post last time Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Yes, also I think one of their Windows update would not let my PC shutdown until a remedy patch was installed about 1 month plus ago. My audio settings was messed up on Voicemeeter when it lost my headset for 'Hardware Output' and VB Cable Output for Channel 1 or A (not at my PC right now). I will re-check all audio settings in the guide video on YT in @Stanhope post
  11. I like the concept a lot. Even BFV is making everybody able to revive each other. 29:50 - I never felt like this since last played Skyrim I heard this one-man tank crew and I could not stop laughing...
  12. Locally (Singapore), I can reach 800MB/s. Which server should I target for more accurate result? Wife and I have agreed that I can play ARMA every Fri or weekend nights. YES!
  13. Very useful indeed. Jet pilots may argue that it is specially meant for them but we ain't flying with NVGs and narrow FOV
  14. Will try it; because two weeks ago, my audio (Voicemeeter) and mic settings suddenly went blank.
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