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  1. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    I have a lot of catching up to do... Great to see your ARMA video upload again, @GamerbugUK
  2. Hello once again. Sorry for reviving a dead thread. I did not even know I have won an award! Maybe U should wrestle with a mother bear perhaps?
  3. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

    Thank you! Yes, U guys may! Thank you! Now I know why paternity leave is a must. It's not easy for the missus... Thank you! I am sure I will prioritise my family like the brethren before me but will need to find time to get her started young on AW under @TheScar's tutelage. Thank you! Hahahaha! Thanks! Will teach her to breach into a building using armour instead in future! Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you! Yes, the question always linger in my head but missus has been very supportive. Yes! Even when I am a combat medic, I have never seen such injury of that scale! Thank you for the encouraging words and yes, looking at our baby girl, we might be raising a feisty one. Once again, THANK YOU ALL!
  4. Ahoyworld Leadership transition

    Congrats , @PiranhA. U da man!
  5. Hi Everyone, I understand that it has been more than a month since I last visited here and played on AW's servers. I have been busy assisting my wife with the preparation for the arrival of our daughter. After nearly 40 weeks of wait, my wife safely gave birth to our baby girl (3.3kg) on the 28th Nov. Since then, I have been moving around in the house at double time and have not touched my gaming rig. Once we have settled, I hope to find time to return to AW's servers. Looking forward to be back in action. Now A Proud Father, fir_nev
  6. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    We can try playing as AAF and OPFOR for 59 v 1. 3-man crew in KUMA (19 in total) + 2-man crew in Kajman. Not sure how many tanks will survive though.
  7. Yes, U need (to be) a pilot to trigger the repair or rearm (HEMTT Ammo).
  8. Repair pad's script isn't enough to bring the condition to 100%. I normally will bring HEMTT Repair for the auto-repair mechanics by BI.
  9. All explosives will disappear once U place them, I think. Let us just hope the choppers can somehow come into contact with vehicles to dislodge them.
  10. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    Filter host for "AhoyWorld" as normal and look for EU3. Note: U have to install add-ons + TFAR first Also, never a fan of PvP+E. I was on another server where they allow donators to play as Opfor. They will hop in a Kajman and destroy the only one or two NATO choppers that are online.
  11. Huron is the biggest victim. Players will fly it into the tree beside the helipad in base. Maybe we can have one on the carrier replacing the aesthetic Black Wasp II as a backup? Pilot can teleport to take the 2nd Huron.
  12. Wishlist 2018

    This is my #1 for 2018. Played MH2G on PSP ten years ago. Resisted the later versions until made available on PC...
  13. If I Just Lay Here...

    My stomach is cramped!
  14. Ah! I see. I rarely Alt+Tab when playing on AWE. Best is to holster all weapons, eh? '0' button.
  15. I do not get it... In AWE, if U Alt+Tab, chances of misfire is high? Or only happens if U are a .50 cal gunner?