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  1. If I Just Lay Here...

    My stomach is cramped!
  2. Ah! I see. I rarely Alt+Tab when playing on AWE. Best is to holster all weapons, eh? '0' button.
  3. I do not get it... In AWE, if U Alt+Tab, chances of misfire is high? Or only happens if U are a .50 cal gunner?
  4. Hi Guys

    Is this @THEBULLSHARK I once played with in EU1? It is nice to see you here in the forums.
  5. Help with Addons

    What @GamerbugUK said. I am stuck with the wife...
  6. The addons look good. Go to the Enhanced repository and see if there (!) sign beside the BAF units and vehicles addons.
  7. Help with Addons

    Not sure which guide but thank you! That is some strange behaviour. Maybe U will need to login to Steam to see if U accidentally subscribed to them. I found a useful video that might be Ur remedy...
  8. Can we have the screenshot of Ur expanded Enhanced folder in the Addons tab? Make sure the list in this URL is updated and 100% downloaded: https://mods.ahoyworld.net/enhanced.php?
  9. Help with Addons

    Try following this guide to the T. I just updated my OS and made sure I follow the steps so that there no problems later on.
  10. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Long-winded starter video I did many months ago: @GamerbugUK's friendlier Beginner's Guide videos:
  11. Marking sensible LZs

    If AA battery is up, do not fly at all. The range and ammunition is unlimited. Wait for the regular friendly AT guys to take it out. Upgraded OS to Win10 this week. Will take a while to get ARMA 3 up. Installing base softwares first
  12. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    I still think SPMG provides more accuracy and stopping power but the weight and limited ammo count will hinder me. Nice offence there.
  13. Hello All!!

    If U wanna enhance Ur gameplay (either on EU 1, 2, 4 or 5 or Enhanced EU 3), U can get the mods through ARMA3Sync using the guide here: Rules and Guidelines Want to report any player(s) misbehaving? Best to capture them on OBS or other capture software available and upload onto YouTube and fill the form: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/2-player-report/ I rarely go online nowadays but I hope to cooperate with U soon.
  14. EU#1 & 2 Accepted Addons & Repository info

    I tested again early yesterday, able to go in with the same CBA that was giving me the same error message few days earlier. Sent from my SM-G935F using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  15. Civilian population

    To date, I ran over two civilians due to negligent driving. I hate it when they run in front of my vehicle