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  1. Whats your setup like?

    @Yarys Ever thought of using AV.io from Epiphan Systems?
  2. Whats your setup like?

    Excellent YT creator's setup..!
  3. Whats your setup like?

    @GamerbugUK U even have the soundproof foam! I am trying to negotiate with the CFO / interior designer to put those on the wall... My ideal room setup.
  4. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    I rarely get to play the clockwise AO-cycle. Whenever I played on the anti-clockwise cycle, I know 'Secure Telos' was bugged on two separate occasions. 'Secure Terminal' was the first time it bugged from my experience.
  5. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    I hope the AO spawn script is being looked into. Server always at a standstill at Telos and Terminal area...
  6. Whats your setup like?

    Hahahhaa! Makes sense!
  7. Whats your setup like?

    Nice build. Cannot help but notice the floss on the keyboard...
  8. Hello World

    Hi there. I think I have seen U before on EU1. If U want to enhance Ur gameplay on both vanilla servers (EU 1, 2, 4 & 5) or AWE (EU 3), U can follow the guide here: If U see any players breaking the rules (trolling, TKing or asset wasting), U can report them here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/whistle/
  9. AW is financed via Bitcoin... Are U up to something, @Noah_Hero?! Hahahahaha!
  10. Pilot/Player Competence

    I still struggle to play on AWEU3 and always try to get pointers during my short session there. If players can go through the following: Visit forums for guide Install ARMA3Sync Connect to repository Download 18GB of mods Install TFAR on TS Grab the AWE password Play on AWEU3 To ignore somebody who has to repeatedly tell U to follow procedures, shows that U completely disregard the server's rules. Maybe we can share names of ignorant players between the regular AWE players to be on a lookout should they connect? My 2 cents.
  11. Explains my frugal spending of reps.
  12. Looks like it. Telling us to be frugal and likes to be given on posts with more substance.
  13. ok

  14. Hello Ahoy World!

    Welcome. Hope U enjoy Ur sessions in EU 1, 2, 4 and 5. If U want more structured command hierachy, feel free to try AhoyWorld Enhanced (EU 3). To enhance Ur gameplay on both vanilla and to join AWEU3, do follow the guide here: If U find any players who break the rules (TKer, trolls & wasting assets), U can report them there: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/whistle/
  15. I understand this is to prevent rep-farming but why include the Leaderboard? I am not *coughs* interested in who wins the daily race *coughs* but I do keep track (somewhat) post-to-like ratio.