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    At the end of the day, it's all about luck

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  1. If you want split audio recordings (in-game/TS/mic), managed to find the combination using OBS.
  2. 12:35 U cannot let @Liru the Lcpl. see this! Hahahaha!
  3. Most importantly, identify your targets. Shift+T for tactical ping and CHECK MAP to find the red ping ring to confirm friendly or foe. Welcome. Hope to see more of U here and on both vanilla and Enhanced.
  4. U can thank TheScar for mentoring me! We will do that collaboration some day!
  5. Still waiting for the proper introduction...
  6. Playing with @Patrik for the first time in many months
  7. The third-party coolers will have thermal paste included in the box 99% of the time.
  8. No... Just no. Already AW Staff and regulars always make bets on the jets' time-to-live (TTL) and MOST lasted less than a minute.
  9. I am thinking of the Noctua NH D14 since its air-cooling review has been good BUT U will have to check its height if it fits the case. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/fir_nev/saved/XWv999 Yup, normally they come included.
  10. Since I&A3 FOBs do not have vehicle service, I improvised as a Repair Specialist. @Sentri really knows the limits of his drones just to rearm here...
  11. They have reverted to the horizon camera? Great!
  12. Hopefully they did. Have yet to test it out too. I was getting motion sickness whenever I turn with third person because of the tight zoom.
  13. I have not yet logged in to AWE. Will try though.
  14. Yes. Better to have a higher power supply to sustain >50% load as suggested by @SkullCollector. Try an alternative like Taiwanese brands like I have. FSP AURUM S 600W Super Flower Products