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  1. I have successfuly joined by unticking the mod and not using the auto join. THanks everyone who helped
  2. I get the same error, tried re-downloading that mod to same effect. Couldnt join with it unticked either.
  3. I like this post, I would have posted to the same effect with addition of the following... At the most recent community meeting, I asked questions about EU#3 and the direction it was going - I didn't get anything close to a complete answer, I recommend anyone in this thread go and find the recording and listen to it. I really appreciate the work Ryko has done, even if I didn't agree with it all, and if as has been suggested he went "out of line", the leaders at the community meeting couldn't define that "line" for me so what the hell would anyone expect. Needless to say I haven't frequented EU#3/AW much since, and returning to read posts about discussions behind closed doors that I'm not important enough to know about from people more long-lived and deserving than me doesn't exactly instill any confidence.
  4. I'm not going to lie, I've not read the whole thread in detail but I definately agree with the proposition by J0hnson, for me the relatively small benefit of CUP (poor quality) versus it's download size is weak, whereas the benefit to be had from hand picking some other mods (e.g. for BAF) would be stronger for less download/disk space. Also, I can't express how annoying it is when there are two versions of the same weapon in the arsenal (not variants, but a different version from another mod). I support conisistency and standardisation which delivers a better experience. I like the BAF gear but would compromise without it if CUP was removed until a replacement was found (although there are some decent suggestions already raised in this thread). I've not played much EU#3 recently and honestly it has gone off the boil for me, for many reasons, however this could kick start my interest again as I beleive it would have many peripheral benefits such as less time spent waiting at arsenal and players more likely* to be rolling with correct gear (*morons will still be morons). Regards, Alex.
  5. BST is GMT +1, so 2100BST = 2000GMT, I know...
  6. I would be happy to do this if someone could help in confirming the versions etc. for those not familiar with the mod. Regards, Alex.
  7. Unsure if this has been reported already (there's no other forum posts) but I receive the following errors in A3Sync when trying to download the new repo update today:- It seems the rest of the changes have downloaded but the files listed have issues, is this a general issue with the update or specific to my download? Thanks, Alex. Just to add to this, through process of elimination I downloaded the remaining files one-by-one until one of the offending files remained (Dubbing_GB_BAF something) and it has now successfully downloaded. I've not got time to test it by joining the server but I am assuming it really has downloaded properly and is not corrupted etc. Regards, Alex.
  8. Unless you know of someone with first hand experience, I'd be a little bit concerned that it's easy for people to become the expert over the Internet. There was a film out last year called 'Good Kill' which focused around some of the moralities of using drones to kill, also there's a film about to be released called 'Eye In The Sky'. I know Hollywood isn't the best for historical accuracy but if you search IMDB you might find they are based on books which have a more factual background.
  9. I hear what your saying, however a random player can't just stumble on the server via the game browser and join, as you need the mods and to be on TS. The only effective way to get the mods is signup on the forum and follow the guides, as well as the rules page to get TS password.I feel I should try to focus this thread back on the topic...My suggestion is to amend the current and existing process (read rules, obtain PW etc.) with a server password identical to the TS one, as the precedent has been set by the current process and to my knowledge this has not been questioned and no alternative ideas posted to the contrary. If you feel that people skip the rules to get the password or don't pay them attention, that is infact another matter and I politely request that you make your opinion/suggestion known in another thread dedicated to that point. I didn't think my idea would have such heated debate and I do thank all those who have shared their opinions, just keen to keep it on topic.Regards, Alex.
  10. JuX, it appears your issue is not actually about a server password, which is the topic of this discussion, but the process of obtaining a password via a rules page (or even the rules themselves). With equal amount of effort you have invested in replying to this thread, I'm sure you could communicate your point in it's own thread, where it could be discussed. In any case, thanks for offering your opinion to this discussion.
  11. Jux, the situation already exists where the password for TS is revealed at the bottom of the rules page - if you don't believe this is necessary, then fair enough but I don't think you're 'bashing my argument', rather the current configuration (I'm sure the staff/admins have noted your comments). My suggestion is to add a server password to the existing process (not create a new one), on the basis it already exists for TS, in my opinion it's a case of both (or perhaps neither).
  12. You can add the password to your launcher, so you don't need to enter it each time. There is a precedent set by having the TS password revealed via the rules page, because at some point it was decided this was a necessary step to help upkeep the server rules (doesn't matter how effective you think it is), which in my opinion should be reciprocated on the server. Let me play devils advocate - If the TS password is not technically required (e.g. a throw-over from TFAR), then why do we still have it, and why is it revealed via the rules page.
  13. If you interpret that literally, you only have to read the rules to get the TS password, the password is not for the server.
  14. I am suggesting that the EU#3 server is passworded with the same password used for the ACRE TS channel. My reasons for this are:- - Rules state you must use TS to play on EU#3. - This would stop 'randoms' connecting who don't have the mods, only for them to be kicked (this may or may not have any resource impact on the server, but every little helps). - It would reduce new players joining who don't have the TS password and remain in the lobby (many frustrations caused by players in-game not responding, only to find they are not in TS channel /TS at all). - This would further help ensure players joining have read the rules, which is a prerequisite for getting the TS password. - This would not negatively impact the accessibility of the server, as players who are 'fit to play' (have read rules etc.) will have the password. - Only downside I can see is it adds a small admin overhead of having to reinstate the PS after a Gamenight etc. Regards, Alex. Just to add one more point, the TS password is (presumably) to stop players not in game from disrupting the comms/channel, therefore I think on balance, a password to stop players in game but not on TS from disrupting play would be a positive change.
  15. Icy, that's for the reply - is it possible feedback can be given to the originator? Or else published in the forum. My main reason for asking is that this ideas forum still seems active, and feels like it gets attention, whereas ideas submitted via the forms 'appear' to go into the abyss.
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