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  1. GamerbugUK


    Howdy and welcome!
  2. Purchased a new sight (actually tried two) and suppresor for my marksman last night and it wouldn't allow me to attach either. Only purchased from the allowed list, so wonder if this is intentional or a bug?
  3. GamerbugUK


    How do and welcome to the community!
  4. Howdy and welcome to the community.
  5. Have you guys ever considered making AWE a bit simpler to get in that player base? I see suggestions of lets make the medic system even more convoluted than ACE is already, as an example, but to get people from public server to AWE I'd say that just getting that team up feeling, proper radio comms, reasons for roles and the RHS gear is probably enough. I feel that just -ACRE or TFAR -CBA -RHS -Blastcore -Dynasound -Enhanced Soundscape is enough. Of course that is my opinion, so take it with a pinch of salt and I understand that maybe that's too tamed down for the AWE regulars.
  6. howdy and welcome to Ahoy and Arma
  7. GamerbugUK


    howdy and welcome!
  8. As there will be no gaming for the next few days because something "important" is happening (yeah important for kids...), I thought I'd drop some tactic-yule greetings to you all. Have a good one! ?
  9. AW MVP 2018: @Ryko AW most friendly admin/staff member 2018: @Mark T AW most helpful admin/staff member 2018: @Chuck AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2018: @Stanhope AW strictest admin/staff member 2018: @Solex (I mean, he's the man with the ban) AW most active staff member 2018: @Xwatt AW friendliest user 2018: @Geb AW best moment 2018 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): Shooting down a chopper with my marksman rifle. AW best forum post 2018 (please put url in): Any of the ban appeals by Daniel AW best driver 2018: @TheScar AW worst driver 2018: Probably me AW best baby 2018: @fir_nev AW best fail 2018: Dayz getting a 1.0 release AW best game of 2018: Arma 3 (probably) AW best official server of 2018: EU1
  10. GamerbugUK

    Time to move on

    All the best with the Navy, and thanks for all the help over the years. ??
  11. Always had fun on EU1, you just slot in around the chaos.
  12. You should have seen it this morning before I cleaned it. I like the coffee taste/stains to ferment over weeks.
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