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  1. Ahoy there, mateys!

    How do and welcome!
  2. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    Interesting idea. How about the side missions are manned by real players, the main AO by AI? No idea even how that'd work, just throwing ideas out there. I have also typed the word 'idea' way too much there and it has lost all meaning.
  3. Return of Tanoa

    It was at one point but were talking when it was back on Stratis. Only opened after the tower went down; most of the time it meant jupming into a hot AO and getting killed. Had it's moments though.
  4. Correction in the server rules

    Isn't that sort of against the rules for a pilot to just sit at base? I don't think there is a real solution for the side reward thing, it's been discussed to death many times.
  5. Correction in the server rules

    In my defence I'm always the third wheel in side missions, so it happens a lot for me, in your defence I never care about the rewards . So I do somewhat agree that normally the few randoms not teamed up just head to a side "because" and probably care less about it then the squads. I also agree common sense, some decency and politeness, along with some admin back up would suffice rather than a script.
  6. Correction in the server rules

    10+ people go to a side mission, all are involved in the success, there is a group of 3, a group of 2, and 5 individual guys. Who gets the reward? Heck you could spawn the reward 20ft away from the side misison, but that tank or attack chopper (for example) can only hold so many, who gets it? This is why it doesn't work. you just can't police this on a public server, as you can have the argument at a side mission team level, let alone a server level.
  7. Whats your setup like?

    So basically a big version of turn it off and on again
  8. Whats your setup like?

    I have a gsync monitor/card, realised the other day after a reinstall I wasn't actually utiliising it this time. I have since reenabled it, haven't noticed much of a difference, so honestly don't worry about g/free sync. Get a new card if you want a new card, not for, as ansin said, a gimmicky part of a card/monitor. Side note I did have the dodgy NVidia driver bug recently. Thye released a driver that would just randomly uninstall, god it was annoying, but installing the old driver worked.
  9. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    More action this time on EU2
  10. Return of Tanoa

    I recall the bridge idea, it was a bit iffy looking but what stopped it being implemented? Regardless those two bridges would solve the issues (also yes the central HQ was a lot better than the southern or northern ones).
  11. Return of Tanoa

    To be fair I was flippantly throwing out the rotation idea; I don't actually think it would work as it is too random. You need one map to determine viability and playability. Wierdly the other night there was like 45 people on EU2, I was surprised but elected to join that server instead, had a lot of fun. As I say Tanoa is a nice map, but it's just very iffy for I&A due to it's 'pop up AO' nature, if it had bridges to all islands you'd be set, but it doesn't. So either we don't worry about Tanoa, just not right for AW, or we have a different mission on Tanoa (Wasteland, KotH, somethign completely different).
  12. Greetings from Austria!

    Hello, welcome and hopefully you will enjoy your time on the forums as well as on the servers.
  13. Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome. Good praise from Lindi already there, hope to see you about.
  14. Return of Tanoa

    Or a week by week basis? Tanoa, Malden, Stratis, Altis
  15. Return of Tanoa

    Exactly my point. Yes I wish there was more squad cohesion on EU1/2 with a degree of Chain of Command, and I wish there were the mods for the cool guns etc, but its the actions of the players that make the moments, not the system used per se.