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  1. Community Update#3

    I do agree with the RPGs, make them available for any one; picking one up of a corpse can mean life and death for a person stuck in no mans land; ditto for weapons of bodies in general (possibly make them class dependant).
  2. Community Update#3

    Liking the merch, possibly a good step (who knows though really). Regards the above post, having a full run and gun server is all fine and well, but even back when you could carry as much as you wanted and use any gun you wanted, the servers were often desolate so it really made little difference. EU1 fills up just fine, EU3 - well I honestly don't know as I don't play there. So I would say if you want to generate more player base it's having a new game mode on EU2 (what that might be I have no idea). I mean other maps have been tried and they didn't work, though I am somewhat surprised as a smaller map makes a lot of sense (you get to a fight quicker). So maybe AW needs a second game type to supplement I&A. Either way I will still support you guys where I can, it's a good community/server/game mode.
  3. Ahoy Everyone

    Ah the spectrum, too much of my childhood spent on that system. I recall playing Back 2 Skool in a cold bedroom on a black and white tv til my fingers went numb. As for Bruce Lee, what a classic! Welcome to the forums fellow old midlandian.
  4. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    I now love SPMGs (and yes I go super clueless at the end...)
  5. Community Update#3

    Subscribed; will give what I can
  6. Unable To Chat In-Game: ARMA 3

    Not encountered it but I've had windows updates play havoc with my audio settings before. Recorded entire videos before with no audio because windows had set my mic to my monitor as default! I'd say double check voicemeeter, VB Cable, and defaults, I think you can double check audio in Amra itself, or maybe I dreamed that.
  7. Guide - Blackfish

    I make lots of videos and still cock up all the time, I just can't be bothered to go back and sort them out. Trust Stan to highlight it
  8. Guide - Blackfish

    It was dark and it all looked the same That's how bad that fancy NV is needed.
  9. Guide - Blackfish

    Guide - Blackfish Step one - do not pick the blackfish. Great guide in all seriousness.
  10. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    First shot at I&A 4
  11. Hello World!

    Point gun at enemy and shoot, it's failry simple stuff. Just make sure it is the enemy Oh and welcome.
  12. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Some team work over on EU1 with me and @Geb .
  13. this is it - i m done

    I think Scar has done enough damage to opfor forces to be their for some time... maybe forever as a legend... until his next vacation.
  14. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Indeed you do. Thre is another one incoming, sort of part two where me and Geb team up properly.
  15. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Been a while nice to be back in action on EU1.