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  1. Shadowplay is fine. I just struggled with it and Vegas as it seems to do a variable bit rate and parts of my videos would go out of sync. Shadowplay also allows split channels now I think. Yes $600 is stupidly expensive, out of my price range as well - and that's all I will say about that. Unfortunately its a bit more than a minute to set up thing yes. You're welcome
  2. For recording I would say OBS studio all the way. It works, its not a resource hog, you can play in one resolution and record in another if you wish, it allows multiple channel recording (Mic, Game Sound, Teamspeak etc) is easy to use and is FREE For editing I use Sony Vegas, others would say Adobe Premiere Pro but I've never used it myself. There are free options out there but I've never used them. Learning curve for editing is much higher. Adding music is as simple as dragging the file into your editor; however if you use copyrighted material, expect to have your video monetised by the owners (with ads). General advice is: Use youtube tutorials for OBS studio setup, Regardless of your monitor, record in 1080p to start as files are smaller (with OBS you can play in higher res and record in lower) Use youtube tutorials your chosen video editor, Stay away from copywright stuff - find royalty free music, Expect to record a lot of footage in games like Arma where action isn't constant, I scraped out about 20 mins of footage when I recorded 3 hours Quickly find and chop off the boring bits, so the project loads faster in subsequent edits Save your editing project often Keep the original file until you are 100% happy with the final version Footage for sessions you forget to record will be more exciting than those sessions you do
  3. And Scar will thank you for such a high opinion of him
  4. You wont be rolling with that on I&A though. Out of all the vanilla weapons allowed, I typically go for some sort of MX as they just work, ammo is plentiful and they hit hard enough. Marksman I usually go SPAR 17 AT I'm going to be using a Titan and hopefully taking a vehicle for rearming. L/MMG i tend to go MXSW or SPMG. Always carry a few smokes, a few grenades and about 10+ mags. I never carry a pistol as the weight of a pistol and some mags is way heavier than a several extra mags for my main, and that holds more ammo.
  5. Howdy and welcome, medics are always needed on the chaos that is EU1
  6. GamerbugUK


    Howdy and welcome!
  7. Purchased a new sight (actually tried two) and suppresor for my marksman last night and it wouldn't allow me to attach either. Only purchased from the allowed list, so wonder if this is intentional or a bug?
  8. GamerbugUK


    How do and welcome to the community!
  9. Howdy and welcome to the community.
  10. Have you guys ever considered making AWE a bit simpler to get in that player base? I see suggestions of lets make the medic system even more convoluted than ACE is already, as an example, but to get people from public server to AWE I'd say that just getting that team up feeling, proper radio comms, reasons for roles and the RHS gear is probably enough. I feel that just -ACRE or TFAR -CBA -RHS -Blastcore -Dynasound -Enhanced Soundscape is enough. Of course that is my opinion, so take it with a pinch of salt and I understand that maybe that's too tamed down for the AWE regulars.
  11. howdy and welcome to Ahoy and Arma
  12. GamerbugUK


    howdy and welcome!
  13. As there will be no gaming for the next few days because something "important" is happening (yeah important for kids...), I thought I'd drop some tactic-yule greetings to you all. Have a good one! ?
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