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  1. 3 years later...

    How do and welcome (back)
  2. Help with Addons

    No probs, you are welcome.
  3. Help with Addons

    There is an even faster way, launch Arma 3 - click MODS - look for the tab at the top that says MORE with a drop down, hit the drop down select UNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL STEAM WORKSHOP MODS I personally DL the mods through the REPO then add them to my launcher using the LOCAL MOD option.
  4. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Apologies to [OCUK] Timo for the TK, otherwise a very fun night.
  5. Hi There

    Haha possibly, I'll check my video to see; should have stuck with me, I racked up 54 kills and only one death last night which is impressive for me (and 1 TK, sorry Timo! )
  6. Hi There

    Hello and Welcome. As said by Lindi, EU1 is a good place to start, or any of EU2, 4 or 5; though those are quieter but can be a good place to tinker about. Follow the rules and have fun and all will be good. See you on the battlefield.
  7. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    The MXSW provides the best ammo/stopping power/accuracy/manueverability ration in my optinion. The SPMG and Navid give better stopping power and accuracy if you are stationary and have someone to tote ammo around for you (or you have a vehicle); next up would be the Zafir; that said if I'm driving all the way to an AO, I'm taking AT not MMG rounds, I'd rather hop on a heli if I'm being an autorifleman. M200 is ok but the ammo weight makes it less impressive than the MX. All the others fire 5.56 making them less attractive options overall.
  8. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    When all that ammo comes in handy.
  9. Adding Opfor to EU 1

    Nice idea, and would be fun, not sure it would work for the reasons mentioned. Might give Scar a challenge though? I like that idea a lot; add in some variety.
  10. One question!

    They are the ghosts of the dead forever in TK limbo....
  11. Eyup

    Hello and how do.
  12. Kajman + advanced flight model.

    Most pilots will use the standard flight model, so to change it for a few who use AFM seems the wrong choice. I get your desire to have AFM and a chopper that doesn't flip, but "the needs of the many" and all that.
  13. Iggy261 saying hello :D

    There is a Mod sub forum though it's generally used for I&A modding though not sure if there is any rule about asking regards other mods; should be fine really. Or you can ask in PC gaming or you could as in General Discussion. They are a good bunch here and will help if they can.
  14. Iggy261 saying hello :D

    Welcome to the forum and servers. EU1 is a good place to learn your craft, cohesions is as mucha s you want, ask to squad up and you'll probably get a few responses, dojn't and you can go lone wolf happily enough. the AWEU3 bunch will be along to show you the path to glory through modsville shortly.
  15. Hello all

    Hello and welcome.