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  1. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    AW MVP 2017: The Scar (why not) AW most friendly admin/staff member 2017: Mark T AW most helpful admin/staff member 2017: Stanhope AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2017: Amentes AW friendliest user 2017: Fir Nev AW best ARMA pilot 2017: I drive these days AW best moment 2017 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): Piranha taking over, not that others were bad (they weren't) he's just a really nice guy. AW best forum post 2017 (please put url in): https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9182-introducing-aws-littlest-member/ - Itsa Bayabeeee! AW best baby 2017: Mine (sorry Fir..) AW most absent staff member 2017: If they are that absent I won't know them to say AW best fail 2017: The Salt Factory that was "The Future of AW" AW best banned member 2017: Anyone who used the excuse someone else used my account - Gotta love them for trying AW best game of 2017: Arma 3 AW best official server of 2017: EU1
  2. Indeed however I had lots of problems with shadowplay and sony vegas due to it recording in variable bit rate, typically half way through the whole video would just go wrong, OBS was my saviour. Never had a problem with keybinds and my mouse for PTT.
  3. Squad server by ahoy

    So it's now catching up to Arma then?
  4. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

    How did I miss this, congratulations. My recent addition is now 4 months old and the sleep is still hap hazard, still my older kid has proven they do get a lot better.
  5. Raw Video Contributors!

    I'll be back making and editing video's soon, hope to do a few you guys can use for your YT channel.
  6. Squad server by ahoy

    Never played it but was always curious.
  7. Veni - that guy

    Indeed I am, though I got the reference; my sarcasm meter is of the highest magnitude.
  8. Veni - that guy

    Hello and welcome. Whats a 'dope marksman'? do you fire drugs instead of bullets?
  9. ahowyworld this is tecHunt message over

    Howdy and welcome.
  10. Old man, new player

    Hello and welcome, I trump your age by a few years, so I can empathise somewhat. Have fun shooting stuff.
  11. PC upgrade options 1080 GTX vs I7-8700K

    If you are sticking with 1080 gaming that set up is pretty much fine, dependant on memory available. You could upgrade the GPU and it should kick most games arses at 1080p. Second monitor as mentioned, always a good call.
  12. AWE and its future

    Cool, in that case I'm out; have fun ya'll
  13. AWE and its future

    Yep ther are 50-60 people on the public servers nightly, which is considerably more than those on AWE nightly. So what makes AWE so much more important than the other servers, why should anyone who does not play on the AWE server care? It won't stop their fun in the slightest. This issue (whatever it actually is and by many posts it seems to be a bit fuzzy overall) does not relate to everyone, and those who are not touched by it now get to read it and comment on it, by default this topic is asking for that (or else it'd be on the AWE forums). When you say AW's future you mean AWE's future, or you and your fellow AWE players (gaming) future. So I feel vindicated in sticking up for the overall community as I have had a lot of good times on it, but I am happy to say I know nothing about the drama on AWE, but I never cared to read those forums anyway. TLDR; AW is a great place to play and have fun overall, but AWE seems the opposite for whatever reasons - including feeling self entitled.
  14. AWE and its future

    People keep saying AW is dying, are we talking about AW or AWE? Because they are not the same thing. I see EU1 full all the time, occasionally less so during the week, so much so I cannot get online on those occasions I want to hop on (fair enough as well). If this is aboue AWE, shouldn't this be in the AWE forum as this seems to be where all this hubub is kicking off from, and by the sounds of it those who do not play there are better off for it. I've never played AWE, have a great time on AW public servers and plug the community/servers wherever I can, nor have I ever seen the level of issues you all seem to have, so I guess staying on the fringes has it's benefits.
  15. RAM upgrade

    Depending what you are doing the i5 will do you just fine; though the i7 stated is a nice upgrade, it's not needed. However if you are recording, or doing a lot of video rendering an i7 is a better choice. 16gb is a good number for memory, go 1600 and get 2 x 8gb matching sticks, corsair is my choice but kingston etc are all good. The SSD is another good option if you don't have one for gaming.