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  1. Tanks DLC DevBranch report.

    Of all that I'm most excited about an RPG option for blufor, but I'm wierd like that. Love me an RPG-42, hate that the camo is opfor; this ticks my boxes.
  2. Subnautica

    part 11 -15 Getting some cool stuff
  3. A random brit joins the battle

    Hey and welcome. You will soon find that chaos and destruction are the aminstay of the main servers; it's great!
  4. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Looks like they are getting a bit 'romantic'
  5. Please Be Gentle!

    Hi there All depends what server you are on, but I asusme the public ones as opposed to the AWE server. The public EU1/EU2 servers are ideal for people new to the game, are mod light (only a few basic mods are usuable and they are optional), does not use TFAR and does not enforce the use of teamspeak (it's optional). You can use in game chat to speak if not using TS (only use direct and vehicle chat) and its a bit more of a free for all so grouping up is based on just asking in the side chat/TS or go it alone. AWE is a heavily modded server, is a bit more tactical/cohesive, uses TFAR and requires teamspeak by default (for TFAR). However it is also a public server, so anyone can join. I'd stick to the public servers for a short while to get to grips with the game, but the guys on AWE are mega helpful as a rule and they will give advice. If you see me online drop me a yell happy to help where I can.
  6. Preventing friendly fire

    Thats what my very last point was getting at
  7. Preventing friendly fire

    3 - those who do it genuinely by accident. I have comminted 3 TKs since joining the I&A servers back in 2013, all were accidental. I have been TKed countless times I'd say at least 25% were accidental. Blue smoke won't help that much in my opinion, as Stan said if they are TKing on purpose they'll just carry on, if it's because they don't know then the warnings will make them learn, ditto for accidents. Also lots of smoke can cause as many TKs as solve them (or lead to other deaths).
  8. Subnautica

    Part 6 - 10 Getting brave-ish
  9. Subnautica

    It's very very good, but depends what you wan't, fast paced and frantic, no, immersive, simple to grasp and plays on your subcouscious fears, yes. Haven't really gone that far or deep yet!
  10. Subnautica

    Honestly never played it, mainly as I just havent had tiome to invest. I looks amazing, but single player is hard as a parent of young 'uns. You just can't invest the time, hence drop in drop out such as I&A public is ideal for me. Never ever finished GTA V either, got about 25% of the way in and just left it; GTA online was easier to leave and jump back in.
  11. Subnautica

    It is indeed, I played it for about 30 mins when I purchased it back in... erm 2015 I think, and I have messed about with the base building in creative mode. Besides that not a lot I know about it, I recall reading some stuff on the forums a year or so ago but I avoided most of it. Makes it soo much more fun not knowing what I am doing. So complete n00b no, pretty much n00b yes.
  12. Subnautica

    When a game can be this pretty but at the same time scare you just by atmosphere, then it's a good game. Sure tehre are a few bugs and the pop is can be bad at times but overall one of the best I've played in ages.
  13. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    Not a bad idea, cheers.
  14. Subnautica

    So this is the first single player game that has had me hooked since.... erm can't remember. Beautiful, scary, and a lot of fun. Though it'd be a good place to put my playthrough vids and anyone elses if they are enjoying this gem of a game. Part 1 through 5 below
  15. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    Yep aready done that, thing is I use pedals for lean and that aint an option in Squad, so my leaning leaves a lot to be desired. Had a quick go last night on the firing range, feel simple enough, hope to pop on this weekend.