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  1. Some pics I've saved over the years, even couple Patrol Ops ones. https://imgur.com/a/EOJp92j
  2. There's a lot of catching up to do though...I might just go and drink some rum instead.
  3. I'll nominate @TheScar as the referee
  4. @palmbranch You gotta work for your AW fame son.
  5. Oooh, I mean give him a run for his thread
  6. I'm stepping down from admin to member because of personal reasons and generally feeling burned out from moderating. Should have done this sooner, but oh well. Had a great time doing it, but as Ryko said "Stop when it isn't fun anymore". - Miksi
  7. I'd say 80% safe with a 20% FUBAR variable.
  8. Miksi

    When Copey gets wounded

    5 guys looking at Copey
  9. Miksi


    "Stip" was added to server group "muted" by "Miksi" Welcome Stip
  10. Pretty sure I didn't actually get that SAM kill, it was somebody in A2? who was with me.
  11. Welcome back & I love how you changed your description to "infrequently". Nevertheless hope to see you more of you in the future.
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