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  1. It would seem that CBA_A3 versions for different AW repositories mismatch and as far as I understand they share the same name in the ArmA 3 folder. This causes different AW repositories to rewrite each other's CBA_A3. This in turn gives rise to a requirement of needing to update each repository repeatedly when switching servers/repos.
  2. Well, once the mission is on, it lasts for several days, if not weeks as far as I know? At least that is how I understood it when joining. Either way, this is for another topic I would guess.
  3. I'd just settle with UK/US differences. I wouldn't go as far as separating Army from Marines and so on. Separating camo patterns seems even more extreme. You see, going way too far with the factions arsenal we could as well pretty much settle with a default unmoddable kit. We don't want to go anywhere near that, afaik.
  4. I shall take the liberty of posting this generally meaningless reply just to write "I second that". Please do separate UK/US faction arsenals.
  5. Fair enough. They are pretty OP afaik. Or more like... as far as I was told. Other than that, Syndikat would be interesting, aye.
  6. That's weird, all services always repair, refuel and rearm. Be it planes service, helicopters service or vehicles service. I shot this vehicle's fuel tank, serviced it, it got repaired. Worked with random Ural off the street once before as well. It's just... Some of them get repaired, some of them just don't. If I ever come across a leaking vehicle again, I will try to specifically ace-repair the fuel tank, but I just have doubts that there will be such interaction available after I'm done servicing it.
  7. So... Servicing vehicles doesn't work properly then? It's bugged?
  8. I can now confirm this is actually an issue in the end. Not even Ural, but also KamAZ and who knows what else. Stole one from a roaming civie (looked like insurgent, not sure), serviced it (FOB), went to nearby town to gather intel, returned back and the fuel was almost empty. Freshly serviced and refuelled vehicle. Edit: Even after refuelling it again, by the time I wrote this post, lot of fuel has leaked already. Also, there's a small bug on Stratis - middle bridge of Agia Marina periodically spawns a vehicle underneath it. They don't explode, but they get dama
  9. Vehicle request We need something like CRV-6e Bobcat aka Nemmera ARV (as it's actually and truthfully called within our modset) with the bulldozer shovel to actually push stuff around, like unlucky plane wrecks off the airfield runway or tragic helicopter wrecks around the base (yeah, that shit happens). Thing is, we have no way to despawn them other than through the actual vehicle spawn, but you have to push it there. I can only use tanks right now, but their hitbox usually causes them to flip themselves, so I have to spawn yet another tank to unflip the previous
  10. Looks like the Ural we brought to FOB still didn't leak since I parked it the other day. Seems like it was probably either really busted fuel line with "Fuel" indicator white, or it has worse comsumption than a tank. Either way, doesn't seem to be an issue after all.
  11. "Become leader" squad function for autoriflemen please.
  12. The amount of times we get fog at the start of the mission is way too high, frankly.
  13. I might be missing something, but I have some hazy memories of some kind of UAV intel download mission. As far as I know, it is a "Hold down space" kind of download. Is it possible to set it to "toggle" instead of "hold"? It's kind of annoying if you accidentally release the button during a very very long download sequence.
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