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Multi Session Operation Godhand 3rd June 1630GMT


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So I wanted to get a playstyle i miss from my A2 days rolling again if there is a will and interest in it in the eu3 section. It would be on a diffrent server with a altered modset i.e : ACE3,ACRE,ALiVE(need this for MSO functionality), CUP Terrains, Leights Opfor pack and finally the RHS Mods. This is to make things uniform and easier to make diffrent MSO missions for as the assets can stay the same.



In terms of action on these kind of sessions would be in the start mostly boring as with all operations you would need to setup FOBs and such in the start and supply them on the other hand while doing preliminary tests I found that sometimes the AI would push quite a bit down from their start points downwards on the maps. I have set the mission up on takistan but I kinda feel the map is small so I might look into CLafghan because of the distances and more varied(read hills) terrain.I need to checkup on how the AI\CIV pop functions on it before deciding.


Loadouts would be forced, there is no arsenal.


But when the FOBs and supply points are setup we can start doing patrols and dealing with the insurgent forces, the way we do that is to observe the locals and talk  to the locals for information regarding forces and installations they might have setup(IED factories,roadblocks,recruitment HQs etc.)




Forces would be setup almost the same as Gauntlet with a few additions/alterations:





FSG <- All heavy weapons and JTAC is now attached to them as FSG is in the operations but not to close(read support fire)

LOGI <- In charge of all resupply and FOB constructions supplies, would need a quick brief from me cause (bless arma) you need to alternate between the ACE menu and ALiVE's menu to load and the move construction materials.

AIR <- Predominantly for recon and occasional support if shit hits the fan. 



Planning and execution

If the leader slots fill before we hit the weekend 27th-29th May, ill hold a ts meeting for the leaders of the teams where we will sketch out a rough plan for the first stage of the mission i.e : Setting up\moving supplies and assets to the FOB before the hotzone.


Briefing\Op Scope document : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PFrOY2r75sGAq9gA7NzcWgDfx-PrfH-IkBpYtTpYva0/edit?usp=sharing


Server info and rules

Seing as this will take time and effort on everyones part to get going I would like to keep it strict as possible in regards to "faffing about" when we are ingame, atleast in the base when we are stepping off. You can banter all you like when on patrol as long as no one has any objections to it. Yes this might sound like milsim, deal with it.


All in all rules and such would be gamenight rules etc.


Server would be running alives war room extension so that the people who would like to can view the After Action Reports etc.



This is something I personally miss and would like to make possible again and I hope atleast some of you like the idea of a more "slow" based gameplay instead of having a set objective.

This is still in the planning phase so any objections etc would be taken into consideration but arsenal isnt one of them ;)


Mods needed

The mods are : ACE3,ACRE2,ALiVE,CBA3,CLAFGHAN,RHS Mods


Get your mods Via the Repo ftp://repo.ahoyworld.co.uk/eu5/.a3s/autoconfig  you wont have to download anything beside Clafghan it will use your normal EU#3 mods 







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Am uploading Clafghan to a new repo including all extra needed mods For MSO 

get it here ftp://repo.ahoyworld.co.uk/eu5/.a3s/autoconfig will take a 30 min from this post rouglhy to be updated fully 


Iff you know how A3s works it will also give you a new startup addon group to acces server by one click 



And NO just because its the EU#5 Repo is doesnt means we doing this on EU#5 :) 


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@kennychr Could get hairy for me aswell... It says 2h but i'm only getting around 800kb/s right now. If the server frees up and i get more bandwidth i should be good to go! Let's hope :-) (Downloading the Google Drive version from the armaholic post right now so there is no reason why the speed shouldn't get better)


Aunt Edith says:

15:55 now and roughly 40 min of downloading left (still with potential of more bandwidth) so i should be good :-)


Update 2:

Download failed and canceled at about 70% -.- Downloading via ArmaSync right now. Getting better speed but still says about 40 minutes to go. So lets hope and see.

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