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  1. Bitch Please: Why have a stupid slow boat when you can have a new jet?
  2. For anyone forums snooping here are the three ops today: Operation Throwback CSAT have set up two artillery positions close to our location in the town of Neochori and are using the town as a staging area to bombard our positions across Altis. Enemy composition is moderate, so expect a mix of armored vehicles and infantry with air assets for QRF. Anti Air batteries such as Tigresses and fixed static AA titan launchers are also expected, so give the town a wide birth. there may also be a defensive mortar position in a military base closely, so watch out! Your objectives are as follows: Operation Silencer With the enemy artillery taken care of, we can now move into CSAT's territory unmolested from long range artillery. To the south of the first AO, in between the towns of Poliakko and Therisa, there are two radio towers that are coordinating CSAT air assets for the entire country of Altis. If both were to be destroyed, we can deal a serious blow to CSAT forces. Enemy composition is a bit lighter, but be aware that the towns of Poliakko and Therisa have heavy garrisons and will field CSAT reinforcements to the area in between where the radio towers are. Your objectives are as follows: Operation Bleeding Heart Priority! it appears CSAT has called in reinforcements from an AAF garrison in Molos, and the AAF have mobilized a large convoy to head to Kavala on the main road. We estimate that the convoy will leave in about 15 Minutes and head to Kavala utilizing the main road. You MUST set up somewhere on their path, ambush the convoy, and annihilate it. Your objectives are as follows:
  3. heh, you guys are so Vanilla... Area assaults and urban assaults against CSAT and some AAF, coming right up!
  4. AHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...haha...no no wait... HAHAHAHA...that fucking body ragdoll man... and the camera man just gets out... Cameraman: "...You ok...do you need a glass of water...? That boomerang seemed to knock you out..."
  5. We'd do it on I snd A because that's all we really have to use XD
  6. So we've been saying this over the past 2 weeks now and we *finally* have something down to announce with a good week's notice! Starting on the 12th of April, we're going to bring back dedicated Zeus ops to recreate the good ol' days when Luetin09 was here. Ops will begin around 8:30 pm GMT on Wednesdays and will go for a few hours, with 2-3 ops in mind for the evening. The map will be either on Tanoa or Altis (and we might even bring back Stratis for a day), so make sure you prep yourselves! We haven't decided which server will be used yet, but expect anywhere from 40-60 slots to be available to the public, first come first serve. Any Spartan is allowed to be on the zeus interface and we're going to encourage multiple zeuses acting at once to deliver a good experience, so expect these ops to be pretty large scale! We will do our best to keep them simple, however, in order to accommodate for various player skill levels! This brings us to our next point: above is a poll that i'd like people to answer regarding what type of ops they'd like to see on these nights. I'd also appreciate any feedback below! And before you ask: Yes Scar, some ops will let you have tanks to use We hope to hear from you all soon! Regards, -Wiwu and the Spartan team
  7. Tanoa is a good map, but unoptimized for sh8t. You can still memory leak on 64 bit for example. I'm sure EU2 will turn into a Malden server when Bohemia releases it to see how it goes or something... also... Check back in 24 hours about that, Fabs and I have been talking...
  8. Liru the Lcpl.


    I'm Lcpl. Liru and I approve this medic. In terms of the Spartan program for zeusing, we have the applications around here somewhere... (look for Spartan applications ) See you around, -Liru
  9. No. (But I have a counteroffer) That's my two cents right there. This won't work at all in the sense you're thinking @Eagle-Eye Now, I don't mean to shoot the idea down harshly, but take it from a guy that does zeus work on a full time schedule. I've done this in the past, and only through VERY CAREFUL management does a PvP+E (Player Vs. player + Environment aka. AI) work. The zeus needs to make sure the enemy players are ABSOLUTLY CLEAR on their roles to do things, hence why even I do it so rarely. Applying that to a public server would be chaotic and I can assure you that it would be abused to hell. programming wise you'd also have to factor in different respawn points for CSAT at every main and side AO. Furthermore people come to I and A for casual ops. if they want PvP, they generally go somewhere else like king of the hill. Now, let me break a few things down using zeus logic: The AI will ALWAYS be dumb. Even with mods like VCOM and ASR_AI 3, the AI is trash, but a zeus can always do their best to adjust things. Granted, Achilles has many more tools for this, but with simple Ares, there are still things we can do here to improve the intelligence of the AI. If someone's sniping the AI from afar, call in a vehicle to come by the AI, remote it, then scan around with thermals and take pot shots at the sniper. If they don't react at all, shoot in front of them. if they really don't get it, kill them. If Ai are being dumb while their building is being breached, use the ungarrison command. trust me, it gets the players EVERY TIME, and I've been told that's one of the best things the players love to see when the AI do a small counterattack. If you really want to bypass the AO limits, just spawn in units at a player's flank (within reason, we want the players to win, remember? :P) or take a vehicle on a patrol route and maneuver it around. Personally, I love to take an armed Quilin, load it with a fireteam, then drive it around and order the fireteam to assault the players from a flank. it keeps them on their toes, and the chain gun from the Quilin at a range past 100 meters is a great weapon for suppression, with a very low chance of actually killing the player. Now, let me tackle some other points here... You're going to want to increase the ratio significantly. I've done experiments with 40-60 players and, although it heavily depends on skill and communication, you generally want 8 Players to a single enemy player, so a ration here would be around 7-8 CSAT to 51-52 NATO. think about it. CSAT coordinating ambushes with explosives and grenades, using AA and AT to effectively take any armor and air out, they have a small group to keep themselves organized and comms clear, NATO gets WIPED if too many CSAT are on a team, regardless is NATO has a 3:1 force advantage. Seriously, the worst I've seen it is 4 CSAT players staying in a base STOMPING 50 FREAKING NATO PLAYERS FOR AN HOUR because their comms were on freaking point. COUNTEROFFER: I know Fabs and I have been talking about bringing back zeus days to Ahoyworld. We're still working on ideas but this could be one of the main themes we provide on those days. It would be interesting to see what Ahoyworld does with this gamemode...
  10. Let me just put up some of my two cents here about testing the dev branch with the 64 bit executable in both stress testing and some test ops via the zeus interface. 1. Yes, frames drastically improve (We all knew that though XD) 2. Memory leaks ARE LESS FREQUENT, THEY ARE NOT GONE FOR HIGHER END COMPUTERS. To give some background through the stress testing, in the 8ish hours I spent on Altis doing stuff, I only leaked once BUT 4 seconds later it actually recovered. After a few recent updates on the current standard build of Arma 3 I've noticed the same, so it's possible they're tweaking something else to fix this. Tanoa, however, still gave a few crashes...then again Tanoa is still pretty unoptimized...or just the thick jungle is pure evil. for the best effects, just keep running your graphics on medium if you're going to zeus or play in heavy action ops, still have your zeus minimize destroyed vehicles and smoke use, etc. etc. Also, I say for higher end computers because I've never gotten a memory leak on a gaming laptop that runs Arma 3 in low quality but still gets a solid 25-30 FPS, and I used to play Arma 3 on it from when the tanoa update came out and the memory leak error began up until early September when I upgraded to my dedicated rig. 3. Just remember... expect to see a lot of mods break with the impending update of the .exe file... and knowing some of these mod teams...expect it to take a few weeks before everything is patched up. GL and HF! From your local friendly Zeus, -Liru
  11. *watches videos above, then looks at Achilles and Ares interfaces for zeus, then stares over at the playerbase and the attachment command* Hey @IOnceWasATeddy, I know what we're going to do today! (and before anyone yells, that was a joke...though now I'm going to test it in the editor mwahaha!!!)
  12. Liru the Lcpl.

    EU1 Crew

    Seems legit.
  13. Liru the Lcpl.

    spare time doodles

    *When you're waiting for a pilot to come pick you up at base*
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