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  1. In the past, I`ve decided not to participate in any discussion about AW, but after seeing a few interesting topics pop up in last 2 weeks, especially this one, I`ve seen a chance to type down a few words.. Reading a few replies from the last week, especially the one from Zissou (that Smiley posted in his name) gave me a sign it`s time to do it in a civil way. I strongly doubt this is true. If it is, it shows the core issue you`re having now and where it originates from. It was an issue in the past, it seems the 1st leadership-change era has not changed it. Honestly, not really a unforeseen result, after seeing a few persons still part of CS. Only civil and argumentative dialog will solve this, my "wisdom" from experience. I hope Piranha will be able to sort these things out, if not, just to ease his reign.
  2. PERO

    Invade And Annex 3.1!

    But the other one hand to go? Keeping policy nicely I see. I am already sorry for posting anything, makes no difference anyway. Sent from my phone
  3. PERO

    Invade And Annex 3.1!

    Gotta say, nice work...............stealing other peoples intellectual property and claiming it`s yours. P.S - this is probably gonna get hidden, because speaking honestly is not allowed.
  4. As per authors request (who has no voice here anymore) and my own opinion, me and the author would like the downloads to be removed. Reason/explanation: Quoting Bohemia Interactive Game Content Usage Rules: The mission is not a exclusive AW mission. It was mainly made/rewritten by one author (Baconmop). with the help of other community members, but the 90% of the mission has been completely redone by 1 author. In my opinion, the mission was made in "cohesion" with AW, but it does not belong to AW. The community does not have exclusive rights to the mission or a right to publicly release the mission without the consent. The mission was still WIP, there was a big update scheduled for it, yet it was decided to completly remove the author from the team, which heavily obstructed the work and release of the mission. There was also an attempt to remove that author from the loading screen, which was "identified" as a mistake. There is no issue, if you maintain the mission for your personal use or modify it to your personal needs. Publicly releasing the mission in a way, that says the mission is your own and owned by you, is not allowed.
  5. What I experience, not sure if its an actual error. When game is syncing with the server, that last step before you control your character, the game slightly freezes (as it has in the past, potato PC here) and BattlEye detects you`ve lost some cruical packets and decides to kick you off with a reason "BattlEye: Client Not Responding". BE FAQ says, it must be a connection issue. Well, in my case, its not, the connection never drops, no packet loss occurs. Note: that only happens when I am JIP-ing to the server. If you join the session, while it`s in the lobby, I am fine.
  6. You sure the AAF soldier did try to flank you? Sent from my phone
  7. PERO


    Check which ACE are you launching with, if you have more than one instance of ACE. The other thing could be, if you are "subscribed" to ACE via Workshop and mods get installed in the same directory, that could also be creating the issue.
  8. PERO


    Ban appeal closed. Please, post a new one, if you decide to be a bit more cooperative.
  9. I`ve thought in which section should I post this, here should be the best. I`ve decided to step down from the role of an admin to a regular member/player, purely out of personal reasons. I`ll drop all the boring details behind this decision, the only thing I`ll add is, it has not been made over-night. I`ve had a lot of fun, I`ve met a lot of new people, a lot of great people. I want to thank Staff (new and old - yes, you Raz) for giving me a chance to contribute to the community, be a part of its leadership. I hope we`ve all learned things together, in good or bad times, and I have no regrets. I`ll stay around, just as a regular player and user. Pero
  10. PERO


    I`ll be closing this within 24 hours, if we don`t hear from you.
  11. Ryko submitted the bug to RHS, which they have resolved for their internal version, meaning next update should contain the fix (soon I hope).
  12. Due to lack of your cooperation, I am closing this. If/when you decide to post a more suitable appeal, please do. Ban appeal DENIED. Pero Community Referee
  13. @Rykocheck classnames, they might have change something and Gauntlet is using a "hidden" classname of something.
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