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  1. Tonight was pretty fun but a fair few of us have some suggestions. Personally, for me: - Scrap Viper since it's quite overkill and keeping everyone unified under one Squad is much more suitable. - Disallow the use of TeamSpeak during operation (until you're dead) and use the in game chat/radio instead. - Start the mission earlier in the night so we get to fight at night more. It was day too fast. - Group size should be bigger and even, maybe 8vs8, since we think it would be balanced either way. - Allowing HUD for firemode (but no crosshairs) - Siding towards a more conventional vs. conventional settup, rather than special forces. - Rules against abuse of vehicles (such as running people over) and maybe mines (like placing them on BLUFOR vehicles or something). I'm sure more suggestions will come up but currently that's all that comes to our minds.
  3. Gonna try to get some of us old EU#3 cretins on the next Beta Test to see what we're all missing. Should be fun, can't wait to see how much I&A has changed. @HybridRage@Pancake @Minipily @kennychr @Wavy_Gravy
  4. Johnson

    The quiet before the storm

    An insurgent reconnaissance team inspects the forces of Camp Dalton before their large scale attack on the airbase only minutes later.
  5. Johnson

    Flat tire!

  6. Returning to the humble roots of EU#3 will appeal to both the older and newer players. Rookies will find a shallower learning curve through the mods and the setup, but will learn to understand the levels of hierarchy and casual-realism that makes EU#3 so special. In my opinion, the most important thing is appealing to new players. EU#3 cant exactly start again if we only appeal to us old-timers. Not to say that we cant be there. Running with a simple modset sounds great to me, but ACE is a pillar of modded Arma and it should defiantly be kept. As for the other mods I think I've already voiced my opinion enough, but so far I think the plan looks good. The ACE ragdolls, as @Minipily has said, would be great, it completely changes the meta for the better. ACE Splint would be good too, and I think the obvious client side mods should be allowed. Enhance Movement would be abused as, from what I've seen, even in the MSO, it kinda provokes people just going off on their own. It's not needed and it's not particularly realistic.
  7. A new subtle beginning, just like how it started originally, will certainly be the key to getting the much loved server back on its feet.
  8. Johnson

    A Strong Patrol

    Aye only a hundred km2 left : D
  9. Johnson

    A Strong Patrol

    Another great night on the MSO with some old faces returning after too long. MSO is always looking for new players, no matter how new. @razgriz33 @kennychr @Minipily @Jochem @Wavy_Gravy and Adshield
  10. The MSO revolves more around combined teamwork than anything else. You wont get very far alone. The AI are smart, but not OP shots.
  11. Johnson

    The Siege of Balavu

    Kicking off the MSO again after a break from Arma. Off to a great start, continuing our campaign where we left it. This time, the town of Balavu was on the menu. No story/debrief this time, wouldn't want to bore anyone. Feel free to post more screenshots in the comments. @Minipily @kennychr @Pancake @Adshield @Wavy_Gravy
  12. Johnson

    Community Update #5

    Any update and progressions with I&A4 for all us modded scrubs?
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