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  1. CSAT Attack

    Taken from the CSAT gamenight on Friday.
  2. Altis Is Ours

    Taken from the AAF gamenight on Sunday.
  3. Discussion was made regarding BAF, however due to the nature of the AWE "clean-slate" being focused around gameplay over content, BAF can easily be seen to simply re-skin much of the content we already have. For example, playing as British Army with L85A2s + ACOGs really doesen't offer any more interesting gameplay than playing United States Marines with M4s + ACOGs. I believe there is always the possibility of mod reintroduction, but certainly not until the new direction of AWE is solid in its foundation (gameplay > content). For now, RHS and vanilla should certainly suffice, especially now that we will likely use both of them to their full potential.
  4. This was briely discussed and could certianly be a re-discussed at a later date. It's possible, I know there are AW members who would opt for a system similar to that of Kenny's MSO.
  5. So, I've been pressing for more vanilla gameplay for the past week or so, as you may have noticed. My personal hope is still to succeed with a multiple faction/arsenal system, in which case we would certainly have 2035 options. This, however, is not as easy as dropping some mods to focus on gameplay and until the decision has been made on the future of AWE's mission (be in Stiletto or not), we will likely have to keep using Zeus arsenals.
  6. If I'm not wrong, within a week. Remember, all the update will do is drop mods, there shouldn't be anything new to download.
  7. Yes. The idea of a reduced modpack size was to focus more on gameplay over content. Thus, only unnecessary content mods were removed, plus some little things that were causing problems.
  8. 20181007180529_1.jpg

    For Altis.
  9. Serbian Gamenight

    It has been discussed before but unfortunately, with the limitations of Stiletto, it may be quite difficult.
  10. Serbian Gamenight

    So, every Serbian arsenal so far has been made by me. The reasoning behind its instability is due to the fact that I am making it through Zeus and essentially winging it. There are many problems with using Zeus for building arsenals - mainly gear being missing. To satiate your curiosity: - While the custom arsenal is limeted and I individually whitelist every item, it is not role specific like Stiletto's own inbuilt system. This means that everyone will have access to all the same equipment (it is one singular arsenal). We have trusted each player, teamleader, squadleader and Zeus to self-enforce limitations on gear to avoid anyone taking things they shouldn't be allowed too. Hopefully that answers your mortar question. Additionally, you won't have access to many launchers usually (if any) due to the fact that I restrict the arsenal to Serbian only equipment (no M72s or M136s). However the RHS Serbian launchers are not avalibe when building said arsenal due to the problem of missing gear as aptly mention above. To counter this, I had some help from @ParabolicAJB in loading a box full of Serbian M80 launchers that I acquired though full Zeus arsenal. I left early, so this box may not have been evident. I also left a box of Glock 17s, since no other Serbian-used pistols were available in the arsenal. - As for your apparent lack of weapons and sights, I try to only put in optics used by Serbia to keep things authentic and interesting (if EVERYONE ran around with the best equipment it would get boring very fast). The whole idea of trying out new factions is to allow us to experience new playstyles and gameplay and balance our enjoyment around this. For example, when we played as middle eastern insurgents, nobody has access to any body armor and the large majority of players did not have any optics whatsoever. To balance this evident downside, teleporters were establish from main base to the Squad Leader's desired location near the AO. This was to simulate the idea of insurgents appearing and disseapearing into the mountains/valleys/forests etc. etc. which I believed worked nicely and people found it quite enjoyable @Karate Pyjamas. Additionally, as mentioned previously, some scopes just weren't even available for me to even put in the arsenal. As for your question about weapons - there are MANY weapons available that may suit your liking, especially in the latest gamenight's arsenal. There are more weapon types in my custom arsenal than there are in any of Stiletto faction's arsenals. It may seem like less, but in reality there are just less variants of each specific gun compared to Stiletto's arsenal. The Serbian Armed Forces faction when configured correctly should have acces to loads of both Western and Eastern bloc weapons. From M4s, HK416s and G36s to AKMs, M21s, M70s, SVDs and MG42s, so I'm sure if given the opportune arsenal you should find something that suits you while still being able to realistically simulate the equipment of the Serbian Army. As for your statement about personal radios, the AN/PRC-148 should have been avalible in the arsenal but something must have broke after I left, I defiantly put it in because I used it myself. In the future, my custom arsenals will be pre-made with coding to avoid any issues. The reasoning behind using Zeus is that it is quicker and easier, but often break. Personally, I would love an actual Serbian Armed Forces faction to switch too and I know a lot of other players hoped for this too. But I believe the idea wasn't popular with staff or the foundations of Stiletto. Apologies for the length and lateness of my reply, but I hope it answers at least some of your curiosities. Your feedback is much appreciated Tim and I hope more comes my way since I am constantly attempting improve upon these contemporary-style gamenights. This goes the same for everyone else.
  11. Things get weird when Serbian forces travel

    Not as easy as it seems.
  12. Heya

    We've met, played Serbia together, killed some Bosnians.
  13. Alley of Death


    less Albania

    A Serbian Army machine-gunner (@Adshield) wielding a Nazi-German made MG42 opens fire on what his Team Leader hoped were armed civilians. Photo taken during yesterday's Serbian Armed Forces assault on the small town of Panagia, South-East Altis. GOD IS A SERB