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  1. I think we should fight a modern insurgent militia rather than Taliban from the 1990s, especially if we want a real threat of air and ground now and then. Some ISIL style thing would be great, get some Russian-Syria vibes. Maybe even some enemy plate carriers here and there.
  2. Russian arsenal requests to get a bit more out of the gear without overlapping on Sack's or Stryker's requests. All suggestions are either used by Russia or close to Russian equipment: RIFLES: LAUNCHERS: SIDEARMS: OPTICS: BARRELS: UNIFORMS: BACKPACKS: FACEWEAR: GRENADES: VESTS:
  3. I think RHS offers plenty if all the factions are used, such as HIDF and SAF. Project OPFOR is great if we want more on top of that too, since it uses RHS assets. Imo a huge problem AWE never got over was that there was more focus on adding more content without it actually changing the gameplay dynamic, meaning that eventually people got bored of the same-old. So if mods are added I would hope it's with intent of offering something actually new, but in general keeping people interested in AWE is a debateble task.
  4. Is the arsenal actually based of realistic U.S military fielded equipment or are you just kidding?
  5. Ok but if the Mod 0 was added then, as you say, there would be little to no weight difference. The only benefit of the Mod 1 being the fact that you wouldn't have to switch to binos. The request isn't in the pursuit of an overpowered loadout since I've always loved a challenge that requires teamwork in overcoming. The request for the Mod 1 is for the implementation of a real life weapon that is fielded by the U.S today. Again, not tryna be a dick, just saying that I don't think a MAAWS with a built in rangefinder that still requires you to do all the manual work will be overpowered or gamebreaking. If the RHS M3 worked properly it would be more efficient imo since you can zero it and target in 100m increments rather than estimating inbetween 200m increments on the Mod 1.
  6. Appreciate the update and changes. But about this point: Why is the Mod 1 seen as overpowered because it saves the user about 5 seconds that it takes to switch to rangefinders, but not the fact that people can 1-man a Javalin to decimate anything in the path, including aircraft? Not trying to be a Watermelon or anything, just saying that point about the Mod 1 is silly imo.
  7. Got a few Arsenal requests that I think would help when you find the time: MAAWS Mk 4 (launch_MRAWS_green_rail_F / launch_MRAWS_olive_rail_F / launch_MRAWS_tan_F / launch_MRAWS_green_F / launch_MRAWS_olive_F / launch_MRAWS_tan_F) Reasoning: The RHS M3 MAAWS is pretty broken as the zeroing only works for the FFV571 HEAT round. Plus the backblast is unrealistically dispersed and the sound of the launcher itself needs updating. The M3 also has a reload that locks you into standing unlike the M4 which you can reload while crouched. MAAWS Mk 4 ammunition (MRAWS_HEAT_F / MRAWS_HEAT55_F / MRAWS_HE_F) Reasoning: Although the M4 can use the RHS M3 ammo, it doesn't work properly with them. 50rnd softpacks for the M240 (rhsusf_50Rnd_762x51_m80a1epr / rhsusf_50Rnd_762x51_m62_tracer / rhsusf_50Rnd_762x51_m61_ap) Reasoning: Useful for lighter loadouts or for people who want to fit as much 7.62 as they can into their gear. 100rnd and 200rnd softpacks for the M249 (rhsusf_100Rnd_556x45_mixed_soft_pouch / rhsusf_100Rnd_556x45_mixed_soft_pouch_coyote / rhsusf_200Rnd_556x45_mixed_soft_pouch / rhsusf_200Rnd_556x45_mixed_soft_pouch_coyote) Reasong: Lighter gear options, good for filling space, extra customisation. Raven backpack (B_rhsusf_B_BACKPACK) Reasoning: Gives the UAV op. a bit more variety and lighter UAV options.
  8. updated: 22/04/20 Introduction: About the RPG-7V2's ammunition: How to use the RPG-7V2's ammunition:
  9. Can we get a full modlist EDIT: Nevermind I got the import working. Btw, imo the trick is to look like you actually belong in Afghanistan, but obviously PMCs wear full military gear all the time:
  10. Johnson

    Altis Won't Save Herself

    Taken from the AhoyWorld Multi-Session Operations: Campaign Six. Link below!
  11. Map: AltisMission: ALiVEType: Counter-Insurgency (CoIn) / Civil WarFriendly faction: Altis Armed Forces (2017)Enemy faction: Pro-Western InsurgentsOther faction: [Unknown]Starting position: AAC AirfieldStarting date: 14/03/2020Ending date: 30/05/2020 Information: " In an alternate-lore-reality from the vanilla ArmA 3 story; the year is 2020 and the AAF to seek no external support from neighboring superpowers or coalitions in their efforts to suppress the increasing, pro-western radicalism amongst the populus. Unlike in the vanilla game, the "Republic of Altis and Stratis" was never declared in 2015, meaning that the islands have remained a fascist dictatorship ever since. The "Military Junta of Altis and Stratis" is the ruling governmental authority on the islands and shares no motivations with the pro-western protestors to set up a democratic government, or ally with other countries. The rise in violent protest creates untold turmoil in the region and it seems that is only a matter of time before the situation makes turns for the worse. The Altis Armed Forces attempt to retain peace in their homeland, but their nationalist pride proves dangerous in such delicate times. " ~ "Altis Over All"
  12. Hello fellow AW ArmA players! You may not have heard of us or know anything about the AWMSO, but our two groups are more alike than we think! Myself,@kennychr and other MSO members have been thinking a lot recently about how we could attract some like-minded Arma players into the AW Multi-Session Operations. Although we have a decent turnout for most missions, we all know for a fact that it's the more the merrier when it comes to Arma, so we are cordially inviting anyone who is interested in gamenight-style missions along to join our usual MSO players for our primary weekend-campaign operations! We know that most Arma players just like having a bit of fun in their free time and don't want to be tied to anything too serious or dedicated, so we've decided to try out a sort of "hybridisation" between our two AhoyWorld playerbases. Anyone who is interested in these campaign-based gamenights would be more than welcome to tag along for the ride; either to simply get their fill of teamwork-oriented Arma, or to see how they like the MSO playstyle should they want to join into "the suck" more seriously. You would be under no pressure to perform beyond any standards higher than your usual EU#2 operations, meaning that, as long as you are willing to stick to the AW rules and are happy to work as one big team, you'll fit right in. The way it would essentially work is: - You will join into non-permanent roles ("reserve role") that you will be under no pressure to use with our mission's player-progression/campaign saving system (ALiVE). - You will either tag along with some of the MSO members in permanent roles ("regular role") or stay in an element of your own, should you have a leader and/or sufficient numbers. - You will be treated no differently than you would in your usual EU#2 operations and used as efficiently as every other player on the server. We'll all be kicking ass together as one combined unit. We may also have a test-server up before the operations start for people who want to make sure their mods are working correctly and/or to have a bit of a practise. If this sounds like something you and your friends would be interested in, shout out int he replies to this post, along with any comments or questions you may have! This will be the first attempt to join our two groups, so we will be more than happy to receive any suggestions either before, during or after our events! For more information about what the AhoyWorld Multi-Session Operations actually are and how to download and install the mods, please refer to this post (you guys can skip Step 1 obviously and go straight to installing the mods): Information about our upcoming campaign (Campaign Six) can be found here: I also took some quick screenshots from the mission which can be seen in this spoiler: Campaign Six trailer (loud-sound warning!): Hope to see you all there!
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