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  1. Word has it we're getting some locals to help us out @Miksi @Lindi ...
  2. Johnson


    Liberation can take a toll on the mind
  3. Think I look pretty young for my age tbh
  4. Pro-government mercenaries fighting guerrillas in Africa? Always ends well. Should be fkn amazing.
  5. Not an ideal solution but could it recognise if you kill certain units - say crew members - and have them valued at a much higher score. Obviously not ideal and comes with its own problems, but the vehicles are only as good as the crew inside them after all. If a player disabled a MBT and then killed the crew after they bailed, he would be rewarded for his efforts
  6. Bit of a niche request; but would there be any way to customise vehicle ammunition loadouts since vehicles are kinda "earned" so it would be awesome to get to choose exactly how you want it. For example: the Rhino MGS has a default loadout of 12x APFSDS, 8x HEAT, 8x HE-T and 4x ATGMs. Since it's a tank destroyer, crewmen might want to drop the HE-T for some extra APFSDS - or maybe there's CAS up and the crew are only interested in taking out lighter vehicles so they only want HEAT etc. etc. Either way doing vehicle crews on I&A4 is hella fun
  7. Its always much friendlier in game or on TS than on the forums because everyone is generally in agreement regardless of the arguments.
  8. When's the next test, ngl pretty hyped about it. Big fan of IA4 compared to Lib personally.
  9. This discussion is ridiculous and old as hell which leads to nowhere, so I suggest we drop it or move it somewhere else. Ten minutes of conversation on teamspeak goes further this bible of posts on the forums. And try and keep it concise and polite in the future. I enjoy hearing everyone's own take on the matter of AWE but try to keep it civil. One final note: stop throwing hate toward the older members - literally none of us are against new players and if you knew us in person you'd know all we ever want is new players to join and how supportive we are of them here and
  10. @Gambit So the discussion started because a few regular Lib players said "hey I kinda like the limited gear approach, what about you guys?" and people gave their feedback. Avoid stirring and turning it into an "old vs. new" debate because no one asked or suggested it and it's ironic that you say you a pro group integration but then go ahead and say that "the old boots" that didn't help with Lib and only the "new dogs" revived the server. Not sure who you're talking about, but pretty much everyone who comments here plays on the server and therefore helps. There's this
  11. This is an age old discussion. It's not a flex, but January 2021 will mark the 6th year since one of my first few gamenights on EU#3/AWE and in all that time I, along with many others, have seen so many approaches and opinions regarding the server - as well as the many directions the server has gone. Since then, I've always voiced my own thoughts so much, or so aggressively so, it was problematic, so I'll try to keep my opinion simple and respectful. The main problem I've come to accept is: a server that appeals to a wide variety of people will provoke much discuss
  12. Figured I'd throw up a Squad screenshot to change the Gallery up a bit.
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