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  1. Map: Fallujah Mission: ALiVE Type: Insurgency Friendly faction: Middle-Eastern Insurgents Enemy faction: U.S Army Other faction: Iraqi Armed Forces Starting position: (wip) Starting date: 23/02/2019 Ending date: 23/03/2019 Status: Decisive victory "The insurgents of the city, after a month of extreme fighting and guerilla-based attacks, we're successfully able to infiltrate, attack and overrun the U.S Army's main airfield base, South-East of Fallujah. The commander of the U.S Army company was executed by the insurgents on film. The damage to the insurgents resources and manpower was dwarfed by the scale of their victory over the American forces."
  2. Map: Tanoa Mission: ALiVE Type: Counter-Insurgency (CoIn) Friendly faction: Russian Spetsnaz Enemy faction: Syndikat militia Other faction: U.S Marines Starting position: 01 12 Starting date: 09/12/2018 Ending date: circa 04/01/2019 Status: Moderate victory "Russian special-forces fought long and hard against the Syndikat militia troops residing on Tanoa. The group alone was able to secure the entirety of Tanoa's external islands, along with a portion of the mainland, once again securing the position for a full-scale invasion. However, the combat was extremely prolonged with non-stop intensity for the members of the campaign due to the nature and location of the missions."
  3. Map: Altis Mission: ALiVE Type: Counter-Insurgency (CoIn) Friendly faction: Russian Spetsnaz Enemy faction: ChDKZ "Chedaki" insurgents Other faction: U.S Army Starting position: 13 06 Starting date: 26/08/2018 Ending date: circa 06/09/2018 Status: Indecisive victory "Russian special-forces fought long and hard against the local Altian militias in order to secure the southernmost peninsula of the island, pathing the way for a full-scale Russian invasion. While they succeeded in this task, many casualties and resources were lost during the combat."
  4. Another happy landing. It's fine Jochem we'll just wait around at Mikis for another 30 minutes.
  5. Johnson

    Sheev and Johnson

    Time for a quick photo
  6. Johnson

    T T

    SSgt Shaw (Left) and Sgt Johnson (Right)
  7. Johnson

    Saber 1-1

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to the first MSO of a hopefully long and enjoyable campaign!
  8. Johnson

    Community Update #6

    Think Kenny is working on MSO again now, so this shouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't expect I&4 to launch without Ryko anyway, so as long as the port issues are fixed before then it's no time wasted.
  9. Also, not trying to flex, but if anyone is curious what the MSO's gameplay is like check out my YouTube channel. Plus Hybrid has some good full clips too.
  10. I reckon we might be thinking about a new campaign by then mate. No worries though.
  11. Johnson


    Blastcore or vanilla?
  12. iirc last Tanoa poll was like 40 to 1 and it still wasnt included. Hope this one turns out different. EDIT: btw its been brought up by Mouldy that the poll I'm refering to was not official. Plus different staff team then, different decisions.
  13. Concidering how even the polls are, it might be worth concidering the original "Factions" idea; the same idea proposed in this poll. I can see both sides being happy if there is both a wide variety of "strict" factions (Serbian Armed Forces, US Marines, US Army, MARSOC, Rangers, Russian MSV, Russian VDV, Russian Spetsnaz, etc. etc.) , but then also generic "Casual" factions (BLUFOR, OPFOR, GREFOR). These could all be interchangeable in game, so if most players wish to switch to a specific faction, they can, and vise versa. Those who may remember the Stiletto faction system could see how easilly this could work.
  14. Good for a public server, but don't forget that the server has lost a lot of players compared to what it used to have. That's my greater concern of AW. There are benefits of a lower replay value also, such as constantly getting new players in that could be looking for an EU#3 experience. Oh take my word for it that if it was down to me there would be a variety of stuff we could be running. There's a reason we retreated to EU#6 MSO for a while; to keep playing modded Arma. I imagine the CoreStaff have their own say in the matter, but I believe keeping the server up has been suggested and defiantly discussed either inside or outside staff. Another reason discussion is imperative. After all, I know that, among others, myself and Minipily were spearheadding the idea of a simplistic modpack. My original suggestion being nothing but ACE and TFAR.
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