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  1. Let the master see what he can do for you We got some Issues with the Server hoster itself so trying to find the problem will try to let you know when its fixed
  2. Time to locky lock this Do not post just to post plz
  3. Nice list you put up there @J0hnsonbut iff you realy wanna help a list as spoiler with there corrrect clasnames whould help even more
  4. Mechanical keyboards arent that expensive just look good and they are much beter for gaming
  5. Sry but its not that the batteries suck you just picked 1 off the worse brands there is in the PC world
  6. not only this we removed the UGV because it got used toi much for teamkilling either by a troll or by the AI Also slinging the UGV is a Art that think has its own life and will alot of tim just Disconect or explode under a helo
  7. You are mixing 3 diferent voice systems up wich is common use for players new to tfar they way you should continu to use voice is 1 u use capslock for radio and 2 u use your TS PTT for direct coms you might have noticed that when you enter the server with tfar TS switches your ts chanel and mutes every one in there tis is done by Tfar because they work together The whole Arma3 voice system you can forget on AWE or any tfar server because thats disabled Hope you understand
  8. yeah some how all these Forum suite people thinks this is the way it should be
  9. S0zi0p4th

    TK Penalty

    which still qualifies as intentional team killing your responsible when using thermals to ID your targets
  10. So we updated to new forum software and currently The like system is totaly broke
  11. Sadly there isn't or do you ment in every group specifically will look after the weekend in there
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