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  1. Isn't allowedVoteCmds[] a thing? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting If that thing works, you could actually disable #vote admin and other stuff. Yes the rules are clear, but having less rules seems to me as better alternative most of the time (same as arsenal mod instead of the rules was just better, quicker, less abused).
  2. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    Which is "fair" (its really not, but thats another argument). If you vote 1 or 2, and 1 wins, 2sayers will be annoyed and vice versa. For example(1) I prefer option 1, option 3 is not the best but acceptable and option 2 I really dislike. To put it simple: 1 is best, 3 is acceptable, 2 is bad On the opposite side, example(2) To put it simple: 2 is best, 3 is acceptable, 1 is bad. Currently its 13/11/9. But as was stated, there is decent reason to believe at least a few of Option1 guys would go to Option3 just to NOT have Option2 and same Option2 would rather vote Option3. I believe that quite a few people prefer compromise rather then opposite of what they voted. If you want fair vote if either need onevote poll with 5 options (1, 1or2, 2, 2or3, 3) which is not ideal as it is bit of a mess. Wont go to detail here as it gets bit abstract without examples. Much better would be multi option poll with Opt1/2/3. Where example(1) would vote for 1 and 3 and example(2) would vote for 2 and 3. TBH I am pretty sure you will get option 2 with highest vote (as current vote is pretty even on both ends and again, compromise is better then getting the "bad" end of vote for at least a few(probably majority)). Agree that sound god damn awesome. But again, server doesnt have enough players to support this. Or experience and responsibility. In last 30 days there were approximately: (gametracker stats) 17 days with 10+ players 5 days with 20+ players 1 day with 30+ players 8 days server was pretty much dead quite a few of the peaks are because of gamenights. If you remove those days, it gets even worse for normal evenings. Lets take non-gamenight busy evening. Alpha will have around 10 players, 1 to Vortex, 2 to FSG (probably geared as AT or even mortar) There is no CMD, there might be Vortex 2. Recon team? Not really. Many resources are just nonexistent. And for your example, its really specific and it just doesnt happen (at least not nearly enough). Heli crash? Uncommon. Survivors? Rare. More real chance (but similar in its core) is someone is left behind (again not common thing). Lets say with short range he is not able to reach anybody. So he just sits there hoping his CO, who already forgotten once about him, would notice and get him a rescue. And whats worse - that guy wont know, unless he msgs somebody on Steam, if they know he is missing and coming for him or they just go for next AO. So he can sit there for 20 minutes and then probably leave server or use group/side chat to get noticed. Same thing he would do with cTab. Only Steam/group char is even less immersive than cTab. So you will probably get 2 nights in 3 weeks with possibly really good immersion gameplay. Most of which will be gamenights where creator sets loadouts so this vote wont have any impact on those. Lets say you get 1 non-gamenight in 3 weeks with positive feeling of this change as you have the numbers and experienced players online. And about 10 nights with normal to terrible experience, How bad? Hard to say. Thats why middle option might be acceptable.
  3. Cca 19:00GMT+2 17/10/20 Gorgona - playing as Russians(?), probably default settings Bug - Tasks now showing properly Upon joining, there was no Task tab in map menu nor any task icon on map. There was HVT Oscar as usual marked on the map with the cross thingy and square. After gathering intel, new mission was created (Rescue DIAMOND) and showed properly in task tab. For new JIP after that, there, again, were no tasks shown. Bug/Missing feature Couldnt gather intel I carried from my dead body. (Dissapeared?) Not sure if that is known issue. Weird behaviour Seems I got shot by guy who apperead ragdolled whilst I was searching him. Cannot confirm, might be just my internet was lagging extensively, but after returning, we havent encountered any active EI. Dont see anything you could do or how could you check this. Just noting to put full report.
  4. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    I am on the opposite side, but yeah. Small change is better than big change as well. (And I guess most people would rather see middle ground than extreme they don't want. And to be honest, as the change is really minor, it might be best to just go and test the middle ground, see how it handles live. Then let Steering Committee and players decide if they would prefer to revert the change,keep it or go further.
  5. Which you must admit, is kinda ridiculous and unhandy (if there is few people on and all agree to change) thing to do. But yes, it is a solution. Kinda. I guess there was a reason why disable player commands, I just don't see it. (also, to me it seems it just picks (defaults) Altis all the time, but that is probably just a feeling)
  6. "Bug": Destroy cache mission Loaded cache into vehicle (LAW, had no explosives at the time). LAW got destroyed by EI. Cache seems to be stuck inside, undamaged. Stiletto Malden Request - Malden 2035 Could we get FOB on mainland? Preferably with few HMWs or any means of infantry transport. Just so there is way to play the map without air support/stealing cars/LAW/boating everywhere (aka when only few people are online). The map is really fun and decent for small numbers, but lack of bridge kinda sucks. I guess you Request/Question? Guess the #vote missions option is long gone? Altis being often the map where server is when empty isn't the greatest as it is not so great for small numbers (aka when server starts to get people on or in off-hours) as it is just too large. Any chance to get back the function to skip a map in any form? Or if there is some, I guess it's unknown for most?
  7. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    As I haven't played for a while, I am not decided if limiting stuff would be correct decision when server got a bunch (like 15+) people on. It might be. During gamenights the limitation would make sense, but that is up to mission maker obviously. Where I see big problem is normal weekday evenings or even start and end of weekend ones, where only few people are on. It seems like trend that SL is usually missing then and TL often missing as well is still going (and probably won't ever change for those calm off-hours). Disabling cTab Android will cripple the gameplay even more. Mainly not being able to use cTab marks, but the message system can be really needed in some cases as well (bunch of people dying and coordinating reinsertion for example). At least I wasn't able to find those functions anywhere in DAGR, correct me if I am wrong. Feature that you can see position of your team and other team leads, I see as useful, reasonable for the server gameplay (especially for CQB fights coordination), but not as huge. Especially when you could just mark your position or meeting point. And yes, you can use the map itself, but its just not as handy (and the cTab ones with timestamps are just plain better in my opinion). And I am not sure how current settings are for those anyway (if anybody can make side wide marks and lines or not).
  8. TFAR installation guide mod names are outdated. @task_force_radio is now (I guess) @AW_task_force_radio (step 3 and red part).
  9. EU#6 AHOSEC

    Might join in later. Idea is really interesting, but I just didn't find fun in ArmA lately (mainly because of other games and situation with EU#3, not to be discussed here). But good luck to you all.
  10. ACRE or TFAR

    Because of nostalgia probably. TFAR does nothing better then ACRE. And using ACRE is super simple. I understand people wanted to revert when ACRE had issues in January/February. But now? Please enlighten me what is so wrong about ACRE.
  11. Can anything be done about mortars aiming and shooting on friendly targets? Mortar destroying (aka activating) their own nuclear warhead on top of our whole squad was funny as hell.
  12. Bugs in current version (happened on Zargabad 0.46F): *if I did not have AT on me, I could not load any load-out with AT in it (Alpha 2 Rifleman) *Silencers loaded in bag sometimes does not work (cannot be attached to gun). (Aug CQC, GEMTECH 5.56)
  13. MSO Godhand Session #2 17/06-2016 1630GMT

    Oh, just found out I might JIP only. Going to see the Warcraft movie and might not get back in time (about 90% I should be on time).
  14. MSO Godhand Session #2 17/06-2016 1630GMT

    Also did you somehow managed to repair the "broken" (90 degrees turned) medical facility, or will the load fix that? Currently medic could not use surgical kits etc. anywhere.
  15. MSO Godhand Session #2 17/06-2016 1630GMT

    Looking forward to it. Mods still the same?