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Arma 3 Modded PVP Campaign

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Hello there,


So me and Johnson were thinking how cool it would be for a collection of PVP gamenights, would be both fun and easy to set up as I have already thought about these ideas for months but never been able to show them.


Basically, I'm hoping to host gamenights where they would be PVP campaigns or sometimes just scenarios.


So the PVP gamenights would act like campaigns, basically having a back story and each battle having a motive which will add to the fun and diversity of the missions. It can start off in any way, whether it be: Invasion, ambush or half way in a war. The possibilities are endless!


Here's a quick campaign idea I thought about a while back. Here's the idea:


After the Russian Federation attacked American Forces stationed in Brandenburg, the Americans have retaliated and pushed the Russian forces deep into the Czech Republic. Russian forces have multiplied there forces and the fight is now at a stand still in Chernarus. Fighting at the front line is fierce and Americans are now suffering staggering losses at the might of the strengthened Russian front. The American forces must think of a plan fast before they lose the Czech Republic, get pushed back into Germany and risk a full on Russian invasion.


Here's the situation according to the map:










I will explain how the mission works and what exactly is going on in this campaign so long as the idea is allowed. I will also figure out times to when these gamenights happen.


Here's some artwork I quickly made:










May not sound as good as I hoped but it will be serious fun if put into play, I guess what I really need is some Michael Bay base drops.


If you like the idea, drop me a ahoy coin or leave a comment, also feel free to post any suggestions!


Quick note to clear some things up: No, this will not involve like 60 vs 60, we simply do not have the players so we wont be fighting everywhere on the map, it will be scaled down to a small region to fit what I expect will be 15/20 vs 15/20.

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I`ve played something similar before, like a PvP campaing in A2 days, where a lot of different squads/clans/community were playing.


That one ended badly, due to them saying it would be tactical, but it always finished with the famous "Everyone just storm that objective/zone!".


But yours looks promising, I believe it would work great, but a steady number of players would be needed.

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So this is kind of like a " what do you mean mutual destruction pact? " kind of scenario/timeline. Possibilities are indeed endless! Alot of stuff to keep in mind, as you mentioned. Such a broad scale map needs a broad scale of players. Would be really nice to see the effects of a specific sides victory (ru/us) on the campaign map, such as the strategic importance of a city/town or base. How will you handle respawning?

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Great idea, Minipily, and I'd love to help in any way.


I think you'd need to have a "game master" as well as two players who would act as Platoon Commanders for the US and Russian sides.  What you could do is provide the map with the current "state of affairs" and possible objectives, and flip a coin to see who could act first: for example, Russia wins the toss.  Then Russia can decide to attack / probe / push the boundary line as they see fit.  In this example the US gets to react to this advance as they see fit.  What I'm seeing here is that the US and Russian commanders work out the details of the game day in advance - perhaps US creates a defense force to the Russian aggression, but also creates a special force to assault an objective in Russian territory, prompting a Russian defense.  On game day, these details have been hammered out and the scenario has been created for the day.


Would it also be useful to have a component of AI forces to flesh out the size of the campaign?  For example if players wander outside of the AO into another of the territory (perhaps in an attempt to flank), DAC could spawn units that they run into.



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Cool, I like the idea. Would make gamenights a lot more interesting; fighting players and higher purpose. +1 for storyline, always like the plot :-).\


Also, isn't it supposed to be 'Brandenburg' instead of 'Brandenberg'

Area around Berlin etc. and area in Tirol (Austria)




Oops on Brandenberg... ;p

A quick note to add everyone!


Although the plan looks like we would be fighting in that entire region of Chernarus, it will actually be pushed down to a very small part of the fighting, or will there actually be a secret mission behind enemy lines? ;p


The mission is a work in progress, the hardest part is just building the bases, Zues does everything else.


The gamenight will probably consist of 15/20 vs 15/20 with AI filling in any areas and will require at least 2 Zues guys for each team to make things interesting!


Another quick note, remember, it is a campaign, the side that wins decides where the nation will move next!

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Perhaps you should mostly do it like turn-based strategy game. Each faction has C.O & X.O (Zeus players like mentioned), whom make all the strategic decisions. Factions taking turns to make decisions where to attack for the next 60min (- defense setup time). Opposition needs to hold it for that time. Also have day/night cycle move according to the "turn timer". Also if want to go the extra mile, could give bonuses to factions based on what locations they hold, such as loss of airbase will deny use of aerial vehicles... I think you get the idea and it could be continued at later date.

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